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Does it always seem like others find all the profitable markets...while you're stuck slaving away looking for a good opportunity?  If so ...
"Discover Practical Methods Of Finding Markets That Virtually Guarantee You An Income From Day One"

Introducing The Virtually Foolproof Method
of Choosing Slam Dunk Markets for Beginners

-- by Terry Dean

I've been a full-time Internet business owner since 1996. In that time I've created businesses, sold businesses, and even completely retired for almost 2 years...at an age of only 30 years old.
In that time, I've also coached thousands of Internet entrepreneurs in creating their own online success stories. A key element to anyone's success is choosing a hungry market desperate to spend money.

I have a knack for picking the right markets, but until now I didn't have a proven and clear roadmap to simply hand someone to guarantee they'd pick the right market for them. That has changed since I've been working with...

A Market Research Genius Who Has Entered
17 Radically Different Markets Successfully

He quietly enters a market...peeks inside the heads of customers and competitors...and builds an irresistible marketing machine.

And he does it over and over again in different markets...while everyone else stands around wondering what in the world is going on.

The market is changing from the inside out...and he is the one controlling it like a puppet on a string.

He is one of my coaching clients...and I cornered him to lay bare all his secrets on coming up with these wide open markets just waiting to be tapped for hidden gold.

He agreed...and shared everything for 90 no-holds barred minutes...including how to come up with ideas in the first place, whether the market is viable for you personally, and most importantly...

How to Know Before You Even Enter
the Market Just How Much Money
Is Ready to Be Sucked Out of It

That's right. You might not be able to determine the exact amount of money you'll earn in the market, but you will receive the same simple mathematical equation he uses before he decides if the market is worth his valuable time.

The equation is simply the SR (CV x ACC) = Marketplace Value

What? You don't understand the equation? That's OK. You just need a few little blanks filled in for you...which you will have in your hands within seconds by taking action below.

Not only will you apply this number to every possible business, but you'll be taken on a journey inside the mind of a 'marketing maverick' who does things his own way.

Here's What You Will Discover

7 Ways to Find products that are ALREADY selling in the marketplace...know before you start if there is money there.

Exactly where to look for FREE to find out just how much online interest is in that subject.

Whether to choose a tiny little niche or a mass market product (Here's a little hint: Contrary to what many marketing gurus may tell you, he is currently involved in both!).

A simple method of finding mass market best selling items just waiting to be shared with the online world.

How to become a marketing mind reader where you know in detail what your prospects want to buy even before they do.

How to launch a product profitably from day one, because you have the heartbeat of the entire market.

The exact numbers to look for to determine a profitable market for YOU (Yes, that's right - what you want may not be right for me).

How to Not get faked out by the competition - Like any good poker player, they might not be showing you their whole hand.

As I'm sure you've noticed, this audio and transcript is packed with information to help you choose the right market today. If that's not worth the price of a value meal at your local restaurant, then I don't know what is.

So... What Does It Cost?

As you know, choosing a slam dunk market can be worth millions. One online marketer makes a fortune while another struggles just to pay the rent...even though they're using the exact same types of advertising. The difference is the market...and how they approach it.

How much is this 65 minute recording and transcript worth to you when it can easily determine the rest of your business career?

Before you answer...my goal isn't to make a large profit from this report. It's to help as many as possible get started in their own niche. Once you see just how packed with value this audio and transcript special report are, you'll be chomping at the bit to find out just how much I reveal in my other products. 

So I'm going to let you have it at a steal...

You Can Order the 65 Minute Audio Recording Plus
Full Transcript and Step-By-Step System for ONLY $37

You will be taken directly to the download page the moment you order. The audio is in mp3 format playable on your computer or any mp3 player such as an iPod. The transcript is in PDF format and is easily printable for your convenience.

Your order is processed by ClickBank ...so you know it's secure. My site never even has contact with your credit card information. That's all handled by ClickBank.

If it isn't the breakthrough you need for your Internet business, simply request a refund. No hassles. No problems. And you get to keep all the materials for your trouble!

All You Have to Do Is Say "Just Maybe..."

Just maybe this is the solution you've been waiting for. I don't know for sure, because I don't know you. That's why I'm providing you with a full money back guarantee for the next 56 days. That's right. The product is only $37...and even then it has absolutely no risk.

For $37, about the price of dinner for two at a low cost restaurant, you can have in your hands the same system used to choose 17 separate profitable markets.

Put this "roadmap to profitable markets" to the test. Try it out. Click the link below to order. You have nothing to lose...and everything to gain. []

"Yes, I Want The Virtually Foolproof
Method of Choosing Slam Dunk Markets!"

I agree to the [Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement](http://www.howtochooseyourmarket.com/MakeMoneyDisclaimerPSYBIZ.htm)

God Bless,

Terry Dean

P.S. My client has successfully entered and profited from 17 radically different markets using this proven and practical roadmap. Now he shares with you all the secrets he's kept under wraps for the past 2 years...for a mere fraction of what it will be worth to you from today forward.

P.P.S. If you're wondering just who this "marketing genius" is, Shhh...it's a secret. You can find out within moments...by meeting me inside. If you're wondering who I am, take a look below...

Who Is Terry Dean?

Terry Dean went from earning $8 an hour as a pizza delivery driver to earning a high six figure online income without any employees. He went full-time online way back in 1996...before many people had even heard of the Internet.

He earned enough to sell his primary business and and retire from online marketing in 2004. His Netbreakthroughs membership site was like a "Who's Who" of Internet Marketing Experts and Gurus.

He is the author of these two well known books...  "Internet Integrity" and "Financial Freedom"

What They're Saying About Terry Dean

"Terry Dean has taught me a tremendous amount over the three years I've known him. I swear every time I talk to Terry he comes up with a multi-thousand dollar idea for me!"
Mark Wittkowski

"I quit my job within just a few short weeks of getting your course and now I work from my home, earning a very nice living online. I bet you're not surprised. All those years I spent dabbling and experimenting...I knew there was a way to earn a substantial income doing something that I love, and you showed me how to do it. And so, even though you may not know me all that well, there are thousands of customers all around the world who do."
Jimmy Brown

"Now I sell my own products and consult with other companies looking to cash in on the billions of dollars floating across the Internet. Just one of my clients went from zero sales on the Internet to over $250,000 a month in revenue and we're looking to do over $400,000 a month in a very short period of time. That's a 400,000% increase in a little over a year! Thanks Terry for all your help and for providing such a simple yet proven approach to making money on the Internet."
Eric Stewart

"What am I really going to learn from him that I haven't already heard about from gurus like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, ; and Yanik Silver?" The answer is: a lot of stuff. One strategy alone made me over $10,000 within the first three months I used it."
Bill Harrison BookMarketingUpdate

"Terry - your information has blown my mind - and I'm as skeptical as they come. I don't have any choice but to follow your advice in the future, because your advice has brought in over $30,000 in cold, hard cash to me in the last two months. THANK YOU!"
Bryan Ellis

"I have purchased quite a few of your courses---they really are the best available on the Net, and believe me, I know. Following your instructions, my son wrote a digital book and started selling it on his web site. He has made more than $14,000 in four months. The orders keep rolling in, day and night. Not bad for his very first effort ... and he is 17 years old!"
Hakim Chishti

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