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* Over one million impounded autos
* Different makes and models
* Save up to 90% off the book value
* Autos, Trucks, SUV's, Boats, Planes

* Live and Online Auctions



* Over 1.5 million foreclosures

* Listings updated daily

* Homes from $10,000

* Nationwide listings




"I spent countless of hours searching for a bmw 3 series, but I
simply could not afford paying dealer prices. With the help of
GovSeized I found the same car for almost half the price. Truly
amazing, thank you to this site!"

CLIENT: Mark R. (Syracuse, NY)
VEHICLE: 1999 BMW 323 i
BOOK VALUE: $12,500
SAVINGS: $6,600

"I was always skeptical of those government seized car commercials
on TV until I stumbled upon your website. The deals are unreal and
savings are amazing"

CLIENT: Alejandro K. (Scottsdale, AZ)
VEHICLE: 2003 Ford Explorer Sport
BOOK VALUE: $14,995
SAVINGS: $6,045

"thank you GovSeized.org, just picked up my truck yesterday,
drives great! I am attaching a pic of the car"

CLIENT: Greg C. (Irvine, CA)
VEHICLE: 2004 Toyota Tundra Access Cab Limited
BOOK VALUE: $18,995
SAVINGS: $7,695

"with the recent housing market crash I was unable to get
financing for a down payment. GovSeized.org helped me to find a
foreclosed house in the same location for almost 40% off the price.
With this price reduction I will be able to cover the down payment on
my own. Thank you!"

CLIENT: Jessica H. (Portland, ME)
VEHICLE: 4 BR Single Family House
BOOK VALUE: $513,500
SAVINGS: $200,266



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