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”You Too Can Learn The ‘Secrets’ That Have Taken Medical Professionals and Culinary Experts Years to Learn, and Return Your Family to the Health and Well-being That You Know They Deserve.”

”Dairy Free Cooking for Kids is your comprehensive, professional, step-by-step guide to creating really good healthy and tasty food that your whole family will love and significantly benefit from!”

I have always loved food good, healthy, nutritious, home grown and flavour-bursting food! Ever since I was young and living by the beach in Sydney, Australia, I have been fascinated with gathering and tasting good food.

Back then we bought super fresh vegetables and herbs from the asian market gardens, with row upon row of tiny and perfect produce. We fished in the harbour from the beautifully crafted timber dingy my father made, or from the rocks along the foreshore. We caught bream, taylor and, amazingly, a huge tuna which found its way mysteriously into Sydney Harbour. We grew the sweetest, tiniest strawberries and abundant herbs in the kitchen garden, and swapped sweet lemons for limes with the neighbours when there was a bumper crop.

We had friends, refugees from the war, who grew everything they ate. They lived right down on the beach in a rustic timber and sandstone cottage on the water’s edge, and lost all their hens when a bushfire raged through the national park next door.

And then there was the mother of my best friend, who also lived in a house on the beach. A cook, par excellence, she slow-roasted whole fish in banana leaves in a pit in the sand, and spit-roasted pig for the throngs of fascinating people she, and the good doctor, gathered around them. Their house was constantly filled with adults, children and beautiful food aromas.

What a childhood full of food memories! What a way to inspire a child to explore the wonderful world of tastes and textures, all mixed up with great associations of discovery, experimentation and the natural abundance which is still available to us today (despite the fact that the asian market gardens gave way to a sprawling suburban shopping mall many years ago).

It gave me a sound basis for bringing up my own children with healthy attitudes towards food, and a keen interest in growing and sourcing truly good produce.

So discovering my oldest daughter, Katie, was lactose intolerant really threw me. Little did I know that her constant stomach pains and occasional bad breath was due to an intolerance to the sugar lactose in milk-based products, such was her love of milk, yoghurt and cheese. A very sporty, healthy child and yet we couldn’t explain the stomach pains, even when she was hospitalized for two days for observation and testing. The only test the doctors didn’t do was an allergy test.

With no answers, it was a number of years later when it finally dawned on me that it could be a reaction to something she was eating. Sure enough, after thorough testing at a reputable allergy clinic, the results showed an extremely high reading for lactose intolerance. Voila!

So then I had to rethink my family meals, and work around the problem – not an easy task in the early 90’s. There was little literature available, and an even smaller number of alternatives to milk-based products. So I set about developing easy, tasty and dairy-free recipes for children with the total family eating patterns in mind.

As I have educated my two beautiful girls with good food from a very early age, I refused to cook separate meals and insisted that they at least tried everything I cooked for them. Subsequently they have grown up with wide and varied taste palates, trying many different flavoured, textured and coloured foods over the years, resulting in two very healthy young women.

When I leased the Vaucluse House Tea Rooms, Sydney, one of my greatest pleasures was using the beautiful, sunny, side room as the birthday party room. Many children’s birthdays were celebrated in that room, way back to the days of their grandmothers.

And just about every time I tried, ever so subtly, to introduce those gorgeous children to healthy party food it was left, unappreciated and misunderstood, on the party table. Those delicious wholemeal cup cakes, grainy bread fairy bread, and jugs of freshly squeezed orange juice, all way ahead of their time! Yet how far have we come in nutritional knowledge and good food education, especially for the young.

Now many students attend my cooking school classes on nutritious, seasonal and low GI foods in the hope of finding ways of managing their own, or family members, health. They soon discover that feeding the body with a wide range of macro and micro nutrients through grains, nuts and seeds, organic fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, plenty of oily fish and low fat dairy or lactose-free substitutes makes a real difference to their sense of wellbeing, their energy levels and their general fitness.

My childhood of gathering and cooking fresh, home grown and whole food gave me the solid building blocks for my career in food as lecturer, caterer, restaurateur, writer and cooking school proprietor. It also led me to London where I studied at the London Cordon Bleu Cooking School, graduating as an advanced graduate. I have written and published a number of recipe books on health issues and culinary topics both for myself and in the name of others, and have been lucky enough to be sought out by the media to comment on the latest trends in healthy eating.

My passion today is spending time at my Cooking School on Sydney’s North Shore, where I lecture and demonstrate how to cook healthy low GI foods with locally sourced, organic and seasonal produce. My only regret is that I am not able to educate enough people and as a result families all over the world are paying the price, sometimes going for years or through their whole life in discomfort and ill health.

Imagine my surprise when my good friend Julia Ellerton suggested that we create a book and put it on the internet. I had never thought of the Internet as a method of reaching people. Think about it, anybody regardless of where they were in the world could download it and benefit straight away. Julia is a well known and highly respected Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, and Iridologist. She runs a very busy practice on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and, at the same time, lectures around Australia on a wide variety of nutritional subjects. As well as writing a number of publications for other health professionals, Julia has helped many people return to optimum health using sound nutritional practices, and she is a passionate advocate for using food as medicine.

Julia’s many years of clinical experience as a nutritionist have honed her skills in treating children with lactose intolerance. She is highly experienced in diagnosing and assisting children and their parents with sound advice and great success.

Our first thought is that we would create an e-book and sell it just as countless others do. We asked a friend of ours, Mark, to do a bit of research to see what others were doing. Mark is one of those people who really knows his way around computers and the internet. In no time at all we were reviewing a broad sample of what was available. We found e-books ranging in price from $27 all the way to $495. I guess it would be fair to say that we were disappointed with what we found. Some of the recipes were good but much of the information we found was factually incorrect and a couple downright dangerous. Many of the recommendations and recipes were handed down generation to generation and just reprinted, without any consideration to the nutritional aspects that would be required for a healthy balanced diet, especially for young children.

We decided that we needed to spend a significant amount of time creating a document which would be scientifically based and combine Julia’s and my 40 plus years of experience to give mums, dads and grandparents, information that would be useful straight away and truly add to the nutritional needs of their family and children. In total we have spent well over 67 hours compiling our e-book. It contains advice and recipes which would normally be charged at many hundreds of dollars.

Now in its 2nd Edition, Dairy Free Cooking for Kids has taken more than 67 hours to compile, edit, update and format. It's also the result of years of experience that only comes from working day in, day out, with people whose problems can be traced back to an intolerance to consuming dairy based foods.

17 pages packed full of scientifically based nutritional information.
Each recipe has detailed instructions by a professional chef.
Photos accompany each recipe so you know what it looks like.
Detailed nutritional tables are included

Looking at the competition we knew that we could easily charge $97 for the book, after all we would normally charge more than that for each recipe which was customized for a person’s nutritional requirements. But we wanted to make it available to as many people as possible. After much debate we decided that if we wanted to be true to our values, we needed to get this information out to as many people as possible. So in the end we decided to make the e-book available to anyone who needed it for free. I know that sounds amazing but in the end we could not put a price on the work and we knew that many people would benefit.


Yes - Your copy is free if you act quickly

All that we ask in return is if you find the information useful that you refer other mums, dads and grandparents to this page. We want the maximum number of people to benefit. Help us spread the word.

We are blessed to be living in countries with many fabulous growers, fruit and vegetable markets, well stocked health food stores, certified organic shops, gourmet delis and stunning fish markets, as well as being able to source a growing variety of good quality foodstuffs in supermarkets.

How wonderful it is to now find rice, oat, soy and lactose-free milk, lactose-free ice cream, tofu, tempeh and soy products of all sorts. Finding good sources of calcium for growing children’s bones, nails and teeth is now easy, using calcium-fortified grain milks, edible boned, oily fish such as canned salmon, sardines and anchovies, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, wholegrains, dried fruit and pulses.
How easy it is to access top-quality ingredients so that we can give our lactose intolerant children every opportunity to live healthy, happy lives with dairy-free day-to-day living.

Educating our children in the wonder and delight of growing and picking their own produce, of tasting and feeling the benefits of truly good food, is an invaluable lesson we can all teach the next generation, never forgetting that the enjoyment of those shared experiences is unforgettable!

Lisa Lintner
June 21, 2008

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