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The Fitness Program Navy SEALs Instructors Have Championed As "Better Than Any Philosophy I've Heard.".... An Approach West Point Grads "Hope Is Incorporated Into The Army In Our Lifetime."...

The Prescription Plan That Marine Corps Infantrymen "Plan To Implement As A Real-Life Training Regimen In My Unit."


Get Invincible Fitness Basic Training and discover how you too can achieve Fitness and Performance the likes of which you've never seen using only Sandbags, Kettlebells and your own Bodsy!


Dear Armed Forces Personnel,

You are an athlete! In every sense of the word this is true. You work hard, you play hard, and you train to do both.

You and I know there are some key differences between you and the typical athlete, though:
You don't know the exact game you will be playing

You don't know the location, nor the weather, nor the date or time you will be playing until you're almost in the game itself

You don't know how many opponents you will be facing

You don't know the rules, and when you do, you know that they can change in less time than it takes a heart to beat, or a weapon to fire

Not only is your life on the line when you go to “play”, but the lives of everyone around you and the country you're coming home to.

You are a combat athlete.

"If anyone would like an AMAZINGLY AWESOME trainer, then this guy is your man.

Eric helped me with a LOT of different workouts, and has a vast amount of knowledge to share. He is no joke, Eric is the real deal.

No matter what your fitness goals, he can MORE than help you achieve them. At LEAST e-mail him to see what he can do for you.

I know a good deal about fitness and nutrition, but Eric helped me learn and understand the how and why to do certain things. He has a vast amount of knowledge that will benefit anyone from beginner to expert.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a great "beach body", you want to lose a few inches, or you just want a hardcore beating that will whip you into combat shape.

Eric has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your fitness goals.

I would HIGHLY recommend him for all of your fitness and nutritional needs."

Specialist Gavin O'Brien,
United States Army National Guard 19th Special Forces Group

"I skimmed through the [Invincible Fitness Basic Training] book and so did a SEAL Instructor friend who's teaching at BUD/S right now and prefers to be unnamed.

He said that he likes your style better than any other philosophy that he's heard."

Lieutenant Brandon Mitchell,
United States Navy

Don't take my word for it, though. Just think about it for a second, could servicemen actually need a program that is Intense, Varied,

Functional, and Fun, that also utilizes minimal space and equipment?

“Marines, as combat athletes, need a comprehensive fitness program that will develop the physical skills necessary for combat; including core strength, endurance, speed, and coordination.

The Marine athlete should be prepared for the physical challenges of
combat with a program that develops both GPP and Specific Physical Preparedness—a program that integrates strength training based on functional, compound movements with multi-disciplinary speed, agility, and endurance training.

The program should be intense and infinitely varied. The program must also be interesting—we want Marines to stick with it.”

from “A Concept For Functional Fitness”
Lieutenant General James Amos,

Deputy Commandant for Combat Development and Integration,
United States Marine Corps

For all of this, you need a fitness program that is brutally effective, that uses minimal equipment, and simply works.

For three years I trained hundreds of military officer candidates, and worked with young officers and non-commissioned officers, at Texas A&M University. Throughout my time there I discovered a startling fact:

The vast majority of military fitness training is wholly inadequate to make soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines true athletes!

Does this sound familiar at all? Wake up, stretch, pushups, situps, pullups, flutter kicks, run run run, rinse, repeat 3-5 days a week. If it does, then you need to read the rest of this letter!

Does your current fitness program address all 10 of these fitness skills?












If it does, excellent! You have a chance to survive so keep doing that! If not...

Not being at the top of your game with all 10 of these skills at all times could very well cost you your life!

Before we go any further, though, you must be asking yourself: "Who Is This Eric Guy And Why Should I Listen To Him?"

I'm just an average fitness professional who saw a problem and decided to create a solution.  

“Eric's passion is fitness. He's the most knowledgeable and dedicated person I have ever met on the subject.

Fitness is a science that incorporates nutrition, biology, physics, mechanics, and psychology. Eric's knowledge base and understanding of the subject completely blew me away the first time I sat down and talked to him.

Bodybuilding, endurance training, strength training, and everything else all have different goals that are accomplished through completely different types of training requiring their own specific nutrition, and are further complicated by each individuals body.

One thing I understand for sure is that I get results because of his program.”

Phillip Keller, member of the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets and Air Force ROTC Detachment 809

...for developing some actual athletic ability, he's solid.

"Eric Cimrhanzel's training techniques focus on developing practical fitness. He was enormously helpful in adapting my workouts and lifestyle to prepare for demanding outdoors training activity and to increase my weightlifting abilities.

His approach to fitness is holistic, covering actual development through structured workouts, healthy eating, stretching, and recovery.

If all you desire is big biceps to slather some tan-in-acan on, he's not your man. But for developing some actual athletic ability, he's solid."

2nd Lieutenant Forrest Phillips, United States Marine Corps

What if you could use a program that did all of that, was inexpensive to set up, and helped develop fitness skills that would last you a lifetime?

When I first discovered this, that this problem was only local. That it was only at Texas A&M University with the local ROTC units and enlisted recruiting stations there.

Then I found out something that chilled me to the bone:

The vast majority of military personnel I talked to around the country were still training using super high rep calisthenics, long-slow distance running, and bodybuilding routines!

It sure makes sense, doesn't it? Now, with nothing but a kettlebell, a sandbag, and your own body, you too can forge a warrior's body that would make the Spartans of old envious!

Enter Invincible Fitness.

Invincible Fitness accepts no excuses to getting you in the best shape of your life.

"Eric Cimrhanzel has put together a brilliantly effective, brutally difficult, and simple to follow system that will take your fitness from average to unstoppable.

Soldiers lives depend on their fitness, and the Invincible Fitness training system has been developed with the goal of producing an unbeatable conditioning for the real-life heroes of our military.

Training like a bodybuilder will only make you a bigger target. Training with Invincible Fitness will make you a finely conditioned fighting machine, ready for anything from your PFT to actual combat."

David Whitley, world renowned Senior Russian
Kettlebell Challenge Instructor


You're going to discover skill-based fitness that allows you to forge the most powerful part of your body: Your mind.

Inside you'll learn:
The Tension Pushup – Learn to generate strength instantly to boost your next Physical Fitness Test scores!

The Squat - Learn why Squats are absolutely essential to any and every fitness program, and why if you're missing this one thing, it can spell doom for your knees!

Pullup – Discover the full depth and height you need to get to in your Pullups to finally get to that gold standard of 20 Pullups in one set!

THandstands – Here's why hanging upside down can be one of the best things for your training!

Swing – Fluid strength and power, conditioning that doesn't stop, and a super-resilient back are all yours for the taking by practicing this one drill!

Get Up – The one movement that can save your shoulder's life, and keep it coming back for more!

1-Legged Healthlift – Excellent for keeping your balance and staying on your feet no matter what goes on around you!

Carries and Holds – The long-lost art of moving with weight isn't long or lost anymore!

And more! These are barely half of the Basic Training skills, and all are essential if you EVER want to learn more Advanced skills like:
The One-Legged Squat
The One-Armed Pushup The Snatch The Clean&Jerk

and other skills that will serve you and your fitness goals for a lifetime.

What else can Invincible Fitness - Basic Training do for you?

It will help you blow-torch off excess body fat so quickly that you can eat more than you normally do and still look better than ever.

You will pack and chisel functional muscle onto your arms, legs, chest, and back that you've never had before.

You can train anywhere, anytime, with minimal equipment. You don't need more than a few square feet of carpet, grass, or pavement and you're all set. This is “no excuses” fitness at its finest.

You'll get outstanding workouts done in as few as 10 minutes. If you think that 10 minutes is too short a time, you obviously have not done these workouts yet!

You'll have supercharged endurance, long lasting stamina, greatly increased strength, remarkable flexibility, enhanced speed, explosive power, improved agility, solid balance, beautiful coordination, and incredible accuracy, all from just a few workouts!

"Eric, it's a damn good program. It's all simple, effective stuff. Somehow it seems that people have forgotten that basic, effective, hard stuff is what actually works...

I've been corresponding with a couple of young guys looking to go into either SWCC or BUD/S and I'll start including a reference to your site."

Special Warfare Boat Operator Second Class Craig Weller,
United States Navy


Basic Training introduces you to the 4-Phase Model of Invincible Fitness:

Focus - Where new skills are learned and old skills are refined

Conditioning - Circuits of bodyweight, kettlebell, and sandbag drills designed to push you to your limits

Tempering - A Focus session immediately followed by a Conditioning session. The most effective protocol for overall fitness gains.

Breakdown - A Conditioning session immediately followed by a Focus session. Not for the faint of heart. These workouts are strictly for mental toughness.

When you're through, you won't just have conditioning that will never quit, you'll also be able to move heavy loads safely and strongly even after your heart rate and breathing skyrocket! Moving fluidly from one phase to the next allows you to dramatically increase your fitness levels while never leaving you stagnant.

So what all does this Basic Training package include?

Just another difference between The Invincible Fitness program and everyother military fitness book that you will find in your local bookstores is that we reward you for making the decision to use our program.

Yes, you heard it right. If you decide today to pick up your copy of Invincible Fitness I am going to throw in a few extra things. It's my way of saying thank you!

Not only will you get the incredible Invincible Fitness Basic Training book, jam-packed with 118 pages of no-fluff information on how to skyrocket your fitness immediately!

But I want to reward you with the following bonuses for taking action today and getting your copy of Invincible Fitness.

BONUS 1: The 4-Week Spartan Guide - Two pieces of equipment, five exercises, and the will to succeed. You'll come out of the other side of this prepared for whatever life throws at you! - Value $99

BONUS 2: The 8-Week Graduation Program - In just 8 short weeks prepare both your mind and body to learn the most powerful movements the human body can perform. This is the foundation, where you lay the groundwork. Go through the Focus, Conditioning, Tempering, and Breakdown phases one after the other, and come out in better shape than you ever have before! - Value $198

BONUS 3: The Invincible Fitness Basic Training Cheat Sheet! How many times have you read a book, only to come back to it later not able to find that key piece of information you're looking for? How frustrating is that? With this one page cheat sheet, you'll take in a glance everything that you learned in the entire program! - Value $Priceless!

"There are few strength coaches that I would recommend to anyone anywhere, without reservation: Pavel Tsatouline, Steve Maxwell, and Eric Cimrhanzel.

Eric is intelligent, innovative, and his training philosophy is brutally effective.

Eric is the ultimate “black box” trainer; he is a specialist in WHAT WORKS. Spend some time training with Eric, it could completely transform the way you look at fitness forever.

For those that don't know, Eric is an awesome coach, and one hell of an athlete in a CrossFit / Olympic Weightlifting / Gymnastics / Kettlebells all-at-the-sametime kind of way.

He's the kind of guy anyone would be proud to work with."

Josh Hillis,
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer,
Russian Kettlebell

Challenge Certified Instructor and Combat Applications Specialist,
CrossFit Level II Trainer, Author of The Stubborn Seven Pounds


So what can you do about this right now?

Okay, so now the moment of truth.

The only real question to ask yourself is this:

Are You Willing To Commit Yourself, Wholeheartedly, To Allowing Invincible Fitness To Take You To Fitness Levels That Not Even 'American Gladiators' Could Imagine?

Yes or No
If you’ve honestly answered "yes", then please consider this a binding contract with yourself right now. This could be the decision that changes your life. We promise to do our part, if you’ll do yours.
In fact, I am so very confident in Invincible Fitness – I'm willing to give you one of the most daring guarantees you’ll see in print.

[You WILL try out Invincible Fitness - Basic Training ](http://1.cimrhanzel.pay.clickbank.net)


I know what you are thinking...

"FOR FREE? Eric c'mon in all honesty if you're giving your proven system away for free, then how the hell will you get paid to do what you love to do?"

Let me be absolutley clear here...

I am geniune and care only about GETTING YOU RESULTS!

So that is why I want to let you...

Try Invincible Fitness - Basic Training For 8 Full Weeks With A No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Yes, I know. I'm crazy. I want you to "Test drive" the Invincible Fitness program and workouts for the next 8 weeks with absolutely no risk so you can see for yourself how strong, powerful, and fit you can truly be! You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

You will not only be satisfied, I guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with the program, or you can simply email me and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

Look. I know how hard it is to find tried and true fitness information in this field. There's so much garbage out there that it's hard to sift through what actually works and what's just a bunch of smoke and hype.

That's exactly why I created a program based on techniques that top warriors around the world were already using and tested it in the real world on myself and on my private training pool before even thinking about releasing it to you. That's also why I'm offering it to you with such a generous no risk guarantee.

Invincible Fitness has worked for hundreds of others already and it will work for you, too, as long as you bring the drive to succeed. It's really that simple. All you have to do is click on the link below to order and I promise you are going to be blown away with how well you perform in your workouts and in the real world in a very short period of time.



In all that you do, be relentless, be unstoppable...
Be invincible!

Eric Cimrhanzel
Founder, Invincible Fitness Training

"Hey Eric, I was in the 10-week [United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School program; we just graduated and commissioned this last Friday (Aug 10.)

Your plan worked great; although we were definitely all worn down by the end. Our company was the guinea pigs for a variety of Functional Fitness exercise sessions run by the Royal Marine PTI...

These sessions took the place of many of the runs, and we only ran a timed 4-mile once (the rest were fartleks or 3-milers.) Peak fitness was at about Week 5, got a 293 on that PFT (19:14 run)-from there, it was just a matter of making it through.

Your instructions to work with the sandbag were a great help; I was selected for the 10- man team to carry the log for our company on the Field Day.

I wouldn't suggest any changes to your program... [just make] sure that everyone runs in boots plenty (after Week 5, we were in gofasters exactly twice, and one of those was for the final PFT.)

Thanks for all of your advice, and keep up the training."

2nd Lieutenant Peter Geres, United States Marine Corps

P.S. Remember, just reading this letter isn't going to get you in the best shape of your life. The world loves speed of implementation, and you have to take action. Hundreds of people have already used my methods to build size, strength, and catapult their fitness to new heights.

Don't pass up your opportunity. Chances are that if you decide to wait, even for one more day, you will never take action.The one similar characteristic of all successful warriors is the ability to make quick decisions and stick by them. This is your chance to change your life for the better, don't let it slip away.

P.P.S. The unbelievably low price of $29 is truly a limited time offer and is the absolute lowest that this package will ever be sold for. If you leave now and think you will come back in a few days to place your order it may be too late.

P.P.P.S. Don't forget about the impenetrable, 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply send me and email and I will refund your money.

There is no risk on your part whatsoever. So what are you waiting for?

[Take action now and change your life today! ](http://1.cimrhanzel.pay.clickbank.net)



Invincible Fitness
807 Natalie Street B-1
Bryan, Texas 77801

Important Note: Invincible Fitness - Basic Training is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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