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Snapshot from Self-reliance Skills Training - Four Courses In One

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[] [About] [ Articles] [] [] [] [] [] Toggle navigation SELF-RELIANCE SKILLS TRAINING – FOUR COURSES IN ONE bySteve Maxwell [] SOLAR ENERGY, HOUSEHOLD WATER WELL SYSTEMS, FOOD PRESERVATION & DIY SEPTIC SYSTEM REPAIR. You’ll be an expert in all these hands-on topics by the time you’ve finished this skills training program. This 80-page video ecourse with 29 video lessons is your chance to build hands-on self-reliance skills in four key areas. This course covers some of the most important

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Portamist Portable Outdoor Cooling System. [Learn More] Superior Portability PortaMist is an easy to carry unit designed to keep the body temperature cooler in hot temperature areas when you are performing outdoor activities. It is very easy to use, you can connect the mist lines on tents, canopies, at your workplace or any other outdoor structure. MistOut offers the only product that allows you to cool outdoors without electrical power, or a hose. You can set up a cooling station in less than

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Hotel Cleaning Standards adapted for the SHARING ECONOMY Create Custom Cleaning Checklists for Any Space GuestClean™ Checklist Builder enables anyone to create an effective, time saving, cleaning checklist within a few clicks.  Get started by adding details of the space you are cleaning. Then select what you want to clean from a growing database of step by step procedures provided by industry experts. Send the completed checklist to others or start cleaning yourself following along on any

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Learn to Play Your Guitar the Right Way Discover The Secret Of How To Excite and Stun Your Friends And Family Into Silence With Your Guitar Playing Skills and Be In Demand At Every Social Event You Ever Attend..... DID YOU KNOW THAT 95% OF PEOPLE who purchase a guitar never get past the stage of just learning a few chords!! Yes, thousands loose their joy and give up after their initial excitement, and their once treasured guitar gets relegated to a corner of the room or forgotten in a dark

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