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"You're About To Learn The Secret To Generating HUGE Mailing Lists Using Coregistration Like The Big Dogs Do, But For Over $4,000 Less!"


If you've been around Internet Marketing for any time at all, you've heard several times that the real money is in the mailing list.

Well I can tell you it's true.

Infact I know its true, because as of today my only job is to send out emails, and wait for my faithful subscribers to buy what I tell them to buy like the good followers that they are.

Tell me, have you ever...
Felt helpless when it comes to building a mailing list big enough to be profitable?
  Coveted Internet Marketers who make it look so easy by sending out one promotion to their subscribers and making 10K with a single email?
  Drooled all over product launches like "Pipeline Profits" when you saw them making over 1 Million Dollars in just a few short months using Coregistration tactics to build their list and make sales on autopilot?

Believe me, I know how you feel. I was once the same.

I remember what it was like spending hundreds of dollars on Google Adwords trying to squeeze each click into an opt in before presenting them with my offer. I've tried the "fly over" opt in box that you see on so many sales pages.

I've done joint ventures with other marketers who have big lists in an attempt to get their members to sign up on my list. You name it, I've struggled through it.

With my first online business I did all of the above and more. I tried Myspace marketing and lost hours of my life posting to different groups and forums all over the internet, struggling along to build my list of customers.

After 6 months online I had gathered just under 330 opt ins, and was just getting to the point where all my hard work was paying off...

After spending thousands of dollars on Adwords, and whole weeks out of my life, with very little sleep, desperately attempting to grow my list big enough, and faithful enough to create a regular income, I knew there just HAD to be another way.

Logically it just didn't make sense. How could all of the "gurus" out there have such larger lists than me? I spent every waking hour promoting my products and gaining sign ups through my fancy fly over email capturing box (that annoyed the crap out of most of my visitors). Unless they lived in a dimension where each day holds 48 hours instead of 24, it wasn't possible for them to be that far ahead of me.

I'm glad those feelings are no longer a reality. The days of celebrating 10 new signups in one day are a thing of the past. It's really quite funny. Now I get anywhere from 100-300 new opt ins receiving my autoresponder messages that convert like CRAZY each and every day. Take a look at how many subsribers have joined my list just while I've been writing to you on this page...life is good.

[Click Here To Watch The Proof For Yourselfcolor>](http://www.screencast.com/users/LittleGuyCo-Op/collections/Default/media/1ce5494f-089c-4ba1-a741-fbec906f03d5)

Coreg Ninja - May 2007

RRP $295 - ($67 For a limited time only), 6 part coregistration course

Every one of my step-by-step coregistration tactics exposed:

• Learn the Real Coreg Tactics that people like Brock Felt and Buck Risvi from Pipeline Profits use... the ones no-one has ever revealed... until now.

• Build your mailing list - On Auto Pilot.

• The Only Coreg Guide That Holds Your Hand Through The Process.

• 6 step-by-step lessons that give away all my back-door sneaky tricks that bring in over 1,500 subscribers a week to any mailing list I want.

• ...AND how to do it for about $0.10 cents per subscriber! Released on the web for the first time... And possibly the last time...


"So, What In The Heck Is Coregistration?"

Coreg, in short, is a process of generating leads by piggy backing on huge company's sign up forms (Like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Ebay etc...). Your potential lead then "CO-Registers" to your mailing list, along with the big company, and presto! You have a new member on your mailing list.

Coreg campaigns are negotiated with big time companies that dedicate their entire buisnesses to this. If you havn't heard of coregistration, I forgive you for being asleep under a rock somewhere, but you need to awake to the fact that people are building gigantic, targeted mailing lists from scratch using Coreg.

Atleast the ones who can afford it...color>

You see the problem is, that a Coreg Company will usually only work with a minimum campaign of 10,000 opt ins, at roughly .50 cents a pop. (That means $5,000 up front for you mathematicians). And I know that someone like you, who is most likely a lot like I was, couldn't dream of affording to build a mailing list of 10,000 or more for that kind of money!

Unless of course you knew what I knew, like Mandy, Tyler, and Marco do...

""When you showed me how simple generating a targeted mailing list was I almost giggled. Here I am 2 weeks later making a killing off of my subscribers. Its like they follow me everywhere I take them. Yesterday I got 372 subscribers and when they received my 1st follow up message I made 14 sales came from my first affiliate product that sells for $29.95. I can hardly find words to express my gratitude for this course...

Making over $400 bucks yesterday almost gave me a heart attack. Thats about a whole week's worth of pay at the grocery store I put 40 hours a week in at, (that I USED TO put 40 hours a week in at).

However, I don't think learning how to do coreg so cheaply was the most crucial part to my success. Your advice on ad copy has shot my conversions through the roof. Brian, I owe you a huge debt of grattitude. Thank you for making such an amazing product!"
    Mandy Spillett, Appleton Wisconsin, U.S.


"I owe everything I know about coregistration to Brian. I was struggling to build a list with the usual slow traffic methods and expensive Adwords campaigns. Now I'm building a huge list fast by simply taking my Adwords budget to the coreg companies Brian recommends...

It's so important to get help building mailing lists because other companies can reach lots of people you never could. I'm a busy guy and could never get the results of Coreg Ninja on my own. Now my list buys with a smile and I smile as the checks arrive!


   Tyler Ellison, Utah, U.S.


"I bought the Coreg Ninja course from Brian, and im glad i did. The 6 day course that he wrote was good, but i would have been really dissapointed if i purchased a less quality product (from what I hear) for over $1800 from Pipeline Profits . I for one would have loved to get into Co-reg, but at 5000$ cash down I had no chance of even learning how it was done, much less to run my own successful campaign!"

   Marco Lumia, Canada


"I'm Unveiling The Secret To Building A Massively Targeted Mailing List From Scratch...In Any Niche...With The Formulated 6 Phase Process Every Guru KNOWS You Must Go Through To Be Successful On The Internet..."

Here is the thing about these "secrets", (psst...they aren't really secrets). These are the every day techniques that people like Ewen Chai, Robert G. Allen, Stone Rivers, and Joe Vitale use. Coregistration is obviously nothing new. I am in no way reinventing the wheel with Coreg Ninja. I just make it roll like brand new greese got dumped on the bearings.

It's common knowledge that people are making TRUCK LOADS of money off of their subscribers. Think of all of the products that you have spent money online for in the past six months. How did it get pitched to you? I'm willing to bet that over 50% of them were items you didn't even search out. You bought it simply because someone that you trusted popped up in your inbox one day with a killer offer you couldn't refuse.



"...And They Do It Thousands Of Times Per Day. You Could Do The Same Thing, Except You Have One Small Problem...You Don't Have Thousands Of Subscribers That Wait For Your Beckoned Call."

Here's the problem with most product launches like this one...in a months time when thousands of people have bought it, everyone will be doing the same things that most produt launches like this one teach, and the market gets saturated, making it just as hard to make a buck as it was before you learned your 30 pages worth of ebook.

That is where the true beauty of Coreg Ninja comes in. I could care less how many people do the exact same thing that I do to make my bread and butter. Because my subscribers are MY subscribers. I don't share them, and I don't fight for their attention. They come to me, begging to learn more about what I have, and I spoon feed them exactly what they want several times a week. Anyone who knows me personally has heard me say 1,000 times that...


"Methods Are Many, Principles Are Few...Methods Always Change, But Principles Never Do."

You can keep buying every ebook that teaches a new "method" to make money online. But one principle will never change: Followers are faithful. The more you have, the more profitable you can be. Let me put it this way: the simplest and easiest way to make a living from the web is via your very own targeted mailing list.

A mailing list has potential to make instant retirement cash...but only if you do it right

I hear people boast about their 50,000+ mailing lists, but they are still broke because they fail to realize that size isn't everything.

What good will your mailing list do for you if they delete everything you send to them? I would much rather have a mailing list of 100 people that averaged about a 10% conversion on every mailing than a member base of 50,000 that hated everything I sent their way!

Shamelessly, I tell you that the best of both worlds is not hard to find. Coreg Ninja will teach you exactly how to "have your cake, and eat it too!"

Of Course Building Your List Is Profitable, But You Won't Believe The "Everything Black Hat" Section Of Coreg Ninja..."



As Co-owner of the acclaimed [LittleGuyCo-Op.Com](http://www.littleguyco-op.com) my personal students are very familiar with my belief that every thing you promote should have several different streams of income that it produces. In the black hat section of Coreg Ninja you'll learn how to make money with your mailings by virtue of people opening the emails you send and clicking on your offer. (Even if they don't buy anything).

With this technique alone you will have earned back potentially 1,000+ X as much as you invested in learning Coreg Ninja. Lucky for you I'm not holding anything back. After all, it won't change my income one bit!
   Brian Owens -- May, 2007


"Read A Chapter For Yourself...I Don't Mind"

Fill in the form below and I'll send you a chapter out of Coreg Ninja for FREE, just so you can get a taste of how good it is. I have no problem giving you a big chunk of the meat because I know that if I wet your appetite you'll come back for more. So here, go ahead and take a bite!

Your Name: Your E-Mail:

"...Not Only Am I More Successful Right Now Than I've Ever Been, I'm More Lazy When It Comes To Sales Pitches Too..."

You see, I just don't believe in working hard to sell something. That would imply that the product can't sell itself. After reading an excerpt of Coreg Ninja for yourself, and after [Seeing The Proof For Yourself](http://www.screencast.com/users/LittleGuyCo-Op/collections/Default/media/1ce5494f-089c-4ba1-a741-fbec906f03d5) that I have gotten more opt ins for just one of my mailing list while you've been reading this sales letter than you've probably gotten this month...and you still aren't convinced that you need to know how to do what I am doing as we speak...leave.

I don't need another sale from this anyhow because I'm not "faking it till I make it" like all of the other self proclaimed "gurus" out there.

However, I owe it to you to let you in on a few more details...

"After Making The Best Decision Of Your Internet Marketing Life To Learn How To Create Enormous Targeted Mailing Lists..."

I'll teach you...

3 steps to landing a joint venture with anyone you want, in any niche... - Lets face it, Guru's hear "I'll mail my list if you mail yours" daily! I'll show you how to spark their interest every time.

An autoresponder sequence that is smooth like budda, - It took me almost six months before I stumbled onto this one technique...This is the core of any profitable mailing list.

How to approach multi million dollar Coregistration companies like the pro's do. - I'll show you exactly how to wear your poker face when negotiating your campaign. I'll even give you the questions you need to ask, and the names of the people you need to get the answers from.

The true "little-guy" way of doing Coreg with the same results of a $5,000+ campaign. - You guys from LG know our motto - Guru Tools, Newbie Prices, Heavey Hitter Results!

Amazing ad copy techniques! - Every good coreg campaign has 3 main portions of ad copy that need to be right if you are going to get sales like I do...I'll tell you exactly what I put in all three to make them convert!

Other list building tacticsI mean I make Coreg as cheap as I can for you. But if your budget requires that you eat off of the $0.99 cent menu at McDonalds, I'll show you where to go to get subscribers without using Coreg. -
The best type of product to sell using coreg. - Most people don't even realize that everything they do online falls into 3 categories, and most of the time they use the WRONG method with the wrong category. Especially Coreg.

How & where to find great back end products - A sly little technique ...You think I make money off of my main offers? HA! You aint seen nothin yet.

Why Coreg IS for the *poor guy* - The number one excuse for marketers not attempting a Coreg campaign is because they think they can't afford it. (*chuckle*) I remember those days too.

How to keep your list interested and following your every move - Don't treat them like a red headed step child! I'll give you the goods to treat them right, and have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

Black hat tactics that will make you bite your lip - I'll teach you how to make money from your list even if they refuse to buy your product!

"My competitors have sold similiar (but no where near as good) information for as much as $1800,(Pipeline Profits anyone???)..."

If I were into big huge lame over hyped product launches at marketing conferences like those guys, I guess I would do the same thing. Why not? After all, they say that a diamond has to value except that which is placed upon it. So of course I could offer you Coreg Ninja for well over $1,000. Especially when you consider that after you learn my techniques, you won't have to go spend several thousands of dollars again (unless you chose to) on implementing them.

"But That's Not How I Roll..."

For those of you who don't know me from [LittleGuyCo-Op.Comcolor>](http://www.littleguyco-op.com) you should know that Tyler and I believe there is enough money out there to go around for all of us. And what you do will not put a dent in my earnings! I don't have to rape you on the price of my info products, because my money comes from the info itself.

With that being said...I'll tell you straight forwardly that Coreg Ninja will cost you $67 smackers, without appology! I'm generous, but I have to make this worth my valuable time and energy. However, I will give you my garauntee...



I'll give you 8, thats right, 8 full weeks to study the tactics inside Coreg Ninja and to implement them. If in that time you are not able to double your money back, you have my permission to request a FULL 100% refund. No questions asked. No debate over why...

double your money back should really be like a 5 day thing, but some of you are sorta slow and I understand that. So if you haven't made atleast that much in 8 full weeks, I'll refund every dime you spent learning Coreg Ninja. Sound like a deal?

So to recap once more...You try implementing what you learn from me for 56 days. 8 full weeks for crying out loud!!! And if you don't make back at least 2X the money you spent on Coreg Ninja, you are entitled to 100% of your money back. After all, you'll need it back because if you can't make money with these tactics, and principles, that someone like ME uses to make a full time living...you must be hurting for money because you can't make it doing anything...
   Brian Owens -- May, 2007


"So Whatta'ya Say We Wrap This Up?..."

But before I forget, let me give you your bonuses....


Send me your Click Bank receipt to support@littleguyco-op.com and I'll give you 25% off of your first purchase of any coaching/marketing service products from LittleGuyCo-Op. -(Membership is free, go get yourself some free tools when you're done here.)


A 6 day course on FREE automated traffic from the authority on that subject himself, Mr. Tyler Ellison.(Autopilot will have a new meaning after you read this)

Coreg Ninja - May 2007

RRP $295, Now on sale for $67, (for a limited time only) - 6 part coregistration course

"The Gurus Never Saw You Coming"


[Click Here To Purchase "Coreg Ninja" For Only $67!](http://www.coregninja.com/paylink.php)


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