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Have  you  ever  wished  there  was a simple way
to organize ALL your important information, right
where you could find it easily?
Introducing the Cyber Organizer: Now
You Can Store All Your Important
Items in One Safe Place on Your
Computer! Passwords and PIN codes Credit card numbers Recipes Photos Postal and email addresses Product receipts and warranty information Your favorite web site addresses Shopping lists Journal entries, poems, letters, and song lyrics Bills and monthly budgets To-do lists...

Price : $70
Now only $47.77
No more lost scraps of paper, scribbles in notebooks, different
computer programs to learn... One easy way to do it all!

Most people have a haphazard system for keeping track of their passwords. They're written down in different places. Or you try to remember them and have to create new ones regularly... And identity theft is a nagging concern.

If any of these sound familiar, the Cyber Organizer is what you're looking for:

"It's so easy! The Cyber Organizer is easily the most-used program on our computer. I use it for all my account login data, school stuff, recipes, my weekly shopping list, and organizing my poems."

Your address book with birthdays and important dates is sitting in a drawer, rarely used - and you'd lose everyone's email addresses if something happened to your email program.

You've got a ton of photos you'd like to organize, perhaps into scrapbooks - some already digitally stored on your computer and many sitting in boxes...

Recipes - don't ask what happened to that really good one Linda gave you! You've got recipes printed out from the Internet, earmarked in cookbooks, handwritten on index cards...

You try to pay bills once a month, but you have to dig around to find creditor information or receipts...and you're not really sure what your budget amounts are.
The Cyber Organizer makes all these dreaded tasks so much easier!
One super easy-to-use program designed just for people who are fed up with difficult programs or their own slapdash systems...

So easy to use, you'll feel more organized within just 5 minutes!

Helping over 40,000
people get organized
since 2002!
The Cyber Organizer is a powerful yet simple tool to handle everyday tasks, created just for the average person with limited computer skills. It comes preloaded with simple templates
already set up and ready to use. Just see how easy the Cyber Organizer makes it to get -
and stay - organized...
Never lose a password again!
Store all your PIN codes, passwords and username log in details securely. See at a glance the
information you need, and only you can access it. You can even store the web address for important sites - just click to open your browser and then enter your username and password easily!

Pay bills and track your monthly budget
Save all your bills in one database. Just click a web address to pay your bill online, or look up creditor contact information easily. Even save those annoying confirmation numbers in case you ever need to dispute a charge! Paying your bills is so easy with all the information saved in one place. And easy budgeting keeps you organized by letting you move items around and set quantities to get to the total you want - totals update automatically. Print out your budget every month to help stay on track.

Address book helps you stay in touch
No ordinary address book, the Cyber Organizer helps you stay in touch with family and friends easily. Save addresses, important dates and email information. Write colorful letters complete with pictures right in the easy word processor. Then email directly to one person (or a group) with a click - or print and send by postal mail! Just use the built-in search function to select people. Holiday greetings have never been so easy! You'll quickly become everyone's favorite person to hear from...

Prepare delicious meals easily with the Recipe Book function
Store all your recipes in one place for easy meal planning. Select the items you'll make for the coming week. And when you have an ingredient you want to use up but need a good recipe, just search your database of recipes in the Cyber Organizer and all your related recipes will pop up for you! There's even a database of mouth-watering recipes pre-loaded for you!

No more forgotten items with a Shopping List
Everyone loves a good list, and it's so easy to make and store lists with the Cyber Organizer. You can prepare your grocery list every week, as you plan meals using the Recipe Book. Think of the kid's school supplies list. Or holiday gift lists. Just print out a list and take it with you when you go to the store.

Store your credit card information safely
Keep all your credit card numbers, security codes, and the perks of each card in a secure file - you can see easily which one gives you the best insurance for renting a car, booking travel... then make online purchases without digging around to find the actual card in your wallet. The security features of the Cyber Organizer keep all your important information safe and available only to you.

Organize all your photos for easy scrapbooking
Catalog your photos to make scrapbooking a breeze! Many Cyber Organizer users like to scan photos and index them with a title or comment. Then you can search by theme or sort by timeline easily! Tip: As you scan in photos, note the corresponding Cyber Organizer photo number on the back - then you can choose







[](/clickBank/photoalbumtemplatescrshot.html) to use the printed version or the original photo when you're putting together your scrapbook.
The Cyber Organizer also makes it easy to back up your photos, because they're all saved
in one place - just save the photos to CDs so you'll never lose precious photos again!
Colleen wrote to tell us . . ."I love scrapbooking! It's addictive....Currently  I'm  working
on an album for my husband when he served  in  the Army during his 26 years of service.
I've been using  the  Organizer for about a year now  and  have  such a hoard of photo's
stored in the program.  The  other day when  I was  doing a random search and  all  my husband's army pictures came up, I realized that it's time to make a scrapbook.  It  was
only  then  that  it  dawned on me what a lovely program I have  to  be  able to pick out scrapbook content, complete with journaling. Sometimes finding content for a scrapbook
can be quite a challenge, but having the Organizer makes it an easy task".  Colleen,
Puerto Rico.
And that's just a sampling of what you can do with the Cyber Organizer!
It's super easy to customize for your own ideas. Here are some other ways our customers are using the Cyber Organizer:
Home inventory items - Keep a list of your valuable possessions for your home
insurance, complete with scanned receipts, serial numbers, and photos of belongings.

Private diary - Keep a journal to express yourself privately - keeps it under lock
and key (traditional diaries are way too easy to access!)

To-do lists - A running tab of major items helps you stay on top of tasks.

Prepare memoirs - Write your own book and store it by section so it will be easy
to edit and move around.

Gift lists - Keep track of ideas for gifts for special people. When the time comes,
you can see that great idea you had for Father's Day.

Product warranties - Scan receipts and warranty cards - you'll have the company's contact information and all you need right there when something goes wrong!

Insurance - Keep coverage summaries of your home, auto, health, and life insurance
to check details easily.
Sandy wrote . . ."I am a dressmaker in Chicago and use the Organizer to store my
client's dress sizes,  special  cuts,  material styles,  design sketches, addresses and
contact information.  I started to use the Organiser about two years ago and it has
since become an invaluable part of my business".    Sandy Robins - Chicago USA.
Protects your important information using military
type security standards.
The Cyber Organizer makes it easy to prevent access to items that you want to keep secure.
With it's secure, 256-bit key, built in encryption modules, the Cyber Organizer will safely password protect your private information, accessible only with a master administrator password (that you select).

So you eliminate the risk of identity theft and access by others. Shred all those scraps of paper
now holding your passwords - and start storing your passwords, usernames, PINs and credit card information securely in one password-protected place on your computer.
So easy to use!
You'll see easy-to-understand instructions, and it walks you through steps and even tells you
what you need to do if you've done something wrong.

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use the Cyber Organizer!
You'll love all the convenient features:
Internal search engine - search your recipes by ingredient, and find
information quickly!

Easy database functions: Sort information by any column, export to
other database formats, create and customize database templates
to suit your own needs!

You can email information directly from the program!

Click to web addresses directly!

Compatible with all popular Microsoft operating systems : Win98,
2000, ME, NT and XP!

You can even access the built-in Help and training system without being connected to the
Internet, so you can view step-by-step instructions as you work on a task.
Don't wait any longer!
Start getting organized and save all the information you need in one handy program.

The Cyber Organizer sells for just $47.77 - that's less than one night at
the movies for a family!

There are no other fees - ever. No costly updates. No monthly or yearly subscription fees.
Just one low payment of $47.77 and it's all yours. [Click Here To Order](/clickBank/cborgnzr220307cb.html)
Over 40,000 regular people are already using
the Cyber Organizer to get - and stay - organized.
See what it can do for you, too!
Alison, one of our first customers, had this to say... "The Organizer is simply an unbelievable piece of work. We have adapted it to our own life style. We use the Organizer for everything. I use it for my shopping, poems and recipes, my husband for budgeting. Our photos are all now contained in one place. Before we had albums and albums of photos. When my husband bought a digital camera for his work, keeping track of it all became a nightmare. All our photos are now indexed and it is a beauty to have all the photos on tap and being able to send to my family and friends in Scotland."   Alison Munro - CapeTown

What the Experts Say

Softpedia, a leading software review site, says the following about the Cyber Organizer and other products by CyberInformatix:

"Your products have been tested by the Softpedia labs. We are impressed with the quality of your products and encourage you to keep this high standard in the future.&quot

The Softpedia Team.

Normally $70

Today's Special Price: ONLY $47.77

We can't offer this special price forever,
so be sure to order now!

[Click Here To Order](/clickBank/cborgnzr220307cb.html)

Order securely 24 hours a day,7 days
a week, 365 days a year

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We offer a totally risk free, unconditional 8-week money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk on your part. Your satisfaction with our product and services are of the utmost importance to us!! To request a refund simply fill out our [contact form](/clickBank/contact-us.asp) with your request. We will provide a complete refund immediately with no questions asked.

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