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Top Information Technology Consultant spills the beans and reveals his secret techniques...

“FIRE your Computer Guy! For the FIRST TIME,
I am about to reveal exactly the same information
I routinely charge my clients HUNDREDS
...even THOUSANDS of dollars for!”

Hi, my name is Rich Pryor. After 20+ years in the IT industry, I'm coming clean - I can only help a few people a day one-on-one, but now....I'm sharing my knowledge with the world!  For years I've kept these closely held secrets to myself and made big bucks doing so. But that is all changing as of right now!

Volume One: PC Tips & Tricks will show you how to keep your computer running blazing fast and smooth as glass, and I've just released Volume Two: Home & Small Office Networking to show you how easy it is for anyone, even a computer novice, to share their Internet connection, files, and printers.
  Do you have a love/hate relationship with your computer?   Are you sick of viruses, pop-ups and spyware?   Is your computer running in slow motion lately?   Do you turn it on, then go get a cup of coffee while it boots up?
Time is Money! If you're wasting time, you're losing money!

(If a small investment could save you a ton of time and money...
would it be
THE BEST INVESTMENT you've made this year?)
Get Ready For...

I've made my living working with computers for the past 20+ years. Yes folks, I am the consummate computer geek! (Well, no pocket protector...but you get the idea.) I've been a programmer, LAN manager, MIS Director, Chief Information Officer, and an independent consultant, and what I'm about to tell you may surprise you:

You don't need ME or anyone LIKE me to have a computer that is: 
  Screaming FAST   Reliable   Free of Popups, Viruses, Spyware and Adware   Protected by a foolproof backup system   Protected from Hackers

I have helped HUNDREDS of people with their computers, but recently I realized that most of what I do is repetition. I routinely charge $100/hour for my services, not because what I do is so difficult, but because I know the right things to do! And guess what...people are THRILLED to pay my fee, because time is money, and without their computer, they are dead in the water.

But the way I was doing it, I could only help a few people each day. I was frustrated knowing that there are still so many people around the world who needed the knowledge that I had.

So I decided to write Computer Secrets Unleashed!

Now you don't have to pay me $200....$300... or lots more to get your computer blazing fast, keep your files backed up, and protect yourself from hackers, viruses, and spyware - because all is revealed right here in this book. (Shhhhhh...I just hope none of my clients get their hands on this book, or my consulting business is going to dry up fast!)

Think you can't afford it?  Baloney - you can't afford NOT to own it!

In Volume One: PC Tips & Tricks, I'll reveal: 
How to buy the computer you need without getting overcharged by greedy salespeople that just want to line their pockets with commissions. Plus, who you should definitely NOT buy a computer from, and exactly how to configure your new laptop or desktop for maximum performance at the best price.  How to know when it's time for a new computer, and exactly how to tell. Plus, an inexpensive upgrade and some tweaks that will turbo-charge your performance! The exact maintenance tips to do on a monthly basis to keep your computer running at top speed. How to do an inexpensive, automatic backup of your system to prevent against data loss. You'll be surprised how easy it is to implement a hands off backup to make sure you never lose data again! I have an arsenal of great, free software that will really make your life easier. Believe me, I've waded through every freeware and shareware product out there over the years, and this is the cream of the crop. Load these programs on your machine and you'll be on easy street! And a few extra tips that I won't mention other than to say they are definitely valuable and will save you time and give you some new ways to do things that will make your life easier!
I'm serious - 90% of what your Computer Guy (or Gal) does is just boring old repition. Call me and I'll come over and charge you about $300 to do this for you. Or Invest $12.95 right now and find out for yourself! Now that's what I call a no-brainer!

If you're serious about your making sure your computer is well maintained performing up to it's potential, you will get this report right now and read it today.


Volume Two: Home and Small Office Networking

Now Available!

By popular demand, I have just completed Computer Secrets Unleashed Volume Two: Home and Small Office Networking. In it, you will learn everything you need to know to set up your own home or small office computer network.  Seriously, if I came over to and did this for you, we're talking big bucks.  I charge $95/hr minimum for networking jobs, and let's just say my car payment would be taken care of for the month.

Here is just some of what is in Volume Two:
The one piece of networking equipment that you absolutely must own to protect yourself from Internet bandits.  I absolutely refuse to let any of my clients go without one of these. Simple, step-by-step instructions to hook up every computer you own - desktop, laptop, wired, wireless, you name it, into your own home or small office Local Area Network. Share files between computers with ease, print to any printer on the network, and surf the Internet from any computer. Easy wiring instructions for every scenario.  Whether you have a single computer in one room or multiple computers your home or office, I'll show you how simple and easy it is to get all your computers talking to one another. Got wireless?  No problem - I'll have you sitting on your couch, securely surfing the Internet in no time. You'll be amazed how much work you can get done while you relax in front of the TV.  (That's what I'm doing right now!) Are you thinking about signing up for an expensive service like GoToMyPC so you can access your home or office computer from somewhere else?   Don't waste your money!  I'll show you how to set this up using FREE software with NO monthly charges. You can take over your home or office computer from anywhere in the world! Check your email, work on a document, it's just like being in front of your own computer. (This will save you more in one month than the entire cost of this book!) Is your network growing?  No problem! In the Advanced Topics chapter, I'll show you the professional way to add dozens more wired machines, expand your wireless coverage area, and more! Then, I'll reveal my source so you can buy the supplies and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost!
You realize that your computer is watching you right now, and reading this right along with you, right? It's thinking "When is the last time my owner did something nice for me?"  If you pass on this offer, it will probably crash just to spite you. (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

Yes, for the price of a medium cheese pizza you will have all of the information you need to keep your computer happy, and well-maintained.

Why $12.95?

I'm only charging $12.95 for each of these books for 3 reasons.
$12.95 puts the information within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning online businessperson.
Anyone who's not serious enough about maintaining their computer to invest $12.95 into this book isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the book anyway.  Frankly, if you aren't going to use this information, I don't want your money.
I really meant it when I said above that I want to help as many people as possible. I have had several marketers who I respect tell me that I am WAY undercharging for this information, and I believe them.  But I would rather sell more copies and know that more people are benefitting.
I can't believe you haven't scrolled down and clicked the Order Now button yet!  Obviously you need more proof.  Here, just check out what a few others have to say about Computer Secrets Unleashed!

"Rich, your new eBook, "Computer Secrets Unleashed," totally rocks! My husband, who's an IT professional like you, has done a good job of teaching me how to take care of my laptop, so I'm pretty good with computers. But this eBook showed me some new tricks. I work in a home office so I depend on myself to keep my computer in top shape... and I write a series of books about making travel easier so I love how your book makes computers easier. Thanks so much for creating such an easy guide!"
  Anne Easterling
Author, EZ Savings and Fun Guide to Walt Disney World

"Although I'll admit to being a bit of a "geek" myself, I still found your guide EXTREMELY useful, and even learned a few things I didn't know along the way! Your guide is easy to follow and I'd feel confident passing this onto my father who is a complete technophobe, and maybe he'll stop bothering me with all his computer woes from now on! Great stuff!"
James Dyson


"Rich, you've done a great job with this book! The section on backing up is worth 10x the price by itself. As an IT executive I can safely say from experience your techniques will help solve at least 90% of most issues people face day to day with their PCs. Very well done !"
Jack Tackett
VP Professional Services
Compliancy Software Inc.

"Rich, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Computer Secrets Unleashed! just saved me thousands of dollars I would have surely spent by the end of this year, on unnecessary upgrades, software, and IT consultancy.

Why you charge so little for this great ebook is beyond me. Even for something around $597 this would soooo still be worth every penny.

I will recommend this book to all of my closest friends because it's A STEAL at this price."
  Razvan Rovinaru
Internet Marketer

"I have read this ebook and I think that it is invaluable to ALL computer users! I have a computer science degree as well as many years of experience in the computer technology industry and even I learned some things with this product. If you are anything short being Michael Dell himself, you are bound to learn something from this ebook about computers, their maintenance, and security measures. You should definitely learn from this product so that you don't end up with a crashed machine and years of lost data."
Ian Harbaugh
So if you're serious about keeping your gateway to the Internet in tip-top shape and your digital pictures and important documents backed up, just click the "Buy Now" button below and pick up Volume One for only $12.95.

And if you're serious about networking your home and small office computers together, sharing your Internet connection, and would like free remote access when you're around town or half way around the world, pick up Volume Two for only $12.95.

Here's what people are saying about Volume Two:
Rich, from one IT Guy to another, you've got a top quality product, clean cut, straight to the point with good screen shots and diagrams. I'm glad to see an informative guide like this come out! It helps when my customers already have a general working knowledge of what they are doing and this product will definately give them that. If people implement what you have written you are on the fast track to shutting down help desks everywhere. Great product!
Dave Owens
I have gone through this report and I feel it is underpriced for the information it contains. Explanations are clear, theory just deep enough without being too complex. If you are at all practical, do it yourself and save a fortune on labor costs. Once you have installed a network yourself perhaps do it for friends and make a small profit.

Well worth the money!
Jim Burney
Rich, I bought both volumes and have just finished reading Volume One. I am comfortable that I've already got full value. I look forward to reading and learning from the second book and supplementary messages etc.

Short review - Get them BOTH before Rich comes to his senses about his pricing! John Williams


If you purchase EITHER Volume One or Volume Two, you will get:

Bonus #1: FREE Weekly Newletter, packed with the latest news, tips, and techniques that I use at my clients every day.  When I discover a new cool utility or trick to manage your computer easier, you'll be the first to know.

Bonus #2: Access to my companion website, which will always have the latest info, my blog, and the "Dell Deal of the Week" page - updated weekly to tell you that absolute best deal on Dell Desktop & Laptop computers.

If you purchase BOTH Volume One AND Volume Two, you will ALSO get:

Bonus #3: Special Report: An Insider's Guide to Dell Computer.  I've been working and dealing with Dell for many years.  (I *ahem* have very good friends that work there...) In this special report I'll tell you the secrets to buying a Dell at the best possible price, always getting English speaking tech support, and give you my top secret list of web addresses and phone numbers.  This report alone will save you hundreds of dollars off your next Dell purchase. Expect to see this report selling by itself soon - grab it now while it's FREE.

Bonus #4: Special, subscriber only discounts (BIG discounts) on future volumes.  More volumes are forthcoming, and when they are announced, you'll be the first to know and the first to download them, at a steep discount off the normal price. 

Volume One:
PC Tips & Tricks
$12.95 [](http://Computer-Secrets-Unleashed.com/Buy-Vol1.html)

Volume Two:
Home & Small Office Networking
$12.95 [](http://Computer-Secrets-Unleashed.com/Buy-Vol2.html)
Volume One + Volume Two
$21.95 [](http://Computer-Secrets-Unleashed.com/Buy-Vol12.html)

P.S. Seriously, for just $12.95 per volume I'm giving you hundreds - maybe thousands worth of information, plus the knowledge to keep your computer well-maintained the same way I maintain my clients from now on! How can you pass on that?  In fact, here is my guarantee:

"If the information in Computer Secrets Unleashed doesn't save you at least as TEN TIMES the purchase price in recouped productivity and peace of mind, I'll refund your purchase price immediately.  Just drop me a line within 60 days and you'll get your money back - NO QUESTIONS ASKED."

P.P.S. If any of these things happen to you, it's going to end up costing you a minimum of $150 to get them fixed:
Infected with a virus Computer full of spyware, malware, trojans, or popups Hard drive crash, no backup, all data lost Computer is too slooooooooooooow to get anything done!
Click the order link above and you'll have everything you need to fix these problems and more in about two minutes....even if it is 3:00AM Sunday morning.  You'll get INSTANT access to this information, 24 x 7 x 365!

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