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"Your Own Backyard Garden Is The Best Way To Save Money and Save Your Health In The 21st Century"

7 Big Reasons Why Every Family Must Have Their Own Backyard Organic Garden...

Save Money in an age of skyrocketing food prices

Improve your health and energy as the quality of food continues to plummet and Australia imports more and more from overseas

Eliminate disease creating chemicals that big companies spray through your family's food

DECREASE STRESS in your life by less supermarket trips and getting outdoors enjoying your harvest

Enjoy better tasting gourmet food on a daily basis

Enjoy a "meal on demand" as I do. You will have the security of knowing you can create a meal even if the fridge is empty. You will not miss the stress of endless supermarket trips!

Feel safer among the modern day scare of Genetic Engineered and Modified food  
Written By Adam Rees
20 Keats Ave, Bateau Bay       NSW, Australia
Dear Organic Gardener,

Are you fortunate enough to have an organic shopping mall in your backyard that supplies you with perfectly nutritious produce and gourmet herbs?

When was the last time you were able to enjoy the full flavour of yellow pear tomatoes with vibrant Greek Basil at your back door-step ready to be thrown fresh, strait into a salad?

Organic Gardening now days is more about convenience and  enjoying superior produce. You do not have to relocate to the hills as some people think or have it consume your lifestyle .

What about an organic garden that is planned so it look's after itself and supplies you, year after year, with fruit and vegetables as nature intended. A beautiful yet simple garden that will also save you lots of money day in-day out.

Not too long ago I thought a garden like this was impossible for me...

No matter what you currently believe, you can have all this at home...

Even if you have little space, your a beginner or have only a little money to start. I will even go as far to say that you can set all this up and keep it going with zero money, zip, nothing ... ever...... AND save yourself $100 in food bills every week. Interested ? Then please read on. Or I can show you how to make a great start at it in a 6 part email series that contains A LOT of my payed for material.

Be Shown Exact Steps To Be Growing Organically For Free In My Quality 6 Part Email Series-This Alone Will Get You Fantastic Results
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My name is Adam Rees and ever since I left high school in 1996, I have been in the health care industry. Right now I am going to explain to you the biggest secret I have come across during my 10 years of health and lifestyle research. 

Basically, Organic Gardening at home really pays off big throughout your life...

It started at Southern Cross University in the country town of Lismore, northern NSW. Commencing the naturopathy degree offered there, I shared a house with 2 colourful girls who had a veggie patch out near the back fence...

During the first year chemistry and Anatomy lectures, 70% of the "future health care professionals" smoked before proceeding to the uni bar to drink after a hard day of learning. 

Returning home, the flatmates, who survived on no income, had a childlike energy. One of them who ran the garden was always talking about this thing called "permaculture". In those days I pretended to know what she ways talking about! 

I loved what they did with that garden and how they had such a fun time doing it all. I wanted to do that also! But I had never gardened at all, it seemed so hard and I had no idea where to even start.

Getting less interested in my Chemistry lectures, I started to ask questions and help out and get really interested. Still I was thinking, when its time to move out, I will need a farm or own a big block of land to do all this and I certainly didn't have that!

Still, I read and watched everything I could on Growing Organically, Permaculture and Self Sufficiency. Even then I was convinced it was essential to vibrant health and energy.

I Soon Discovered The Solution Was To Work With Nature And Set Up The Perfect Environment So Plants Flourish Unattended

Then a choice I made 1 day changed my life...

I found out about a Lady who created a garden that was self sustaining and provided her family with everything they needed and more. And even as we were moving into drought, her garden could survive with minimal input from her...! 

This lady is well known in NSW and opens her garden for the ABC open garden scheme...

5 hours on the train then 2 hours by car and I was there in her open garden. And it was like a modern day garden of Eden. Every kind of fruit and vegetable just growing as nature intended...Simply Amazing!

She explained her radically different methods to the attendees and gave me some ideas to start with. Ever since that day, I have been gardening organic successfully and never been happier! She seemed to pull off the impossible:-

Perennial Veggie patch

250+ varieties of Fruit Trees

Exotic herbs and vegetables - no problem

Stunning to look at, yet naturally designed and

AMAZING use of space and resources that matched her climate

Now I saw that someone could actually pull all this off - I was inspired. I gardened everyday and modelled what I had learnt. While I didn't become a master overnight, I started to get some impressive results and began to share my learning's with others.

I also realised you do not need a green thumb, horticultural degree or special training to do this home. Its just simple organic principles that you re-create and refine for your local climate.

Why didn't normal gardening books and shows teach these things to us ?

Even as Organics is becoming more popular, these age old methods are not being used and taught to people.

I put all my knowledge together -past and present- focusing on everything that worked and was most practical. Everything that got results... I had found a 10 step simple process to organic gardening - setting it up for nature do its thing and reaping the rewards...

Here is an outline of the 10 steps I have devised so anyone can start...

Create soil into black gold from what you already use around the house.

Obtain quality non-hybrid seed and plan right for your local area.

Set up micro climates that help all plants grow together.

Set up borders and lay  covers around your plants for nutrients and water wise gardening

Keep pests at bay with clever natural organic methods.

Plant thickly and be harvesting earlier.

Find out the most important animals on earth and what role they play in your garden.

How to maintain a continual supply throughout the seasons.

Create a magic garden bed that re-grows itself every season.

Collect and keep the seeds so your ready to start next season.


Practicing the secrets of some of Australia's most practical organic and permaculture gardeners. You will massively improve your results to amaze your family and friends

Be able to grow more than you thought possible in less space than you ever thought possible

Create your patch in 2 hours and under $2 to start or even NO MONEY to start! Then be harvesting things in 2 weeks

Learn about and identify the vast species of veggies and herbs you can grow that you just were not aware of

Learn how to set up a garden that RUNS ITSELF - once set up it can take only 1 hour a week to maintain

Choose the right seed varieties that are strong, vibrant and disease resistant. Get this part wrong and you set up future frustrations

Be supplying up to 30 different kinds of vegetables and as many herbs and fruit as you like

Be able to take a few bales of straw, some home made compost and a few seeds and convert this to bundles of fresh vegetables

Make new friends and take new adventures as you learn more and help and show others your new skills

Easily making your own organic fertilizers and pest control method's  
Since meeting this lady I have been hooked on organic gardening and have now grown many gardens using my system in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. I have progressed from mum's backyard to rented houses, city balconies and now to a small property in Queensland, Australia.

I grow salad vegetables, hundreds of herbs, broccoli, potatoes, beans, corn, chilli, capsicum, tomato (too many varieties to list), beetroot, peas, onions, amaranth, lettuce, bananas, apples, pears, grapes, oranges, gourmet spinach and any thing else you could want to eat. 

I visit the supermarket once or twice a year to get any basics I need. I really am not a fan of supermarkets at all and I would never pay high prices for there tasteless, chemical ridden fruit and vegetables.

I grow produce year round for myself with only 1 hour per week input for most of the year. No, that was not a miss print, 1 HOUR PER WEEK.

Its Not Just Celebrity Chefs-Many People Are Gardening This way At Home Already. You Can Too !

Plants just grow for me now and its never a struggle-just a pleasure! Gardening this way is a stress reliever-its not a backbreaking struggle!

All this is available to you as I have put everything I have learnt and applied into an informative report. The information focuses on what works best and what will get you fantastic results with little time and money outlay...


Organic Gardening - practical organic gardening principles to start harvesting in just 2 weeks. Have a look at what has been included in here...


The secrets to successfully growing an organic vegetable garden from scratch

How to set up a garden that runs itself and provides your food with minimal time and effort from you

Choosing the right seed varieties which are strong and resist disease

What to do with the surplus produce you will have on hand

How you can save up to $100 PER WEEK from your food bill

How to grow more than you thought possible in less space you ever though possible

Never accept tasteless and lifeless food that is grown for supermarket appearance and shelf life

How to control pests organically using no chemicals in your garden or home. These formulas are all easy to make and use at home

The secrets to companion planting to increase yields and improve garden health

Tips to attract more disease killing insects in your backyard

50+ ways to improve your soil the organic way

How to plan right, how to plant more fruit trees and how things can grow together

Find out how many varieties are available and how beneficial it is to develop your local knowledge and different plants can actually be used for

Start your "seed bank" and realize saving seeds for the future is not that hard. These methods will be revealed to you

Not only save money, but discover ways to actually make money with your garden. I share my best ideas on this

Watch your kids willingly eat more fruit and vegetables than you could ever force them to eat. They will also enjoy growing it with you!

This Organic Gardening Site Has Been Helping Create Successful Organic Gardens Since Sept 1996. Hundreds Of People Have Been Enjoying The Benefits Already...

"Now I Am Excited!"

I have downloaded and printed off your books yesterday. I have now read through them and am really looking forward to improving my garden. Your books are definitely going to help a bunch! 

My wife and I believe organics is the way to go, but one of the hindrances to us going completely organic is that we just can't afford it....until now. I am excited about the possibility of growing ALL of our produce instead of buying it. With the tools and information that you give in your book, I now believe we will be where we want to be soon. Thanks!"

Jonathan Pickett

[jpickett@chb                   ](mailto:jpickett@chb)
Actual Customer Letter #2
Hi Adam,

Thanks so much for your unbelievable  e-book package. Right now I have broad beans, lettuces and the best little yellow pear tomatoes growing very well and that is only the start!  The results have been fantastic so far and make me want to grow everything. I'm starting to plan and establish my second area where I can do that. And all this from someone who has not been able to grow a thing all there life. Buying your book was one of the best things I ever did! 

Thank you so much.

Craig Warren

Dalesford, Australia

Start Reading About How To Start Your Organic Herb and Veggie Garden In Less Than 5 Minutes

I want to get as many people into growing organically as possible. I see it as my way of making a positive difference to you and the planet we live. So I only want to give you an amazing deal.

You can now pick up Organic Gardening for a very fair price and please let me know if you do not believe this is the fairest deal you have found for such material...

You can pick up "Organic Gardening" today for under $17 and start reading the PDF file in less than 5 minutes...


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This is how you keep your plants reproducing and keep a FREE garden, or perhaps even MAKE money from your seed bank. A very informative little book and a MUST READ! A lot of gardeners don't know these secrets. You will gain a life long skill that ties today's garden with tomorrow's. Value of $19.95 - You get it for FREE! 

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         Free Bonus #6

I love juicing and these are all of my best and most used recipes. Not just juicing. There are NEW ways to use your juicer to make healthy and tasty foods. Think sorbet, fresh pasta and yum muffins!  You will have so much produce this is how you will use it. THIS E-BOOK IS THE FASTEST WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH. You will have your juicer out of storage and on the fast track to inner health. And inner health means more energy and brighter clearer skin. Value of $39.95 - You get it for FREE! 



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You get over $200 worth of materials

You get 7 e-books that will change the way you garden and take care or your family

You get sound principles and PRACTICAL ideas that get you started quicker and easier than ever

You get to be passionate about growing organically and living like you have always wanted to

You will be harvesting within 2 weeks of when you start

You get updates and additions free of charge, forever! As long as you buy today. I keep up emails with news, tips, events and stuff to help you.

You get it for the current price of $16.97 while this price lasts.

If you are still not convinced this is the best value you have found, I will guarantee it ...

Adam Rees
Author of Organic Gardening 


8 Week Risk-Free Trial Period

If you order ORGANIC GARDENING today you have a 8 weeks to  find out how amazing this entire package is. If you don't believe that you are on your way to every result that I have spoken about and your life is no better for it, your money will be refunded and you get to keep the bonuses. Ill take on that risk because I believe this product is the real deal and better than anything else out there...

Yours Sincerely,

Adam Rees
Author of "Organic Gardening"


Don't just buy any gardening book and hope for the best. Buy one where the author guarantee's results and has the knowledge from LIVING what he teaches. If you like, I will even keep you updated on major events and happening on the organic gardening in Australia.

I am a member of the slow food movement,

have studied horticulture and permaculture at training colleges.

Spent 6 months working on organic farms as well as WWOOF (willing workers on organic farms).

Continue to learn more and WWOOF with others to share and gain idea's on organic and bio-dynamic growing

I am a member of Australian gardening clubs and the seed savers network and have eventually developed my own kind of organic gardening that works!


Such upside in terms of your health, lifestyle, eating and enjoyment out of life...
Yours in ORGANICS! 

Adam Rees
Author of Best Selling Publication
Organic Gardening


P.S. Don't forget--this opportunity to try ORGANIC GARDENING for A WHOLE 8 WEEKS, totally risk free is a limited-time offer, so the risk is on me until this offer expires. Whatever you decide you can keep all my great bonuses for free.

P.P.S. How long do you want to wait until you and your family can experience the taste of real fruit and vegetable's and do something together that you all enjoy.

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Adam Rees               

20 Keats Ave,       Bateau Bay, NSW Australia






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