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Organizing Outlook Email

Email Sorter Wizard, a new software
with the capability of making your Outlook© look pristine!
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Organizing Email - Filing Email - Sorting Email

Functionality vs. Practicality

Coming across an array of shortcomings in your Outlook© inbox is nothing new. Microsoft Outlook© has some most vexing faults, such as an inflexible email filter, sorting and filing system. Microsoft© is often fussy about these and other Outlook© shortcomings although in general Outlook is a most fabulous mail client.

But at least there are solutions out there to Outlook's problems.

Day in and day out, your busy schedule can make organizing your inbox a real hassle. And shopping for the best Outlook Add-In is no piece of cake, either.

However, some companies are attempting to bridge the gap between functionality and practicality. Why spend much time moving your emails into the correct folders? At the end of the day, all you want is to go home and not think about the list of emails in your Inbox, sent or follow-up folders; or those messages for which rules were created, but are, now, sitting, forgotten in some separate folder, labeled "XYZ" under your navigation pane.

Organizing and sorting through emails
has never been this easy!

Email Sorter Wizard, created by alpha Internet Services, is a hassle free software add-in that is compatible with any version of Outlook 2000© and newer. Its comprehensive filing system can help manage the inbox and folders. Users who are on the move, constantly receiving and sending e-mails will find the features in this add-in extremely beneficial.

How it works!

Easily located on the Outlook© toolbar menu, Email Sorter Wizard allows for less spam, things are a lot easier to find, and you can file and keep all your important emails the way you like it. Aside from automatically moving your messages from any source to any destination folder without the constant clicking, dragging, and dropping of the mouse, you can create and define as many custom rules as you like - easy and fast.

Email Sorter Wizard allows you to leave messages in your Inbox long enough for you to read and act on them; in other words, you only need to run it when you want to file your messages from a selected folder, such as at the end of the each day or week.

alpha Internet Services developed this add-in with the end-user in mind.
Other add-in software, available today, ignore the importance of managing the Sent Folder. However, on your command Email Sorter Wizard takes your outgoing mail and files it according to your specified instructions. Aside from the obvious, Email Sorter Wizard gives your Outlook© the flexibility of rules in order to maximize its functionality!
Now, nobody can tell me that's not practical!
Everyone has different ways and methods they use to keep their Inbox and folders under control:
One should not use rules to move messages as they arrive - when messages aren't in the Inbox they are too easily forgotten. You can use it to file messages from mailing lists, server reports, and mail from specific people or with a specific subject.

For example one method involves the use of flags. Another method is not to mark messages "read" automatically, but only to mark messages "read" when one replied to them.

Another good method is to move messages based on who they are from, moving messages to folders created for each contact. Make a rule to move just messages from contacts considered business contacts or include personal contacts as well as messages from people not in the contacts folder.
[](http://www.trialware.in) [](http://www.sharewareriver.com/product.php?id=...) [](http://www.mp3cdsoftware.com/email-sorter-wizard-download-30612.htm) [](http://download2pc.com) [](http://www.downloadpipe.com/review_926141.html) [](http://www.topshareware.com/Email-Sorter-Wizard-download-50487.htm) Works with

and Microsoft Outlook©

The amazing benefits of Email Sorter Wizard:

Email Sorter Wizard is a no hassle software system! It automatically files your mail so you can spend your time on more important things!

Cut hours from your schedule and get organized that much easier!

Rapidly manage and organize your email messages!

It's automatic deletion tool provides you with a quick and easy way to get rid of your cluttered inbox!

Manage several email accounts simultaneously; it's like having your very own personal secretary!

So easy to manage that anyone can install, use, and program with incredible ease!

Email Sorter Wizard is compatible with any Outlook© version and its rules do not interfere with standard Outlook© rules they work with them if you wish!

Sorting through your emails has never been this easy! Email Sorter Wizard is no ordinary add-in. Its comprehensive filing system can help streamline your inbox and folders!

Basically, Email Sorter Wizard takes all the work out of sorting your email for you. Leaving you extra time for your real work, family, or anything else you want to spend your time doing!

Smart Functionality

Email Sorter Wizard builds on its vision of "function in simplicity" by bringing a smartly selected email management toolkit to your MS Outlook©.

Let's look at some of the amazing features of Email Sorter Wizard, the greatest email sorting software for MS Outlook© today!

Key Features
Integrates directly in Outlook© 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007. Email Sorter runs when Outlook© is active. There is no need to run or manage additional programs. Create custom rules based on message properties to allow automatic filing of email. Create any number of rules; there are no limitations! Build rules quickly by selecting a message and letting Email Sorter capture its unique characteristics. Quickly update your rules by making a selection and letting Email Sorter Wizard guide you through the process. File messages based on Sender, From, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Message, Content, Sent, Received and Date. Move messages from any source folder to any destination folder, including your Exchange Public Folders. Rules can match multiple words and phrases in the message body and/or subject. Rules can also match and include more than one email address in the From, To, Cc and Bcc fields. The status window shows the rules that are being performed. You can decide in which way the rules are executed to maximize your automated filing. Email Sorter is integrated within the Outlook© Toolbar and menu system for easy access.
There are so many more benefits and features of Email Sorting Software you'll be absolutely amazed! Also, you'll get support ! If a problem ever arises or you just can't figure something out, contact us and we'll help you solve your problem promptly and courteously!



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The requirements to run Email Sorter are as follows

Pentium III or later | Memory: > 128MB | Disk-Space: > 10MB

Operating System


lower = better; 1 = best

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