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How The A-Team Made Me Rich...

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"You have just accessed the most dangerous single web page on the entire

How Sitting On My Butt and
Watching "The A-Team"
Taught Me How To Double
The Profits Of Any Business,
In Just 183 Days

...and precisely, how you
can do the same dang thing,
but probably shouldn't.


From: Scott Neufeld
3 Degrees East of Eden
Thursday, 8:37 a.m.

Dear Friend,

I have no idea how you got to this website.


Maybe you heard about it on The Today Show. Maybe a friend referred you to it.
Perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure dumb luck.

But, however you got here, you have arrived at what is, without question, the
most dangerous single web page on the entire

I am not using this word dangerous, lightly.
This is
not marketing B.S., meant to stir up curiosity.

No... words have meaning, and I don't much care for people who twist language.
When I say that this is the most dangerous single web page on the
entire Internet, I mean it.

At the bottom of this web page, you will be presented with a choice that will
alter the course of your life forever. And this new course will probably be
harmful to you. In fact, if you choose wrongly, your very soul may be in

At the bottom of this page, you will be given the option to access three
simple pieces of information that I personally guarantee, will double the
profits of any business you touch, and thus you will inevitably
become, quite rich and possibly famous, depending on whether you choose to
use your powers in that way.

And while the prospect of great wealth might seem to you, quite wonderful, I
feel morally compelled to warn you.

Frankly, becoming fantastically
rich using this information, is
quite easy and a lot of fun.

But actually being fantastically rich will most likely destroy

Let me explain.

History is replete, with stories of men and women alike, who went wayward, once
they came into fantastic wealth.

Generally speaking, once money is no longer a concern, and people have more than
they could ever spend, they lose their drive for life, begin floating along
aimlessly, then lose their moral compass, and become friggin' idiots, or worse,

The only way to learn to handle fantastic wealth is to gain it slowly, so that
you have time to become seasoned and wise.

But even with wisdom, you have to be extremely careful, because wisdom is no
guarantee against destroying yourself.

Even arguably, the wisest
man ever to walk the earth, King Solomon, allowed riches to lure his heart away
from good.

His particular vice, was beautiful women. Lot's of beautiful women. No, Lot's
and Lot's of beautiful woman. The story recorded, is well over 400 beautiful

Geeze, this guy made Bill Clinton look like a Puritan.

You have heard it said, that money can't buy happiness.

This is pure 100% USDA crapola.

Yes, money can buy you anything.

It can even buy you happiness, if used properly.

But, instant wealth is usually the hardest on a person's soul.

It's a lot
like winning the lottery.


And unfortunately, instant wealth is exactly what
these 3 simple pieces of information produce.......

If you know you are strong enough to handle fantastic wealth, then
click here to get started.



"It is as easy as
1, 2, 3...

It is three simple steps. I realized after
How The A-Team Made Me Rich that I had been skipping steps one and two
for many years, thereby leaving tens of
thousands of dollars on the table. I have
already started implementing the lessons I have
learned here."

Bill Platt - OwnerthePhantomWriters.com


You Are Guaranteed To Become Rich

If you choose to access
these 3 simple pieces of information, you are guaranteed to become rich,
and I will not stand in your way, even though the danger to you is very great.

Why am I willing to take this risk?

Because the potential reward for you and all of humanity is enormous.

I believe that your heart is good. I believe that your Creator made you good.
And therefore, I believe that you have the capacity to use fantastic wealth
for fantastic good.

But, I want you to first know, what I have personally seen, when people use
these 3 simple pieces of information, in the wrong way.

I have seen personal friends; use this information to become rich with their
businesses, and with other peoples businesses. And I have seen these riches;
turn their hearts, cold as stone.

They became stingy, when once they were generous. And their minds became
deluded, and they still believed themselves to be generous.

They became paranoid, when they used to be carefree.

I have seen the lust for riches make their bodies so tense that their limbs
literally became twisted.

If you can handle fantastic wealth, then
click here to get started.


What Will You DoWith Your New

Listen, before you access these 3 simple pieces of information, before
you get swept away in the tidal wave of fortune that will indeed come,
take some time, to think
seriously about what you will do with all that money.

I recommend giving it away.

Don't keep more than what you need.

Give away 90% of it and enjoy 10%.

10% will be more than you can possibly spend.

Think about it right now.

What will you do? How will you handle it?

If you choose to access these 3 simple pieces of information, then by all means,
use the wealth for good.

Help your family, your friends, your employees, your neighbors, and help
complete strangers for goodness sakes.

Setup endowments, establish charities, build schools, spread it out far and
wide, there's going to be a lot of it.

I hope and pray that for your sake, I have done my duty to warn you about what
is coming your way.

If your heart is good and can handle fantastic wealth, then
click here to get started.



"My eyes are
now open!...

"Wow the ideas so eloquently waxed in your book
are amazing, the way you deliver wealth is both
easy to understand and entertaining.  My eyes
are now open!  It really is a system you can
follow.  Simple as 1, 2, 3"

Daniel KizziahAir
Force Flight Instructor


The Solution Is Deceptively Simple

I have good news for you.

I can step inside any
business, and within 6 hours time, have a plan mapped, and the first step
executed, that will double the profits of that business in 183 days or less.

I will teach you to do the same thing. It is deceptively simple.

Inside your business or any business you want to be involved with, exists
a literal pot full of money.

Very few people know how to extract this money.

Making a lot more money with an existing business is very easy.

Let me define what I mean, when I say "a lot".

"A Lot" means:

Doubling (2x) your profits within 183 days is a no-brainer.
Increasing your profits by a multiple of five (5x) within 24 months is very

Absolutely ANY business can double their profits within 183 days.

Doubling your profits within 183 days is like a law of nature.

It is an absolute certainty.

If you follow this blueprint, just as sure as the sun rises in the morning your
profits will double.

You can use this blueprint
to double your own business.

If you want to consult with businesses, you can use this blueprint to double
their profits in just 183 days.

It is not expensive to do

Generally no extra money at all is required.

It is not hard to do this.

You will not find anything inside this blueprint that couldn't be done by a
16-year-old kid.

It doesn't take extra time
to do this.

As a matter of fact, many people find themselves suffering "withdrawal" symptoms
because they have more free time, and don't know what to do with it.

It is a fact, that there are 3 simple tasks any business can perform that
will double their profits within a 183-day period.

It is also a fact that 99%
don't perform these extremely simple tasks.

Making a lot more money in an existing business does require a "stick to it"
type of mentality.

You must start implementing the blueprint, and you must finish implementing
the entire blueprint.

Going half way is not good enough, you must actually do what I say to do in
this blueprint.

If you do, your business will prosper beyond what you previously thought

Still Not Convinced? Listen To Others...

"WOW!  WOW!! Did
I say WOW!?
I gotta tell
you, I would have never believed it if, I didn't
see it with my own eyes. 
You told me it would happen, but
I couldn't believe you.
And then we did it, and oh my goodness did it
We took the
marketing pieces that you created for us, and
tested the plan just exactly like you told us
to. We were crushed with
business, and I mean CRUSHED!
As a matter of
fact we were so overwhelmed with business, that
it crippled our entire operation!!
I don't have
enough staff, I don't have enough building
space, I do not have the capacity to handle the
amount of business that your marketing
techniques produce. So, I
am at this very moment, making a major addition
to my production building! (Stop by and see it
I have had to
turn your marketing off, because I simply cannot
handle this volume of business.  I would
have never dreamed that this was possible.
When I first
asked you to take a look at my business, I was
skeptical.  And when you made your
recommendations, I was very skeptical. 
I mean, come on, your marketing
doesn't have that "professional" look that I
thought people wanted to see. 
But you were absolutely right. 
Your "off-the-wall-friendly" style of marketing
is amazingly effective!
I would
encourage any business, big or small, to follow
your advice.
You have
motivated me to think of my business as a
national operation and not just a local company. 
You know, I have owned 26
businesses over the past 31 years and I can't
even imagine my net worth had I know about your
style of marketing way back then.
Thanks a
Reeves -Owner

Stillwater Screenprinting


Uncovering The WealthHidden In
Your Business

If you are like most business owners, you opened your business, because you were
good at doing that thing you are now doing.

Maybe you were trained to do that thing. Perhaps you went to school, and learned
to do that thing.

Maybe you just saw some opportunity to provide for yourself by doing that thing.

Maybe you currently do some advertising. Maybe you have TV spots, or radio ads,
or perhaps you use the newspaper. You might even have a sales team.

Or, you could be just like most business owners, and you don't do anything to
get business, it just comes.

Maybe you are comfortable or maybe you are just skimmin' by at the moment.

But what if there was a
Grand Canyon of wealth hidden inside your business? Would you want to know?

I think you have a moral responsibility to get that wealth out of your business,
and use it for good.

I want to be very clear that, becoming fantastically rich with your current
business, has nothing to do with tricking people, or deceiving them, or fooling
them in any way.

It's very much the opposite.

You must be brutally truthful and openly honest, with yourself, your clients,
and your potential clients.

As you become ever
increasingly truthful, honest, and open with your current clients and your
future clients, something wildly mysterious occurs.

Mountains of riches begin to flow to you AND to your clients AND to your
potential clients, establishing an endless upwards progression of wealth for
anyone you become involved with.

And this mysterious occurrence, starts with 3 very simple pieces of


packed with valuable secrets...

Wow!  Your brutal honesty was hilariously
funny!  Yet your book was jammed packed with
valuable secrets that will enable me to make
more money in my business.  This book is a must
for anyone wanting to make their business "pop"!

Davincis Gourmet Coffees


Let me be brutally honest with you. Let me tell you where I have come from.

I am familiar with success
and I am familiar with failure.

The year was 2001; I had
just failed miserably in an attempt to start a weight lifting and exercise
accessory business.

Here's how it happened:

I was going to import product from Pakistan, because Pakistan had particularly
inexpensive leather products.

It took me a whole friggin' year to get the product line designed.

The first container of product showed up on a Monday, and I ripped open the
first box, to see what my hard work had produced.

Good golly, it was overwhelming. I wanted to cry.

Now, I would sure like to
tell you, that I wanted to cry because I felt the joy of all my hard work
culminating in this beautiful moment.

But, that would be a lie.

No, I wanted to cry, because my sinuses where overwhelmed with a horrible

My product smelled like it had been rubbing against a camel's butt, all the way
from Pakistan.

I am not using a euphemism here, to say that something else was wrong with my
product. It really smelled bad.

Wow did it stink!

Well, I thought, maybe it's
just this one box.

So I,
open Box #2 - it stinks
open Box #3 - it stinks
open Box #4 - it stinks

You get the idea.

The whole darn shipment reeked. It smelled really bad.

Now, I am an optimist, so
of course I thought that it would surely wear off in a couple of days.

I put it out of my mind,
and pulled the trigger on my marketing campaign.

The orders start rolling in.

Product starts shipping out.

After my first week, the numbers were looking very good...

But then, product actually starts being delivered to my clients.

And a great many of my clients don't seem to like the fact that the product
smells, like a camel's butt.

Imagine that.

Well, it's just a problem
and problems can be solved.

So, I am calling Pakistan to find out what they are going to do, when the phone
line goes dead.

What the heck!

I take this opportunity to make a run to my local hardware store to pick up some
parts for my office toilet.

The toilet in my warehouse has been busted for two weeks and I have been
urinating behind the building.

I begin to see this practice as slightly less than professional.

I doubt that Bill Gates or Warren Buffet urinate behind their buildings.

So, I decide I had better repair the toilet.

I make it down to the hardware store.

Everybody is huddled around the TV.

Jack the owner of the store says, "An airplane just flew into The World Trade

The 9/11 terror attacks
happened at that very moment!

In the weeks and months
that followed, nobody and I mean nobody, is interested in weight lifting

And frankly, I couldn't blame them.

But, my credit line at the bank is maxed, I have bills to pay, I just gotta sell
some product.

But it ain't gonna happen any time soon.

The bank calls my note on a Wednesday.

I am sunk.

All right, I got $200,000
in bad debt.

What the heck do I do

I do what any reasonable person in my position would do.

I go home and spend the next three days watching old reruns of The A-Team.


"This stuff
is gold!...

Dear Mr. Neufeld,
I'll keep it short: the ideas contained within
your book are nothing short of revolutionary.
I've read hundreds of books by self-proclaimed
experts like (names omitted).  Finally...a book
that actually tells you what to do and
how.  This stuff is gold!  Please let
me know if you have any other products
available.  Also, do you provide private
Psychology Doctorate


A Profound Realization...
The A-Team's Success Secret

It was on the second day of my A-Team marathon, when I realized something quite

And that profound realization was, that The A-Team had the secret, to
astounding business success.

How could I have been blind
so long? I mean, I have been watching the A-Team since 1983.

Granted, I was only 11 years old in 1983, and I wasn't exactly on the look out
for the secret to business success.

I was however, interested in ramping my bike, and blowing things up and shooting
it out with the bad guys.

And watching the A-Team did give me a graduate degree in those important aspects
of life.

But business success?

Could the A-Team have
been trying to teach me the secret of business success all these years?

Well, to a desperate man, it seemed as plain as day, the answer was, Yes.

And come on, why would I not trust the A-Team?

So, I got my yellow legal pad and my blue pen, and my black sharpie marker, and
I started taking notes, and making plans.

At the end of the 3-day
A-Team marathon, I knew precisely what needed to be done, to make any
existing business, attract mountains of cash.

So, I went and applied what the A-Team taught me.

And by golly it worked.
And it worked again.
And it worked again.
And again, and again, and it just keeps working.

As Hannibal would say, "I love it when a plan comes together!"


99% Of Business SuccessBooks Are
Pure Crap

Now, one thing that you must remember before you begin reading further,
I don't care much for theory.

I am only interested in

If someone thinks something might work, I don't care to listen.

If it has been proven to
work, and if it is ethical, then I am for it.

I tell you this, to forewarn you, that I do not spend any time in this blueprint
explaining why things work.

I am not interested to
convince you that it will work. The extra money in your bank account will
be all the convincing you need.

Also I am not interested in
telling you a bunch of stories of people that have found success.

Most success books and systems today are simply filled with stories and
anecdotes that make you feel good and get motivated for a few hours.

Don't get me wrong here, I am all for motivation. You need to be motivated.

You should get motivated each and every day.

You should always be obtaining new books and CD's and especially subscribe to
daily email lists, that help you stay motivated and give you practical advice.

But, business success books, blather on and on and friggin' on, about every
minute topic imaginable.

They are all crap.

Not because, there is no good information presented.

They are all crap,
because they never tell you precisely how to do it, nor do they give you the
tools to do it with.

Listen, you can read every business success book under the sun.

But all those books must be distilled down to 3 or 4 practical actions
that you, can and will implement on an ongoing basis.

If you don't do that, then your business will not grow, exponentially.

Your business will continue on in a "normal" fashion.


What I Will Be Giving You

You need, a yellow legal
pad, and a blue pen,
and a black sharpie marker,
and exactly 37 minutes of
free time.

With those things in hand,
I will reveal to you, with laser-like precision, the 3 very easy, actions, you
must perform to double any existing business in 183 days.

And, I will not just reveal the actions you must take, I will actually give you
everything you need to perform the actions.

I will give you the 1 Pre-Built Word document you will need.

I will give you the 1 phone number you will need.

I will give you the precise words to say to Julie who will answer that phone.

I will give you the 1 chart you need to create, to prepare yourself and your
people, for the mad crush of new business that will swamp you.

These are the exact and
identical steps that I used to take a niche insurance business, from $1.8
million to $5.2 million in 3 months.

These are the exact and identical steps that I used to
skyrocket the sales of an Internet service provider, from just $1,800 per month
to $23,000 per month, in 7 months.

It works like magic for both large and small businesses.

These are also the exact and identical steps, I DID NOT use when I lost my
shorts (and $200,000) in my weight lifting and exercise accessory  failure.

Motivation is not the point of this blueprint.

The point of this blueprint
is to show you exactly how to double the profits of any existing business in 183



This blueprint is not designed to make you feel good.

It is not designed to excite you.

It is not designed to motivate you.

It is not designed to create warm fuzzies.

It is not designed to warm your heart.

It is not designed to give you stories to tell.

The following blueprint
is specifically designed to double the profit of any business in 183 days.

The type of business is irrelevant.

Enough said.

Let's get down to business.

Scott Neufeld

P.S. - Remember...you have
my 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee - you can still
keep the bonuses as my gift - take a full 8 weeks to to implement these 3 simple
steps, and if your business profits do not double. - I'll refund double your
money... no questions asked.  Shoot, I'll refund your money for any reason.  I
don't care if you just don't like the way I spell.  Take a full 8 weeks, and I
will refund 100% of your money for any reason at all.

One Final Warning:  I am very straight forward, and sometimes my language is,
well, er...rough.  So don't buy this profit producing blueprint if your ears are
easily offended.

I am committed 100% to your success. I wouldn't have it any other way.

P.P.S. - Most people only dream about what they will do with their lives
when they become rich. With this simple blueprint, you are guaranteed to
make rich, a reality. If your soul can handle the wealth, then get
started right now.

P.P.P.S. - Order now. It's easy and simple. Just click on
the link below and you'll be taken to the 100% secure payment page. Once your
order has been received, you'll get instant access to the private area where you
can download the entire blueprint.


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