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Lifetime Strength



Scientifically Proven Method Used By Over 200,000
Men and Women

You Will
More Muscle
- Gain it

Faster -

By Pete Sisco

In a moment I'll tell you
how I came to know so much
about how a human can get
very strong very quickly.
But first I want you to know
what I mean by "stronger
than you've ever been." I
mean, male or female - any
age - I can show you how to
get stronger than you were
in High School, stronger
than you were in college,
stronger than you were that
summer you spent working in
construction, or on the farm
or whatever!

And I'll guarantee you this,
too. On every exercise
you've ever performed, from
bench press to barbell curls
to lat pulldowns, you name
will achieve new personal
records in all of

And, ladies, please don't be
intimidated by the
foregoing. Lifetime
Strength is every
bit as much for you as it is
for any man, from total
beginner to powerful
athlete. In fact, Chapter 3
is called "Women, Muscle and
Fat Loss" and it
specifically talks about how
women have been lied to on
the subject of strength

name is Pete Sisco and I am
the co-developer of Power
Factor Training and
Static Contraction Training
and the co-author of

six books on rational,
scientific methods of
bodybuilding. It is
estimated over 200,000
people worldwide have
trained using my methods.

These best-selling
bodybuilding books have been
written about in all of the
best fitness and
bodybuilding publications.
Over nearly 15 years

I've conducted studies on
athletes from bodybuilders
to golfers to
determine what exercises and
training methods really work
in the gym. Every step of
the way I’ve applied the
laws of physics and the
analysis of mathematics

to objectively measure what
works best!

I also created a training
website called
MyStrengthCoach.com where
thousands of my customers
have used my training
methods to lift over 1/2 a
billion (yes, billion!)
pounds of weight. It's hard
to imagine how much weight
that is...it's like lifting
over 66,000 GMC Suburbans
loaded with 500,000 people!
Who cares? The point is I
have accumulated a lot of
data over the years and I've
tested every important
hypothesis in order to find
better and better ways to
build strength and transform
your body in the most
efficient way possible: with
shorter workouts spaced
farther apart.

So everything I’m about to show
you is backed up by real
data that proves its
validity. But I think

you’ll see the common sense
of it without going
through all the data and
explanation that is in those
six books I mentioned.
Because it’s really very

Without Having This
Knowledge You’ll Fail in the
Gym…AFTER Wasting Months in
Frustration and Lost
Motivation (does that sound


this strategy is so simple,
because it’s based on

three fundamental laws
of human muscle growth. And
I’ll tell you exactly what
those three laws are:

Law #1:

Muscle grows in response to
high intensity overload.
That’s why we lift weights.
Because just pumping your
arm up and down all day
won’t increase its muscle
size or strength. But if you
hold a heavy weight in your
hand while you pump up and
down, your muscle has to
work at a higher rate of
intensity…and that triggers
new growth.

That’s easy to understand,
right? So if you want to
increase the size, strength
and tone of, for example,
your chest muscles…you’d do
a high intensity chest
exercise. But guess what?
Nobody seems to know what
exercises really deliver
high intensity. Why can I
say that? Because

I actually measured
the intensity of the ten
most popular chest exercises
and I know which ones really
deliver. Look at this


This chart shows the
relative intensity of the
ten most common chest
exercises. Every time I go
in the gym I see guys doing
number 2 “to really blast
the chest.” And number 4 is
probably the most
recommended chest exercise
of all time! What a joke!!
As you can see for yourself,
numbers 2 & 4 deliver only a
fraction of the intensity of
the best chest exercises. So
doing the others is a

waste of your time and
effort because they

can’t possibly
deliver the results of the
top exercises…and this isn’t
my opinion,

it’s a law of physics!

 I also used multiple
test subjects to

scientifically determine the
most effective and efficient
exercises for biceps,
triceps, forearms, upper
back, lower back, shoulders,
traps, abs and legs.

 Knowing the importance
of intensity and the exact
exercises that deliver it
best is the first step in
engineering the ultimate
training program. Now we
need to know the second law:

Law #2:

The higher the intensity of
muscular output, the shorter
the duration must be.
This is another easy
principle to understand. For
example, humans can run
really fast…but only for
about 100 meters. Or, humans
can run for 26+ miles…but
only at a slower speed.
Fine. Now…can you guess how
this law applies to
maximizing the intensity of
muscular output during a
workout in the gym? Since I
absolutely love graphs, I’m
sneaking in another one…


If you want a

very high intensity workout,
it MUST be very short.
But how many times have you
been told to do an enormous
workout routine that takes
1+ hours? How can that
possibly have the level of
intensity of a routine
lasting a total of 1 MINUTE
? It can’t. Again, this is
not opinion…this
is a universal law.

OK, do you see where we’re
going so far? First you need
to know the very best
exercises for delivering the
highest overload to each
muscle group. Then you need
to use those exercises in
the best possible way to
maximize overload and
minimize the time spent
doing it.

And that’s very good news!
It literally means short
workouts are more beneficial
and efficient than long
workouts. Wow! But it gets
even better when you learn
the third law:

Law #3:

The more intense your workouts,
the more rest you need between
workouts. And since the
way you keep progressing toward
your muscle size and strength
goals is to increase intensity
on each workout…that means

you train less and less
frequently. Again, look
at it visually:


With a low intensity
workout, you don’t need very
much rest time. That’s why
so many people can start out
lifting weights two or three
times per week and make some
progress. But as you get
stronger, your workouts get
more and more intense…and

you absolutely, positively
need more time off.
Yet how many times have you
been told to keep training
three days a week? That
strategy must ultimately
fail…it leads to “plateaus”
“staleness” thinking you are
a “hardgainer” and all the
other maladies…including
fatigue and susceptibility
to colds and flu…that
bodybuilders and athletes
fall prey to…because
universal biological laws
cannot be broken. Ever.
(P.S. The truly desperate
turn to injecting illegal drugs as a
means to cheat their body’s
metabolism and safeguards.
Ultimately, that will fail
also. It has to.) 

Why gamble on testing gym
lore and bodybuilding myths?
I’ve just shown you the
1-2-3 of rational, effective
and efficient strength
training. Yet there is so
much “advice” offered in
gyms by people who have
never scientifically tested
any of the advice they give
out. By listening to the
free advice you can become
paralyzed and totally

Theory into Practice 

These aren’t principles I’ve
just worked out “on paper.”
These are principles

proven in the gym by over
200,000 bodybuilders,
athletes and just regular
folks. Take a look at
the results of one of the
studies using Static
Contraction Training.  

In just 10 weeks of Static
Contraction, trainees (who
were hardcore bodybuilders
who had been lifting "heavy"
for a long time and averaged
about 38 years of age)
achieved the following
average gains: (If you are
younger or have been
training less than these
hardcore lifters, you'll
likely do BETTER.)  

a 51.3% increase static

a 27.6% increase in
one-rep max in full
range of motion!
(without doing full
range lifts for 10

a 34.3% increase in
ten-rep max in full
range of motion! (see

gained 9.0 pounds of new
muscle (one subject
gained 29 pounds of

lost 4.9 pounds of fat

gained 1/2 inch on each

gained 1.1 inches on

gained 1.2 inches on

lost 0.4 inches on waist

All of this was done with
workouts containing less


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