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Gain Speech Power



* How Do I Begin?
* What Makes a Good Speech?
* How To Prepare Your Speech.
* How To Embrace an Audience!


We habitually live and move as part of a group and participate with
others in common matters, and socially, politically or business-wise
are required from time to time to make ourselves heard. The better a
man makes himself heard, the more he is heeded. The man capable of
expressing his ideas clearly commands the attention of Management and
the Board of Directors.

Some time you may be called upon to tell an audience your name or
your line, or to introduce a fellow at a meeting. With social progress
you could eventually become Program Chairman, Toastmaster, preside as
President, or even be the person referred to when someone else says,
"I'm proud to present our principal speaker today, Your Name."

Every day of every week from lobster luncheons in Maine to sand dab
dinners in San Diego, luncheon groups, dinner forums, supper clubs and
countless legions and lodges hold regular meetings. Most of them
feature individuals who must know something about the cardinal
fundamentals of public speaking. How to present an idea interestingly
is the elusive goal of many but the coveted secret of few. Yet it's an
ability within the reach of all of us to add wit and sparkle to our


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