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Terry’s Options Trading Strategies for Stock Market Success

About Terry’s Options Strategies White Paper:
Terry’s Options Strategies for stock market success is a 40-page
White Paper. A Harvard Business School
graduate, former college professor, and CBOE floor trader, Dr. Terry
Allen shares four profitable Stock Option trading strategies designed
to double your money each year.
Using his popular 10K Strategy, Dr. Allen made
124% in one year on Fannie Mae while the stock fell by 8%! Over
2003, again using his 10K strategy, Dr. Allen set up a $10,000 brokerage
account at the beginning of 2003 with the expressed goal of doubling
the account during the year. At year-end the
$10,000 investment stood at an amazing $29,600 (a 196% gain!).
Turbocharge Your IRA, Roth IRA, or 401K!

"I doubled my IRA account value in 4 1/2
months with your strategy. For the past three years, this account
had been entirely in mutual funds, and had actually lost money. You can't
ever know how grateful I am."
- Foster A.

We all know anyone can trade Options with a cash account. What many
people don’t know, however, is that they can use
an IRA (and Roth IRA) to trade stock Options. Most intelligent
people have set up a Roth IRA, 401(k), or other qualified retirement
program. For some of them, it may be the only stock market investment
they own. Regardless, they have made a wise move. These plans offer
immediate or long-term tax advantages, and relieve the owners from depending
on paltry Social Security payments for their retirement years. My
strategies provide a means of dramatically increasing the value of both
your cash accounts and your existing IRA (or Roth IRA).

“I am not a writer of flattering letters to advisors,
so it is of some consequence in my investing history that I tell you how happy
I am with your 10k Strategy. I hope to make it grow into the most significant
part of my investments and eventually rule the world. I will be benevolent
towards you, Terry, in appreciation for your brilliance and willingness to
let former small fries like myself get in on the action.”
- Ralph W.

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Table of Contents of Terry’s Options Strategies White

1. General Discussion of Option Strategies

Monthly Decay for a One-Year Leap Option
How to Pick Stocks
Some Generalizations

2. Getting Started With the 10K Strategy

How to Measure Market Direction
Which long-term Options (or LEAPS) should you buy?

3. Trading Rules for the 10K Strategy

Using the 10K Strategy with QQQ
Summary of the 10K Strategy for QQQ

4. “Lazy Way” Strategy To Double Your Money in Two Years

21 “Lazy Way” Companies
Tax Implications of “Lazy Way” Companies

5. Reach For The Stars Strategy

6. Cover Your Butt Strategy

7. Tax Implications of Options Trading

8. Appendix A: Easy Pie Strategy

“I am an experienced investor, and have my degree in finance. It would
have taken me twenty more years of improvement, in order to eventually refine
my investing strategies into something resembling yours. Through hard-earned
experience, I know the real deal when I see it. This is the real deal, without
question. Thank you for sharing your brilliant, and no doubt hard-earned, ideas
with others.”
- Chris M.

About Terry and his Options Trading Experience:
Dr. Terry Allen is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and earned his
doctorate in business from the University of Virginia. He started trading Stock
Options on the floor of the CBOE in 1979, and has successfully traded them for
over 25 years. During every one of these years, he has averaged over 100 Option
trades a month. He has tried every conceivable Option spread strategy imaginable,
and has fallen flat on his face dozens of times (so you don’t have to).
He has taught classes at Babson College, Northeastern University, the University
of Vermont, and the University of Richmond.
About Terry - The Philanthropist:
In 1997, Dr. Allen set a goal of sharing his success by giving to worthy charities
$1,000 a day every day for the rest of his life. So far, he has been an over-achiever,
donating over $400,000 every year. See
the list of charities he has supported. A percentage of the profits from
Terry's Options Strategies White Paper will
go into the trust that supports these charities.

Learn from Terry’s 25 Years of Experience
In recent years, employing his strategies, Terry has earned at least
50%, and several times has gained well over 100%. One year, he managed
an account for a customer and grew it from $250,000
to $1.5 million in two years (that customer then sold it and
started a venture capital company bringing on Dr. Allen as a partner).
But no one and no system is perfect. In the early 2000s, Dr.
Allen did not acknowledge that the market was headed lower. The result
was a 20% loss during that period – and the addition of even
more hard-won, practical strategies to the system. The very next year
(2003), Dr. Allen made nearly 200% using his
revamped strategies.

Terry distills his 25 hard-won years of knowledge of Options trading
into a concise, up-to-the minute ongoing tutorial that will give anyone
an almost unfair advantage in the markets – a steal at only $24.95
per month. But in appreciation for purchasing
Terry’s White Paper, you will receive 2 FREE MONTHS of Terry’s
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Terry’s Options Tutorial Program includes:

A monthly tutorial on trading stock options with access to view Terry’s live accounts designed to double an investment in 1 year (a $24.95 per month value).
Terry’s “Trade Alerts” emailed to you so you can
make the trades in your own account.
Access to weekly analytic reports and daily portfolio updates posted
in the Insiders section of Terry’s Tips.
A discounted price of $19.95 per month for the Options Tutorial
if you choose to continue after your 2 FREE months expire.

"First advisory service I ever have subscribed
to...I've been pleasantly surprised. As an option writing beginner
(lost plenty with naked calls) as you say you learn the basic strategy
very quickly. What Terry adds is the small details. How do you handle
things in the last days of expiration. What to do with options you
wrote which have very little time value approaching expiration. How
to select the correct strike for next months writes etc.
I'm sure these are all obvious to you, but have provided
an interesting education for me.
One other thing - I think he gives to charity (some of?)
the subscription price. He also gives to charity $1000 per day, I believe.
These facts were just sufficient to convince me to have a go. I'm glad I did.”

- Steve (excerpt from Yahoo! Finance Message Board)

"I would like you to know that I have learned
much more from your Options Tutorial than I did from hundreds of books
and articles on options and strategies that I have read. I am sure
your subscribers have had the same experience. From your trading subscribers
and me: many thanks!"
- Mark C

"I've previously attended a couple of seminars and read several "thick"
books about options and writing covered calls, but nothing comes close to
what you teach. Your cut-to-the-chase, straight-to-the-point approach coupled
with a live ongoing QQQ-DIA trading program truly sets you and the rest apart.
In K.I.S.S., you're the best, Terry".
- Kim, Grand Rapids, MI

Over 4000 Options Tutorial subscribers can't be wrong

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BUY NOW for $79.95
and receive 2 FREE months of Terry’s
Options Tutorial Program (a $49 value!)

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FREE Fannie Mae Report (a $19.95 value): “How I made 124% on
Fannie Mae (while the stock fell 8.4%)”


A Few Words From Terry
This is by far the best Options investment opportunity I have seen
in my 26 years of trading. If you have any interest in getting rich
with Stock Options (you can even use your IRA!), act now and receive
an additional FREE Report.
In thanks for purchasing my White Paper, you will gain Insider
status and receive 2 FREE months of Terry’s Options Tutorial.
As an Insider, I will share with you every
one of the exact trades I make (as well as a lot of other good information
– keep reading) for as long as you are in the program.
Order the paper now and see why this is the best investment opportunity
that I have seen in my 26 years of Options trading. As
an added bonus, if you order now, you will receive my additional
free Special Report, “Advanced Option Spreads Costing Less Than
$1,000”, which explains several Option spread strategies
designed to double your money in two months or less, and can be put
on for less than $1,000. For each strategy, you can calculate up front
your maximum loss potential, and also what must happen to the stock
for you to earn a profit.
One of my subscribers wrote to me and said, “The
potential of this thing is awesome. Do you really think you should share
it with other people?” Actually, I thought long and hard
about it before I decided that my Insiders
should know what I had discovered.
Quite frankly, I’ve made a lot of money over the years. I have
been so successful trading Stock Options that I have given away over
$400,000 a year ($1,000 every day) to mostly Vermont charities for the
last four years. Click here to see a
complete list.
Ok, So Let’s Recap The Offer
Purchase Terry’s Options Strategy White
Paper now for $79.95 and receive:

My 79-page White Paper highlighting four profitable Stock Option trading
strategies designed to double your money each year (eBook).
Advanced Option Spreads Costing Less Than $1,000 ($30.00 value).
Two FREE months of the Options Tutorial Program
(a $49.90 value). As an Insider, you
receive a monthly tutorial on trading Stock Options with access to
live accounts designed to double an investment in 1 year (a $24.95
per month value).
Specific trades emailed to you as I make them so you can mirror
them in your own account.
Access to weekly analytic reports and daily portfolio updates posted
in the Insiders section.
List of 20 companies mathematically guaranteed to gain 100%
in 2 years using my "Lazy Way" strategy (stock must stay flat,
go up, or drop less than 5% to make 100% in 2 years).
After your 2 months expire, if you choose to continue with the Options
Tutorial, do nothing, and you will be billed at our
discounted rate of $19.95 per month.

I look forward to having you on board!

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