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I know it's a bold statement, but you see many have
achieved Millionaire, Multi-millionaire and Billionaire
Status by using LBO, Other Peoples Money (OPM),
NO Cash Down also known as Creative Finance to get
on the Fast Track to Independence & Huge Wealth
in less than a year...

Bill Gates of Microsoft
One of the most successful and the Richest man
in the World is an example of someone who started
off with an LBO Acquisition using Creative Finance.

The X Box was no different when he acquired a
software company that created excellent games,
plus a company that produced the hardware.
These are all LBO Acquisitions.

How would you like to enjoy a lifestyle where you could afford

to travel FIRST CLASS and live in first class accommodation
in Hotels, Cruise Liners or wherever you go? Enjoy the
respect that LBO Practitioners can achieve faster than using
any other system. Join top men and women living a first
class life style because of their involvement with LBO that
uses OTHER PEOPLES MONEY a system that has made
them hugely successful & very wealthy.


To start off let me ask you something:

Where in any discipline can you find recognisable names such as:
Warren Buffet - Multiple Types of Business Acquisitions Sugar - Business and Football Clubs Brandson - Business Airlines Gates - Software and Games Trump - Extensive Property Holdings Mittal - 40% Holding of Steel Mills , plus businesses of the Calibre of Volkswagen, Ford, Cunard, General Motors, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, P&O, BA, British Aero Space, Voda Phone plus many others that use LBO/OPM successfully to make them even more wealthy and powerful?
Further the countries that encourage LBO such as America and Britain plus many in Europe are the wealthiest and have the fastest growing and most powerful economies in the world because of LBO.

The British Government recently made the point "that such re-investment makes the British economy stronger". Why because Multi Billionaires see it as a great benefit to have little regulation with fantastic communications and security in a well defended country with laws to protect them.
It is true to say that the British economy passed both Italy and France after being the sick man of Europe. Further Britain attracts up to 60% of EU Investment because of the friendlier investment climate and LBO, the use of 'Other Peoples Money' is one of the leading investment strategies. London has more Acquisitions than any other market on the planet. It is why so many huge companies register on the British exchange.

LBO Practitioners have the real secret to tangible, real wealth
Over the centuries the LBO System has been perfected and has assembled answers to most problems associated with any acquisition.

That is why we have access to hundreds of Financial Tools, Ideas Concepts and Strategies together with over nine thousand sources of funding for almost any need.
Big Plans make Money:

With all of the above, WHY try and talk someone in to joining an MLM business which takes years and years to build up, when the same skills can help YOU acquire a business worth hundreds of thousands plus an already established cash flow, credibility, staff in only a fraction of the time.

Donald Trump
Famous worldwide for his property
Acquisitions making him one the richest
men in America and one of the biggest
property owning Multi - Billionaires in
the world. This highly successful
entrepreneur used the LBO System
for acquisition to Build his famous
worldwide business property empire.
Trump towers is one of his
most well known and famous acquisitions.

Not all LBO Practitioners are Dealing in the Mega acquisitions like the above Captains of Industry.

There are many more LBO Practitioners dealing in smaller size acquisitions for instance Corner Shops, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Mail Order, Publishing to Service Industries plus many more".

Wilkinson, one of our delegates, acquired over 20 companies in Britain and never used a penny of his own money, it was all done using Other Peoples Money. There are many such practitioners ranging from men and women who have been retrenched to businessmen who wanted to expand.

With Leverage Buy Out start enjoying a life style that only the few can aspire to participate in.


How much success can you handle?

How long will it take in a LOW or NO competition area for you to become a Multimillionaire buying businesses and properties using 'Other Peoples Money'?
Supposing your first LBO acquisition is worth $150,000, the second is worth $250,000 and yet a third worth $450,000.00?
In the above example - how long would it take you to become a millionaire? Probably the very next deal. The above is the reality of using Other Peoples Money. Are you prepared for this type of success?

If you are then read on:-

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LBO is and always has been a Crisis or Distress relief System! Baron De Rothschild stated this fact when he said in 1805 "We buy when there is Blood running in the Streets"

Before you think LBO Practitioners are greedy let me go into some unknown aspects of Leverage Buy Out. I want you to understand Leverage Buyout Practitioners perform 4 major very important business and social functions: We are in a position to help a desperately ill or aged owner out of a situation which for one reason or another he/she can no longer handle. LBO Practitioners save businesses from going out of business and in this way save other creditor businesses from going out of business because of unpaid debt. We save Jobs by saving the Acquired business plus other businesses because they have not been affected by the acquired one going out of business, because of the present owner no longer being able to or wanting to cope. We enrich ourselves by helping others so we can go out and help the next owner in distress.

Why is it possible to take over Businesses?

Read the scenario below which is based on real life experiences:

Imagine an owner with a business that he is desperate to sell. He or She starts out with a price that he/she feels is the right value for what is for sale.

The owner knows what he wants. He wants Cash as it is king in his view because he wants enough money to pay off all the overdrafts, creditors and liabilities with a good bit  left over for himself. However, the Seller is having trouble, many potential buyers have viewed his business but no one has come forward with all the money that he thinks he needs up front.

A year passes, then two years pass and then the desperate owner is into the third year of trying to sell.

Supposing that business owner is suffering with one of the following problems:
Heart problems (up to 35% of the population do) and the problem is getting worse Ill from cancer (up to 30% of the Population have or will have cancer) Has sugar diabetes (up to 10% of the population) Has become too aged to continue (25% of businessmen and women) Emigrating and has to be in the new country in a months time Bought a new business which is going like a train and he objects to spending precious time in the business which is up for sale
Look at the Scenario Below 

There are many more reasons than shown in the above scenarios that exist and why owners have to sell.

Case History

Book Shop with 1.5million Turnover!

I have personally completed acquisitions with desperate men and women suffering from one of the above mentioned problems. One man mistakenly thought I was leaving after giving me all his business details, I wasn’t I was just putting away my thick 200 double page note book off his very crowded desk so I could get out my "Offer Agreement". He said 'look I have to sell this business' and he gave me the reasons he had to. Then he said I will make you an offer. It was an offer I could not refuse. His offer to dispose of this successful business clearly valued at over 400,000.00 was 65,000.00 to be paid over 20 months.

Desperate Owners Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Years of trying sell their Business

By the time an owner hasn't sold his business by the second or third year, the desperate owner will often have dropped the price and will ofter do any deal to be released from the ongoing responsibilities associated with running his business.

Suddenly a Leverage Buyout Practitioner comes forward with a solution having an acceptable package and payout offer. A deal can and often will be signed there and then if the Leverage Buyout Practitioner is ready.

Become Wealthy By Helping Others!

You will have just found what many millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires have always known, buying businesses with other peoples money will increase your net worth by two, three four hundred thousand Dollars/Pounds by helping others out of untenable situations.

The willing desperate seller Business owner
and you can often close a deal for this type of LBO negotiation in less than an hour. Think about it - less than an hour to take over a business with assets, maybe freehold and turnover with profits. Where can you beat that??
Pay Yourself!

Once the purchase of the business is completed, the LBO Practitioner will not only have increased his/her net worth but also paid himself/herself for having completed the transaction.

Now! After completing the acquisition take a break. Go on a Cruise or enjoy your favourite pass time. If you do only two LBO deals a year you should be able to live in style. Many do a deal a month! The Deals are there to do but it's up to you.

"LBO is the Greatest wealth creation system known in the Business world".

LBO has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and has created the wealthiest men in History. 200 years ago during the Battle at Waterloo, Baron de Rothschild ended up owning half of London using the LBO system

An Example from the Real World

Supposing You want your classic car repaired. You need:
the valves ground Ports polished new rings and a de coke.
Two mechanics quote for the work on your classic car:
The one with two tools, a spanner and a screw driver plus a lot of wishful thinking. The other mechanic has a workshop full of tools.
Wouldn’t you choose the one who is the most professional who has hundreds of tools to complete the work.

Similarly, two men turning up to acquire a business

The one has two financial tools and the other thousands of combinations of financial options and tools to draw on to satisfy the needs of the seller.

My experience is, and evidence shows us that the richest men in the world, who are are Leverage Buyout Practitioners, readily show through their huge success.
The one with access to many financial tools and options will win 99% of the time.

The second mechanic in the above example with all the financial tools represents the professionalism of the LBO Practitioner who knows the principles of NO Cash Down and Creative finance or the use of 'Other Peoples Money' plus has thousands of financial tools that he can satisfy the needs of a Seller.

Why does LBO No Cash Down and Creative Finance together with OPM work so well?

Besides of the fact that so many Business people suffer with Illness, old age plus many other problems the following facts apply:

There are roughly 4 million businesses in Britain with between 25% to 30% for sale at any one time. If we accept a conservative figure of only 1 million businesses for sale in Britain study the following:

More potential Acquisitions than you could handle in this and ten life times:

One million Businesses for Sale
Of these million businesses for sale annually only 17% or 170,000 are sold, Leaving 83% or 830,000 still waiting to be sold. These 83% will take from 2 to 6 years to sell. Some will never be sold but broken up.
Only 3.4% or 34,000 of all the one million Businesses for Sale are sold in the first year:

Look at these Stats: Even amongst the
17% or 170,000 businesses (out of the Million for sale) sold this year only 3.4% or 34,000 of the million businesses for sale, were sold during the first year of being offered. The balance of the 136,000 making up the 170,000 businesses sold this year had taken between 2 to 6 years to finally sell to make up the 17% or 170,000.
The above statistics are the reason why LBO Practitioners are able to help owners out of a worsening untenable situation and by doing so make a fortune and become millionaires and multi-millionaires.

Why is it so difficult to sell businesses?

Actually it not difficult to sell a business
at all, but that is only provided you use the LBO system. The difficulty arises when as most sellers do they demand a huge amount up front in Cash.
Answer this Question?

How many people do you know that have access to $200,000, $300,00 or $400,000 to go out and buy a business for that price in Cash? Few I am sure. So there is another way to do this? That’s what LBO enables Practitioners to do, buy or sell a business by offering acceptable solutions.

LBO enables practitioners if they want to, to get in and get out of a deal fast and very
The above are not the only scenarios but they are the most common in LBO.
If it all seems a little daunting, so did riding a bike or sailing a yacht for the first time, or driving your first car or flying your first aircraft. As experience grows you get better and better. LBO is actually the simplest of businesses - but it is the biggest money earner of them all.
Wouldn’t you kick yourself if the only thing standing between you and closing a Four Hundred Thousand deal was a concept, strategy or source?

Testimonials from our Delegates:
 · I would like to thank you for an enlightening and absorbing Manual on your ‘No Cash Down’ business purchase system.  T.R.
· I was impressed with your ‘No Cash Down’ Manual, it really was an eye opener. It was professional in every way and covered all aspects of buying and selling businesses. Excellent value for money K.J.
· Thank you for the Brilliant Manual, I really found it useful. In these last couple of days I’ve been so busy.....   S.S.
· I thought I would take the opportunity to confirm my interest in pursuing a continuing interest / relationship with yourselves and express my appreciation for your very interesting Manual.  G.B.
· After studying the LBO information in February I started negotiations for my first business.  I made a number of offers on different businesses and was successful in taking over a Training business.  I am now looking for my second acquisition. Thank you for your very valuable information.........   Tele call C.B.
· After 32 offers I secured my first LBO business being a hotel worth 2.5million.  Thank you for your help.   Tele call.  M.L.
After reading your Manual in November 05, I proceeded to take over my first business in three weeks. Shortly after that I took over my second business of supplying spares to the classic car industry.  After a further two offers the first offer has responded and I have now taken over my third business.  My net worth has increased substantially.  T.D.

6 MODULES FOR $49.95


Module 1
This the most important introduction module
giving you an overview of what Leverage
Buyout is and how it can be applied. In this
module you will learn one of the most
important first steps in securing a highly
profitable Leverage Buyout deal.

Module 2
Another very important module that will
further enhance your understanding and
ability to secure creative finance deals.

Module 3
This compliments the first two modules
and will further enhance your understanding
of how Management BuyOut works.

Module 4[
](http://www.quicksales.com/app/netcart.asp?MerchantID=79147&ProductID=3325125)With this module it all comes together and
will tie up all the information learned from
Modules 1, 2 and 3.

Module 5[
](http://www.quicksales.com/app/netcart.asp?MerchantID=79147&ProductID=3325126)This module proposes other concepts that
are used extensively to secure larger deals
in the $millions.

Module 6[
](http://www.quicksales.com/app/netcart.asp?MerchantID=79147&ProductID=3325127)This module includes legal documents plus 
a source where you can obtain current
listings of thousands of funders who have
money and their check books ready to help
you purchase a profitable and viable
commercial property or business such as
Hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, etc.

Leverage Buyout modules are designed to
be received by email within 24 hours of
payment as PDF Documents (electronic
copy), and are NOT for distribution. 

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.FWDINSIGHT.pay.clickbank.net)

If you want to discuss aspects of
LBO before deciding to purchase
the Modules please phone the
office on: (0044) (0)1276 679795
or email: [contact@toamazing.com](mailto:acontact@toamazing.com)

Every effort has been made to accurately represent
this product and it's potential.  Even though this
industry is one of the few where one can write
ones own check in terms of earnings, there is no
guarantee that you will earn any money using the
techniques and ideas in these materials. 
Examples in these materials are not to be
interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings.
Earning potential is entirely dependent on the
person using our product, ideas and techniques.
We do not purport this as a "get rich scheme".
Your level of success in attaining the results
claimed in our materials depends on the time you
devote to the program, ideas and techniques
mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various
skills.  Since these factors differ according to
individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or
income level, nor are we responsible for any
of your actions.




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