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Rachel Long's 2008 Game Plan Revealed!


"Learn The Secrets To Creating Success, Happiness And Wealth In 2008 By Starting The Year Right With This Incredible Closely-Guarded Mental Blueprint..."
I Used A Similar Blueprint Last Year To Rake In $179,597,34 From A Bunch Of Incredibly Ugly Websites On Autopilot!

From the desk of Rachel Long
Dear Friend:
If you didn't make the money or achieve the results you wanted in 2007... What makes you think THIS year will be different?
Do you think that somehow things will "correct themselves" and you will suddenly make a 6 figure income?
In 2008, around 100,000 (that’s one hundred thousand) new millionaires will be created in this country.
Even if you do not manage to make a million dollars in 2008, how about making one tenth of that? Making $100,000 a year means a huge improvement your lifestyle as you join this elite group of six figure earners.
But here’s the rub: Not everyone can get there.
Especially those who are lost or without guidance.
Or those who have barely made money the previous year.
If you have always struggled to make a decent living on the Internet, what makes you think this year will be different… unless you DO something about it?
I don’t mean to be blunt but it’s true. This year, the same group of people (like me) are going to pocket all the cash. We’re going to make most of the money while the un-informed majority will be at the lowest level of the food chain fighting over miserable scraps.
Which Group Do You Want To Be Part Of?
The good news is that you can choose, right now, which group you want to be part of. You can make a conscious choice right now either to succeed outrageously in 2008, or to fail miserably like the years before.
If you choose to succeed outrageously, then here’s what awaits you:-

A $100,000 income or better

A dream vacation for your family

The car of your dreams

The lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about (with all that money)

Think about all the things that your new Internet income can buy for your family… and all of the above can very well happen in 2008.
Here’s why:

It is only a few days into 2008. Statistically, the odds are in your favor if you start earlier on your Internet Marketing “game plan”. If you start late, you not only lose momentum but stand to be beaten by the competition.

Most of the people haven’t even decided what they want to do this year. By the time they figure out, it will be March or April and you would have gotten a serious head-start.

And finally...

Just to make sure you succeed in 2008, I’m taking 500 people by hand and giving them a copy of my 2008 “game plan”. This is top secret stuff and strictly limited to 500 people only.

Why am I doing so?
First, it is my way of saying “Thank You” to all my subscribers and customers who have supported me over the years.
Next, as part of my New Year Resolutions, I plan to devote a portion of my time to coaching beginners on how they can get started in the Internet business. It is my little way of “passing it on”.
Here’s what my 2008 game plan reveals:-

How to make outrageous amounts of money in 2008

The shocking truth that is holding most people back from achieving true success (Once you get pass this, you’ll be able to instantly manifest the results you want in life)

Why it is important to start early and get the “first-movers” advantage

How to turn every bad thing that ever happened to you in your life... into cash!

Why most people fail... and how you can be the 10% of people that will actually succeed this year

The incredibly effective method of flipping a switch that takes just 3 minutes to do, but creates miraculous changes to your “inner state” (Try this if nothing works)

One thing I learnt about my 7 years of failure that shocked me... and made me tear when I realized the whole truth (You will never view failure the same way again)

A powerful, never before revealed way of using affirmations that is bound to work.

Learn the secret technique of writing affirmations that taps into your subconscious mind... and makes it draw your desires to you every waking moment! (This greatly speeds up the manifestation of any goal, even if you’re not aware of it.)

What is the first thing you must do in 2008 to succeed

The one question you should always ask if you’re unhappy with the money you make...

How to double or even triple your income by asking yourself this question that takes 3 minutes to answer

How to eliminate all your debt... and start having a positive bank balance in 2008

How to make money in your neighborhood or community... within the next 15 minutes just by placing a few phone calls

A sneaky shortcut to cash in on Web 2.0, without knowing any of that complicated technical jargon

One thing every business owner has to do right now

How to create your own cash producing website for next to nothing in the next 15 minutes, even if you know nuts about web design or HTML (None of those cheesy templates or ugly looking websites here.)

How to get $25,000 of free publicity by using this one simple method

How to have your e-book or course automatically write itself, and then selling it for 100% pure profits later.

How to use video on your website to generate an avalanche of traffic and sales

The “Law of Attraction” explained... and why it doesn’t work for some people, no matter how hard they try

How a cheap notebook on your desk can be turned into a powerful, transformational tool that can be used to produce cash-pulling ideas at an instant

The 5 steps MMBB marketing system that brought a website from making $4,500 in sales to over $49,250 in sales monthly

One secret you should always use to choose products that will sell like crazy... even BEFORE you do any selling!

How selling an inferior product can actually increase your sales (This has nothing to do with misleading your customers or making false claims.)

The missing secret in all marketing courses, and how you can easily increase the dollar value per customer by over 250% just by mastering this principle

If you have read until here, it shows that you’re serious about taking your business and income to the next level in 2008. Heck, just one of the secrets revealed in the game plan above can literally make you thousands of dollars the same day you start using it.
But, as good as I am at making money online... I did NOT come up with the game plan. Someone else did. I actually sat down, interviewed this mystery marketer (Let’s just call him Mr. X) and twisted his arm such that I can release this information to you.
Why? Because the moment I sat down to interview him, I realized that some of the secrets were so good I had to use them for myself.
In fact, I’m using some of the strategies I learnt from the plan to make money for myself right away. You can make money the same day you start putting this game plan into action too.
So yes, in order that not too many people learn about this secret 2008 game plan, we are limiting it to strictly 500 copies only.
Normally I’ll write something hard-hitting here to get you to purchase this product, but not here.
Because I know that these 500 copies are going to sell out really soon, considering the amount of traffic I’m sending to this website and the price this “game plan” is being offered at.
Let’s face it.
Once these 500 copies are sold out, this 2008 game plan will NEVER be made available again. Even if you want to, you’ll never be able to learn this step-by-step plan to achieving a 6 figure income in 2008.
Neither will you learn some of the incredibly effective strategies to manifest your goals.
This game plan makes it almost too easy for you. It's unfair. If you can read and follow instructions, this will turn 2008 into a bumper year for you.
But you have to get started right now.
I thought a long time about how much to charge. Considering that I wanted to make price a non-issue for you and make it easy for you to get started, you can get your copy now for only $37.

NOTE: This is an instant download. If you have troubles downloading, please contact our Helpdesk at http://www.BestsellerSupport.com.

As I said, this is probably the best opportunity you’ll get in 2008 and the limited copies will sell out fast.
So reserve your copy right now.
You get to download the full report instantly and start making money by the end of today.
The choice is yours.
To Your Success,
Rachel Long & Mr. X

P.S – Once we have sold out 500 copies of this report at $37, you’ll never be able to learn about this top secret, step-by-step game plan to Internet riches in 2008 again.
P.P.S – If your success in 2008 is not even worth a dirt cheap $37 to you... then maybe you shouldn’t be in this business.


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