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var ns4=document.layers
var ie4=document.all
var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all

//drag drop function for NS 4////

var dragswitch=0
var nsx
var nsy
var nstemp

function drag_dropns(name){
if (!ns4)
temp.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN | Event.MOUSEUP)

function gons(e){
function dragns(e){
if (dragswitch==1){
return false

function stopns(){

//drag drop function for ie4+ and NS6////

function drag_drop(e){
if (ie4&&dragapproved){
return false
else if (ns6&&dragapproved){
return false

function initializedrag(e){
crossobj=ns6? document.getElementById("showimage") : document.all.showimage
var firedobj=ns6? e.target : event.srcElement
var topelement=ns6? "html" : document.compatMode && document.compatMode!="BackCompat"? "documentElement" : "body"
while (firedobj.tagName!=topelement.toUpperCase() && firedobj.id!="dragbar"){
firedobj=ns6? firedobj.parentNode : firedobj.parentElement

if (firedobj.id=="dragbar"){
offsetx=ie4? event.clientX : e.clientX
offsety=ie4? event.clientY : e.clientY


document.onmouseup=new Function("dragapproved=false")

////drag drop functions end here//////

function hidebox(){
crossobj=ns6? document.getElementById("showimage") : document.all.showimage
if (ie4||ns6)
else if (ns4)

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