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[] TRADING ROOMS Our method is one of the most effective and easy to learn in the market WE TEACH HOW TO TRADE THE BINARY WORLD !!! Euro Session: Start at 9:00 GMT., 10:00 London Time. New York Open Session: Start at 13:30 GMT., 14:30 London Time. New York Close Session: Starts at 17:00 GMT., 18:00 London Time. Asia Session: Starts at 3:00 GMT., 4:00 London Time. WELCOME VIDEO ONE ON ONE COACHING You can learn how to spot trades for any assets or platforms going 1 on 1 with one of our traders

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[ Delta Phi Trading ] Experience the Edge of Delta Phi Trading Live Day Trading Education Group And Professional Software Suite - Powered By NinjaTrader Easy to use software //  Full training  //  real-time trade room [ Home ] [ Sign Up ] [ Our System ] [ Our Team ] [ FAQ ] [ Setup Guide ] [ NinjaTrader ] [ Contact Us ] [ Useful Links ] ​Join Delta Phi Trading's founders, Parker King and Joseph Mandeline in the live trade room every day, Monday through Friday. Start the day off right with

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[] Start Here:  Get Our Cheat Sheet:  "How to Swing Trade Options for a Great Living in Under 1 Hour Per Week..." Also FREE:  Access Our Powerful "SlingShot Options Freedom Trader Newsletter". Get Started Now We value your privacy and would never spam you Discover your own extra side income or new full time swing trading career! Options Swing Trading Courses [] Arguably one of the greatest ways to trade in the markets.  Discover all about the huge opportunities in swing trading options.

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