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Breaking News for Internet Retailers:
Optimization Consultants Offer Online Access to Their Proprietary Tools for Boosting eCommerce Growth and Profits

Now You Can Squeeze Maximum Profit From Your Internet Retail Site...With the Same Business Optimization Tools and Processes Used by the Pros! YOU JUST KNOW IT'S THERE. You know there's much more growth and profit hiding in your Internet retail business. No matter how well you're doing, you know there are even more orders, more customers, more revenues, and more profit just waiting to be uncovered.
I know it, too. My name is [Rafe VanDenBerg](aboutrafe.htm) and for a decade I've been working with e-commerce companies and Internet retailers to substantially improve their top- and bottom-line business results. And something I've learned along the way is that there is always more.
How Do You Find and Capture Your Rightful Profits?

What if you had access to all of the same proprietary tools and optimization techniques we use to produce [profitable results](results.htm) for our e-commerce clients? The same methods and processes we use in our consulting work to:
Boost targeted traffic levels and prospect flows Improve conversion rates and reduce acquisition costs Increase transaction sizes and improve order values Optimize pricing and eliminate unnecessary discounts And reduce competitive pressures in the marketplace
And what if you could access all of these resources online, whenever and wherever you needed them?

eCommerceXcellerator.com is a suite of online tools and training resources specifically-designed to help businesses like yours generate much more profit.

Powerful Business Tools You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Developed from proven and field-tested business improvement methods and processes, the proprietary tools and assessments in this members-only suite cover a range of powerful e-commerce profit levers and require no integration or installation --- members can just log-in and get started immediately by entering information from any available source.

While new tools and resources are always being added to the eCommerceXcellerator.com suite, here's a sampling of the current lineup available to members:

The 4-Point Conversion Funnel Diagnostic Tool helps you identify and quantify tactical and strategic improvement opportunities in your e-commerce conversion funnel. Just enter a few metrics from your analytics package and online sales reports, and the tool does the rest:
Automatic Diagnostic Benchmark Comparisons
The tool will automatically compare your performance at four levels of the conversion funnel to specific diagnostic benchmarks. The graphical displays and detailed views make it easy to identify critical performance gaps and improvement opportunities. Automatic Quantification of Improvement Opportunities
Using your specific financial data, the tool automatically quantifies any performance gaps in orders, revenues, and profits. The value of both individual and combined improvements are quantified to help with prioritization and illustrate the magnitude of the issues. Scenario Modeling Sliders for Goal-Setting or Seeking
You can perform free-form, interactive modeling of performance improvements at each stage of your conversion funnel --- and see the value of the combined improvements in real-time.
The Top Product Demand-Matching Diagnostic Tool helps you identify untapped opportunities in the demand dynamics breaking out on your web site. Different products have different demand and conversion, and those dynamics can be leveraged for improved growth and profits. Using this online tool, you'll identify pockets of untapped demand and products where you might be overly aggressive through:
Automatic Diagnostic Benchmark Range Comparisons
The tool will automatically compare the performance of individual, high-demand products to specific diagnostic benchmarks. The graphical displays and detailed views make it easy to identify critical performance gaps and improvement opportunities. Automatic Quantification of Improvement Potential
Using your specific financial data, the tool automatically quantifies performance-gap potential in orders and profit contribution --- providing a very clear and motivating indication of how much money you may be leaving on the table with each product. Product-Level Status Flagging
The tool automatically flags low-side and high-side opportunities --- and even tells you when product-level performance is within an acceptable range. These status flags allow you to quickly understand the actions that can be taken on a product-by-product basis to improve performance.

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The Price-Change Profitability Workbench Tool helps you make more-profitable pricing and discounting decisions. This online tool shows you the sales-volume and conversion levels you'll need to achieve in order to actually produce more profit-dollars from price increases and discounts. It also shows you the revenue and profit impacts of different prices and resulting sales volumes.
Proven eCommerce Optimization Method
Pricing is one of the most-powerful profit-levers available to an e-commerce marketer or Internet retailer. In our work, we've seen how even small improvements to price can have magnified impacts on the bottom line. Our Price-Change Profitability Workbench is a field-tested and effective tool for making better, more-informed pricing decisions. Automatic Determination of Minimum Breakeven Levels
Using all relevant variable costs associated with a particular price change, the tool automatically determines the change in sales-volume or conversion that would be required to produce more profit-dollars than the current price. With a clear understanding of the minimum breakeven level, it's easy to determine whether the price change you are considering will actually produce more profit-dollars. Expected Volume Revenue and Profit Modeling
The tool automatically calculates the revenue and profit impacts of different sales-volumes and prices relative to the current price. This is a very powerful way to model the top- and bottom-line impacts of exceeding breakeven points, hitting expected volume or conversion targets, "zero-loss" scenarios, and much more.
The Strategic Marketing Process Assessment helps you identify profitable opportunities for improvement in the core areas of strategic marketing. Strategic marketing processes can help you to become more competitive, differentiate your business, make sales conversion easier, reduce pricing pressure, develop truly meaningful innovation, and more. This online assessment shows you where you're doing well and where your processes and practices could use some improvement:
Comprehensive, But Easy to Use and Intuitive
Covering the four core areas of strategic marketing in detail, from segment targeting and marketing research to competitive analysis and strategy development, this assessment evaluates 60 specific processes and practices that lead to improved results and performance. And as you make improvements, you can conduct the assessment again and again to gauge your progress over time. Individual Evaluations in Each Core Area Bring Focus
By evaluating each core area individually, you can focus your resources and time on the areas with the most opportunity for improvement. Don't waste time trying to squeeze more performance out of areas where you're already doing well --- the greatest improvements come from bringing areas of weakness up to par.
On-Demand Training Resources At Your Fingertips

With the variety of training resources available to members, expert guidance and education is never more than a few mouse-clicks away. Delivering only the most pragmatic strategies, tactics, and techniques, this continually-expanding library of videos, presentations, case studies, articles, and how-to reports gives you the freedom to:
Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule Confidently "do-it-yourself" with expert guidance

It's like having your very own virtual team of business-improvement specialists
at your fingertips and on-demand, 24x7.

Monthly Membership Fees Are Easy On Your Cashflow

Best of all, with monthly membership fees and no long-term contracts to deal with, access to the entire suite of online tools and training resources at eCommerceXcellerator.com is very affordable and easy on your cash-flow.

For just a fraction of the cost of hiring a consulting firm, you can leverage the very same tools and processes to squeeze maximum profit from your Internet retail site!

To get started, your initial charge is just $197. You will then be charged only $47 per month for 11 months after your initial charge has been made. And, you can cancel your membership at any time during the subscription period and owe nothing further.

Get everyone on the same page with a membership for each person on your team!

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Remember...you have a 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. Should you decide that the powerful tools and training resources in the eCommerce Xcellerator suite are just not right for you, let us know within 8-weeks and we'll refund your money...no questions asked.

But please act now to lock-in this pricing --- we've already raised the price once and will continue to do so as we expand the range of tools and training available in the suite.

eCommerceXcellerator.com is a division of Business Development Xcellerator, Inc.
389 E. Stonewater Ct., Eagle, ID 83616
email: info @ ecommercexcellerator.com
phone: 1 - 208 - 938 -4356

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