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my brand new, just released course called, "eBay
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covers everything you need to know
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How To
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How To
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Some Sellers Make A Fortune While Others Don’t Even Recover
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You Can Tap Into The eBay GOLDMINE -- Without Even Breaking a Sweat!

imagine being able to
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being able to snap simple photos in one take – photos that
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being able to write a simple title that instantly grabs attention with
precision and power... and has your target prospects breathlessly
wanting to
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imagine being able to effortlessly put
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would YOU feel if you could do all this now?

these instant eBay ad-writing skills you can…

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the breakthrough methods eBay
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sell just about any item you can find...

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actually very easy. In fact, anyone
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it's not like any other book you've ever read on "How
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because I skipped past all the boring stuff… and got right
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result is a hands-on moneymaking guide that shows

How To
Easily Write "Killer" eBay Ads Like A World-Class Copywriter!

How To
Dramatically Reduce Your Auction Writing Time By More Than 90%!

How To
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Exact Reasons Why Some People Make A Fortune… Others
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I’m offering you is this: ONLY
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techniques and strategies to get a better return for your eBay efforts
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single time. It’s the real, hard-core answers you want to
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usual (and useless) filler.

You Can Take Great Product Shots... Compose
Killer Titles... Write
Descriptions... And
Instantly Boost Your eBay Sales and Profits
Forever! (I'll
Show You How -- Step-By-Step!)

discover all types of exciting insights, techniques, and instantly

a peek at what you'll quickly learn
in "eBay Ad Magic…
Anyone, Anywhere Can Create Powerful, Persuasive and Profitable eBay
Ads In
Minutes – Instead of Hours”…

Why there's never been a better time for you to
sell on eBay than RIGHT NOW and the specific tools and techniques you
need to attract more bids, close more sales, and generate incredible
profits -- from any spare room, basement office, or garage!

How to
expand your moneymaking efforts
exponentially -- in a way you just can't do anywhere else -- on ANY

number one mistake
most new eBay sellers make that invariably leads to bitter
disappointment -- and how to make sure you don't fall into the same

millions of dollars slip through the hands of
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My Easy eBay Auction
Ad Secrets Save You
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“average” sellers shoot themselves in the foot --
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tip, technique, and tactic to pack your
strongest, most powerful and persuasive selling punch into every
message! (This is the ONLY way to ensure you
make maximum profits from everything you list!)

key parts to every
successful eBay ad! (Really...
that’s all there is to it! But... you must get all 3 working
in your favor -- here's how!)

real reasons people buy on eBay… and how to use this
‘inside’ marketing information to make more money
on eBay! (Here's what's
'different' about eBay that draws millions of
cash-spending buyers... and how to use these insights
to your advantage so you attract more action, higher bids and LARGER
PROFITS every time!)

AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes the one
deep-seated desire that drives almost every eBay buyer... and how to
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dirty little secret about
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one key characteristic of the "perfect" eBay item that can give you an
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Finally... You
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The 16
most common "emotional drivers" that internally direct every action
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this one and you'll get more money for any item – absolutely

shockingly simple method
that practically guarantees your prospect steps up and places a bid --
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secret and your closing ratio will literally shoot through the roof!)

deadly mistake novices make that almost always means they end up with a
lot less cash than they should! (It's not
just eBay sellers who fall into this trap -- many "regular" businesses
do too! Grasp this valuable lesson and you'll be miles ahead!)

The GUARANTEED way to runaway sales success on
eBay! (Follow this advice and you'll save
time... slash years off the learning curve... and 'shortcut' your way
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A free
way to tap into the GIANT eBay machine to find out all you need to
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eBay fortune!)

surefire way to benefit from
every listing -- even if your item DOESN'T sell! (Use
this secret of direct marketing in every single auction -- no
matter what you're selling – and it’ll
pay off in spades! Yes... eBay is
the most amazing, dirt-cheap way to grow a hugely-profitable cash
machine from
home -- and here's to make it pay YOU -- in increasing amounts each and

The single
effective way of getting your sales message across and
winning agreement! (Hint: Lawyers do it...
teachers do it... even parents do it. As a seller, you should do it
too! Here's 5 easy and free ways to bring any product to life!)

The #1
guaranteed way to attract more prospects to your eBay business! (This is
something ANY seller could do... but
almost nobody does! This in turn makes it easier for you to scoop up
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eBay Ad Magic
Will Change The Way
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you been searching for this solution for ages?
Discover this simple technique to consistently create more ads
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3 time-tested methods guaranteed to produce happy
customers! (There's a right way and a wrong
way to run your eBay business -- choose right and you literally set
yourself up for surefire success!)

almost instant way to find your largest pool of interested, spend-happy

The ONLY two
buyers can find you on eBay and why it's so important to appeal to both
types of customers with every image... every title... and every item
description you create!

simple, 2-minute solution to uncovering all the product information you
need to a killer eBay ad -- on the spot! (I
guarantee you this: anyone struggling to write a 5-minute ad simply
missed this crucial first step!)

REVEALED! The 2 most important
things every potential buyer MUST know about you before placing a
bid... and how to address both issues quickly and decisively!

How to
guarantee hassle-free shipments, smooth transactions, and happy
customers -- almost every time! (Take these
important steps and you'll avoid 99.9% of the problems that plague

largely unknown secret that gives you a unique
advantage nobody else can touch!

How to
turn a simple item description into a riveting message no true prospect
can resist! (How to quickly and
easily convert boring item facts and features into exciting and
valuable benefits and advantages your customers actually want! Use both
these ingredients in your eBay ads and watch your sales soar!)

You’ve Ever Wanted To Be One Of
Those eBay Sellers That Makes BIG
Money The Easy Way The Secret To Their
Success Is Right Here…

The one secret
of communication you must use to capture your
prospect’s attention... keep 'em interested... and motivate
these qualified potential buyers to take the action they need to take
to get what they want!

Secrets top publications like the Wall Street
Journal use to keep readers reading… and how you can apply
these simple – but extremely effective – techniques

How to
build your own audience of
enthusiastic customers who can’t wait to hear what you have
to offer next! (It’s the secret to
getting 10 times as many
visitors and creating tons of excitement!)


The only 3
things you really need to create great eBay images! (If you think you need to be a professional
photographer… or spend a fortune on the latest gadgets and
equipment – think again! This simple process can deliver
outstanding results without even getting close to breaking the bank!)

How an
easy-to-use software program you can download for free can give you
exceptional quality images previously unattainable without a well-known
and expensive $700+ program! (I’ll
give you ALL the information you need to put this FREE powerhouse to
work for you!)


8 ways to use multiple photographs for maximum
effect on eBay! (Using extra images can pay
off large – but there’s a secret to this strategy
almost nobody understands!)

How an
ordinary, everyday, “disposable” item can be a
tremendously valuable prop that conveys crucial product detail in a way
NOTHING else can!


only two ways you really make money on eBay! (Spend 99% of your time on these 2 essentials and
you’ll be off to the races – with a huge lead!)


Follow My
Simple Advice and… You'll Never Spend Another Frustrating
Minute -- Desperately Searching For

The Right Words...


simple, time-tested steps to creating a riveting, autopilot sales
letter that sells around the clock! (The
sales letter is without a doubt, the number one most powerful and
profitable tool in every copywriter’s toolbox! Now
here’s how to “nail it” in one try!)

key characteristics of killer eBay ads! (Even tiny little ads can be
super-profitable when
you follow this simple plan!)

“first impressions” mean everything to your
results! (Here’s how to create an
attention-grabbing eBay listing that stops prospects cold –
and then warmly pulls them inside!)

#1 secret to selling anything on eBay! (Miss this key point and
your prospects will walk away in droves…you’ll
create much more work for yourself… AND you’ll
grow increasingly frustrated by your results! BUT… understand this
crucial secret and you’ll shoot past the huge majority of
sellers -- in any category on eBay -- guaranteed!)

A "top
secret" method that literally forces your brain to
spit out an amazing text ad in as little as 5 minutes! (There’s
magic and power in this amazing method – check it out just
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How to
use proven direct-response techniques to craft a one-paragraph ad that
delivers a knock-out punch! (This one
technique alone will render any of your previous strategies for
creating a strong description -- obsolete!) 


5 “no-brainer” ways to write a
small ad that makes a BIG impression!

methods anyone can use to take basic product information
that’s easily discovered and turn it into a half-page ad that
sells! (Not only that…
you’ll be banging out each of these little “sales
soldiers” in just 5 minutes flat!)

6-step template for creating a half-page ad that captures
attention… delivers compelling reasons why they should
buy… and then unveils a powerful offer that’s
almost impossible to resist!

“solid-gold” eBay ad
written by a
famous copywriter more than 30 years ago! (No,
eBay wasn’t around then… but you’ll see
just how perfect this approach is! Once
you learn the basic fundamentals from this one example, every ad you
craft from
this day forward will be easier than ever!) 

You'll Be
Amazed How Easy It Is To
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Pile Up The
Profits…  and Have More Fun on eBay --

While Enjoying Lots More Free Time Too!

TITLE (or headline) is the most
important handful of words in your
entire ad! (NOTE:
10 times
more people on average will see your title than your description. If
your title strikes a
chord, prospects will click on it and
“come inside”. But if it fails –
you’ve lost them forever!)

only 2 ways a buyer can find your auction on eBay… and how
to cater to both options with a TITLE that delivers a magnetic
marketing message!

easy-as-pie, fill in the blank questions that give you extensive
product information and the key details your prospects want to know
before they’ll place a bid! (This
quick-start method takes just two minutes – or less!)

How to virtually guarantee 90% or more of those who
open your description page are in fact, bona-fide prospects who are
genuinely interested in acquiring your item!

How to
get maximum mileage from every title! (Here’s
the absolute best way to use this free technique to corral more
prospects and get them to click through for your complete details!)

5 TITLE shortcuts you can use to communicate far
more effectively in the limited title space available! (Powerful
ways to add more punch – without using a lot of space!)   

How to create the
ultimate title for any product you can sell
over and over again! (Secrets of direct
marketing legends exposed!)

How to “steal smart” and gain a
gigantic advantage without ripping off your competitors at all! (But wait until your competition sees your results!
They’ll be even more ‘dazed and confused’
than ever!)

3 stealth
techniques to create an attention-grabbing title every time! (It really is
as easy as 1-2-3… and once you follow this dynamite method,
you’ll quickly discover that it’s a guaranteed way
to develop a kick-ass title that can quickly be leveraged into massive

words that can mean the difference between attracting 36 page
views… or 1036! (One
word can
literally make or break your success! Pay close
here and… you can laugh all the way to the bank!)

Now You
Can Reach Your Profit Target -- 10 Times Faster!

How much
time should you spend writing
descriptions? It all depends on these 2 factors! (If
you’ve ever written even a single description
before… I bet you spent much more time than you planned to!
Here’s how to make sure ANY time investment pays off LARGE!)

dirty little secret
revealed in high ‘page view’ numbers and how to
capture it… expand upon it… and cash in BIG TIME
– every time!

exact “map” that will take you from being a seller
who’s interested in unloading an item… to a happy
camper with a giant wad of cash in your pocket!

How to “jolt” a fading prospect
out of a mind-numbing slumber… and awaken the sleeping giant
within to the unprecedented and time-sensitive opportunity
you’ve practically placed right in his hands!

only 2 ways any item description is ever read… and how to
serve both preferences equally well!

What You
Discover Here Will Literally Change Your

eBay Business Forever…

14 easy ways to mine the gold from any item in just
seconds… giving you the ammunition you need to write a
killer ad in mere minutes!

the weak, impotent, “standard” advice about selling
on eBay could actually cost you an untold fortune… and how
to create a proposition that’s practically irresistible!

How to
make your auction listing an
all-time favorite – even when hundreds of others are offering
the exact same

How to break down the barriers to bidding and
remove any perceived risk! (Helping prospects
to take action without a worry in the world could unleash a stampede of
traffic and a flurry of bids – giving you more in pure cash

A tiny
little closing technique that helps turn inertia into action
– so you get more bids and higher selling prices NOW!

How to
give your product instant credibility in a way that practically
guarantees you’ll pull in larger groups of cash-in-hand
buyers every time!

3 highly-effective ways to create killer eBay ads
– in just 5 minutes flat! (With
this breakthrough information, there’s no longer any reason
to put off getting more items listed! Here are three easy and
super-fast ways to create copy that sells!)

your 5-minute “magic ad” may be the best choice for
your item AND today’s hectic pace!

 9 ways to
trigger a bidding frenzy
that nets you a bigger slice of the billion-dollar eBay pie –
with each and
every listing!  

eBay Ad Magic
Shows You Exactly How To Effortlessly Go From Making A Few Extra
Dollars On eBay To Owning
Your Own Cash-Spitting ATM Money Machine Overnight...

The #1
underlying secret to massive success as a seller that ALSO
every buyer thrilled and delighted about their exciting
new find!

How to
turn each and every listing into valuable
“intelligence” you can use to rapidly accelerate
your success on eBay!

The #1 reason why top eBay sellers continually
outperform everyone else… and how a simple little
“adjustment” can skyrocket your closing rate

How to
effortlessly ‘sell yourself’… and make
you a seller worth doing business with! (Your
credibility means EVERYTHING on eBay and here’s how to build
yours the right way!)

running multiple ads for the same item can pay off in many ways! (It’s dirt-cheap to list ads on
eBay… but if you’re not doing it the right way
– you’ll still lose out! Stop this madness once and
for all – here’s how!)

6 time-tested steps to proven advertising success! (Nail these 6 vital keys and you’ll kick
out ad copy that sells 24/7!)

10 ways
to make your eBay listings more appealing…
interesting… and inviting! (Warning:
The second your prospect’s interest fades –
you’ve lost them for good! Use these simple enhancements to
keep them involved and enthusiastic!)

Forget Waiting
For a Lottery Win... Forget Trying To Flip Properties... Forget
Struggling To Stay One Step Ahead Of
The Stock Market. Now You Can Master Selling on eBay and... Cash-In

How to
seamlessly lead buyers from your title into the heart of
your item description! (Here are 8 powerful
ways to work your “word magic”! Simply leverage off your strong title to
create a compelling headline and description
that practically hypnotizes  prospects so they
devour every word!)


proven methods to make your ads much more believable! (Remember,
credibility is everything on eBay! It’s not what you say that
counts… it’s
what your prospect believes!) 

7 simple ways to prove that your proposition is an
AMAZING bargain! (Never leave it to your
audience to figure this out for themselves… or
you’ll leave plenty of cash on the table – cash
that could just as easily be yours!)

techniques to get your prospect to jump right in and BUY-IT-NOW! (This option should net you a tidy profit every
time… and put the cash in your hands that much sooner!)

more ad copy tips to help you write item descriptions like a
high-priced pro!

rock-solid ways you to boost your eBay profits – starting

that's just some of what you'll find out in "eBay
Magic...  How
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