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"Wait before Investing Your Money & Effort in a Business you surely Don't know All about!"   Give me a few minutes and you will Discover How a Powerful Keyword Software will lead your Business to a New Level while Decreasing your Budget and Detecting Gems of Products to Promote   From: Jean Fages

Dear Fellow Marketer,

There is something I'd like to tell you that may change the way you do your business researches online. And what you will learn today is A sure way to maximize your profits with techniques even an average-joe beginner can largelly benefit from.
  As you can see, the Internet is moving so fast that it's getting harder nowadays to make decent money online. And it sometimes requires expensive expertise from consultants to make the difference. And if you are not one step above your competition, you'll fall straight on the floor or you'll become one of the many who burnt their wings in a too hot business. After nearly one year of Brainstorming and keeping myself aware of the Internet moves, I finally can say: here is a   All-in-One solution For Your Online Success   And it lies in a piece of software which will surely bring more money in your pocket as it already does for me and my partners.   But before I continue, I'd like you to clear your mind and forget what you've heard about money making on the Internet. I've spent thousands of hours to program and to do researches for this software. I've also invested thousands of dollars to run accurate tests on this unique kind of program. So I know what I'm talking about!   This software is very unique and brings many new techniques, not even talked about anywhere else. All those features will help you to make the right decisions in your business. And finally, it will decrease your online budget significantly, to say the least.       Aren't you fed up wasting your money in expansive Adwords campaigns that kill your benefits?   [ ](/video/features/MaxCPCCrawler/MaxCPCCrawler.html)   Try our MaxCPC Crawler technology to find ways to pay your keywords 2-3 times less than what you are paying today! Find the cheapest prices to bid on AdWords!   Are you sure you are using all niches required for your success? Isn't there any more to expand your profit?   [ ](video/features/HiddenNiches/HiddenNiches.html)    What about discovering what your eyes and mind have possibly missed?
I'm talking about niches hiding themselves within your keywords lists. I'm talking about uncovering important keywords for your success you haven't thought about.
I'm talking about detecting other money making niches linked to your niches.   Are you really targeting the right local areas for your business?   [ ](/video/features/RegionalKeywords/RegionalKeywords.html)   Discover in which world areas your keywords are getting the real audience. See which states,Cities,countries are better to run your business.   Who said it's too complex to run a profitable Clickbank affiliate commerce?   [ ](/video/features/CBMarketplace/CBMarketplace.html)   Ungrave your competitors by promoting the right Clickbank products : Make the right decision at the right time!
Check any Clickbank product vitality instantly : that's the right way to avoid wasting your precious time on poor products.       6x more incomes since using KeywordScope   ...Since you've given me the opportunity to use KeywordScope, I'm now making $1374/month. That's 6 times more than what I've ever made online and it still increases...
I'm just sad I don't speak french because I wanted you to really feel all my full gratitude in your language.
  Mohammad Al Ramsamir - Abu Dhabi (UAE)     Are you still thinking it is tough to collect profitable Keywords?   [ ](/video/features/CategorizedKeywords/CategorizedKeywords.html)   Explode your opportunities by choosing thousands more niches the easy way! Find more topics linked to any of your niches precisely!     Making money with AdSense is mainly about dealing with "high paying" Keywords. Are you using all the right Keywords for your AdSense site? Also what about collecting a bunch of usefull keywords for your PPC/Seo activities?   [ ](/video/features/RelatedKeywords/RelatedKeywords.html)    What about finding high paying AdSense Keyword lists and grabbing AdWords-ready Keywords, fast. With KeywordScope, you can build huge keyword lists containing 50,000 unique keywords in a raw, then detecting which ones are really interesting for your SEO or PPC campaigns.       Are you mind-locked on AdWords when other PPC alternatives do exist? Are you using "competitive enough" keywords?   [ ](/video/features/KS_Vrac/KS_Vrac.html) Get PPC alternative bidding prices which are ways cheaper than AdWords. Get AdSense and Google Adwords Prices, LIVE, without a doubt! And finally what about seeing your AdWords competitors Ads instantly.       This danish guy doubled his profits in 3 weeks   Hey Jean, you won't believe what happens to me. I am now a proud owner of a Nokia n810. I've just received it yesterday and this is all because of your software. :-)
I've been able to finally reach into the right AdSense niches that were missing for my success. That made me double my income after 23 days of using KeywordScope.  Tak!     Haldor - Hedensted (Denmark)     Who said finding good keywords for clickbank products was hard?   [ ](video/features/CBHunter/CBHunter.html)   I thought getting the right keywords to promote clickbank products was tough until I've used the Clickbank Keywords Hunter technology. What about auto-detecting what exact product(s) to promote from your precious keywords lists? Detect what Clickbank products can be sold from any given keyword!   Is your inspiration sinking deep when it's about making decent AdWords AdCopies?   [ ](/video/features/AdCopyCooker/AdCopyCooker.html)   Short in time or short in imagination, build powerful AdWords Ad Copies without an headhache. Create professional looking Ad copies by the click of few buttons!   Don't you think acquiring good Domain Names can be hard sometimes? I thought so, now...   [ ](/video/features/DomainForge/DomainForge.html)   I use KeywordScope's Domain Forge technology to find and acquire relevant domains for my business. What about for you? This powerful system can build complex domains the easy way and tests them all at light speed.     From scratch to $51/day with Clickbank   ...I knew I was missing some aspects of clickbank to really make money. This software was a fresh breeze because I thought affiliate marketing was for experienced marketers only. I was wrong!!!  ...I will never exchange my KeywordScope copy for anything else, even under torture...     Douglas Alasdair  - Delray Beach (Florida USA)      Become a Super "Keywords" Hero with our 11 Overboosted Features   You won't feel the same after getting your hands on KeywordScope because you will expand your keywords experience to a point where your friends will envy you and where your competitors would wish to have an hitman's contract on your head. Be prepared for an online "life-changing" opportunity, all because of these built-in modules!       All of that seems Cool, but HOW MUCH this will cost me, Jean?   KeywordScope is more than a software, I even consider it more like a platform than anything else. This software contains very unique features which may positively affect the way you do your business online... Do you remember all the features I've described above? KeywordScope contains 11 main features (I call modules) in a standalone software. Let me give you the price I would sold each of these modules if I planned to:     KeywordScope module Module Price #1
Related Keyword Finder $87 #2
Hidden Niches Finder $77 #3
Regional Keywords Detector $67 #4
Categorized Keywords Browser $67 #5
Clickbank Marketplace Browser $77 #6
Clickbank Keywords Hunter $57 #7
MaxCPC Crawler $57 #8
AdSense & AdWords prices/competitors Finder $47 #8
Other PPC services analyzer $27 #9
Domains Forger $37 #10
AdWords AdCopies Cooker $57 #11
Dominant Keywords Detector (Keyword Juicer) $77 Total of all main features in KeywordScope $734   NO! NO! NO and NO!!!!!!
You will NEVER PAY $734 to get KeywordScope. I've never had in mind to milk anyone as a cow.   I wanted to make some sacrifies for the sake of all Internet marketers as you. That is why I will only ask $97 to acquire this cutting-edge software. $97 (USD) is the promotional launch-price I'm asking you once and for all to get KeywordScope...Yes, you've read it right!!! You can now get this 11-modules platform for 7 times less than its logical price! Don't wait too long because when the promotional launch period will be over the software will finally comeback to its normal price which will be $168.  So do not hesitate too long, because I'll change its price sooner than you may think.         [I'm ready to get started - Let me Grab KeywordScope now!!!](acceptance.htm) [ ](acceptance.htm)     Oops, I forgot to say that I've prepared delicious extras for you when you will get your copy of this software. These are pieces of materials which will make your KeywordScope's experience even better. So here are the 4 bonues (5 soon) that I'm proposing to you with KeywordScope:         "Inside KeywordScope" Manuscript   This document will help you to master the software rapidly. It will explain in details, all functions (I mean each; not just saying what buttons are doing!!!)   You will see also how I use KeywordScope to maximize my profits.   This is a $67 money worth piece of paper that every serious KeywordScope's user have to read!           20% reduction on our future productions   Here at Darmell Inc, we are very active and we are already planning new pieces of software & services. All that to leverage even more your online success.   As a reward, for ordering a copy of this software, you will be automatically eligible for a real cut-price on our future products.   Whatever the price will be, you will have the privilege to pay, at least, 20% less than what any new client will have to pay!   You will not find such bonus anywhere else. This is really a great opportunity only reserved to you, because that is how we do care for our customers!!!           Get new releases of KeywordScope free of Charge!   From all people already using KeywordScope, I'm constantly asked to insert additional functions. That is what I've already done regularly since day-1   You will have the opportunity to taste and use the latest advancement done in this tool, when you'll become a customer.   I'm not just meaning you will get bug fixes, I'm talking about grabbing a cutting-edge software up-to-date with new enhancements.   It's like I would be at your service, as a private programmer, to make KeywordScope even better than what it is already.   Rest sure, hiring a programming consultant is really expensive, and I would ask high payments to code something. But for you, KeywordScope future user, I'll make your dream come to reality free of charge. And that is a $600 worth bonus.             Keywordcope Forum access     Access a restricted area where other people who are using the software can meet. From there you can exchange ideas, make joint ventures with others, and ask help from more experienced users.   this is a priceless bonus since you have alot to win there!                    
  My 100% Money back Guarantee

If after 8 weeks, of using KeywordScope, you think this software is not suited to your needs and wish to get your money back, I will issue you a 100% total refund. Because this is how friends are making business together.

I wish to stay in good terms with you, that is why I will NOT argue nor ask questions about your decision.

You will also be able to keep all the bonuses for you since these are gifts and will stay your gifts from me!                    [Get My Copy of KeywordScope Now](acceptance.htm)                 I hope to count on you to become a performance Marketer with KeywordScope in your hands            Cheers,                                                                                                                    Jean Fages                 P.S: I've invested alot of my person and spent tons of money to settle up KeywordScope. That was the only way for me to be sure this system will not be an handicap but a true business assistant for you.   P.P.S: Words are just words : you can be miles away from what this program really does. That is why I'm allowing you a joker on your purchase. You will get a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not satisfied within 56 days of your order. You have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to win. [Profit of this unique privilege before its too late, Order Now](acceptance.htm)                            

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