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P.Bio - Your Personal Biographer   P.BioTM, Your Personal Biographer!Overview | What is P.Bio? | Features | Screenshots | Buy    P.Bio finds information about you, organizes it bydate, and creates a detailed timeline of your life!Install P.Bio and within minutes you can...                           - jump to any day in your past                           - see who contacted you                           - see where you were on a map                           - see the pictures you took                                                               ...and much more!This makes P.Bio the first real "Auto-Diary". It creates thestory of your life, and you never have to fill it in yourself!Order P.Bio Now!!Your satisfaction is very important to us.If you would like assistance with anything at all,please contact us at support@yowzasoftware.com.Overview | What is P.Bio? | Features | Screenshots | BuyCopyright © 2006-2008 Yowza Software. All Rights Reserved. Contact Us

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