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"Are you struggling to find just the right name for your baby?"

"You've come to the right place.  We can help you narrow down your choices and pick the perfect name for your baby."

Everyone wants to make sure they pick the perfect name for their child.  The problem is many people choose names that won't help their children in the future.  If you want to be sure you choose a name that will help your child be the best person they can be, and that both you and they are happy about than read more.

The Bad News

Are you stuck trying to figure out the perfect name for your baby or worried that maybe the name you leaning towards won't be the best fit for your child?  Many times parents do not fully think through the right name for their baby.  Just today I heard of lady with the middle name of Bradford and her brother had the middle name of Fay.  Her first name was a combination of her fathers and mothers and came out to Jaquine.  Each was often mistaken for the opposite sex by school administrators growing up.  Many mistakes are more subtle than that. 

The Good News

In less than an hour you can read through the Baby Name Ebook, Watch a couple of short videos, connect with your spouse or partner and pick just perfect name for you soon to be baby.  You won't have to worry about making the mistakes that trip up so many parents and you will have confidence that you have picked a great name that will fit your child. 

My Baby Name E Book Contains

7 ways to make sure that the name you pick for you child won't adversly affect them as they go through life. 
Printable Worksheets to help you pick the perfect name tonight. 
An ingenious way to begin a baby book that won't cost you a dime and that you will never lose and that makes it easy enough for Dad to write in as well. 
A video to show you how to create a free blog for your baby in 5 minutes or less so you can keep the whole family updated. 
A step by step guide to help you think about the all the important pieces to consider when naming your child.

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IN addition to the My Baby Name E Book in PDF Format

Your FREE Bonuses For Acting Now!


 Order My Baby Name E Kit now and you'll get all four of these superb bonuses absolutely FREE....

Marriage Builders 
($19.95 Value)

My wife and I wrote this together.  She has her Master's Degree in counseling and we have together counseled those in marriage and help with pre-marital counseling.  We have seen first hand that told that raising kids can take on your marriage.  This guide will help to ensure that your marriage doesn't just survive the new born years but thrives during them. 

Available as a PDF Download



12 Steps to Hosting a Great Baby Shower ($19.95 Value)

An invaluable resource if you are going to be throwing your own shower or running one for someone else soon.   This will be a guide that you can use many times over to throw greats showers.

Available as a PDF Download

Hospital Checklist 
($9.95 Value)

If it is your first time to the hospital you don't want to be worrying about what to take and what to leave at home.  This checklist takes the guesswork out and will ensure you don't forget anything important. 

Available as a PDF Download


Bringing Your New Baby Home 
($9.95 Value)

Did you realise that even if your baby is less than a year old, there is lots you can do now to ensure that they will succeed when they get to school?  

This superb 73 page ebook, that is yours for free when you order The Baby Sleep Solution,  gives you specific activities and games that you can play with your child that will improve their learning ability, prepare them for success in school ..... and be a lot of fun too!

Available as a PDF Download


New Audio Just added.  I just added a 60 minute loop of Rain in the MP3 format that you can download and play to keep your baby sleeping or help them get to sleep.  Our two oldest kids slept well but they all slept better with some sort of white noise in the background and it would absolutely put our third child to sleep quicker.  Rain seemed to be their favorite.  If it sounds a little different than the rain you are used to I recorded it while we were living in Okinawa, Japan the first time and it rains pretty hard here.  :-)

For a Limited time we are selling My Baby Name E Kit for $9.97.    Hurry before the price increases to $19.97  You can order and have your My Baby Name Kit in 2 minutes even if it is the middle of the night.  

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Clickbank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitially delivered products. 

Your order is backed by 100% no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.  If for any reason you are not satisfied and feel like the My Baby Name E Kit didn't fully meet all of your expectations simply email us back and we will refund your money in full.  You have 8 weeks to use the My Baby Name E kit and if you don't like it and don't feel that the value we provided was 5 times what you paid simply email us and let us know. 

I know that the My Baby Name E Kit will help you in what will be one of the most important decisions you make for your child.  Do not take it lightly but make your experience memorable.  Order the My Baby Name E Kit today. 


Buddy Rathmell

Please contact us at mybabynames@gmail.com if you have any questions.

P.S. Remember, If YOU Want to Pick a name for your new baby today than The My Baby Name E Kit is for you. 

P.P.S. Don

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