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Forget acne ebooks! Reverse your acne the quick-and-easy way using step-by-step streaming audio & videos instead, in this one-of-a-kind, interactive acne eCourse!


  "Find Out How An Ex-Acne Sufferer  Uncovered A Simple 'No-Nonsense Formula' That Reverses Your Acne Like CRAZY!" 

 "See Turn-Around Results In As Little As  ONE  Weekend - Without Using Creams, Lotions, Pills (or eating apples for 3 days)."

Get The Only  Interactive  Acne eCourse Available, That's So Powerful, It Cures Even The Most Resistant Acne! 
     Just HOW powerful is it? Well recently, Tiffany O., from Miami, FL, sent me her before and after photos (with no make-up on) after using this program. If it worked like this for her stubborn cystic acne, what could it do for YOU?     


               BEFORE           ======>        AFTER

"I'm kind of embarrased having my pic shown all over the internet but after trying countless acne creams, soaps, lotions, drugs, supplements, and dermatologists without much help, and to have your program get rid of my cystic acne in about 10 days, well, if it'll save someone else from going through what I went through, I feel I owe it to everyone suffering from skin problems out there to see the proof for yourself. Listen, I tried a lot of the stuff you see online and TV, all the skin lotions, fish oil supplements, B5, avoided vegetable oils, ate apples for 3 days, cleanses, juices, you name it, I tried it. But the Acne-Free eCourse provided the missing link (actually several missing links) that I needed. My skin even FEELS different now and it's getting better with each day. The 'AFTER' photo was taken after 2 weeks on your program. And I'm not wearing make-up like you might see in a lot of those other 'Before-and-After' acne photos. This program is the REAL deal!  I wasted so much time trying other stuff. Thanks again Jim. I can't tell you enough times."    

- Tiffany O., 28-years old, Miami,FL

Hello... Jim Iannelli here. You may or may not be familiar with this website and its unique formula for clearing acne. A lot of people confuse it with other sites.

But I started this natural acne program way back in 1996 (the first of its kind online) which focused on attacking acne at the root - not at the branches - like so many others were doing back then.  And it's worked liked CRAZY for me and many other acne sufferers for the last twelve years or so.

    Listen, are you tired of screwing around with creams and lotions like Proactiv, AcneFree, benzoyl peroxide, acne soaps, gels, ointments, and scrubs?    

    And how about all those supplements you bought, such as B-5, GLA, or barley grass, Omega-3 capsules, miracle herbs, or done some of those crazy "liver flushes" and playing with your poop? Jiminy Crickets !!

    Maybe you've even tried some dietary changes or you've used one of those online acne programs that say they'll "get rid your of your acne in 30 or 7 or 5 or 3 days"... And then there's even an acne website out there that promises to cure your skin OVERNIGHT.  Ha-Ha!

     And you may have already seen a dermatologist and/or taken prescription drugs like accutane and/or antibiotics...

Yet your acne keeps coming back!

     Is your skin still too oily?  Blotchy?  Or maybe your acne skin problems are minor but they just won't go away. 

    Maybe you've actually had some success clearing your skin but you're still not completely satisfied with your apearance or the way you feel. 

    Does your skin tend to have that "bumpy" appearance? Do you still have some red marks, scars, and skin pores that are slow to heal? 

     Are you physically "burnt out" from the effects of experimenting with all these hyped-up, BS acne "cures"?

Perhaps now it's time you try this original formula in order to become acne-free.  

    Chances are, most of what you read on "acne" on other websites is either incomplete, "half-baked" or simply a knock-off version of the original acne formula from this site.

    For now, just forget what you've heard when it comes to "curing acne".  Brilliant scientists can't even "cure" the common cold, much less acne.

The Acne-Free Formula Uses: 


 NO PILLS                 NO DRUGS

 NO OILS                NO HERBS   

 NO SOAPS              NO GELS

  NO OINTMENTS        NO B.S. !! 


This Program is NOT About:

 washing better - drinking gallons of water - buying and taking tons of expensive supplements like B5, vitamins, fish/flax/borage and Omega-3 oils - liver cleanses or kidney or bowel/colon cleansing - eating only raw foods -  just eating apples for 3 days - making you eat raw eggs, (yecch!)

This Program is NOT About:

 drinking fresh fruit or veg juices - becoming a vegetarian - buying pricey health-foods - elimination diets - taking enemas (yikes!) - using special cloths - avoiding chocolate - using electronic instruments - chanting or using the subsconcious mind - using special breathing techniques...

... And best of all, it's Side-Effect Free!

* * * * * 

 Just fill out the form below to gain instant access to the "Sebum-Shocker Report; Uncover The Acne-Sebum Lie" 

Find out what the other acne sites aren't telling you !  

  Name: Email:

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We guarantee your confidentiality

 * * * * *

Why Listen To Me? 

    You've probably read somewhere that it's nearly impossible to eliminate acne without using antibiotics, lots of creams and ointments, supplements, herbs, oils, doing liver flushes, enemas, colonics, etc...   

    Well, I gotten emails for over ten years saying otherwise. You most certainly CAN get clear skin naturally, WITHOUT creams, lotions, etc. I'm not just talking about improving your skin a bit. I mean actually reversing acne where it no longer exists! 

     Let me explain something for those of you who aren't familiar with me... I myself suffered from acne for four years (between the ages of 15-19) and it left such a powerful impact on me, to say the least! I'll  give you the details of what happened to me in the eCourse and what I did about it.

    But this authentic acne formula was slowly assembled piece by piece beginning in 1975 and up to the present. And nothing was overlooked.   That's nearly 30 years of collecting, sifting through, testing,  organizing, and posting information that any acne sufferer can easily access with a touch of a keyboard! Believe me, no one else on the internet can make that claim! (They can try -- and lie!)

    And you'll be able to follow this step-by-step program just like many others have online for over ten years. Whether you need just a little 'spot treatment' or the full works, this program covers all the angles. 

    And you won't have to invest tons money into supplements or creams or monthly lotions by mail like some of those other programs out there.

"I read somewhere that this was "the acne site that other acne-sites go to get their information".  So I crossed my fingers and bought it.

Well, I've been working my way through your Formula for the last 2 weeks and what I'm going to say about it is the highest compliment I can pay; it is one of the VERY FEW acne programs I have purchased for which I am NOT applying for a refund, for the simple reason that it DELIVERS exactly what you say it does!

Do you know how rare that is??? Most of the acne ebooks out there -- 99% -- is just re-hashed information. I've returned 4 off them! Some of them are sooooo off-the-wall! What you provide is UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE.

My skin is a 1000% better. And that's from just toying with your techniques. WOW! You have info in there that I guess everyone else has over-looked or just can't describe like you do.

Nobody connects the dots like you !!

I consider this the GOLD STANDARD for wiping out acne and recommend it to anyone as being SUPERB VALUE! "

Perry Coleman, 29 Years old, Georgia

   Once you download your program, you start immediately! No long drawn-out dry, boring, wordy introductions. No life history story that takes up 3/4 of the ebook... and then tells you to eat apples, drink some N-A-S-T-Y stuff !! and rub your skin in... smelly oil or whatever... or take  supplement after supplement, and/or do a liver cleanse - colon cleanse, or worse - take an enema!  Yikes! There is absolutely none of that in this acne program!

    Nor does it include crazy theories or lectures about  "Why you need this disease"  or that  "Acne is a message that there's something  wrong" ... or "Your out of balance."   Duhhhhhhh !  No Freakin' Kidding !!   

    You get just no-nonsense straight talk! In layman's terms. From one EX-acne sufferer to a ... 'soon-to-be EX-acne sufferer.' 

    And all the technical jargon (like IGF-1, DHT, 5-alpha reductase, androgen etc.) is kept to a minimum. We're going to keep it real simple! This Authentic Acne-Free Formula contains all high-powered, ready-to-use, interactive information, with no excess fat, and no slogging through Einstein-like, dry, boring text.  In fact, it's the one and only interactive acne eCourse on the net!

     Here's what it isn't ... Another over-promised and under-delivered run-of-the-mill acne ebook that sells for around $10, $20 or $30-something dollars (...and then tells you you'll need to buy about $200.00 - $300.00 worth of stuff later, or are justs simply a waste of time.)

    In this newly revised and updated interactive acne eCourse, you'll get graphics, streaming video & audio, colorful examples and  diagrams, eye-opening food comparison pics that'll shock you... easy-to-learn, easy-on-the-eyes, grabs your full interest, and best of all, easy-to-follow instructions. And your skin gets crystal clear or you pay nothing with our RISK-FREE, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  (more on that later).

    It's pretty much a "Just gimme what I need to fix this mess so I can look like a decent human being again" approach. Straight up nuts-and-bolts information you can apply 1-2-3 and be done with! No long, drawn-out boring stuff!

     I'm not gonna preach to you like some of those phony pretend-to-be-acne-guru-know-it-all's out there who give you a supposedly quick-fix, short-term remedy... and then your acne comes right back! This acne formula is for those seeking fast-acting, long-term, acne-free skin. Big difference.  

And I'm not some monk sittin' on top of a cliff somewhere!  This is a program for people on-the-go. I'm a real, living and breathing person just like you. I have good days and I have some rough days too. Probably just like you.

And sometimes, and the end of a long week, I like to get all dressed up, hit the clubs with my girlfriend, have a few drinks and hang out with a good-looking crowd at Miami's South Beach. (There's always something going on down here!)

     Which brings me to a point; If you were to get all 'dressed up' for some special outing ... say a special gala or wedding for example ... If you're a guy, you'll be in a suit, or shirt and tie, or a tux. A female?... lets say a gorgeous gown...

    Now, if you looked into the mirror right at this moment, all dressed up... What will you see? More importantly, how will you feel?

    Confident?  Cocky?... Sexy, maybe?

    Only YOU can answer that.

     If you feel like you don't even want to go to the event or that you won't be able to look at people in the eye or you don't feel as handsome or pretty as the other people because your skin isn't looking the way you want it to ...

    ...Well, I've been there. And it's not a good feeling. Believe me, I know.

    But today (for me) it's a whole different story. Nowadays, when I'm in a crowd of people, I feel ... normal. I can mingle with the best of them, no problem. (Okay, maybe I need a glass of wine first.) But truthfully, there's no insecurity about my skin, anymore. There's no lack of confidence about my looks ... A-N-Y-M-O-R-E!

    And if it changed for me, it can change for you - if you really want it to!

    This program will boost your self-esteem just like it did mine ... Just like it's done for all the other members that have tried it. You won't believe how great you can feel when you know your skin problems are a thing of the past!

    It's something you MUST experience ... I wish that for you!

    And the know-how is all laid out for you in easy-to-follow form. And you don't even have to follow it to the letter. Many members simply CUSTOMIZE it to their own liking.

    No matter where you live in the world or what your lifestyle is like (even if you're a junk-food junkie, you'll be able to follow it) ... It's FLEXIBLE! That's the beauty of it.

    And day by day you'll see your skin slowly - but surely - transform right before your eyes like below:


  Day 1                                   Day 5                                  Day 14

    It's definitely not like some of those other acne programs I've read about where you have to eat or drink something every half-hour ... now do this ... now do that ... now sit crossed-legged and pray to the acne gods and your skin will be magically cleared overnight! ... Now run to the bathroom before you puke all over the place or some of this other nutty stuff I've read about. Gadzooks!

    Some internet acne programs are run by people who won't even put their own name or picture on the site! Or they'll hide behind a ficticious name. (I wonder why ??? ... Be real leery of those programs. Go ahead and zoom in on me and my skin [here](http://www.acne-free.com/zoomin.html).)

    The Acne-Free Formula is true to the letter. And having been around long enough, it has inspired more people to take control of their acne problems themselves (and eliminate it) than just about any other acne internet program out there!

But you don't have to believe me. Just Test-Drive It Yourself...RISK-FREE!

                 So if you're FED UP with smearing creams, lotions, and using various 'masks' on your skin, seeing DERMATOLOGISTS, using accutane or taking drugs and antibiotics or other prescription medication ... STARVING yourself with fasting, Running to the toilet after doing 'LIVER CLEANSES' ... BURPING up fish oil and smelly flax oils ... Just eating apples and trying those 3-5-7 or 30-Day acne "cure" programs (that seldom work) ...   

If you're FED UP with trying to 'BALANCE your hormones,' gulping down B-5 pills and other expensive supplements, Eating organic foods and food that tastes horrible, Drinking slimy green shakes and vile bentonite clay drinks, "DETOXING"... Killing PARASITES like you were some kind of Exterminator... Experimenting with UN-healthy 'health' diets... ZAPPING your skin with electronic gadgets ... Reading B.S. theories about acne ... 

 If you feel Disgusted, Defeated, but still Determined to 'Crack The Code' on How To Get Rid Of Acne and Get Clearer Skin ... And you're ready to throw in the towel because your current acne treatment isn't working, then ... 


   Don't Give Up Just Yet!  


"Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn In The Acne-Free eCourse"
  Acne-DECONSTRUCTED! Discover what acne really is, what causes it and how to get rid of it - forever. How One Simple Method Can Clear Your Skin... From the inside - out.  In just days from using this technique you'll begin to see actual results! Why Some So Called "Anti-Inflammatory Foods" Actually Turn Pro-Inflammatory In Your Body. Find out why ... and how to rate every single food out there.   How Combining Certain Food Strategies  Eliminates Your Acne. Acne-Free.com was the first to use these techniques. Alternative & Natural Ways to Conquer Acne.  Why certain herbs & "Holistic" programs can do more harm than good. WARNING! An Ingredient Found in Many Supplements (and it's also added to many foods that you're consuming today) ... It Triggers Eruptions! Be on the lookout for it! The Most Important Organ In Your Body And Why Its Key To Keeping You Acne-Free ... Forever!  No, it's NOT the liver, kidney, or skin. Not one of the acne websites, medical or otherwise has got a clue. BEWARE: How Taking A Lot Of Supposedly Healthy Supplements (fish/flax/veg/oils, herbs, vitamins, minerals) Can Actually Worsen  Your Acne Skin Condition. You'll learn WHY!  The Dirty Little Secrets That Food-Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know And WHY!  Find out what these are how they can be contributing to your skin problems and avoid them like the plague! ATTENTION: The 'Acne-Sugar-Insulin-Hormonal' Connection (Chapter 13): This is a special section in the course.  It focuses on specific areas that affect a certain percentage of acne sufferers.  Not to be missed!  RISK-FREE Money- Back- Guarantee If Not Satisfied.  The one and only interactive acne program backed with a Money Back Guarantee!  (see details on order page) Not Just Another Acne eBook.  This acne eCourse COMES ALIVE!  Streaming video & audio.  Read, point, click & learn, effortlessly. TONS of info!
The Most In-Depth, Step-By-Step, What-To-Do, and How-To-Do-It Acne Program On The Internet !
 Save $$$ Now

 Limited Time Offer For Discount 


Secure Ordering


The  Acne-Free Formula * Interactive eCourse * 


The Ultimate Blueprint to Acne-Free Skin; What Your Dermatologist Never Learned In Medical School


  Yes Jim, I Want The Acne-Free Formula - The One & Only INTERACTIVE Online Acne Program ... 

I DON'T want just another dry, boring, acne ebook that doesn't work... I can get that anywhere...

I understand that I'm going to receive the following:

     •    "The Acne-Free.com Formula"                                   [Interactive eCourse PDF Download]

  3X As Much Info As Acne Ebooks - Streaming Video & Audio, Graphics, Diagrams & QuickView Pics

  Twice As Effective As Other Programs... And Acne Will NOT Return

 Free Support  24/7 at  [Jim@Acne-Free.com](mailto:Jim@Acne-Free.com)

  RISK-FREE  Money- Back- Guarantee! (more [info](http://www.acne-free.com/guarantee.html))

  More Affordable Than Other Acne Programs

  INTERACTIVE - Read, Point, Click, Watch, Listen & Learn, Effortlessly

Now Just $39.97  $27.97

Limited Time Only! Discounted Offer Ends February 28, 2008


Order Over Our Secure Order Form

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You will download your program in the next 5 minutes.


  [About Us](http://www.acne-free.com/about_us.html)   

Get "The Acne-Formula" Now 

What People are Saying ...  
    "You did it! My acne is G-O-N-E! Based on your information, I firmly believe this could signal the END of acne for anyone who tries it!"
Albert J. Cox, Jersey City, NJ
 * * *

The Only Doctor - Approved Online Acne Program
   "I am a chiropractor in Chicago and I do a lot of nutrition consulting in my practice... it's nice to have some researched information on the "truth" on the cause of acne/skin problems. 

    I  have been through the whole Dermatologist, Accutane, Antibiotic route and received minimal results. It's nice to find a plan that works and is healthy for you.

     I just wanted to thank you because I have learned a lot from your program and look forward to giving my next lecture...             

P.S. My skin is looking better everyday!" 

             Dr. Tim Weselak                  Chicago, IL


    "Dude, your acne program Rocked!  My skin is glowwwing!!!!  Your program had twice the info of the other acne ebook I bought! And cost waaaayyy less. Plus, I learned tons more watching the videos and the other interactive stuff you got on there. #1 Acne Product out there!! I'm getting my money back from the other ebook."

Jay Forman, Michigan



    "Hey Jim ...  I've spent big $$$$ on supplements in the past.  My kitchen cupboard,  my refrigerator, and the bathroom cabinets all have bottles of all kinds of pills, fish/flax oils, anti-oxidants, etc. 

I'd always get excited when purchasing a new supplement but then they usually end up just sitting in there half-used because nothing ever seems to work as promised.  That's all changed now!

After getting your acne program, I now spend more money on FOOD! But I now buy the right kinds of food as you mentioned in the program and I love to eat!  Finally, I actually see PROOF that my skin is clearing! This is the greatest feeling ever!  Thanks." 

             Maria Diaz,  Plano,Texas                         


" ...I have ordered other manuals other than yours like one that said to eat only apples for 3 days and then your acne will be healed or acne free in 3 days. 

I also read one saying to take 50 vitamins a day and drink a gallon of water and then lie on your back and rock yourself back and forth to clean out your system.

And of course there was a lot of other crazy ones that made no sense and didn't work at all.  Yours was the only one that worked for me.... " 

                                   Tammy S.


"I'm 37. About 6 weeks ago my 6 year old daughter drew a picture of her Daddy. The figure she drew had dots on the face. I almost cried that day.

The Murad that I had just ordered was having little or no effect. Luckily, I found your Web site and 2 and half weeks later my skin is DRASTICALLY and almost magically healed.

Just 2 days ago my daughter put her hands on my face and said, 'oooh, smooth.'

That time I did cry."

                                 Jeff Brogan


From An Acne Rosacea Sufferer.

"Well I must say you're really onto something here, as the redness in my cheeks has now turned to pinkness, which I haven't seen in ages.

I really think you've stumbled across something great here. For years people have been struggling with acne, rosacea, seb derm etc. and only treated "the symptoms".

What you've done is dug in and treated the cause which in turn completely rids the symptoms."

                                  Roger  Lawson 



20 Years Of Suffering... Gone!

"I've been on the program for about 2 weeks and now have the clearest skin I'd had in twenty years! Being an acne sufferer is a terrible affliction. I've been through accutane twice. 

I feel reborn!

I'm able to walk out in public without make-up covering my blemishes. That's right I'm a guy but I've always dabbed make-up on my blotches to make them less noticible....". 

*   *   * 

"a complete SYSTEM, not just a bunch of acne 'remedies'  like you read everywhere else."

"Hey Jim, I've tried liver flushes (3 of them!)  My acne continued coming . I consumed B5 supplements, fish oils, flax oil, borage oil, primrose oil, black current oil.  Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing!  Also tried numerous crazy health diets!  I still broke out !

Your acne program tied up all the lose pieces together for me. The light bulb in my head went on and I saw what I was doing wrong.  I then went to work implementing your program and then everything fell into place in less than a week!  One stupid week! 

My skin is now smooth and clear and my color and my tone of my face is awesome looking! You've created a complete SYSTEM, not just a bunch of acne "remedies" like you read everywhere else. Powerful Powerful Stuff!"

               Lisa W.,  24-Years Old,  Wisconsin


 * * *



   "...getting your acne program was the best wedding gift I could have received."


Susan F.

One Happy Bride

Reading, PA


    "Jim, worth every penny. Changed my whole world around. The babes are talking to me now and i'm blushing but at least it ain't acne on my face I gotta worry about any more."

 Ty Jacoby, New Zealand


    "....Jeez, i feel like i earned a PhD after getting your acne course. it's kinda shocking watching those videos but it hammered home what i needed to do to clear my acne. Loved the videos. Love the results. Best acne program on the net! Top notch!"

Shane Y., Singapore


    "I tried your weekend plan and when I went to the mirror I said, 'Whaaaaaaa! No Way!' It dissolved all my acne! Now I'm following Stage 3 to keep it my acne away. Thank you!"

Antonio Lazzerio, Italy


    Jim, ur like the Alton Brown (Food Network) of acne. Always getting to the underbelly of things. You really dissected acne for me and then showed me how to acne-proof my skin. It's like a vaccine for acne! Adios to creams. Funny videos!

Benita Russell


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