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Becoming Enlightened: A Unique Program of Wisdom & Inspiration

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Becoming Enlightened:A Unique Program of Wisdom & Inspiration
from renowned spiritual psychologist, author, and teacher
Ron Scolastico, Ph.D.
You are never alone.
You have a soul loving and guiding you!
Wouldn't you like to tap its vast source of
wisdom, energy, and creative power?
Connect with your soul, and receive all of its creative energy and powerful intelligence!


Follow the path to


Follow the path to


Follow the path to


Follow the path to LOVE...

"Ron Scolastico is a wonderful
Jack Canfield, Author: Chicken
Soup for the Soul books

You are invited to enjoy truly amazing experiences of your

You already sense that there is a higher realm of
awareness, a world of the soul which is full of goodness,
truth, love, and beauty. From time to time, you make contact
with that place and experience a profound sense of a
wondrous spiritual reality. Sometimes it happens in a place
of worship... sometimes on a hiking trail with the sun
streaming through a veil of leaves... and sometimes when you
take time out of your day to be silent and go within.

Because this higher realm of awareness
is so amazingly powerful, you want to experience
more of it. Just once in a while is not enough! You don't want spiritual reality to be just one or two or
five percent of your life. You want the goodness of your soul to
enter into your life here on earth so that you can connect with
its perfection and creative knowledge on a regular basis.
want to experience more idealism, truth, honor, growth,
honesty, and connection with other human beings.

Perhaps you yearn to make a spiritual connection part
of your everyday existence...

Perhaps you would like to
experience the part of you that is limitless...

Perhaps you would like to find the
unique pathway to your very own soul...

Becoming Enlightened:
Twelve Keys to Higher Consciousness

There is a pathway that leads straight
to your very own soul!
Discover that pathway, with Dr. Ron Scolastico’s newest

Becoming Enlightened
is an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide
to profound spiritual experiences. This is the 6th book in
his remarkable career as a spiritual teacher.
You will learn to...

Open yourself to a
strong channel of inner wisdom and guidance...

Receive answers to
important life questions and mysteries...

Discover the
profound purpose of your life...

Experience a
profound sense of inner peace...

"Ron Scolastico has a gift for sharing extraordinary
spiritual wisdom and guidance."
Barbara De Angelis, bestselling author of Real Moments
and others

Discover the Magnificence of Your Soul!

is a process of training your awareness to expand beyond the
limitations of ordinary human perceptions. By using the
twelve keys to higher consciousness, you will create your
personal enlightenment by a process of gradually introducing
your human self into a direct experience of spiritual
realities over a period of time through a daily silent
In Chapter
One Dr. Scolastico Writes: “You will learn
how to use twelve powerful keys to expand your awareness so
that you can enter a higher state of consciousness to
directly experience your limitless self, the part of you
that is your soul. Learning to attain such experiences will
enable you to create your own personal pathway to

Want to read more?

Download Chapter 1 of Becoming Enlightened

Drawing upon 40 years’ experience in the exploration of
human consciousness, Dr. Scolastico will help you to:

Release distracting thoughts that
arise during meditation

Open yourself to a powerful
channel of inner wisdom and guidance

Receive answers to important life

Heal painful feelings and
negative thought patterns

Release the full power of your
creative potential

Experience deeper love with the
people in your life

Become more compassionate, magnetic, and

Discover the profound purpose of
your life

Receive the joy that comes with
the experience of pure love pouring into you from
your soul day by day

Connect with your soul, and receive all of its creative energy and powerful intelligence!

According to Dr. Scolastico, we all have two types of
awareness - ordinary and extraordinary. With ordinary
awareness, you can perceive your everyday life, work,
thoughts, and feelings. With extraordinary awareness, you
have access to the incredible world of the spirit. When you
learn how to use your extraordinary awareness, you can
encounter your soul and gain access to a larger reality
filled with goodness, beauty, and love.
As Dr. Scolastico says, "I've come to believe that
cultivating a deep spiritual connection is one of the most
beneficial things you can do for yourself. It can open the
door to everything you want: feelings of purpose and
meaning, love and deep friendship with other people, a full
expression of your talents and abilities, and a wonderful
sense of your spiritual existence."
So connect with your soul!  Receive its gifts! And
bring new spiritual awareness back to your everyday world
for a better life here on earth. Get started with Becoming
Enlightened today! This 114 page eBook is
a $19 Value!

Enhance your experience with audio

Now included with your order are
two Guided Meditations, spoken
by Dr. Ron Scolastico, in MP3 format for immediate
download, even if it's 2 AM!

These meditations - spoken by the author - are a $40 value!

Meditation 1: Entering Your Soul (27:11)

Meditation 2, Part 1: Preparing Your
Question (4:08)

Meditation 2, Part 2: Asking Your
Question (19:29)

Listen to a 30 second sample

BONUS Book: Doorway to the Soul

Originally published by Scribner, Doorway to the
Soul: How to Have a Profound Spiritual Experience
will teach you how to use the key of consciousness
to unlock the secrets of reality. This compelling
book offers a beautiful, positive vision of life and
death. It can help you discover how important you
are in the unfolding drama of human existence,
showing you how the choices that you make each day
of your life affect the evolution of humanity.
This 109 page eBook is
a $17 Value!

Praise for
Doorway to the Soul

"Doorway to the Soul profoundly addresses the deep hunger for love, connection,
and spiritual experience that many feel in this period of time."
Jack Canfield, bestselling coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series
"Doorway to the Soul is filled with extraordinary spiritual wisdom and guidance. It offers
you inspiration and direction for finding inner peace and outer fulfillment."
 Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D., bestselling author of Real Moments and others
"Dr. Scolastico's book helps you feel the magnificence of yourself as an eternal soul,
and as a vibrant human being. It takes you on a personal journey toward your larger existence, revealing your purpose on earth, and giving you ways to fulfill that purpose."
Louise Hay, bestselling author of You Can Heal Your Life and others
"I have never believed that we are just dropped off here on earth.
Doorway to the Soul reminds me of the truth of our spiritual origins. When I read this book, my heart and
mind were deeply touched."
Les McCann, internationally acclaimed jazz musician
"This rare gift of a book will provide a pathway for tapping in to your deepest source of personal wisdom. It will transform your life by taking you beyond the realm of the
intellect, and will teach you to trust the intuitive signals that connect you with your own spiritual reality."
 Elyse Resch, coauthor of Intuitive Eating: A Recovery Book for the Chronic Dieter

to the Soul: How to Have a Profound Spiritual Experience truly completes this one-of-a-kind program that
will positively affect every
aspect of your life.

This "Becoming Enlightened"
program is unlike anything you are likely to find elsewhere.
Available fort immediate download, this program is a $78
value. Through this special offer, you can use this unique
package of wisdom to enrich your everyday life for just

YES! I'm Ready to Get Started on the
Pathway to a Deeper, Truer, and More Personal Spiritual
Connection Right Now!

As Ron
Scolastico says: "The present moment is where your
power is."
NOW is the time to take
action. The power of your soul awaits!
I know once I purchase through your secure online order form, the
Becoming Enlightened
program will be available immediately for download, so I can begin right away! 
Get this $78 value for just

Get Started
Right Away - Even If It's 2 A.M.!
You will receive instant download access to
in convenient Adobe PDF and MP3 formats.
Don't have a credit card? No problem!
You can also order with your PayPal account, or
use a convenient "eCheck" to pay directly from your checking
Just choose these payment methods during the order

Still not sure? You Have Nothing To Lose With Our 56 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Take Two Full Months to Decide. If
you're not completely satisfied with Becoming
Enlightened, just return it for a full, no questions
asked refund. We're that
sure you will enjoy this unique learning opportunity
for you to grow spiritually - we stand behind it
100% for EIGHT WEEKS!

As you go along,
you'll discover that you
already have all the inner tools you need to
reach higher and higher levels of consciousness. You
see, inner success has very different requirements
than success in the outer world. And now, Dr. Ron
Scolastico, who has helped thousands of people
access their spiritual selves, will show you
how to put these inner traits
in motion to build the pathway to your soul.

Skills needed for success in the outer world:
strength, force, ambition, determination, intellect

Skills needed for success in the inner world:
sensitivity, receptivity, imagination, intuition,
emotional depth

Using such skills as your imagination,
creativity, emotional depth, compassion, and
generosity, you'll begin a practice of inner
exploration you can turn to at any time to tap into
incredible reserves of spiritual guidance and love.
You'll discover how to tune into a whole different
channel of awareness that lies above and beyond
day-to-day reality.

Beyond words and ideas, communicating with your soul
is like learning a new language! And now you can
discover the crucial link to your soul by speaking
its language—one based on energy, feelings,
intuition, and sensitivity!

Receive answers to important life questions!

In addition, you can use your new spiritual practice
to help find answers to important life questions...
and to revitalize yourself with positive emotions
and feelings of well-being.

Amazingly, as you become more sensitive to the
influence of your soul in your life, events you
might have dismissed as coincidence will begin to
take on new and deeper meanings. These
"coincidences" actually result from subtle, inner
guidance from your soul!

Although it takes time to achieve deep spiritual
experiences, with patience, you'll discover the realm
of your soul at your own pace, in a way that
benefits your particular personality. And once you
get there, you'll find a deep sense of peace that
you can access at any time.


Photo: Deborah Hardee
is a noted spiritual psychologist, author, lecturer
and teacher who has explored the nature of human
consciousness for more that forty years. He has
provided spiritual counseling for many people
throughout the world. He is a graduate of the
University of California at Berkeley, has received
MFA and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Iowa,
and has studied at the University of Bordeaux,


Using Becoming
Enlightened: A Unique Program of Wisdom & Inspiration
you can...

Break through to experience your

Know why you are living on Earth
and what your purpose is

Feel a strong sense of inner

Enjoy a wonderful feeling of love
in your life

Transform negativity in your
thoughts, actions, feelings, and relationships

Achieve higher consciousness day
by day


Please accept our risk-free audition today!
You'll be able
to immediately download Dr. Ron Scolastico's new
book Becoming Enlightened: Twelve Keys to Higher
Consciousness + two Guided Meditations - spoken by
Dr. Scolastico - in MP3 format + your bonus book
Doorway to the Soul: How to Have a Profound
Spiritual Experience

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