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How To Create Your Own Publishing Business

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Automatically add new information products to your arsenal every
month ... sell as many as you like and keep 100% of every sale!

"Get Started With Your Own Publishing Business
And Within 48 Hours Start Seeing
Significant Results!"

Plus, I'll send you weekly assignments for a full year to help you
step-by-step create a full-time income working only a few hours each

FROM: Peter Woodhead
RE: 12 month "Million Dollar Publisher" training program

Dear Friend,

Starting your own information product business is one of the best
ways to make money ... and the Internet makes it easier and more
profitable than ever before. Even "common, ordinary, everyday" people
can cash in.

7 Reasons Why Most Marketers Fail

There has been more millionaires created in publishing than in
almost any other field, including the Stock Market and Real Estate.

Publishers make a lot of money - why not be one?

All you need is that first product. Do that right the first time,
and all you have to do is "rinse and repeat" with further products.

Perhaps you've heard all this before, and even tried doing it. Let
me guess - it didn't work for you.

There may have been all manner of reasons why you failed. The main
ones being:

REASON #1: You were always too busy and couldn't devote the time
necessary. It may be that you already work full-time and by the time
you get home you are either too tired to do anything or just want to
spend what time you have with your family - that's understandable.

REASON #2: You lacked the technical knowledge. Putting it all
together is like a king-size jig-saw puzzle, it's no surprise you were
overwhelmed with all the individual learning curves. You may have
found answers to some of them - but the complete picture remained a

REASON #3: You never really had the right offer. You might have had
the perception that to sell one eBook was the way to go. That may have
been the case years ago but it certainly isn't the case any more. It's
not good enough any more to have a "good" offer - you need an
"irresistible" offer.

REASON #4: You found it difficult to reach the right audience. It's
no good trying to sell to everyone, you'll just end up selling to
no-one. You need to target a tight niche - not too small but not too
big either.

REASON #5: You found it hard to convert the few visitors that you
did get. Getting visitors to your site is only one half of the
equation. You must convert them. In fact, you need to get this right
before you even attempt to drive traffic to your site.

REASON #6: Your product took far too much time to create. To be
successful, having a good product is given. But if it takes two years
to create that product what's the point? Product creation is the
"easy" part and should take you no more than 7 days.

REASON #7: You didn't have the right marketing, or any, in place.
The real big secret to success is marketing. Without it your business
will fail, or at best struggle along. You need to explore all avenues
that drive insane amounts of the right kind of traffic to your site.

and I'm sure there were many more reasons.

I know how you must feel. I USED TO FEEL THAT WAY TOO, UNTIL I

I learned my secrets from a top marketer and he taught me well. Now
I am passing on those secrets to you. If you're ready to accept the

For those that have never dipped their toes into publishing waters,
the time to get started is right now.

Imagine your inbox every morning overflowing with "New Order
Received" notices. Now that's a beautiful thing to wake up to.

But it gets better.

If you had more than one product you would do considerably better

What if you were to add one new product every month? That's when it
starts to get real interesting.

Once you get to 4 or 5 products you know you are on your way to a
thriving business.

If you think that it's going to be a lot of work maintaining these,
then think again.

There is a right way and a wrong way to create your offers and if
you do it right from the very beginning, maintaining them is a breeze.

You're probably thinking: how can you create one new product every
single month and bring them to market?

Before I answer that. Let me tell you what this is not about.

It's not about selling other people's product. That's no way to run
a business.

I firmly believe that the only way to build your own publishing
empire is to have your own unique products.

Products that are not available anywhere else - by anybody.

Products that are evergreen. They never run out of fashion. Not
products that are here today - gone tomorrow.

In my 52 week "Million Dollar Publisher" (MDP) training I outline
not only my secrets of how to create your products but also how to
market them effectively.

In 52 baby steps I show you exactly what you need to know.

7 Benefits Of "Million Dollar Publisher"

The benefits, not surprisingly, answer all the problems of why most
marketers fail:

BENEFIT #1: No matter how busy you are, the whole process is simple
and once set up runs on auto-pilot. Setting up the sales process for
your product is so simple it can be done quick time. One hour or less
is what I give myself to set up these.

BENEFITS #2: There is very little technical skill required and what
little there is can easily be out-sourced. Like me, you may not be
tech savvy - but it doesn't matter. Once you've done this once it
really is that easy. Hint: you don't need to know anything about
"html" or any other kind of programming.

BENEFIT #3: Find hidden gems for your offer. Creating your product
is the easiest part of the whole process. The hardest part is deciding
what to create. Finding unique products is my forte and I'll pass on
these little-known secrets to finding your own nuggets of gold.

BENEFIT #4: You will discover that targeting the right audience is
easier than you think. Locating the right market for any product is
essential. I'll uncover some simple ways that will enable you, with a
great degree of certainty, to pick the right markets.

BENEFIT #5: The secret to converting your visitors into rabid buyers
of your offer is given to you in bite-sized-chunks. Having the right
product in the right market is only part of success. You have to
convince your visitors that what you have to offer is exactly what
they want. There is a structure to doing this and you will be shown
step-by-step how this works.

BENEFIT #6: Creating your offer can be reduced to a matter of days.
You want to make an offer to your prospect that forces them to buy,
they've just got to have what it is that you're offering. Creating
your offer need not be time-consuming, in fact, I'll show you how to
outline your offer in a matter of hours and create the same in just a
few days.

BENEFIT #7: Marketing your offer is the most important element of
your business. Of course, you need a good product, and you need a heck
of good sales process, but if prospects don't see your offer it's all
for nothing. I'll show you at least 21 different ways to market your

Running your own publishing business is simpler than you think.
Anyone can do it. Especially the way I'm going to show you.

Here are some case studies of how some people have become ultra
successful using these techniques:

Case Study #1

How a lady from Washington uses just one book that she gives away
for free to attract visitors to her website. She then sells them other
products such as CDs etc. She now sells in over 100 different

Case Stdy #2

One man who took a simple home study course and turned that into a
manual and set of DVDs selling for $597 each. He now publishes other
health and fitness related products in his multi-million dollar
publishing business

Case Study #3

This Canadian lady creates and sells hundreds of product to a
specialized craft market every month. Yet she only works a few hours
each week.

Case Study #4

Another man packages his information products into a membership
site. He charges an up-front fee to join and monthly memberships
thereafter. And all he does is provide hundreds of eBooks.

I'm talking about finding old and rare books and bringing them back
to life. Books that were probably best-sellers in their day but with
the passage of time have been forgotten.

I find that weird! How can a work published 50 or 60 years ago have
been a best-seller in it's day, and now be forgotten? Strange but
true. And there are literally millions of these works just waiting to
be re-discovered.

All the above case studies are from people who have resurrected past
works and re-published them as their own. They have re-published them
either in the same format or put their own slant on them. In whatever
format they have produced them, they are selling very well. Really

And it's also what I do month in, month out. I have uncovered many
masterpieces from the past. Works where the Copyright has expired or
never existed in the first place.

Welcome to my world of Public Domain.

Here's what 5.9 billion dollar publisher Ted Nicholas has to say
about what I do:

I Know You Find Some Real Nuggets

Ted Nicholas

"Peter, you have done a great job of breathing life back to these
old works. Books written all those years ago were not just good then,
they are even better than books written today.

Don't stop doing it, I know you find some real nuggets of gold"

Ted Nicholas, Billion Dollar Publisher

You can re-publish works in just about any niche you choose. Here
are just a few of the many topics you could choose:

Excercise and Fitness

Weight Loss


Herbal remedies



Human Psychology


Hobbies and Crafts

The list could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea.

I've pretty much told you the idea here, but there are so many right
ways and wrong ways to do things.

While a lot of what I do is very simple to understand you could get
started right now on your own, but wouldn't you rather understand how
to turn your ideas into blockbuster launches for you? I already hinted
to you that the big profits in publishing are in the marketing.

So, why not become a publisher and start to build your own
publishing empire?

Introducing "Milion Dollar Publisher":
A Step-By-Step 52 week Training Program for Starting And Running A
Successful Publishing Empire!

I have developed "Million Dollar Publisher" to show you how to
create and market your own information products in days.

That means you could be up-and-running in 48 hours.

Every week for one full year (52 weeks) you'll receive an email with
a specific download link for that week's step-by-step lesson. Most
lessons contain screenshots so you can watch me performing all the
tasks - just like me being in the room with you.

(If you don't know what screenshots are they are a "picture" of a PC
screen showing a particular event. So, as well as having the
step-by-step lessons, the screenshots will walk you through all the
baby steps so you can actually see how each step is accomplished).

Also included in every lesson is an assignment for you to complete
so, as well as learning step-by-step you'll also be doing it,

Over the 52 weeks I'll be covering:

How to identify markets that have rabid buyers for your products.

Choosing hungry markets for your published works.

Where to find a limitless supply of rare and hard-to-find works in
the Public Domain that cost little or nothing at all to re-publish.

How to create unique works that will sell like crazy. No one else
will ever have the same product as you and all it will have taken you
is a few hours.

Creating a web presence for your products. Never mind techo-phobia
- anybody can do this. You will see it all with the help of screen

Getting more of your prospects to buy from you. Get this right and
your profits will double, triple, quadruple, or more. This is THE
reason why most business fail - or at very best, just get by. Master
this and you will become a million dollar publisher.

Should you sell offline as well as online? I'll discuss this in
detail. The answer may surprise you.

Downloadable product vs. physical product, but which is best? I'll
cover the pros and cons of each and show you what I do.

Setting up your automatic process for sales, keeping in touch with
your prospects and customers. These techniques can make the difference
between having a "good" publishing business and a "fantastic"

How to drive insane amounts of traffic to your site. You can have
the best product in the world but if people don't see it, there's not
much point. I'll show you more than 21 ways to get more people to your

Instead of presenting all this information in some massive eBook I'm
making it available to you in week-by-week bite-sized chunks, each
with an assignment. That's a proven way of actually getting results.

And you don't need yet another eBook cluttering up your virtual
shelf. What you need is weekly "here's how to do it" action steps that
FORCE you to take action.

You need for someone to show you how to get started and keep you
taking action so you don't fall into the trap of putting it off.

So when you join "Million Dollar Publisher" you'll receive one 3-5
page weekly lesson for 52 weeks. All in a downloadable PDF format so
that you can print it out.

"Million Dollar Publisher" (MDP) is structured so that you will see
your results building week after week. Here's what's included with



Each lesson will be around 3-5 pages in length (most times more) and
full of content. Each lesson is brought to you in bite-sized chunks so
you will not suffer with "information overload." Each lesson is
digestible. And each lesson will be complete, nothing will be left to
chance you WILL be shown every step of the way.



You will be given an assignment each week to complete. This approach
ensures that you will not miss a single step and each weekly
assignment will build on the previous one.



Each week your project will build and build. You'll discover how to
create a product, from simple beginnings to advanced strategies.
Beginners won't get lost and more experienced marketers won't get
bored. There will be something for everyone each week.



You won't be left high-and-dry with any of the lessons. The 52
weekly lessons with Camtasia screenshots will guide you every step of
the way. Complete all the assignments and you can't help but be
successful. And you will have the results to prove it.



And what make it all worthwhile is that as each week builds so does
your confidence. Soon you will have your first product and then be
ready for market. As you continue to market your product, you will be
preparing for your second product, and then your third. You won't want
to stop once you are on a roll.

Each weekly lesson is designed to be "_to the point_" and

In lesson #1 you'll learn:

Just what are rare and forgotten works and how you can profit from

A 10 step "start-up checklist" that let's you see how simple it is
to start your own publishing business.

A Model to demonstrate the realistic earnings potential of your
publishing empire.

How to ensure that your product will be so unique and different to
anyone elses.

You'll receive lesson #1 as soon as you sign up below. Everything
you need to understand the concept of Public Domain and make a start
is included.

(Note: No stone will be left unturned. Even showing you how to
register a domain, set up web-hosting, using auto-responders, creating
your web presence, and much, much more will be explained in detail
with the use of screenshots).

The format is simple. Lesson #1 will give you a basic overview of
the whole process.

Then, I'll show you in a handful of lessons how to find and create
your own works for publication.

I'll be giving you some real tid-bits of information, a lot of which
you'll not see anywhere else.

And I'll be spending a lot of time on getting people interested in
your product. That is, potential customers. You'll want lots of them
and I'll be showing you how to attract them.

And at the end of the 52 weeks I'll have something really special
for you. By the time this final lesson arrives you'll be in a position
to make more money than you ever thought possible. Can't say too much
about it here....but it will be very much worth waiting for.

I call it a "graduation bonus." But that's not the only bonus that
you will be receiving.

Throughout there will be added bonuses, these will include special
reports, tools, and resources. And I will be sourcing some specialist
works in various niches. I will be making these available for you to
do whatever you want to do with them. Hint: turning them into a
product would be a good idea!

And I will be sending you plenty of these in all kind of niches. As
a very minimum you will receive at least 2 works every every month.
And in a format that will be ready for use.

I bet you're thinking this is going to cost as much, if not more,
than those $1,000+ launches that you see. Well, you're wrong!

You Won't Need A Bank Loan For This!

I've bought a lot of stuff online in the past five years alone.
Ranging from $27 eBooks right up to $1000 product launches. And you
know what?

Each and every one of them were a small jig-saw piece in a king-size

Not one of them, by themselves, fulfilled their promise.

Terrible I know, and more fool me for falling for the hype. don't
get me wrong, there's a lot of good stuff out there, you just got to
be choosy about what you select.

"Million Dollar Publisher" isn't anywhere near close to a 'big
launch' price. And I hope that by now I've convinced you that what I
have been telling you is the truth.

Furthermore, if you want to build your own publishing business then
these 52 weeks of step-by-step lessons are as close as you can get to
someone looking over your shoulder. In baby steps I take you in detail
into everything that you will need to create and market your own

Don't make the mistake of thinking this is just for newbies.

This isn't just for newbies. It is also for all those that have
tried marketing their own product and not been as successful as they
might have wanted.

The lessons on getting traffic to your offers are invaluable. Even
if you have been successful before at creating products, perhaps the
point where you've fallen down has been in the actual selling.
"Million Dollar Publisher" will rectify that for you as well.

Because I suspect a lot of people new to the marketplace will want
this I'm going to make it affordable to all. It will be nowhere near
$1000. It's going to be affordable for every budget.

The price for a subscription to "Million Dollar Publisher" is just
$27 per month. The program is 12 months long, and you can cancel
anytime you choose, if you're not seeing results.

But I know, that if you follow the contents and complete the
assignments, you can't help but see results.

You're probably thinking that $27 is cheap. But that's not a
mis-print. And there is no catch. And if there was one it would be the
limited membership.

"Million Dolar Publisher" Will Be Limited To Just 1,000 Members

The program will be limited to just 1,000 members. When these
initial memberships have gone (and it won't take long) they're gone.

And if you think that is some kind of marketing ploy, you'd be
wrong. Check back at this website and find out!

There will be a red "SOLD OUT" sign in the sign-up box below.

Now, how confident am I that "Million Dollar Publisher" will bring
you results? Clickbank sell our product - they are a trusted online
retailer specializing in digitally delivered products, so if you are
not satisfied at any time, you can get your money back without having
to rely on me actioning any refund. Clickbank will give you an instant

Clickbank Will Return Your Money If You Are Not Delighted In Any Way

"Million Dollar Publisher" is sold through Clickbank, which means
that I have to abide by their rules.

Clickbank offers you a 56 day money back guarantee. That's OK with

Because I know that the contents of this program are first rate and
you will be delighted with the content but even better, with the
results that you attain.

It's nice to know that a refund is available should you be
dissatisfied for any reason - or no reason at all.

So now it's up to you. If you have ever wanted your own home-based
business then this is probably the most affordable, most comprehensive
course you coould get your hands on.

The 1,000 member limit is no marketing trick. If you are number
1,001 you will be placed on a list and have to wait until either
present members complete their 52 lessons or until someone drops out.

Avoid the disappointment by signing up NOW!

YES Peter, please sign me up for "Million Dollar Publisher". I am
eager to receive my first lesson immediately and further lessons every
week for a whole year.

I understand that you will charge me $27 initially, and then
$27/month for 11 months after the first charge.

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(Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

You will receive an email every week with a downloadable PDF as your
weekly lesson.

Legal Information

Privacy [4] | Earnings [5] | Terms [6]



P.S. If you are still undecided about joining, Click Here. [7]

P.P.S. Remember, you will not just receive the lessons each week but
extra bonuses on a regular basis including Public Domain works that
you can actually use for profit. And at the end of the seeries there
will be a special not-to-be-missed "graduation bonus."

P.P.P.S. Membership will be limited to 1,000 - no exceptions. When
they're gone

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Clifford House,
7-9 Clifford Street,


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