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Marketing Newsflash:

Take Everything you've learned about making money online


Will You Be Next To Steal The Unstoppable Traffic Machine
That Floods Your Site With Motivated Visitors and Lines Your Pockets With
Cash... on Autopilot?

Internet Marketer,

a hell of a lot of crap out there these days.

The screenshot above is profit from ONE site in just one year. All on 100%
autopilot. I got there because I refused to listen to all that crap.

My method has been replicated across 27 successful sites.

My method is no fluke.

I've also taught a friend of mine who at the time was a complete beginner
do the same. Here's a screenshot from just one of his sites:

(2 year old site - took around 2-3 weeks to build)

not a fly by marketer who continue to ride on the coattails of what I
achieved 5 years ago. And I didn't make any money selling "make money
online" books, audios, seminars or anything like that.

actually done this stuff in well known "regular joe" niches
(the competition doesn't bother me at all) and they have been running
this way for 1-3 years with little or no updates.

they keep sucking in traffic virtually with no effort

it keeps growing, month after month

after month...

And the best part is, you won't have to pay even one measly cent for this
traffic. It just keeps rolling in on autopilot.

Most people are terrified when Google do their dreaded "updates".
I stopped worrying about suddenly losing search engine rankings a long
time ago.

I spend a whole lot more time enjoying:

Automatic Rankings
for Thousands of Keywords Every Single Month...

I'm getting traffic
from well over 4000 different keywords with just this one site!

not just 4732 people. That's 4732 targeted ways that almost 30 thousand
people find just one of my websites every month.. completely free!
I didn't even tell you the really cool part yet.

my method, these thousands keywords are an added bonus -I've
never actually targeted those 4732 keywords -
I rank for them automatically.
can too.

It's all about knowing how to become an insider - and how to get the trust
of Google (or another search engine for that matter) - without it I'd
consider myself lucky to get 20 visitors per day

this simple website recently broke the 800 unique visitors per day barrier
- all FREE, targeted, and motivated traffic - the best
kind there is!

And this is just for one single site!

CAN Make Money on Autopilot Online

don't know where you're currently at in your online marketing career,
but since you've read this far I am guessing that

You're fed up building
sites that never seems to take off no matter how much content you add

You're really,
really tired of checking your stats every day only to find that no one
is visiting - let alone buying or clicking on your ads?

You're sick of
racking up paid clicks without anything to show for it in terms of cold,
hard cash?

You've had just
about enough of expensive SEO software that didn't get you that automatic
number one Google ranking you were hoping for (and promised)?

You're sick of
hearing about smart ways that you can generate five figures by the time
you brush your teeth tomorrow morning.

scratching your head because you did everything "they"
told you to do.

Well... they too got it all wrong...
you're ready for the kind of success I enjoy you can have it...

you may not qualify...

quite simply need to brainwash you first.

You're not about to learn something that dries up in a few short months
(like hyped up junk you'll find everywhere else)

You're not about to
be led to the trough like cattle ready to swallow the same old story in
a new package.

I'm not here to
try and teach you advanced SEO or one-hit trickery. It won't get you
anywhere in the long run anyway (there is a much more effective way
to get solid search engine rankings and web 2.0 traffic...)

I'm not here to
tell you that you need every new $1,000 marketing gadget under the sun!
(In most cases, stay away!)

I'm not here to
tell you that you need to become a master copywriter or salesman to
succeed online (the opposite can be even more powerful)

I'm not here to
tell you that you need a thousand page website to be noticed by the
search engines. By applying what I teach, you'll be more successful
with a 20-page site than most will ever be with gigantic 1,000 page
sites whose owners don't know what they're doing.

I Am Here to Do Is Systematically Show You How to Turn a Stampede of Laser-Targeted
Consumers Loose on Your Website!

Everyone Else Opens their Eyes!)

been online for 8 years I see it every single day: how beginning marketers
are systematically being led in the wrong direction. And it's REALLY starting
to on my nerves. And it has been getting to me for a long time.

Do you know why some marketers sell you supposed "billion dollar
loopholes"? It's quite simple:

Sell Like Hotcakes!

What no one is telling you though is this undeniable truth:

It is the very OPPOSITE that WILL create what some people would refer
to as "automatic traffic and profits".

I've proved it over and over again. I've even taught complete beginners
how to do the same.
And these days I am working on automating the whole process.
you heard me, I'm paying other people to do all the work because
I no longer need to do it myself.

Talk about creating a completely automatic traffic machine that just keeps
growing and growing with no nitty gritty work on your behalf..

You can reach
the same level of success, but not as long as your traffic stats keep
looking something like this:

how about something like this in just a few short months:

I've been on both sides of the fence. I've had both "loser sites"
and "winner sites" and I am in a unique position to give YOU
the EXACT traits that separate the losers from the winners (winners that
blast through any Google Update and thrive with web 2.0)

And what happens when
you can build a site that continues to get traffic without you lifting
a finger? Then you can pay someone to produce content (if you want to)
and it will continue to grow - and then you can build another
one. Soon you will realize that you are building a real empire, not the
artificial crappy ones like so many of the gurus tell you to do.

Using my formula,
you can start seeing traffic in as little as hours, days (sometimes the
first visitors starts trickling in just a few minutes after a site is
live) and you can keep rolling with it and build traffic on top
of that until your site hits a point where it will be a consistent traffic
magnet with little or no effort.

You need to
shake off your doubts and become just as confident as I am. Or
turn your back and continue to listen to those marketers who ask you the
same question over and over again, disguised with a lie:

Else Wants To Auto Generate A Ton of Websites That Will Never
Make a Dime?"

Success on the Internet is NOT about:

How many websites
you can churn out in a day. It's NOT necessarily the more sites you
build the more money you make.

It's NOT about
painstakingly setting up advanced networks of websites constantly trying
to avoid getting "caught"

If you buy into that:

You'll feed off
the bottom of the Internet food chain forever.

You'll be eagerly
awaiting the next loophole.

be forever competing for the little pieces of cheese that fell on
the floor.

You miss
out on the true opportunity to build a consistently growing empire that
is staring right in your face.

I'll tell you this: I'm not afraid to go against
the cattle that makes up the Internet marketing herd if that is what it
takes to bring you

But the Whole Uncensored Truth

In 2005 I took a full year off internet marketing all while my sites were
funding my bank account like clockwork every single month with practically
no work on my behalf.

I traveled across
Europe, went to South America - I went to Brazil, Cyprus, Spain, and
more. It was all play and no work. Literally.

Last year and this
year I've had time to complete my studies (just because I wanted to
and no money worries held me back).

In fact, my internet
business put me through a 3 year full time education.

I finally bought
that 90k car I wanted.

I did a lot of
exciting things that have been on my to do list for years. What's on
your list?

I admit it - I'm not making millions online (yet). I don't live in a mansion
and I don't own a yacht. And I don't want to insult you or your intelligence.

But I
have been able to make a nice extra income on the side while attending
a 3 year full time education. And I can show you how to do the same.

I'll tell you something else that I love about my method:

Don't Have to be Perfect

I'm a bit ashamed to admit this...I'm easily distracted. I can't ever
find my car keys, I can't seem to plan things. It's hard for me to finish
something I start, and I always seem to want to start something new.

Does that sound familiar to you?

We all
have to become successful despite our faults...

My method
works because I never really have to finish a website. You
can't throw up just anything, but your site doesn't have to be polished
& perfect like when you're selling your own products (it's easy, I'll
show you exactly how to do it)

You can become
succesful even if you don't have the patience to build elaborate sales
funnels and dabble in advanced selling strategies and all that jazz...

Testing, tracking,
and keeping track of every detail of a website, optimizing this and
optimizing that is quite simply too boring!

should breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you can be
outrageously successful without being perfect. And you don't need to know
about all sorts of technical mumbo jumbo to get there.

But I know you're
thinking that traffic is getting harder to come by these days...It's really
no wonder because like 90% of Internet marketers…

Still Using the Same Stale, Outdated Push Button Traffic Crap That Doesn't
Work Anyway...

Up until 6 months ago I knew absolutely nothing about this web 2.0 thing.
I was a little worried that my websites would go belly up in no time with
all this talk of "web 2.0" that I had no clue about...

Then I discovered something intriguing...

of my sites were getting even more automatic traffic on
top of the usual
search engine traffic from web 2.0 sites - without me ever having signed
up with these sites or even visited them...

How could that be?

I'd spent some time on a few web 2.0 sites that had been popping up in
my traffic logs I quickly discovered that I'd been worried for nothing.

It is
in fact easy to drive traffic from web 2.0 sites, and the
very method I've been using for 3+ years to generate automatic traffic
from major search engines just keeps growing stronger when
you add web 2.0 sites into the mix - and web 2.0 is practically designed
for the little guy who needs results without spending money. There's nothing
hi-tech about it. But the right approach is crucial.

In fact, when you build your site with my methods the combination of web
2.0 and search engines can become a force of unstoppable traffic like
you've never imagined. With my own sites, I am only scratching the surface
of the enourmous potential.

time to tap in is now.

Times are changing right now. The Internet is shifting gears.
Hundreds of millions of users flock to web 2.0 sites every single month.
There's a new breed of traffic generation that has hardly even been discovered

If you ask a fisherman for advice, he'll tell you to fish where the fish
are. Online, the fish have been moving so fast that even established marketers
are scrambling to keep up.

Wouldn't you just love to turn back the clock to the mid 1990s where there
was much less competition and you could capitalize on the fact that hardly
anyone knew what they were doing?

With the changes that are happening right now, the elite few are already
celebrating like it's 1995 all over again - and it’s your chance
to get in on the new Gold Rush that’s taking place right under your
nose – but you need to choose if you want to start out ahead of the
pack or you'll be left behind - again - while those who are in the know
will thrive and enjoy even more hands-free success.

Even the gurus wouldn't be able to tell you what I'm revealing to you,
because it's practically un-chartered territory.

Most people are left out of the know, bewildered. They end up working
for such a small, fleeting spike in traffic and profits that they might
as well be flippin' burgers in some godforsaken joint in the middle of

The Internet is a giant vacuum just standing by waiting to suck in hungry
visitors by the truck load. A big piece of this traffic pie could
be ending up on your website...


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