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Ready to Take "The Ring?"

ATTENTION: The information in this book is intended for serious baseball/fantasy baseball enthusists. It's called The HOGWOG Method of evaluating baseball hitters, and it will help you to:
* Win more fantasy baseball games than ever before.
* Build an offensive lineup that is unstoppable in your league.
* Have more fun because you're (respectfully, of course) smoking the competition.
* Be considered a fantasy baseball expert by your friends and opponents.
* Dominate your fantasy league by winning more and more games year after year.

Introducing "HOGWOG"

This eBook will show you how to evaluate the batting talent of both Major League Baseball veterans and prospects for the purpose of drafting, trading for, or picking up the right players to help you win more games. It uses a new statistical tool and evaluation method for objectively qualifying and reasonably predicting hitters' performances now and into the future.

This System Works

As shown in Chapter 5, the method introduced in this eBook can turn around the worst of fantasy teams, or benefit the best of them. Its mathematical truths produce results. Just think... if its implications for REAL baseball clubs are compelling, then its potential for your FANTASY team is undeniable.

Not Yet Available in Stores

Get a jump on the competition! This breakthrough research is not yet available in stores but can be downloaded only from this site. You don't need to be a stat head to benefit from its lessons. Its research is presented in an easy-to-read format with tons of figures, graphs and charts. With the included Bonus Materials, you'll get all the information you need to start winning again today!

About James Welty

James Welty holds a masters in instructional design and technology from The California State University, Fullerton. For the better part of a decade, Jim has dedicated his avocation to the study of baseball. He currently sidelines as a walk-on coach for the Esperanza High School freshman baseball team and plays for the wooden-bat NABA Orange County Angels when very recently he hit .308 and helped his team to the playoffs. Jim has worked in the community as a Ripken certified volunteer youth baseball coach, and commissioned a men's adult softball league while he managed his men's team to two championships. His baseball statistics research led him to author the ebook Start Winning Again with HOGWOG: The New System for Assigning Value to Baseball Hitters. Jim also earned a bachelors in business from the University of Redlands and is employed as a manager of information technology by a medical electronics manufacturer in Irvine, CA. Born in Long Beach, CA, Jim currently resides in Yorba Linda, CA with his wife of 14 years and three sons.

Start Winning Again with HOGWOG: The New System for Assigning Value to Baseball Hitters by James D. Welty
(eBook - Jan 15, 2008)

Special Internet-Only Offer:

$47.99 $27.99/Year

Your Paid Order for this eBook is a Premier Annual Subscription which, if maintained at the annual price of $27.99, entitles you to the following materials and bonuses:

* Annual HOGWOG Draft Guide (HDG).

* Annual HOGWOG Batter Forecasts (HBF).

* FREE members-only access to the [HOGWOG blogspot](http://startwinningagain.blogspot.com/).

* One FREE copy of each new edition of the eBook/Book (if in print).


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