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Licensed Inspector Reveals How You Can Easily and Accurately
Inspect Any Property, Save $1000s in Home Repairs and Save $100s in Inspection Costs With These Simple
Step X Step Instructions..... Guaranteed!

"Now you can quickly get beyond those
cosmetic repairs and find those high cost repairs Fast!"

Dear Fellow Real
Estate Professional,

If you'd like to be
confident in making quick offers accurately, know your
true repair costs
upfront and find those deal killing repairs before you spend money
on an inspector, then this might be the most
important letter you'll ever read.

Let me give it to you
right here, right now!
Here is the problem. 
Most of us, maybe all of us - can walk into any property and quickly
determine if it needs paint or the carpet needs to be replaced or
cleaned.  We can easily tell if the sheet rock needs repair or
light fixtures are missing or needs replaced.
But how many of us can
quickly tell if the foundation could be a problem?  Or if the roof
needs to be replaced or repaired, or has a life expectancy of less than
a few years?  What condition is the heating and air conditioning
unit in?
You need to know what
you are getting for your money! Real estate investment is supposed to
accumulate wealth, not distribute it, and so take a good look at that
house before you sign a contract.
We do that best when
we make good decisions, and we make the best decisions when we are well
informed about what we are getting into. There are lots of decisions to
be made when you are taking a property, and one of the most important
decisions you will make is what to offer based on the condition of the
You have to know what
it will sell for when it is fixed up. Then you have to figure out what
it is going to cost to bring it to that condition.

In order for you to do this, you must first
evaluate the asset by inspecting it accurately!

Emptor - Let the Buyer Be Aware

We are responsible for
our own investments, and it's up to us to make them work.
Just a month ago, I
was looking at a "potentially cherry" wholesale deal. When I mean
"cherry", I'm talking about a potential $20,000 resale profit after
repairs according to the wholesaler.
The only problem,
there were five other investors there looking like hungry wolves
surrounding a chicken coop! Some were fairly new investors, a couple
were more seasoned. I knew that if the numbers were as advertised, one
of us was going to grab this one quick. As many wholesalers do, there
was a $750 non-refundable down payment to secure the property "as is".
I watched a few
investors do a "cosmetic" inspection. A few asked the wholesaler the
condition of the HVAC and roof and were told "The Previous Owner
In less than 30
minutes, I didn't have to ask about any repairs, I had my answers. And
my conclusion was that it wasn't going to be a $20,000 profit - it was
going to be less than $12,000. The HVAC would need extensive repairs if
not replacement and there was strong evidence of foundation problems.
Needless to say I
walked away as I saw another investor write his non-refundable check.
Unfortunately, he will be writing much bigger checks he hadn't bargained
Ok look, some of you
are saying "of course you found these repair problems, you are a
licensed inspector"! You're right. That's my job and I'm trained to find
these problems for my clients.
YOU don't need to be licensed to be able to better
identify many of the potential repair problems you will run into or to
identify when you need someone like me to do a more thorough assessment.
Let's get one thing
straight! I'm not suggesting I can make you into a licensed inspector or
even replace the need for one. But I will guarantee to
make you a better informed investor or home owner/buyer.
I will show you how to
properly inspect a property... I will tell you how the main components
of a home structure functions in layman's terms so you better understand
what to look for... and I will show you what typically goes wrong with a
house so you don't get surprised in the middle of your rehab or when you
go to sell or wholesale the home.

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Now, I know you're
probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three
good reasons we can back up what we claim:

I'm Kevin Smith and I have been a licensed
real estate inspector in the State of Texas since 1991. I
have now completed over 11,000 residential and multi-family
inspections, and I work primarily with investors.

Before becoming an inspector, I was a contractor, a rehabber and a
project manager for rehabs. I am currently a full time inspector as well
as a rehab consultant to investors. I speak and teach to investors on a
regular basis.

I work with investors every day. I am an
investor myself, having rehabbed over 175 houses. I know how
they go together, how they come apart, what problems develop
over time with the houses and have a whole bouquet of
solutions to problems that investors face.


I strongly endorse Kevin Smith and his Property
Inspection Tips eBook.As a full time investor myself, Kevin is the only inspector I use
for all of my required inspections. More importantly, as I evaluate
up to 10 properties per month or more, I routinely use the
techniques and guidelines he presents in his materials.
Without exaggeration, I have saved $1,000s in unnecessary
inspections by a licensed inspector, using them only when I self
identify potentially major repair problems beyond my ability to
assess. I have probably made or saved $10,000s by being able to
close deals quicker by knowing my true repair costs upfront or by
knowing when to "run" from a potentially costly deal!
--Jim McNinch
Full Time Investor and Creator of


Over the years I have helped literally thousands
of people to make educated decisions about inspecting, buying
and selling real estate. As a licensed inspector and full time real estate investor I
have inspected, sold, bought, and rehabbed MILLIONS of dollars
worth of transactions. I have seen it all, heard it all - "been
there, done that" - and I have boiled it down to a simple system
that - if you do what I tell you - you can properly inspect any
property - no matter what condition its in!
Let me say it again... This system MUST work for you... it
doesn't have a choice! If you do it the way I tell you... you
will be confident in the required repairs and whether and when
you need to bring in and pay for a licensed inspector... just
like the law of gravity states that a rock dropped from your
roof must fall to the ground.
It's unavoidable... it can't be screwed up!!

Is a Summary of the Benefits You Will Receive:

Identify problems before you get too deep into the investment
to back out!

You will know if
this is a project that you can undertake and win with, or whether to
disqualify it right now.

Learn how to inspect the three most
expensive repairs that you will make in a rehab situation.
They are the foundation, the roof and the HVAC system!

If you miss a large
item on the rehab budget, it could turn your investment upside down.

Learn how to inspect for the top ten repair areas found in
most homes!

Know the majority of repair items required to rehab
the property

Know how to do an basic inspection in thirty minutes or less!

Use quick but
thorough techniques to find potential repair problems fast.

Know what the property will sell for when it is fixed up!

Use these inspection techniques to assist in your
repair cost analysis.

Show your prospective seller how much
money you have to put into the house!

Money you are going to spend making these repairs is the
basis for price reduction negotiations with the seller


Time Is of the Essence!

If you are looking at more than one piece of
property, you are going to have to proceed at a pretty brisk
pace to get everything looked at and evaluated for the purposes
of making a purchase offer.

As real estate professionals, you will be looking at a lot of
houses. Time is of the essence; the deals don't grow cold on the
streets today.

It is harder to find the right rehab property, but you can do it
if you can be agile and move quickly. If the property is
occupied, if there are tenants, if the property is a foreclosure
or if you are trying to see ten houses in one day you just have
to be able to make the evaluations at a pretty brisk pace.

If the numbers don't work, if the deal will not make you any
money, that property is not a good candidate for your investment
model. If you miss a large item on the rehab budget, it could
turn your investment upside down and that would be the end of
your girlish laughter.

It could mean that you have to put more money into the project
than the budget will allow, and where is it going to come from?
It comes out of your refrigerator, my friends.

We can't let that happen, can we? We need a solid inspection
methodology that will give us what we need when we ask for the
information. We need a technique that will be successful,
something that we can do over and over again and reach the same
desired result.


Warning: Do NOT buy any Property Inspection Product unless it meets the
following 5 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our
field. I want to give you 5 criteria or elements you absolutely,
positively must have in any solution you obtain:

Instructs you how to
inspect each aspect of a home, not just gives you  a list of things
to inspect.


Identifies the top 10 repair problems repeatedly found in
many properties and how to inspect for each!


Shows you how to inspect the physical condition,
structure, construction and mechanical systems of a home!

Provides an adequate explanation of how the structure,
construction and mechanical systems of a home function so you are better
equipped to identify problems!


Provides a detailed checklist to guide you in your

Only Thing Standing Between You and the Ability to Accurately Inspect
Any Property is the Specialized Information We'll Teach You in This
Instantly Downloaded eBook!


70 Page eBook With Two MP3s That Will Walk You
Through Any Inspection!

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In Summary, Here's What You

Your Guide To A Quick (30 Minute)

General walk through




Air Conditioning

Electric Furnaces

Gas Furnaces

Inspector's Top Ten Repair Problems


Foundation Problems

Poor Drainage

Roof Leaks




Rotting Trim and Siding

Doors and Windows

Water Heater


Why We Use Inspectors When We Buy
Why Foundations Fail and What Happens to the
House When They Do
Repairing Foundations  
What Real Estate Professionals Need To Know
About Roofs
What Real Estate Professionals Need
To Know About Supplied Gas  
What Real Estate Professionals Need To Know
About Electricity
What Real Estate Professionals Need
To Know About Home Heating and Air Conditioning  
What Real Estate Professionals Need To Know
About Plumbing
What Real Estate Professionals Need
To Know About Water Heaters

All of
This for Less Than the Price of a Small Classified Ad in Next Sunday's

So, what would you expect to pay
for the step-by-step manual containing everything described
above? We could easily charge $100 or more for this content rich
guide!So, why don't we?
First, we are looking for long term business relationships from
other real estate professionals just like you. Second, chances
are when you buy this manual today, it won't be the 1st course
you bought to get your real estate business off the ground.

But I guarantee it is
the only information you'll need to create more profits and
deals by knowing how to properly inspect your properties before
you buy!

Act Now and You Can Get
the download "eBook" copy & two MP3s with
instant access.
For Only $97... $27

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WHY can you buy it now
for OVER 60% off? - Because I don't have to send you
anything in the mail! There's no tape to mail, no manuals to
print, no postage to pay. You access everything online right
now! Since I can make the same amount of money at this price I
just pass the savings on to you and we both win!

ACT NOW and receive all these
bonuses, FREE! By making the smart choice to buy the Property Inspection Tips for Real
Estate Professionals� eBook right now, I'm going to include all of the following
bonuses to help you get started fast!

Bonus #1
BONUS eBook: Adding Value to Your Property


$19.97 Free
...Learn how to budget your time and money and get the most
return out of your rehab or repair costs.
Putting the money into the house is part of the process of
adding value. Putting money into the right places can bring you
a higher return when you sell it!

Bonus #2
BONUS eBook: Order of Work for Property Rehab and Repair


$19.97 Free
 ...Learn the
proper sequence of your repair and rehab work.

you have decided what you are going to do and how much you can spend on
the project, you can proceed. There is an order to rehabbing just as
there is an order in building a house or a bridge.
Certain tasks must be completed before other tasks. If you put the
wrong one first, you may well end up tearing out some of the work you
have already paid for or spent time doing.

If you do it wrong and leave it, it diminishes the quality of the
product and you have effectively shot yourself in the foot in the

Bonus #3
BONUS eBook: Stopping
Property and Material Theft During Your Repairs and Rehabs

Value: $19.97
..Learn what you can do to make it harder for
someone to steal from your rehab, and some ways to help keep things like
sinks and faucets and light fixtures and so on from evaporating.

What I have to offer
today will help you lower your exposure to the risks of losing money on
a rehab, and make you more prone to success in managing that rehab.
There are some proven
strategies for helping you
protect everything on
the investment property from theft, vandalism or evaporation of job
materials and hanging on to what's yours. 
Bonus #4BONUS Checklist: A 23 Point Inspection

Value: $19.97

 ...A comprehensive yet easy to use checklist
that covers just about everything you need to inspect in any home.

Easily apply the
information in the eBooks with short but informative key points of what
to look for and how to inspect


That's a Total Value of $106.80
But You Can Buy It Today for

Only $27


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