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Thousands Of Dropship Products At Your Fingertips!  At last, here's a way to get real, qualified drop shippers that you can use to make money with!

"Who Else Wants Instant Access To A Private Database Of Wholesalers Who Have 67,543 Wholesale Products You Can Have Dropshipped To Customers All Around The World... And Access To 23 Audio Interviews With The Top Experts... And Access To Amazing Video Instruction?"

INSIDE:  23 In-Depth Interviews With The Top Drop Ship & Wholesale Experts In The World - Over 11 Hours Of Insider Information.  And you get... 100 True Drop Ship Suppliers With A Total Of 67,543 Wholesale Products You Can Sell In Your Auctions, Your Websites Or Blogs!  And you get...  5 Online Videos That Walk You Through The Wholesale & Dropshipping Process

"This is the private resource I wish I had when I first got started in the dropshipping business."

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From Chris Malta
Maitland, FL - Friday, 11:37 a.m.

Subject: Everything you wanted to know about dropshipping and more!



Dear Friend,

By the time you finish reading this letter, I want you to be able to do 3 things...

1. Spot a fake wholesaler from a mile away. 

Otherwise known as a middleman. These guys promise you the world and say that you'll be able to sell wholesale dropship products from them, but in reality you'll end up broke and frustrated if you deal with them.  I'll give you 5 key indicators that'll make you bulletproof from these lying thieves.

2. Know more about the dropshipping and wholesale business than 99% of the people on this planet. 

I'm serious about this one.  You'll be able to walk into any room in the world and know more about dropshipping than everyone in it.  You're gonna get street-level knowledge from people who are in the trenches every single day. Real-life skills.  Not text-book knowledge.

And last but not least...

3. Sell products from 100 of the top dropshipping companies online to your customers all around the world.

Combined, these companies have over 67,543 wholesale products for you to sell.  These are real wholesale companies. Not the fakes that you'll find on most of the lists floating around.  Everyone of these companies have been contacted, pre-screened and thoroughly examined to make sure they fit the bill. 

You can use these companies right now to start selling on eBay, on Amazon, Yahoo stores or your own website and begin making money.  The sellers who have used these companies have made millions of dollars.  Now it's your turn to get a share of this lucrative pie.

Who Is Worldwide Brands &
Why Should You Care? 

Good question.

My name is Chris Malta and I'm the founder of Worldwide Brands.  For the last decade, our company has been devoted to one single mission:  Finding real wholesale suppliers and giving them to you. 

We've done the job so well, that even the Dean Of Ebay is impressed...

Every year, we speak at eBay Live! and give workshops to their students.  If you want a sample of some of our material, stick your name and email address in the box below and hit 'subscribe now'.  I'll send you a compilation of our 2007 eBay workshops, show you a video of one of our presentations at eBay Live and give you a free subscription to the 'Drop Ship Focus' newsletter:

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Here's more reasons why you should listen to what I have to say...

Here's Why You Can Trust Us...

[ ](http://developer.ebay.com/programs/certifiedprovider/catalog/WorldwideBrands/view?searchterm=worldwide brands)

eBay Certified Solution Provider

We are the ONLY publisher of Wholesale Supplier Information that is CERTIFIED by eBay. We are a Featured Speaker at the eBay Live National Convention each year. Our Product Sourcing Education material is taught by eBay University Instructors, and we travel with eBay University to speak on Product Sourcing.

[ ](http://developer.ebay.com/)

eBay Developer's Program Member

OneSource integrates Instant Market Research technology with every wholesale product search. We developed that technology working within and as a Member of  eBay's Certified Developer's Program.


[ ](http://www.ebayradio.info/)

Official Product Sourcing Editors For eBay Radio

The eBay Radio Show, hosted by Jim 'Griff' Griffith, is the official Radio Voice of eBay. I'm the Official Product Sourcing Editor for eBay Radio.


[ ](http://www.productsourcingshow.com/)

Product Sourcing Radio Show Writer's and Hosts

For 30 years, world-famous Entrepreneur Magazine has shown new Entrepreneurs the way to true success. We were chosen by the Entrepreneur Magazine Radio Network to write and Host both The Entrepreneur Magazine EBiz Radio Show, AND The Entrepreneur Magazine Product Sourcing Radio Show.  And now, the Entrepreneneur Magazine Radio Network has been combined with the wsRadio.com business shows to create the wsRadio Business Network, and our show, Product Sourcing Radio, is now the #1 product sourcing show in the world.


[ ](http://www.bbbonline.org/cks.asp?id=103042212151331454)

BBB Online Reliability Program

The Better Business Bureau has been guarding consumers against fraud for decades. We strongly recommend that before you invest in ANY purchase for your EBiz, you check with the BBB to be sure that you're buying from a reputable company. [Click Here](http://www.bbbonline.org/cks.asp?id=103042212151331454) to see our BBB record.


I hope by now I have your attention.  Because what I'm about to talk to you today can make you some serious money.  A lot of money. 

I'm talking about dropshipping.

Personally, I love dropshipping.  While it's not the 'end all, be all', it's a great way to make money and one of the easiest ways online.

Think about it...

You put up an ad online, run an auction or load a product image up to your website. You don't have the item in stock, but as soon as a customers orders, you send off the order information to your supplier.

Your supplier sends the product to your customer.

You pay wholesale for the product.

The customer pays retail.

You pocket the difference.

It's a simple process, but here's the major problem:

The Dropshipping Crime Of The Century: MIDDLEMEN!

If you don't listen to anything else I have to say, please listen to this... STAY AWAY FROM MIDDLEMEN!

They will destroy your business!  Here's how they work:

First step, they get you to think they are the real wholesaler.  You sign up for an account with them for a small fee (and some of them tack on a monthly charge). The cost upfront isn't their main concern.  They don't make their money that way. 

Once the middlemen have you in their trap, they make money from you by acting as a buffer.  Every time you sell a product, they get a cut.  They skim money off the top of every order you place, making it impossible to compete with sellers who are using real wholesalers.

So, an order that would normally cost you $10 per unit if you were ordering directly from the wholesaler, now costs you $13 or more after the middleman takes their cut. 

If you're competing against someone who is buying directly from the wholesaler, you won't be able to win because they'll simply cut their price and squeeze you out of the market.

It's brutal.

Listen, you don't need to use a 'go-between' when you are dealing with real dropshippers.  And you should never pay a 'monthly fee' to these middlemen. 

Not only do these middlemen dip their hands in your pocket each month to steal money with useless membership fees, they add insult to injury by charging you more than what the true wholesale price of an item is.

And here's the real kicker...

Even though these middlemen are sucking you dry by artificially inflating the price from every product you purchase from them, the large paydays come to them from you signing up with their 'coaching programs'.

These coaching programs are normally $5,000 to $10,000 a pop.  And what do you get for the privilege of paying someone that much money?  Thirty minutes a week for 6-8 weeks of phone time with someone who has likely never built a business, doesn't understand the challenges you face, and wouldn't know a thing about making money online.

And you're footin' the bill.

From now on, when you run across a website claiming to sell you wholesale lists or secret 'dropship sources', I want you to contact the owner and ask the following:

Am I going to get the entire contact information from the dropship supplier or do I have to order through you?

Is your supplier list up to date?

Is there a monthly fee?

What kind of education about drop ship and wholesale business do you provide?

Will you sell my contact information to a coaching firm and try to sell me into multiple thousand dollar coaching sessions?

If their answers don't satisfy you, run away.  I'm sick and tired of sub-par information and products that won't truly help you build a thriving business.  This madness ends today...

Announcing Drop Ship Focus
The 'Insider Info' & Wholesale Products You Need To Start A Profitable Dropshipping Business From Scratch!

If you want to begin dropshipping products on eBay, Amazon.com, your Yahoo Store, your blogs or your website, Drop Ship Focus is the exact tool you need. 

It's all here for you. 

The insider secrets from top experts in the field.  The video instruction you need to understand the business from inside and out.  And, the drop ship wholesalers with thousands of products for you to sell, dropship and profit.

It truly is the one resource I wish I had when I got started in this business.  Your success with the system and membership means everything to our company. 

Here's our promise to you with Drop Ship Focus:

You get the full contact information for every single drop ship supplier.  You will never have to order any wholesale products through us.  We are not middlemen.  You get the full and complete contact information to the dropship companies so you'll be able to contact them directly and get the best wholesale prices.

Every single supplier you find in our database has been contacted by phone and pre-screened thoroughly by our staff.  This is not a list of suppliers you'll find anywhere else.  It's completely up to date.  We've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars finding and weeding out suppliers to come up with this database.  It's extremely valuable and it'll be a huge asset for your business for years to come.

No monthly fees.  You invest in the membership one time and you'll get complete access to the suppliers, the audios and the videos.

You get real detailed information from top insiders.  No $5,000 or $10,000 coaching program can supply you with the kind of killer information you'll get from these audio interviews.  These experts spill their guts in the interviews and their whole mission is to help make your online business successful.

You have an entire team to help you with your dropshipping business.  This isn't a one-man operation.  You have an entire staff of people ready to answer your questions and make sure you get the best use out of your membership.  We are here to help you. 

Let me show you everything you get....

Private Membership Benefit #1: 
Your Audio Collection

This is where you take your knowledge about everything to do with wholesaling and dropshipping to another level.  You'll discover all of the tricks of the trade and get a 'mini-PhD' in the wholesaling business after you finish listening to these audios.

We hammered these insiders with question after question to find out what really goes on in the wholesale world and how regular people can build a huge and profitable business in the least amount of time.

There are 23 different audios in the entire collection and it totals 11 hours of powerful content. Here's what you'll discover in each collection...

Insider Audio Collection #1
Dropshipping Secrets

You're in for a treat in this audio session.  We tackled some of the major questions many people have asked us about on the subject of dropshipping.  Here's what you'll discover in this fascinating audio...

The pros and cons of dropshipping with the CEO of a company who's right in the thick of the business.

The truth about dropshipping and what it really means to your online business.

The hidden advantage that dropshipping gives you that no other source of product delivery can claim.

How to know if you're getting true wholesale pricing.  (There's one thing that a true dropshipper will never do and you'll find out what it is in this interview.)

The ins and outs of the real fees you'll have to pay when you're dealing with a true dropshipper.

The single most misunderstood point about dropshipping and why you MUST take this into account when you're calculating your real profits.

What is blind dropshipping and how it affects your business.

A blow-by-blow detail of how the dropshipping process works.

The one thing you must have to make sure your business is legitimate.

What gives you better value for the money, dropshipping or buying a large amount of products in bulk for less money per item than it costs to dropship?  (The answer seems obvious, but the real answer may shock you.)

The one big mistake in thinking most retailer make that absolutely destroys any chance of business success with dropshipping.

Why you don't want to sell for rock-bottom prices and how selling for more will actually set you apart from your competitors and bring in more customers.

Why manufacturers and wholesalers don't want you to sell below a certain price.

Other places outside of eBay you can use to market your products.

And much, much more!

Insider Audio Collection #2
Wholesale Secrets

It's never been a better time to get your wholesale suppliers lined up.  The internet has made it possible to retail your products through multiple channels and reach customers throughout the world.

You'll hear an inspiring case study about how someone sells a couple of products on eBay for around $200 for a very nice profit margin and he never has to touch the products.  They are dropshipped for him.  A true example of an auto-pilot business.

That's why it's critical to your business that you learn everything possible about buying goods wholesale and selling them for large profits.  You'll discover how to do that and much more in these 5 audios. 

Just take a look at what you'll discover...

What buying groups are and how you can use them to leverage your buying power.

3 unique ways to find buying groups and how you can start a buying group from scratch.

How to set up the buying group so that you pay a lower tax rate.

How to use buying groups to get lower prices, rebates and to reach the minimum purchase requirements on in-demand products.

Little-known resources you can use to find more wholesale merchandise.

How to form a buying group or have someone set one up for you quickly.

How to manage supplier relationships for the most profit and the least problems.

What you need to know about recalls and how to handle them.

What costs you should be aware of with inventory start-up.

Here's what suppliers ask for when you want to set-up an account.

How to determine pricing for the goods you sell.

Insider lingo that show the people you're dealing with that you know what you're talking about.

The real reason why wholesale pricing on a drop ship item is higher than a bulk item.

How to determine if the drop shipper you're looking to deal with is legitimate.

Did you ever wonder what the real margins wholesalers make?  You'll find out here.

The deadly predators who are lurking on the search engines.

3 great resources to find overseas manufacturers.

The truth about great dropship companies and the one thing most of the ones you find on the search engines will never tell you.

 An explanation of light bulk wholesaling and how it builds up your profits.

The one thing you must watch out for if you buy from importers.

What you need to know about trade shows and how to get into them.

How the basic product supply chain works and what it means to your bottom line.

3 key indicators that tell you when it makes sense to join a buying group.

How to use authorized wholesalers to build your business.

Why you should not go directly to a manufacturer to get products.

Why manufacturers limit the amount of authorized wholesalers.

What is MAP and how it affects the amount of profit you can make off of the goods you sell.

A complete breakdown of how the retail, wholesaler and manufacturer chain really works.

How does SKU numbers and 'key pricing' come to play in your business.

How to spot hidden expenses in your wholesaling business.

What is 'tier pricing' and how does it work?

And much, much more.


Insider Audio Collection #3
Fulfillment Secrets

Fulfillment is a huge part of running a successful business.  Your customers judge you every time you deliver a product to them.  How quickly it was delivered?  How it was presented when it arrived? How you handle their returns?  And how do you manage inventory. 

It's all covered here.  Here's what you'll discover in these 2 audios...

How to seamlessly handle your inventory management.

A simple definition of fulfillment and the top questions you should ask yourself before you begin fulfilling your own orders or outsourcing the fulfillment.

How to take orders in before you have the product and make sure your backorder process is working properly.

How to know if you need to get a niche fulfillment house to handle your fulfillment.

How to handle returns with your fulfillment center.

Does the size of your business matter when you're dealing with your  house.

The one question you must ask your potential fulfillment providers.

How to get your customer communication handled by a billion dollar fulfillment company at an inexpensive price.

How to scale up your fulfillment business to handle whatever volume you can bring it.

What are xml feeds, flat files, and reorder points?

How to get your items shipped in the same box with other products from Amazon.com.

What kinds of products are restricted for fulfillment services?

What are the top 10 questions you should ask your outsource fulfillment service? (Find out here.)

The true difference between outsource warehousing and fulfillment services and how to tell if your business is the kind that can benefit from using an outsourced warehousing service.

What is kitting and how it can effect your business?

How to handle massive order volume.

And much, much more!


Insider Audio Collection #4
Legal Secrets

Forming your business and making sure everything is legal is a critical part of your success.  Most people try to avoid this step because they think it's hard and expensive.  You'll discover how you can easily get it done quickly and inexpensively. 

You'll see different ways your business can protect you and we'll show you all of the hidden advantages you get when you form your business.  Here's what you'll discover in these 3 audios...

2 easy ways to set up your corporation using online services.

What exactly is an LLC and how does it differentiate from a partnership? (Worried about liability from what your partner might do, make sure you listen to this.)

What are the advantages of being an LLC rather than being a sole proprietor?

3 situations that it's better to be a corporation rather than a LLC.

How does double taxation affect you? (Find out here.)

One huge step you can take to avoid a sales tax audit.

Why you should never pay anyone by the hour to set up your LLC.

Your chances of someone suing you personally, even if you have a LLC, will go up if you do not do this one thing.

Why you should form a corporation even if you're a small operation.

The little known difference between a corporation and a LLC.

The #1 most important thing about a corporation and what to ask yourself to see if you want to be incorporated.

What is a registered agent and why do you need one.

Two of the most popular places to form a corporation are Delaware and Nevada... which one should you choose, or should you just go with your own state?

2 key differences between forming a corporation inside the US and outside of it.

How long does it take to form a business and how much does it cost?

How to save money if you're forming a corporation outside of the US & critical points you must know.

How to form a business for less than $500.

One of the biggest problems that people have when they begin their business.  (This can kill your business before it gets off the ground).

And much, much more!

Insider Audio Collection #5
Liquidation & Closeout Secrets

The closeout and liquidation is a $63 Billion a year beast that has been on fire in the last few year.  What has fueled it's massive growth?  New product innovation, product returns and overstocked items.  For example, 10,000 computers a week are discarded in the federal government alone.

The life cycle of a product is a lot shorter nowadays with all of the advancements in technology.  And the explosion of B-to-B auctions online have opened up the floodgates for sellers like you to profit. 

Not every customer is interested in new items.  There's a huge market for open box items, damaged (refurbished) and salvage items.  And you can buy them at dirt-cheap prices by the case-lot at some of the websites you'll learn about and sell them huge profits. 

You'll see how in this audio series.  Take a look at what you'll discover in these 2 audios...

How the closeout and liquidation market grew to become a multi-billion dollar a year industry and what you can do to profit from it.

Things you should watch out for when dealing with closeouts and liquidations.

What types of goods do you find on B-to-B auction sites?

How much can you expect to pay in buyer's premium costs so you won't get ripped off.

Winning bidding strategies pros use and how you can use them to get valuable goods cheaply.

What is the difference between closeout and liquidation?

What to do about the problems of running out of goods you purchase at closeout.

How to fight back from the rise in eBay fees and use it as an advantage over your competitors.

Little-known places you can retail your goods for nice profits.

2 powerful trade shows you can attend to find a ton of closeout and liquidation goods.

How do you get started selling liquidated items?

What types of businesses can benefit from closeouts and how should they be using them?

The #1 main benefit of using closeouts and how you can use it to finally be competitive with the major retailers.

This kind of product is easier to sell and you should focus your attention here first.

How to use closeouts as a loss leader to bring in a new wave of traffic to your business.

The one place you should be wary of when looking for closeout and wholesalers.

3 costs you must know - winning bid, premium, and shipping costs.

And much, much more!


Insider Audio Collection #6
Importing Secrets

Importing products is a major, multi-billion dollar industry around the world.  I've seen many students make a small fortune importing products.  I wouldn't recommend starting with importing as your main business, unless you have the money and know-how to do it.

But, if you get it right, it's an area where you can make a lot of money.

In this audio series, you'll learn the real behind-the-scenes truth about importing.  We talk about fees, customs, commissions, and all of the other ugly stuff other experts don't warn you about. 

It's eye-opening once you get the entire picture.  Take a look at what you'll discover in these 4 audios...

What are the top questions you should ask when you're working with an international supplier.

How lead time plays a vital factor in how much your final price will be for each wholesale item you purchase.

What a custom house broker is and how you can use one to help you import products.

How to find the right custom broker and what to look out for.

The 2 kinds of bonds that you must know about and how to know if you need them.

The one question you should ask to make sure you get the best rate on shipping containers to you from overseas.

Where to go to find the best freight forwarders.

How to import products from Australia.

What types of products are good for importing.

A step-by-step walkthrough on the process of moving imported goods through their country of origin to the US.

How to work with overseas suppliers and manufacturers.

3 ways to handle quality control and make sure the products you purchase are meeting the standards you demand.

How beginners can easily learn the ropes to start importing products from China.

The truth about duties and taxes.

What you should know if you don't plan on keeping your imported goods in the US.

The critical difference between an importer, an agent and a distributor.

How to use fulfillment centers to help you grow your importing business.

The one thing that happened in January of 2005 that drastically reduced the cost of importing goods to the US.

A detailed explanation of the fees, commissions and costs associated with importing products.

And much, much more!


Insider Audio Collection #7
Shipping Secrets

Did you know that you are due money back on anything items you ship that fail to meet a service guarantee?  5% of all packages shipped fail to meet their service guarantee and most people never claim the money that they are due. 

This is just one of the secrets you'll discover in this audio series.  A lot of profit is made and lost via shipping.  Knowing how to 'game the system' will do wonders for your bottom line. 

Here's what you'll discover in these 3 audios...

How to save up to 20-50% of your annual shipping costs.

How to easily compare major shipping carriers and find better deals to reduce your shipping costs.

Why the lowest priced provider isn't always the best choice.

What should you be looking for when you're comparing different carriers?

Sneaky extra charges shipping companies try to add to your bill without your knowledge.

A case study of someone who saved 42% in one month on their shipping costs by using a free, little-known service.

How to fully integrate this service with eBay. (You can automatically tie in all of your auctions with this free program.)

How to tell if your shipment qualifies for a refund.

What you need to know about freight class and how it effects your pricing.

How to track shipping credits.

How to handle concealed damage and what you should do about it.

Misleading discounts and how to not get tricked by them.

How to save substantially on your shipping expenses.

How to get a company to audit your shipping transactions and get a refund on packages you have sent. (Almost 100% of these refunds go unclaimed.)

What is a common carrier and when is it best to use one?

The different modes of transportation you must know about.

What do you do when you want to ship larger items? (Simply use this company and forget about it.)

What is dimensional weight and when does that apply to shipments?

How to tap into massive bulk discounts by using SBT.  (Details provided in the interview.)

How to quickly and easily qualify the carriers that you work with.

And much, much more!


Insider Audio Collection #8
Trending Secrets

What is the difference between a trend spotter and a trend master?  A trend spotter is someone who looks for trends to convert them into a specific product.  A trend master is someone who is able to spot trends, before the become popular and position themselves for the onslaught of sales.

You'll learn how to become a trend master in this incredible audio collection.  Being able to spot and profit from trends is a skill set most of your competitors will never develop.  You'll be able to effortlessly spot opportunities where they see none.  It's a powerful skill.

Here's what you'll discover in these 3 audios...

How to understand consumer buying trends and use them to position your business for the most profit.

What is the key difference between a trend and a fad?

5 key strategies for product sourcing every seller should know.

This is the quickest way to success in any niche.  (Details in the audio series.)

How to analyze trends and see where your customers and prospects are in the trending cycle.

Hidden resources you can use to spot trends. 

How to get industry insider information and spot trends based on millions of dollars of research.

What is a counter trend and how can you use it to profit?

How to position yourself to capitalize on the explosive growth of online sales.

Top trends you should know about right now.

How to become a 'trend master' and spot trends before they become popular.

4 things that customers are looking for right now.

How to use import buys to get people into your online stores.

An underused method you can use to give your product sourcing a unique spin.

How to build a successful holiday buying line.

How to capitalize on 'traffic bait' products to drive visitors into your store.

Why you should make top 10 lists to save customers' time and direct them to the products you want them to buy.

How long does it take to do trend analysis?

How to find out what is going to be popular before the holiday season begins.

What is 'green light shopping' and how you can use it to make a ton of money.

And much, much more.

In addition to your audio interviews, you'll get a breakthrough video series to help 'jump start' your wholesale dropshipping business.

Private Membership Benefit #2: 
Your Video Collection

These videos give you a behind the scenes look at how the wholesale dropshipping business works.  It's incredible once you see the entire process from a 'sky scraper' level.  You'll be able to see how money is made, how deals are made and how to use your new found knowledge to build a strong, lasting and growing business. 

It gives you a huge advantage over anyone you face in the marketplace.  Here's what you'll discover...

Video #1
Finding Profitable Products
To Sell

In this video, we cover how you can source products using: drop shipping, light bulk, and liquidation.

You'll see an example of how a 'real life' online business owner used multiple different sourcing methods to create a fairly large, successful online business.






Video #2
Making Money With
Drop Shipping


In this video  this video, you'll discover the benefits and the deadly traps you need to be aware of when using drop shipping.  You'll see why certain fees are charged and how they can actually help to grow your business.

You'll take a 'behind the scenes' look at the entire process of drop shipping and see the best ways to make money with this method. 






Video #3
Growing Profits With
Light Bulk Wholesale

In this video, you'll see how light bulk wholesale can immediately increase your profit margin on every single item you sell.  This will take you beyond drop shipping. 

You'll discover how to test out a market with drop shipping and then use light bulk wholesale to ramp up the profits. 

It's eye-opening once you see what's really available to you.





Video #4
Liquidations: More Bang For The Buck

In this video, we dig deeper into the world of liquidated and overstocked products.   The marketplace for these types of products is gigantic. 

Over the last few years, this has really turned into a strong way to bring in profits for your business.  And it's just going to keep on getting stronger. 

The pace of technology is growing.  Companies are always looking for new and different product lines.  This opens up a great opportunity for you to get top-notch products at bargain basement prices. 




Video #5
Get Legal Or Get Cheated


In this video, you'll learn why it's important to get legal for your business to thrive and how easy it is.

A lot of times, people see this as a huge hurdle.  It's actually quite easy and we show you how quickly it could be done. 

There are many tax and financial benefits you can get when running are just not available anywhere else.  If you're serious about making serious money online, make sure you watch this video.





But that's not all, you also get...

Private Membership Benefit #3: 
Your Drop Ship Suppliers

Now that you have the knowledge, this is where everything pays off.  Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone into researching and qualifying these suppliers.  We attended trade shows, scoured through huge databases, visited warehouses, and spent countless hours of time and effort to provide you with these suppliers. 

Most real suppliers are not found in the search engines.  You have to dig deeper than doing a quick search on Google.  There's where most people run into trouble and end up dealing with a middlemen.  In the end, it'll cost you money and wasted opportunity time.

A real Wholesale Drop Ship supplier is a legitimate discount Wholesaler who will send products directly to your Internet customer for you, one product at a time, from their warehouse.

They pack and ship the products for you. You pay a Wholesale Price for the products, one at a time, and charge your customer your Retail Price. The difference between those prices is your profit.

You never have to touch the product, or spend money to fill your garage up with products that you might not sell...the Wholesale Dropshipper does that for you.

And the great thing is, you don't have to find the true dropshippers.  We've done that work for you.

There are a total of 100 dropship companies in this database.  These are solid companies who have been in business for years.  Here are the categories you'll find inside your membership area:

Baby & Maternity Products 

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories


Crafts & Supplies

Health & Beauty

Home & Garden


Jewelry & Watches

Pet Supplies

Special Occasions & Party

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When you add up the entire database of wholesale products you'll be able to dropship, the number comes to 67,543 products. Thousands of products you'll be able to market online and have delivered to your customers, without ever having to touch or see the product.  It's a beautiful business.

And here's the best news...

 You Can Get Full Membership To
Drop Ship Focus For An Incredibly Low,
One-Time Investment

By now, you're probably wondering if this is going to cost you hundreds of dollars.  If it did cost $500 or more, it would still be a huge bargain.  Where else are you going to be able to get insiders to reveal this much knowledge, get video instruction and get dropship suppliers that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to find and pre-qualify.  I would snap up this offer if it costs over a thousand dollars because of the time and expense it would've saved me. 

But you won't pay that much.  If you order today, you can get the entire membership to DropShipFocus for only $97.  This includes everything.  All of the audio files, all of the video files and all of the suppliers.  All for $97.  You won't have to pay monthly membership fees.  You pay $97 one time and you're in without any monthly fees.  That's an extreme bargain.  [Click here to get immediate access.](http://1.dropshipfs.pay.clickbank.net?detail=DropShip%20Focus)

But, that's not all.  I want you to get the entire membership to Drop Ship Focus at MY RISK...

"You Get A No-Risk... 100%... 56 Day, Money Back Guarantee!"

[You can sign up to DropShipFocus](http://1.dropshipfs.pay.clickbank.net?detail=DropShip%20Focus), listen to the audios, view the videos and use the suppliers.  Take it for a complete test drive.  If you're not completely blown away with the enormous value, I don't want to keep your money.  You have a full 56-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.  You take absolutely no risk. 

I can't be any fairer than that.

I hope you understand what a true bargain this is.  With just a few sales you could easily make your investment back.  If you use it, this membership will pay for itself over and over again. 

And you're not taking any risk at all.  [Click here to order now.](http://1.dropshipfs.pay.clickbank.net?detail=DropShip%20Focus)

Look at all of the sellers making money on eBay and other auction websites.  Look at all of the Yahoo Store owners selling thousands of products day in and day out.  Look at sellers on Amazon quietly bringing in a small fortune.

What's the difference between them and you? 

Simple.  They took action. 

There are buyers online right now looking to spend money with you.  You just have to supply them with the right products.  And now you have the products and the 'know how' with DropShipFocus. 

[Click here to join now and I'll see you on the inside.](http://1.dropshipfs.pay.clickbank.net?detail=DropShip%20Focus)

Thanks for listening.


Chris Malta

P.S. - Remember, you immediate access to the 100 dropshippers with 67,543 wholesale products, the 23 audios with experts wholesaling and dropshipping, and the 5 videos to jumpstart your drop ship business.  [Click here to join now.](http://1.dropshipfs.pay.clickbank.net?detail=DropShip%20Focus)

P.P.S. - Also remember that you'll take absolutely no risk.  You have 56 days to look everything over, listen to the audios, watch the videos and use the suppliers.  If you're not absolutely thrilled, you get all of your money back.  There's no risk on your part.  [Click here to get instant access.](http://1.dropshipfs.pay.clickbank.net?detail=DropShip%20Focus)


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