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Safely helping babies to sleep



_ Only $19.95!_

Richard Jenkinson, biology graduate and CEO of UK company
Lullaby-Babies, has used his unique expertise to write this
outstanding guide.

Few parents have the time to read through a dozen books and research
reports in order to make informed decisions about how to safely help
their baby sleep more easily. The information is also frequently
contradictory and some of it is potentially dangerous. Consequently,
parents are often left feeling confused and concerned. This short book
is a no-nonsense, straight-forward and objective guide which
summarises the advice of the world’s most respected authors and all
in less than 50 pages! It concentrates on the scientific facts in a
completely non-biased way and dispels the confusion surrounding this
controversial topic.

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_Here is a small, representative selection of some of the
wonderful testimonials we have received. _

"I followed the advice for two weeks and I can honestly say it has
helped no end. My baby is sleeping much better and when he does wake I
am more confident about why and what he needs. Thank you thank you
thank you!"


"Although Molly still wakes during the night, I no longer panic and
I can get her back to sleep much more quickly- my stress levels have
been reduced greatly since reading this."

_AMELIA0623__, UK_

"This book does exactly what it says- I now consider myself very
informed on the subject and Im even giving my friends advice!"

_TIM, US _

"Great book! A good, short, inexpensive summary of sleep info and


"Im delighted with the book. I read it cover to cover in under an
hour and put it down feeling much less confused and panicky!"


"Great book!"




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for manufacturing costs. _

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unlikely event you are unsatisfied with the purchase. To date we have
never been asked for a refund.

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