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"New Audio/Video Course Guarantees to Improve Your Memory By At Least Double In Less Than 22 Minutes!"

by Jay Jennings, author of Memory Success

Here's a quick survey on memory and recall that could have a dramatic impact on improving your memory...

Do you want to instantly recall the items on your to-do list, without ever writing the list down?
Do you want to give a speech without index cards and notes, no matter what the subject?
YES    NO Do you want to quickly remember PINs, license plate numbers, zip codes, or other numbers?
If you answered YES to even one question above this may be the most important letter you ever read, because...

The mini-course is a digital product that you can download immediately and burn to your own CD! ...the Memory Success Mini-Course will reveal the secret techniques to improve your memory so quickly that you'll literally amaze yourself within 30 minutes -- guaranteed!

Press the Play button to the right to hear a personal message from the Memory Success author...

How Does It Work?

You may have seen ads for pills that improve your memory, but while eating right and getting the right kinds of vitamins can help your overall health, there is no magic pill that will improve your memory!

The good news is that no matter how bad you think your memory is, it can be improved more quickly and easily than you might believe.

Because the truth is, you don't have a bad memory, you have an untrained memory.

All the way through your many years of schooling, you were told what you needed to know. But the only "technique" you were taught to memorize the information was rote memory -- drill, drill, drill!

That's not a technique, it's a cop-out. That's like telling someone to send a message via carrier pigeon instead of picking up the phone or sending an email.
Rote memory is just about the least effective way to memorize something. Unfortunately, it's the only method that most people know.
The Solution Is Here

My name is Jay Jennings and I've been using memory improvement techniques since I was 15 years old. I've used them in school, I've used them in business, and I've used them in everyday life. As a computer programmer who writes in many languages it's my job to remember different syntax, algorithms, etc., and the memory secrets make that child's play.

I can show you several tips and techniques that you can put to use immediately upon learning. You may very well get angry at our educational system for not showing you something that's easy to accomplish and yet so important.

Three Reasons To Believe This Will Work For You...

I know you're probably skeptical. After all, you live with your "bad" memory every day. Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what I claim about memory improvement:

Reason one: The secrets you'll uncover go back not just hundreds, but thousands of years. They are tried and tested in the fires of time. The ones that made the cut are the only ones I teach.

Reason two: You're not a five year old girl. When my daughter was five I taught her one of the methods over a bowl of cereal. By the time breakfast was over she had memorized a list of objects both forwards and backwards. If she can do it, you can do it!

Reason three: The Memory Success Mini-Course will guide you to a trained brain using the way that fits you best -- It's not a "one size fits all" approach! The new course has been remodeled from top to bottom. Instead of just "plain text" lessons that you read, the new course includes text, audio, and video! Now you can improve your memory in the way that you learn best!

Here Are The Nuts And Bolts Of The Memory Success Mini-Course

You may have seen the "bare bones" version of the MSMC -- you can get it in a series of email messages when you join the Memory Success email list. But the new version makes learning the tips and techniques so much easier because it's presented in three ways...
Text Formatted in a PDF document so that anyone on any type of computer can read it, the text version is available for those folks who appreciate being able to sit and study a subject. You can print the lessons, make notes in the margins, take them with you, etc. Audio
For those folks who'd rather listen to instructions, the MSMC also comes in a series of MP3 files. The audio files will work on just about any computer or portable music player (such as the iPod). If you have the ability to "burn" a CD you can create an audio CD containing the lessons and then listen in your car, at work, or wherever.
Video Finally, the video version of the mini-course allows you to sit back and follow along on your computer screen. The videos are in the Flash format and about 95% of all computers are ready to play the video lessons.
Remember, you don't have to choose which version is right for you -- you get all three versions in the Memory Success Mini-Course. Plus, an additional PDF file that contains an outline of the course as well as extra practice materials.


Warning: Do NOT buy any memory improvement course unless it meets the following criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the memory improvement field. I want to give you some criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

Proven system. Did Bob down the street come up with a new idea and put it on the internet? Maybe it's good, maybe it's not, but why should you be the guinea pig? You need something that's been tested through time.

Quick to get into. In 22 minutes you'll be given the keys to the vault -- the secret to the memory improvement masters. That will be enough for most people -- you can then decide whether to take it on to the next level.

Easy to use daily. If a technique requires so much thought that it's a hassle, or if it requires special equipment to use, you're likely to think it's just not worth the hassle.

Text, audio and video formats. Not everyone has time to sit and study a manual or book. Sometimes your driving time is all you can squeeze in, or while working out or taking the dog for a walk.

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

The price for the Memory Success Mini-Course is really cheap -- too cheap for what you're going to get out of it. But there's a method to my madness. I created the mini-course for two reasons:

1. Because you should know that a better memory is within your grasp right now.

2. Some people will want to go on and order the full Memory Success Home Study Course.

Yep, I'm hoping to sell some copies of the full course, but for most folks, the mini-course is all they'll need.

It's hard to put a price on a better memory, but stop and think about the convenience factor alone -- how many times have you had to drive back to the store because you forgot an item? Or left your spouse somewhere too long because you forgot to pick her or him up? (Ouch!)

Here's how you can get it

The mini-course is a "digital" product which means you don't have to wait for it to be delivered -- you can be downloading it in just minutes. And don't worry about whether the memory techniques will work for you because here's my guarantee...

Download the Memory Success Mini-Course and take 60 days to try it out. Watch the video lessons, listen to the audio, print out and read the text -- basically, just give it a fair shot. If you don't agree that my course has really given you a better way to memorize things, then I insist that you ask for your money back.

No weeping and wailing, no hard feelings.


And you may keep the course anyway as my gift to you!

Yes, there will be some folks who will buy the course and then ask for their money back just to get something for free. But I think most people will be fair.

[Click here to quickly
improve your memory for only $14.95](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?alakazam/1/Memory_Success_Mini-Course)

The mini-course is the perfect way to get started improving your memory. And if you decide later to really train your brain with the full home study course you can give your copy of the mini-course to someone as a gift.

Act now and receive the following bonus...

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you order immediately, you'll also receive the following:

Become a human calendar. Given a date of the year, you'll be able to know what day of the week it falls on. Full instructions for that "memory stunt" will be sent to you a week after you download the mini-course.

To order the Memory Success Mini-Course and improve your memory today, just click the link below:

[Order now for immediate download!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?alakazam/1/Memory_Success_Mini-Course)

To your success,

Jay Jennings
The Brain Trainer

P.S. The free bonus offer is limited to the first 100 orders. I can only guarantee you'll receive it if you order right away. So don't delay. Act now while it's fresh in your mind.


Jay Jennings
7362 W. Parks Hwy #781
Wasilla, AK 99654

Copyright 2004 by Jay Jennings . All rights reserved.



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