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Why Do You Struggle to Get More Clients
When Others Do It So Easily?

Dear Small Business Owner,

The small business world is divided into two distinct camps: "haves" and "have nots". Those small business owners who have all the clients they need and have great success attracting new ones……also have a marketing plan.

But the have nots…well they haven't a clue. They are frustrated every single day because their businesses are not growing…and one BIG reason is because they don't have a marketing plan.

If you're like these small business owners, you know deep in your heart that your business NEEDS a marketing plan. You've probably discussed it to death with colleagues. You might have even attended seminars (at great expense, I might add) so you could learn from the so-called "experts".

Or if you're like me, you've read boatloads of books and articles about the best ways to write a winning small business marketing plan. Yet, despite all the effort and money you've spent to date, you STILL don't have a marketing plan.

Your marketing plan sits, unfinished, in a folder somewhere, or worse, it's still in your head. If this describes you, then I have the product that will FINALLY get your marketing plan down on paper…so new clients roll through your door.

Today, you need a marketing plan just to DEFEND your turf

Whatever your reasons for not having a marketing plan…it doesn't matter. The fact is that today, we live in an age of marketing; an age where marketing is king…and queen! It doesn't matter how great your product is. It doesn't matter that you offer a unique service for a very affordable price.

If your company doesn't have a practical marketing plan in place that forces you to be proactive in your marketing, you'll start losing clients. And many of them will defect to your competitors…who, by the way, are actively marketing their businesses.

One reality in today's market is that your company needs to market, just to keep the clients you have. Understand this: over time, your customers will start to vanish. Some will bolt to your competitors. Others will go out of business. And a few unlucky ones will die.

And if you don't have a marketing plan in place, that keeps your company name in front of customers and prospects, and generates tons of new leads every year, then your company will die a very slow death.

Word-of-mouth only gets you so far…

I meet a lot of business owners who don't formally market their companies, but instead rely on word-of-mouth to build their business. They mistakenly believe they can keep on "marketing" their businesses solely on the basis of word-of-mouth and somehow, magically, see a dramatic turnaround.

Get real.

I'll let you in on a secret: marketing is the art of continuously communicating with your audiences. And if you rely on word-of-mouth to grow your business, your base of champions who spread the word about your company will eventually peter out and you'll be left with a dwindling supply of new buyers. But it doesn't have to be this way…

There IS a better way to market your company.

Hundreds of clients, and counting

Hi, I'm Jay Lipe and for over almost a quarter of a century, I've worked with every conceivable type of small business-from lonely entrepreneurs toiling away in their basements, to nationwide businesses with thousands of employees and international offices.

In my current role as founder and president of Emerge Marketing LLC I have worked directly with hundreds of small businesses and Fortune 500 clients and helped every one of them grow through the use of strategic marketing plans.

I've also spoken to tens of thousands of small and mid-sized business owners through my keynote speeches and professional development workshops nationwide.

I've written two books on small business marketing; Stand Out from the Crowd; Secrets to Crafting a Winning Company Identity (Kaplan, 2006) and The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses (Chammerson, 2002) which have gotten rave reviews from all corners of the world. I also hear from business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world who contact me after reading one of my issues of my e-newsletter, books, E-books, or Special Reports. Just listen to what they say:

"Jay, your book The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses is REALLY good. You've pointed out a lot of things I can do to make my business grow, and the book is written in such a common-sense sort of way."
George Dew
New York, NY I've written, and been quoted in hundreds of the most prestigious offline and online publications including Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, United Press International, MarketingProfs.com, RainToday.com, and Marketing News just to name a few.

I've helped tens of thousands of people with their marketing plans, and now I'd like to help you with yours.

Don't waste another day worrying about how you'll write that marketing plan. Let's do it together….

I remember when I first learned how starved small business leaders were for the basics on how to write a marketing plan. It was in 1999, and I was invited to give a speech to a group of small business owners in Louisville, Kentucky. The title of the speech was "9 Steps to a Winning Marketing Plan" and I was told I could expect between 20-25 people for my speech.

I showed up 30 minutes early to my breakout room and watched as a steady stream of attendees filed in. 15 minutes before my speech, the room was overflowing and there was a mad scramble to find more chairs. People started sitting out in the hallway.

Then, 5 minutes later, the event organizer rushed in and announced that the speech was moving to the auditorium because there was more room. As I entered the auditorium, I was astounded to see over 150 people crowded into the auditorium.

But wait, the story gets better…

All during my speech that day, the audience peppered me with questions about marketing plans: What needs to be in a marketing plan? How long should a marketing plan be? Can't I just have the marketing plan in my head? How do I know if my marketing plan is paying off? How can I market my business, when I'm already overworked trying to run it? Who should my first full-time marketing hire be? And they kept asking great questions.

What happened next was the catalyst for writing my e-book "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business".

As I wrapped up the speech, I mentioned I had copies of a workbook with me that covered the basics on how to write a marketing plan. Once I closed my speech, there was a stampede towards the stage! 20-30 people surrounded me immediately, and a line of others wanting to get their hands on this workbook started winding around the auditorium.

To make a long story short, I ran out of copies that day in less than 15 minutes. And, there were still dozens of people who were in line waiting to get theirs. So I took their business cards to send them a copy, and several of them requested multiple copies so they could pass along a copy to a friend or a co-worker.

All in all I sent out dozens of copies of this workbook to people.

The lesson I learned that day is that small business people are STARVING for information on how to write a marketing plan. They want the nuts-and-bolts basics on what works, and what doesn't. They want a step-by-step process they can easily follow to create a plan. And they don't want it to be filled with buzzwords and bullsh**.

"Jay has forgotten more about marketing than most people will ever learn."
Carter Anderson
Minneapolis, MN

I'll pull back the curtain and show you the REAL secrets to successful marketing

When I wrote this e-book, "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business", I wanted to help thousands of people grow their companies. I wanted to help people around the world and hear that I helped them achieve their business dreams.

But, and this is VERY important, I've learned that a lot of people out there have a fear of marketing. Some are experts in their chosen field-finance, manufacturing, accounting, engineering, software-but marketing isn't their passion. Others think they have to have an advanced degree in order to be a good marketer (absolutely not true). Even others are perfectionists-they won't attempt things outside their comfort zone until they can understand it fully.

Whatever is holding your marketing back, this e-book will address it. It's designed to educate and motivate you out of that pit of fear, so you can move forward with your marketing-and grow your company.

Whether you're an entrepreneur who's been in business 20 minutes or a small business veteran of 20 years, you will walk away from my e-book with a TON of new ways to grow your business.

Here's what this practical e-book will do for you…

What I'm most proud of in this book, is the MANY ways it helps small business owners. This e-book will change the way you think about marketing, and it will truly help you produce a workable marketing plan…or your money back (more about that later)

Here are just a few things the "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" e-book will do for you, your company, or anyone working on your company's marketing:

Learn the most successful process for marketing - Despite what all the fancy-pants consultants and self-appointed gurus want you to believe, the basic concept behind marketing is really very simple. Marketing is about getting and keeping customers.

But what takes most people a lot longer to grasp is that developing a marketing plan has its own process to follow. Skip over any of the 10 essential steps to the marketing planning process I outline in "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business", and your marketing plan is doomed.

Did you know that having a marketing plan is only half the battle?
The other half is having a process in plan to IMPLEMENT your marketing plan. Since 1987 I've worked with hundreds of companies. And you know what? It's almost ALWAYS the implementation of a marketing plan that fails. That's why I've included a whole section in "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" that covers the keys to successfully implementing your marketing plan. I have NEVER seen another small business marketing resource that takes this topic to heart like my e-book.

Learn the real-world way of marketing - Too many small business marketing e-books deal with theory, skipping over a discussion of practical, STEP-BY-STEP, how-to's that work in real life. You'll see fancy graphs and laundry lists of marketing tactics, but they never answer the burning question on every small business person's mind: How should I market my company ? This e-book "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" helps you answer that question.

Identify marketing tasks that you'll enjoy - Many small business owners I meet with say they HATE doing their marketing. Either they don't have the proper skill set, or worse, they don't enjoy those certain marketing things (e.g. public speaking). Then, WHY do those things?

If you don't like doing your marketing, you won't be good at it. Instead, you should do marketing tasks that you enjoy. But how do you know what you those are? "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" includes an exercise that helps identify marketing tools that will not only build your business, but that you'll find ENJOYABLE.

Discover High ROI marketing - There's one VERY important difference between Fortune 500 marketers and us small business marketers. It's that we small business owners pay for marketing out of our own pockets. We don't have multi-million dollar budgets and the convenience of "other people's money", so we've got to know exactly which marketing programs generate steady streams of new leads and referrals. This e-book "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" will tell you what these high ROI marketing tools are.

Know how to market your company during a recession - There's even a section in my e-book that's called "Tips for Marketing your Company during a Recession". Over the course of a 10 year period, your company WILL experience a recession. It's a statistical fact. So wouldn't it be helpful to know what adjustments you must make in your marketing to account for this? I don't know of ANY other small business marketing resource out there that covers this topic. But "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" does.

A sample marketing plan - Some people learn by seeing examples. They'd much rather take an existing template and modify it to their unique situation. If you're like this, then you'll LOVE this e-book. In "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" I have included a sample marketing plane. Using this sample marketing plan as a template, you can start writing your marketing plan today!

"Jay's Stand Out from the Crowd is different than most other books. It's very well written and contains a wealth of information that I found useful - even being in business for myself for over 5 years. I liked the fact that most of the ideas are followed by concrete suggestions and steps you can take to implement them. Definitely worth a read."
Boris Mordkovich
Search Marketing Standard magazine Focus on the right target audiences - Let's face it; if you have the greatest product (or service) in the world, but you're not marketing to the right audience…you will fail. Because targeting is one of THE most important aspects of your small business marketing, I include in-depth exercises and worksheets to help you identify EXACTLY who you should market to … and who you should leave alone. This single decision alone could make the difference between success for your business…and failure.
Create a company brand you can be proud of - Lots of people use the term 'brand' these days, but very few use it correctly. In "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business", I provide a Branding Quiz so you'll know precisely which elements of your company brand need attention. This valuable section of the e-book will help companies, of all sizes, identify the most important elements of their brand, and set about improving them.

""You should know I finally studied your book, The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses, and loved it. You did a marvelous job with it and I believe it will stand the test of time. I found it motivating, thoughtful, and applicable to all businesses. Not to mention what an excellent reference book it is-I have already referred back to it.

There is no reason for me to play favorites here. I always try to be honest, and I can honestly say this is a great book. Thanks a lot and blessings to you and your family."
Mitch Olson, President
Synergistic Resources

The problem with a lot of small businesses is their owners lack marketing experience.

Don't get me wrong, most small business owners are experts…but in a field other than marketing. They're outstanding in sales, engineering, production, accounting, human resources, or dozens of other disciplines. BUT, they lack real marketing experience.

But the real danger is this: They watch the Super Bowl ads, and then consider themselves marketing experts.

Fat chance.

Marketing is a discipline, like any other business discipline, that takes specialized knowledge. If you don't have that knowledge, then you sure better find it…fast.

That's where my suite of marketing information products will help you. Let's just take a look just at my first book alone, The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses . It has garnered rave reviews from people all around the world and has helped thousands of folks learn the basics of marketing. Don't believe me? Here's just a few of the hundreds of testimonials I've gotten about my first book:

"After reading The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses, I followed your advice about getting new business from current clients. After sending only two emails, I got 4 calls back immediately, have scheduled 2 meetings to discuss new business and set up a new speaking engagement. Your method really works!"
Tammy Hauser, President
Blue Sky Thinking

"The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses has answers and information you won't find anywhere else."
Dan Janal, President

"I have found your book The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses and your other materials to be exceptional sources of information as our company continues to improve its marketing."
Jackie Goetter, Marketing Manager
Green Valley, Inc.

"As a member of the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), I am always on the lookout for books to help me better market our integration company. In The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses, I found a winner. Although I've been in the marketing field for years, I took away from this book a lot of sound, valuable advice."
Jerry Gale, VP of Marketing
SPL Integrated Solutions

"My name is James Carter and I just wanted to commend you on your work in the book The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses. I checked it out from the public library just yesterday and despite the fact that I have had to work this whole weekend, I am more than halfway finished with it…I must say that I am grateful to have found your book. Please keep up the good work and I wish you and yours the very best."
James Carter

My new e-book will cost you 5 times less than other e-books

Even though I regularly get paid $25,000 and up to provide advice to Fortune 500 companies like The Toro Company, Land O'Lakes, and Jostens, I priced this e-book at just $49.95. Surf the web for a while and you'll see similar small business marketing resources out there for $69, $197…even $297! But if you reach into your pocket for my e-book, you will get the same information and tools for 5 TIMES LESS than that!

Some people have told me I've priced this e-book too low. They tell me I could have made more money if I priced it higher. Maybe so…but they're missing the point.

I priced this e-book at $49.95 so it's affordable to small business owners who are struggling to make payroll. To entrepreneurs bootstrapping out of their basements. To students running companies from their dorm rooms. Or even to international companies clear on the other side of the globe, who just want the straight facts about marketing.

I could have easily priced it at $297. But for now I wanted to price it so I KNOW every single reader will feel they got a terrific bargain by getting "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business". THAT'S why it's priced at just $49.95.

Free yourself from worry, be more confident, and take control of your destiny

With the information in my e-book, you'll save thousands of dollars in marketing expenses! You'll no longer plow good money into bad marketing. You'll learn how to wisely invest your precious few dollars so that you harvest a huge crop of new business.

Just as important, you'll save thousands more dollars in your own time. You'll no longer waste valuable time trying to figure out how to market your company. You'll know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly how to market your company, and you'll set about doing it….every single day.

You'll also have the pure joy and satisfaction of leading your marketing efforts, instead of being dragged around by them. For the first time in your life, YOU will be in control. YOU will know exactly how to market your company so it grows. And YOU will never feel scared again. You will NEVER again ask yourself "How should I market my company?"

Isn't this what you want?

If I've learned anything in my 25+ years of marketing it's this: you'll never successfully market your company sitting on the sidelines.

You've got to get in the game and try things. That's why my e-book "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" is so valuable. It will lead you, step-by-step, through the fundamental process of creating a practical and powerful marketing plan that gets you in the game of marketing.

This many people couldn't be wrong…

As I said earlier, I'm the author of two small business marketing books; The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses and Stand Out from the Crowd: Secrets to Crafting a Winning Company Identity and I've published 100's of how-to marketing articles.

If you're still not sure that I have the knowledge you're looking for, read this next set of testimonials from book reviewers-people who look at hundreds of business books every year. Just look at what they say have to say about my books:

"If you're looking for a marketing guide to help your business, then your search has ended! The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses has literally blown away the business books I've read to date."
Michael Bogert
Midwest Book Review

"The first thing that came to my mind as I read this book is that it is one of the most practical, down-to-earth, hands-on approaches to marketing that I have come across. I've taken college level marketing courses that did not provide as much practical knowledge as this book. "
Harold McFarland
Readers Preference Reviews

"When you are done reading Jay's book you will feel like you have just completed a graduate course in marketing without having to attend class. One of the better books I have read on the subject of marketing! Buy it!"
Paul Tulenko, Scripps Howard

OK, I've told you what the e-book costs, but what I haven't told you about are all the extras I'm going to throw in for free. Here's what I'm going to give to you absolutely free, if you ORDER NOW.

Bonus Report #1
"10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Marketing"
(Value $19.95, yours free)

This report is the most popular Bonus Report I provide on my website, but as part of this limited offer, I'm going to give you this information-rich Report absolutely free. This Report details the 10 most important things you can do TODAY, to generate more leads, convert more leads into sales and drive repeat business to your doorstep. Every tip, technique and tactic I unveil here comes from my decades of experience helping hundreds of small businesses, like yours, with their marketing.

Bonus Report #2
"The Ten Commandments of Successful Marketing"
(Value $19.95, your free)

There are 10 Commandments that any business, any business at all, if they follow, will succeed at their marketing. I've turned this Special Report into a very popular speech I give all around the country, for thousands of dollars. But I'm going to give to you this Bonus Report…absolutely free.

Bonus Report #3
PowerPack of Marketing Tips & Tools
(Value $109.95, yours free)

I have thousands of subscribers to my monthly e-newsletter who write to me complimenting me on the useful, practical information I cover in this tool. As part of this incredible offer, I've bundled together 10 of the most popular issues of my Marketing Tips and Tools e-newsletter and will give them to you absolutely free.

So there you have it. Sign up to receive my new e-book "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" and I'm going to throw in 3 Bonus Reports with a combined value of $149.85. So you'll get a set of products worth $199.80, for only $49.95-an amazing savings.

Still not sure? Here's my 8-week, no-risk guarantee

Take 8 weeks to read and use my e-book "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business". Put to work as many of my marketing tips and tools as you'd like. Once you start using these valuable tips in my e-book, I'm confident you'll NEVER want your money back.

But if you aren't satisfied for any reason, or my e-book doesn't live up to your expectations, just email me and I'll refund your entire payment. Remember, this remarkable guarantee is available for a full 8 weeks after you buy the e-book.

Finally, because you've entrusted me with your time and confidence, I want you to keep the Bonus Reports-free of charge-even if you return the e-book. Now that's a guarantee you can count on…

Make your decision now and move forward with your marketing…
[Request Your Copy of The Marketing Plan E-book Now!](http://1.emergejay.pay.clickbank.net)

I look forward to getting a letter from you telling me about your marketing successes and how much time you've saved by using "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business". Even though I get bunches of mail, please write to me. I'd love to hear your success story!
May your marketing emerge!
Jay Lipe, Founder & President

[Request Your Copy of The Marketing Plan E-book Now!](http://1.emergejay.pay.clickbank.net)

PS - So order NOW and make your marketing problems disappear. You'll never again waste money on ineffective marketing programs, or tear yourself up inside wondering how to marketing your company. "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" will help make all these problems disappear-forever.

PSS If you don't order "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" now, how will you ever grow your company? Aren't you tired of procrastinating? Here's your chance to start changing things for the better…NOW.

PSSS Don't forget, this is a tax-deductible business expense.

PSSSS A popular question I'm asked is "Will this guide work for my industry?" That's a valid question. You will find that EVERY part of the marketing planning process I cover in "How to Write a Marketing Plan That Wins New Clients and Grows Your Business" will apply to any company, in any industry.

[Request Your Copy of The Marketing Plan E-book Now!](http://1.emergejay.pay.clickbank.net)

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