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Remember all of the fun things you did when you were YOUNG? 

I mean the kite making and flying, finger painting, and paper cutting and gluing...  I mean the puppet making, the drawing, the sculptures, garden growing, and “musical” instruments…

Remember the frustration you feel when trying to do crafts with your young children?   I do!  That is how this book was born!  I kept a card file of the “good” projects… and now I’m sharing it with you!
Over 190 craft projects! Over 60 games! Over 100 helpful hints to maintain sanity! Over 40 kid-friendly recipes!
All of the projects in Growing Your Children are well into their second generation in my family. 

Kid Tested!  Mother celebrated!
The projects, games, and recipes are tuned to kids!  Each project can be easily done by your toddler and preschoolers.  But it’s amazing to watch the imagination soar in the older kids!

Save time!  Save money!
The crafts are completed with items you already have handy in the house or can easily find.  No more chasing around for craft items!
It made the heart of this grandmother SOAR to open my holiday gifts this year…  I received four hand-painted dough tree ornaments! (made by a 7 year old)   …AND a hand painted (by a 4 year old!) tote bag!   There are more painting projects in the Painting chapter of Growing Your Children.

You will find chapters on:
Paper Creations Drawing & Colorings Things to Make & Build Puppets Sculpture Paintings Gardens Holidays (Valentine’s, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) Games Travel Games Music Makers School Readiness Outdoor Play Rainy Day Play Recipes for FUN Stuff (modeling clay, silley puddey, sculpture clay, bubbles, finger paint, play dough) Recipes for GOOD Stuff (both no-cook eatables and cooked eatables)
Don’t worry about the MESS!
There is a whole chapter of ideas to get the kids to help make the messes go away!

There is also a chapter of ideas to help make your life with children easier!  Here’s one of them!
• Hang one of those see-through-pocket shoe organizers on the back of a child’s bedroom door as a catchall. 
This gets all the small things up off the floor!  Put another one on the back of the bathroom door to hold all the bathroom clutter!


That’s less than the cost of one project from a craft store!
Ignite those young creative minds!

Order NOW for immediate Download!

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“They should call this book THE GUIDE TO PARENTAL SANITY!”
Elizabeth Dolberg


“If you are a preschool teacher, you NEED THIS BOOK!”
Kristy Clausen


“Your book takes materials I have at home, or can easily find, and turns our time into fun and learning. 
Thank you.”
Amanda Watkins


“My second grader forgot to mention his science project.  I turned to Growing Your Children… it saved the day!  And my son got an “A”!  Thank you for providing such a thorough guide.”
Tony Dolberg

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