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Special Report

__Breakthrough, proven and insanely lucrative PSYCHOLOGICAL
TRIGGERS that can turn you into a sales super-star, almost

In Just One-Hour You Can Learn The "Kick-Ass Sales Secrets" That
Can Put You Ahead Of The World's Smartest, Happiest And Most Respected
Sales Pro's...

__ These amazingly simple sales secrets will 'shock' and 'delight'
you! Now you can experience stunning new levels success whether you
are a rank beginner or an experienced professional...

_" I'm not kiddin' either, I thought it was a joke until I shocked
myself by the incredible results " _

Hi my name is Andrew Barker and a few years ago almost by accident
I stumbled upon a handful of \'PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGERS\' that helped to
turn my very average sales career around. In just a moment I'm going
to show 'exactly' how they work for truly INSANE RESULTS...

Armed with this 'SECRET KNOWLEDGE' you will be able to tease a
customers "hot buttons" to the point of frenzy and have them so
excited they will desperately crave your product...What's more these
secrets are so powerful you will slaughter all competition...Finally,
the FLOODGATES WILL OPEN to masses of eager new customers hungry to
buy your product or service. The best bit is that...

"They are so simple is it embarrassing"

If you are ready to finally "CRACK THE CODE" behind incredible
SALES SUCCESS then this will be the most important message you will
ever read...And if at any point you have any doubts about what I'm
saying I urge you to check out the rave reviews at the bottom of this

So, if you've ever wanted to become a SALES LEGEND or just wanted
to earn a few extra bucks then listen up very, very carefully...

Here is what it's all about: Small things can make a big
difference. It is a skewed and unbalanced world. Selling is no
different. Races are won and lost in a tenths of a second. It is the
small things that separates the top professionals (who earn the big
bucks) from everyone else...

These psychological triggers are the same - small, simple, easy
and yet amazingly powerful... They are the cruel but legal tricks you
won't learn in Sunday school. They are are the secrets skills behind
making your sales message so 'emotionally charged' your sales pitch
will hit the prospect right in the gut...

Finally, you can now learn how to slay all resistance in your
prospect forcing him to crave what you sell like a starving man on the

How do they work? Inside the customers mind there are a small
number of 'little-known' psychological switches and triggers that most
people don't know about. When you activate these switches, you are
able to influence buying decisions in your favour...

What 'exactly' are psychological triggers'?

There exists a number of 'psychological triggers' that act like
switches 'inside' our minds. They create an automatic 'knee-jerk'
reaction when presented with given set of circumstances...

These mental short-cuts to help us cope with the complexities of
modern day life. They help us to make important decisions. It would be
near impossible for us to fully analyze the mass of information we are
exposed to in our daily lives. As a result, we've become more and more
dependent on these mental short-cuts to help us. These 'mental
short-cuts' are controlled by our subconscious mind. They posses an
awesome power you can harness to massively increase your chances of

By knowing the right 'pyschological triggers' you need to activate
inside the prospects mind, you'll automatically know 'exactly' what to
say and do at the right time. You'll be able to deliberatly satisfy
mental short-cuts to win favour during the sales presentation. This
will massively increase your chances of success. It will give you an
almost 'unfair advantage'...

The best bit is that these sneaky psychological tactics allow your
sales pitch to go directly past any outer defences and straight into
the prospects subconscious - with mind-blowing results. Now you can go
straight to the promised land of big bucks and massive success...

WARNING: These secrets are so "POTENT" that they carry a public
health warning. Knowing these killer sales secrets carry with it a new
responsibility. You should ONLY use these secrets to help your
customers make buying decisions that are right for them...

Frankly, I didn't believe it either. Such a small number of simple
psychological tricks and triggers, almost being ignored by other sales
experts, could make such a BIG DIFFERENCE...that was until I witnessed
the results for myself...

BEFORE: Here my income statement during last year:


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