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The Easy Way to
Plan a Church Conference

Dear Pastors and Church Administrators,

Community churches should strive to develop the whole person. This can be
done by conducting informative church conferences. Through the years there
has been a tradition to set aside one service on a Sunday to celebrate and
honor men, women, and/or youth.

Due to the desire to offer members more strategies for personal growth, and to
show them how to deal effectively with others, on a personal and professional
level, many churches are changing that one-day service to an all day Saturday
or a weekend event.

These events usually begin on Friday night. On Saturday there are classes
and/or workshops on various topics that affect the everyday lives of participants
and their families.

The Easy Way to Plan a Church Conference is a blueprint to planning a
successful church conference. I feel blessed to have written an e-book that
allows me to help others while receiving so much inner satisfaction. Review the
information below and order your personal copy today!


Marie Huggins McCurley

This is an easy-to-follow guide to           
planning a successful church                 

What's more, this nondenominational     
e-book solves the conference planning

This e-book will especially appeal to small and
medium-sized churches that do not have full-time staff to
plan a conference.

Your volunteers will be able to follow the easy to read

Purchase this e-book and you will discover:

How to select a committee
How to develop a budget
How to select a facility
How to select topics
How to locate speakers
How to determine registration fee
Sample letters  
Sample forms
Sample program
Other helpful suggestions

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and get the Bonus monograph
Five Ways to Enhance Your Interpersonal Skills

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79 Pages

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Five Ways to
Enhance Your

Five Ways to Enhance Your Interpersonal Skills
is a monograph that can be used to develop               
your planning committee or used as an                       
outline for a topic at your conference.

Order your copy of The Easy Way to Plan a Church Conference and get
the Bonus monograph. Order today! You'll be able to download and print it
from a web page and get your staff or volunteers ready to plan a successful

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your internet connection.

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