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How To Approach Seduce And Attract Hot Sexy Women | Learn Techniques To Get Sex Easily

How To Attract, Seduce & Sleep With The Most Beautiful & Successful Sexy Women...




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You Really Think Great Pick Up Lines, Overloading Hairspray, New Cologne & Cheesy Smiles Are Going To Attract Hot Women?!
WRONG! Seducing Women It has NOTHING to do with your looks, your wallet or your age either - Admit it, you don't have a CLUE how to approach or flirt with a beautiful and sexy woman... Like many of us, you get nervous, you don't compete with other males well around, and of course - you have no idea how to stimulate a woman's senses once you do manage to say your first hello... and IT'S OK! Why? Because YOU are about to join the planet's most successful bootcamp for seductive idiots.
We FINALLY Found A Cure For IDS! (Idiot Dating Syndrome)
I use to be the BIGGEST idiot with women, but somehow I always still seemed to attract the hottest! I never really thought of myself as the 'coolest guy' or 'lady magnet', never really mastered flirting either. Never had the biggest muscles, I'm even kinda skinny! My friends would always ask how the hell I got so many women and why it's so easy for me?! To be honest, I had no clue! I tried dissecting myself and handing over advice to friends but it wouldn't work for them...
Then it hit me - what if... I contacted 5 of my HOTTEST X girlfriends from my last 10 years to help me write the dirtiest, sneakiest, most black hat seduction bible about women on the planet?!
What if we dissected both the male and female perspectives on how to seduce/attract/bed beautiful & successful partners, and what separates the idiots from the stallions? Muhahaha! A few checks with my moral meter and I was on the phone trying to organize a weird reunion of sorts...
My X girlfriends all know each other now after this escapade - and I had to go through quite the mess and emotional drama to put this together! So if anything else - THAT'S PROOF right there that I know how to naturally influence the ladies into doing what I want (sorry girls, had to add this after the final edit).
When I started to write this controversial bible, I thought I was doing pretty darn good in my knowledge base of seducing hot women! BUT - when the bombshells started to really break down the woman's secret code into small bits, I COULDN'T believe my ears! I eavesdropped on two of them talking about some of their X's that they knew they shouldn't EVER contact again, but have a hard time NOT thinking about, and are hopelessly attracted to them forever no matter what they do... I heard EVERY DETAIL & REASON, and the terms they used over and over again included dirty and deep topics like:
Incremental Mind Control
Black Hat Seduction
Instinctual influence
Hypnotic conditioning
First Power Impressions
Seducing The Seducer Without Knowing It
Natural Scent Release and Injection
Sneaky intelligence Maneuvers
Emotional Roller Coasters On Purpose
Natural Stimulation Of My Senses
Expression & Enthusiasm W/Communication
Maximizing Eye Contact And Slight Touch
Controlling & Providing Anticipation
Psychological Bumper Cars
The Perfect Pitch Defined
Anxiety Conditioning
Laws Of Attraction
Sensual stallions...
All of this stuff was new to me! I mean, I love psychology and all, but THIS was taking things down to the most TINY mind boggling detail! True understanding of why women respond to certain things that certain men do - in such a strong and irresistible way...
Quickly scrambling to make at least some real time notes of all this dirty stuff I wasn't supposed to be hearing, I got caught pretty quick! Red handed too!! They saw me making notes by the door (my stupid shadow gave me away), and instead of cutting my head off for spying on them for the true goods, they shortly decided they wanted to HELP me from the ground... They said they want to make men TRULY understand what is what in the game of seduction, attraction, anticipation and bedroom teases that lead to the ultimate showdown in no time... They wanted me to clearly understand what men always do to shoot themselves in the foot, or how they put their foot in their mouths and never get considered again - most times men don't even realize what they just did or are doing wrong!
Can you believe it?! I got a backstage pass into the minds of 5 HOT and successful women to entertain a free for all - ask anything tell anything documented session - This is an x -ray zoomed in view of the most hidden parts of a woman's mind, body and senses - that men like you can now discover to drive them wild!
The Most Common Problems:
Stop being alone - You're use to being alone, you don't mind spending time with yourself often... ugh, GET OUT THERE AND BE SEEN!

Get rid of your nerves easily - It's like anything in life, the fact that she makes you nervous is just an instinct that your brain stimulates when excited, it's a GOOD feeling, you just need to learn how to control and use that feeling to your advantage and against hers... don't worry she KNOW'S you are nervous, and the test of how you communicate that is half the battle...

Raise the bar on women you date - Want hot women?! Stop looking for excuses for why your last 4 women ended up being duds in all aspects...

No more fear of rejection - If you are still scared of a woman saying no - you MUST grab a copy of our idiot guide today, you CANNOT be scared to do ANYTHING in life that will make you a better or braver person (legally of course!).

Turn the tables, build your filter - It's OK to say no to women, in fact, you'll notice that if you say no to a woman, you may feel bad for a bit, however you'll feel great later and realize that you are in control, and YOU are the one choosing who to spend your efforts on... Stop letting women run games around you, and learn how to get them lined up for some of your good lovin'.

Get her number in 4 minutes - Approach, engage, entertain, use seductive non -threatening communication, and follow up with phone or email all within 4 minutes! That's all it should take if the situation is right! Don't waste time trying to send signals for too long. You must be direct yet gentle, read her signals really well, and act on them immediately before they fade.

Engage her inner nympho -  Most men don't have a CLUE on how to stimulate a woman's senses or soft spots... this is extremely important or you'll end up in the ‘friends only' zone in no time!

Become socially endowed - Having MANY friends is not that important, knowing how to host or entertain, or be a socially positive guest somewhere with your new hotty is extremely important to your overall mojo... make her know you can work a room with ease as a host or a guest.

Approaches that make her yours instantly - They DO exist, and you'll learn quite a few in this break down of the female mind and how to get in it faster than a Ferrari.
Of course they talked about the obvious stuff too like hygiene, wardrobe, scents, how ‘pretty' is ‘too pretty', that first conversation, etc. this stuff was great too but not as fascinating so I had to act quick to get back to the real sizzle of this topic again... a women's weakness came to mind - good vino...

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