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Boost Your Profits Instantly with these "under the radar" Marketing Quickies tips. Step by step video guide reveals all...

"Warning! Your Leaving Over 80% Of YOUR Profits on The Table While Your Competitors Swoop In And Take Advantage Of Your Misfortune. Video Tutorial System Teaches You Stealth Marketing Tactics To Fight Back"


From the desk of Andrew Fox and David W. Schaible

Dear Marketing Friend,

Have you ever really wondered how the 'Big Boy's' make money online?

Is it from selling a $27 ebook, $2000 seminars,one-on-one consultations or something totally different...

Just what is their secret...

What I'm about to tell you will truly SHOCK YOU. Reason being anyone can do it. But the 'gurus' will never let you know that..

ANY of the top experts online, know how to optimize their website to suck in as much money out of every visitor as possible.

"Chances Are Your Leaving 80% Of Your Profit Sitting On The Table Without Even Realizing It, While the Top Gorillas Online Come To Feed On Your Profitable Remains"

That should be a real wake up call for you and is cause for genuine alarm.

So how do YOU fix it?

What do you need to change on your website, how can you quadruple YOUR profits without spending thousands of dollars on advertising and software tools?

Well I have an answer for you..

'Imagine You Could Learn everything in a Step-by-Step Video Format And Apply The Changes In Less Than AN Hour To Your website'?

Just recently I've "let the cat out of the bag" and developed a very private collection of videos showing You EXACTLY what you need to change on your website.

The best part is some technique's take less than 5 minutes to implement yet can boost your profits dramatically - I guarantee it!

"Introducing 'Marketing Quickies Vol 2' - A Step By Step Collection Of Short Videos Showing You Fast, Yet HIGHLY Effective Changes You Can Make To Your Website For Dramatically Increased Profits"

[Own 'Marketing Quickies - Volume 2'](http://1.imanimer.pay.clickbank.net) today and start making more money from your website.

Supplied INSTANTLY with full video and audio teaching.

Watch each step on your computer and implement it on your website for INSTANT results.

Some tactics take less than 5 minutes to put in place!

Just some of the things you will learn include...

The difference in conversion rate using an order button as opposed to link.  How big of a difference it makes and even the exact steps to creating one.
Using a service such as Adminder.com to track conversion rates, CPC etc with instructions on how to set everything up.
The perfect upsells - What price percentage increase tends to work best illustrated by 2 real life examples. (This is a technique you MUST be using unless you enjoy throwing money away.)
How to install a blog and be up and running within 5 minutes. The main features you need to adjust to make it search engine friendly.
The fastest and best way to automatically attract testimonials, when is the best time to ask a customer for it and the software I use (I've gained 40+ testimonials for just one product using this method.)
Overview on how to use Camtasia to record video and upload to the web so that ANYONE can do this.
What simple line of html code can grab your readers attention like no other.
Examples of how to use Traffic Exchanges to gain subscribers with real life examples of EXACTLY what I do.   Where you can gain an INSTANT ton of affiliates every time you do a product launch for just pennies on the dollar.   How to use a discount coupon on your website to build exclusivity, soar conversion rates and make your customers feel special.   The #1 tool I recommend EVERYONE uses to virally spread word about their product that can't be turned off. (I've already had 150,000 visitors from this one tactic.)


Todd Gross


"Everyone should be using this to turbo charge their websites"


It's been a pleasure to work on some recent projects together and I must say when you told me about the "Marketing Quickies" concept I was very intrigued.

After reviewing the videos I was even more excited.

Simple reason is this - each tip takes hardly any time to implement yet can have massive results as you say.

It's not hard and everyone should be using this to turbo charge their websites for no extra money.




Michael Nichalos


"I loved the Affiliate Submission Video - I'm seeing results already!"

Just had a chance to review your new 'Marketing Quickies Volume 2' package

I was very impressed with the tips you shared and have already started implementing them on my website.

I think the video I found most useful was the affiliate submission service. When I used this I definitely gained more active affiliates.

Then just as you said I got listed in the search engines. Two birds with one stone!

Great package overall. Looking forward to the third installment already.



Jason James


"So simple yet highly effective"


I'd heard some people talking about the first edition of Marketing Quickies so when volume 2 was released I was naturally curious...

Now I can see why people loved it so much!

The videos are very clear, concise and contain golden nuggets that are so simple yet highly effective.

Factor in that you don't need to be a technical genius to add these features to your website makes this one a no brainer!


I've broken down each section into a step by step video that is very easy to follow. Watch, make notes and then update your website.

Prepare for BIG changes and more profits!

Video Tutorial #1 - Introduction showing the Power of Marketing Quickies.

You'll be given a demonstration of how to use Marketing Quickies to really explode your business and why these methods are so powerful.

Scan over some of the tactics I've used with EXACT websites revealed. Prepare to be shocked by how well these tactics work. The top 3 techniques I recommend you take action on first and an overview of WHY these are the best ones to use.

Video Tutorial #2 - Using Traffic Exchanges To Generate Subscribers and Sales (Especially If Your On A Shoe String Budget)

What Traffic Exchanges actually work and deliver REAL traffic. (Most of these services are totally useless and will never do anything but waste your time.)

The single most important change you must make to your landing page for each traffic exchange to ensure maximum subscribers opt in rate. Where you should NEVER send visitors from traffic exchange programs to. (Make this mistake and prepare to experience a lot of frustration.)

Video Tutorial #3 - Using Camtasia to record video and some of the most important functions you should use.

With video becoming a MAJOR part of the Internet you need to know how to enter this market.

I'll take you step by step through Camtasia, a program that allows you to record your actions on screen and how to operate it and forward to a website at the end. (Very Important) What video size you should use so the video will stream online yet is still comfortably visible to the reader. The Video service I use for special presentations and the INCREDIBLE results I've had. (Very Important when you are launching a product as shown in this case study.)

Video Tutorial #4 - My Secret "Testimonial Extractor" Method Which Will Show You How To Gain a Bucket load of Testimonials and Why They Are So Important To Your Business.

Testimonials are an essential part of increasing your website conversion rate. In this video I am going to teach you my "automated system" and the software I used to generate 40+ testimonials for one product.

What kind of testimonials you should look out for and the types you should use in your marketing to skyrocket sales conversion rates. Where and when you should always ask for a testimonial for a ongoing supply forever.

Video Tutorial #5 - What simple line of html code you MUST add to your website in several places to catch your readers attention like no other.

When used correctly this can have INCREDIBLE results.

It will draw your readers eyes to hypnotic phrases and dramatically increase your chance of making a sale that otherwise may never have happened. I dissect one of my most successful websites where I've used this simple html code with huge results.

Video Tutorial #6 - Using the Adminder tracking service to analyze your return on investment and see whats working.

If you're not using tracking in your marketing you are LOSING A FORTUNE. Every top marketer will tell you this.

Prepare to be amazed as I show you how to use this service and place it on your website even if you're not technical at all. Why when combined with the "Upsell Tactic" this can skyrocket your profits. (I'll show you PROOF of my most recent test that really excited me.

Video Tutorial #7 - Why Upsells Are An Incredible Method of Boosting Your Profits By Over 40%+ EVERY Time. (This works great with Clickbank products.)

What exactly an "upsell" is and why you are totally crazy if your not using it on your website.

Watch as I show you a REAL LIFE website and how to create the upsell page, how long it should be , what you should feature on it and where to place the order buttons. The average percentage of buyers you can expect to take the upsell with various price points.

Video Tutorial #8 - How you can BOOST your sales by making ONE small change to your order process.

I was very surprised at how this made such a difference.  (HINT- it has to do with people on the Internet being "click happy".)  All is revealed in this video.

You are supplied with the html website code you need and the simple url you need to change in order to make it work. Watch as I show you PROOF of why this method works so well and why the top experts in the world use it.

Video Tutorial #9 - Where I gain a TON of new affiliates for each product I launch for just pennies on the dollar.

I was considering whether to add this section in as I've NEVER revealed such a powerful source until now.

With this simple submission service you can get listed in over 50+ Real time directories that WILL get you more affiliates and more sales. It even acts as a "back door" method of getting into the search engines which I found out by mistake... Watch this video to see what I learned and how YOU can do it too.

Video Tutorial #10 - The One Item I added to the bottom of my website to increase conversion rate and boost my Joint Venture partners.

While watching a DVD of Yanik Silver Undergound Seminar #2, I picked up a very interesting point.

I tried this out for myself with my own "twist" so it wouldn't end up causing me more hassle that it was worth. Why a millionaire called me on the phone because of this one addition (Simply incredible!)

Video Tutorial #11 - What is 'hands down' the best tool to virally spread word about your website that can't be stopped!

Viral Marketing is a very powerful tool when used correctly. But what is the best? A Tell a friend form, shareable video or something else...

Why I was so shocked and learned a valuable lesson in why I was so successful with this "viral tool" (HINT - Miss out on this one factor and it could kill your campaign INSTANTLY!) How you can get started right away and what software you need to make it happen. (You can get it for under $80!)

Video Tutorial #12 - Using the coupon code tactic to build anticipation, increase conversion rates and drive sales through the roof.

Coupon codes can be a VERY powerful way to create INSTANT cash flow on demand. In this video you will learn why.

I'll show you REAL LIFE examples you can use on your own website for the best results. This video will show you exactly how to install the code on your website and how to change various settings.
Each video is very simple to follow so that ANYONE can implement these tactics.

Just think how these "Marketing Quickies" Videos will put YOU light years ahead of the competition and have them trailing in your dust.

Presented in an easy to learn audio and video format...they will accelerate your learning like never before.

Listen to Lee Benson's review....


Lee Benson


"Video Learning is definitely the way forward"


I was very impressed with the quality and the tactics you shared in 'Marketing Quickies Volume 2'.

Video learning is definitely the way forward and I always prefer this method to learning as opposed to ebooks and audio.

Any one who watches this can make these changes on their websites.  The beauty of it... you don't need a degree in programming to get started!

A great resource that I'll be happy to add my recommendation to!

"How Much Are A Set of Tried And Tested 'Marketing Quickies' Worth To Your Business That Take Less Than 5 Minutes to Set Up"

Let me give you a few examples...

In video #8 I talk about the #1 resource I use to submit my affiliate program to, this single resource has always created massive results for me.
Or in Video #4 my "Testimonial Extractor" Method will have your phone lines ringing off the hook with nothing but good comments about your product.
Imagine boosting your conversion rate from 2% to 3%. Can you imagine the effect it would have on your business?

"Small Changes Create MASSIVE Results"

Drum that into your brain now..

"Small Changes Will have Exponential Results On Your Business"

You have two choices now...

1)Stay the same person you are today and keep getting the same results...


2)Take Action! [Order your copy 'Marketing Quickies Vol 2'](http://1.imanimer.pay.clickbank.net) right now and dramatically increases the sales and profits of your business.

However, before you make your decision David would like to add to this already incredible investment and offer the following bonuses which he has the right to remove at any point...

>Marketing Quickies Vol 2 HUGE Bonus Package<


this David Schaible and although you may not have heard of me, I'm very certain that if you've done your homework... you've heard of Andrew.  I've had a fair share of success on the net as a copywriter and co-author to a couple of ebooks with the legendary [Bob Bly](http://www.bly.com) but I feel that Andrew's record is the one that should catch your eye, that is IF you are wondering about credentials here.

Anyway, Andrew is known in the industry for OVER-DELIVERING so I felt that I should keep this spirit of giving alive and well by giving you... not just one little bonus for ordering but how  about 4 huge bonuses for a very limited time!

Plus for the first 97 people who order you will qualify for a chance to win Website Video Secrets Vol. 1.  This package alone is a real value of over $500.  I know because I bought and paid for this course and I highly recommend it to anyone who's been wanting to take their online marketing to the next level by adding audio and video to their sites.  I don't have the room here to go into the extreme value of this package.  If  you have any doubt or questions about  this 12 CD package, go ahead and do a search for "Online Audio+Video+Jim Edwards+Mike Stewart".

Now about the 4 huge bonuses...


I'm talking about the word files, the PDF files, the graphics, (including the pre-designed jackets.)

Everything you will need for the basis of launching your very own information products X 4!

Here's a sneak peak at the four titles:

7 Days To Easy Money:
Would you like to GET PAID to write a book?  If you're thinking this is plain fantasy, think again. All professional writers get paid to write their books.

How? They sell their books via proposals before they write the books.  7 Days To Easy-Money: Get Paid To Write A Book gives you a complete method. The ebook shows you EXACTLY HOW to write and  SELL.

You can be a published author much faster than you imagine.  This great resource includes samples, exercises, AND a complete proposal which sold its first time out:  (Everything you and your customers need to know to write a SALEABLE book proposal.)

You Receive The Resale Rights To This Book In PDF Format, Raw Word (DOC) File And Editable Photoshop Source Document To The E-Cover!

[YES] Can be resold for any price.
[YES] Can be given away.
[YES] Can be added to and re-packaged. *Suggested
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
[YES] Can Be Edited Completely and Your Name Put on it.
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites


7 Infamous Resell Rights Questions Answered

How would YOU like to have your Frequently Asked Questions ANSWERED?

In the last 4 to 5 years, the popularity of Resell Rights soared and crept into the Internet Marketing arena, even though the concept of reselling and retailing have been practiced for a very long time in the conventional world of business.

If you have ZERO clue as to what Resell Rights are, how Resell Rights work and how you can make full advantage of Resell Rights to explode your profits with digital products, this book is for you.

7 Infamous Resell Rights Questions Answered compiles a collection of seven (7) most Frequently Asked Questions on the topic of Resell Rights with their answers, clearing the fogging myth and busting the hype!

You Receive The Resale Rights To This Book In PDF Format, Raw Word (DOC) File And Editable Photoshop Source Document To The E-Cover!

[YES] Can be resold for any price.
[YES] Can be given away.
[YES] Can be added to and re-packaged. *Suggested
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
[YES] Can Be Edited Completely and Your Name Put on it.
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites

The Might Of Character Building

Your Ultimate Self Help Guide To Building Your Character To Face Adversity!

Without our consciousness, we are forming habits every moment of our lives. Some are habits of a desirable nature, some undesirable, some others not so bad, and others that are exceedingly bad! So have we, within our power, to determine at all times what types of habits shall take form in our lives?

The Might of Character Building highlights the core secrets to building your character to reduce your stress level, focus your energy, make your decisions simplified, and maximize your satisfaction!

You Receive The Resale Rights To This Book In PDF Format, Raw Word (DOC) File And Editable Photoshop Source Document To The E-Cover!

[YES] Can be resold for any price.
[YES] Can be given away.
[YES] Can be added to and re-packaged. *Suggested
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
[YES] Can Be Edited Completely and Your Name Put on it.
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites

The Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth

He Who Makes the Money, Makes the Rules... Discover The Time-Tested Principles of Acquiring Wealth Starting Today!

So you want to start taking your finances and wealth-building seriously. You also agree that as long as you use words such as "status quo", "average", "medium", and "balance", so will your income remain just that.

But what really are the rules of acquiring wealth?

The Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth is a book that details over 19 principles of building wealth that have survived the test of time. Regardless of your current position, situation or time - this material shows you 19 oversimplified rules of self-investing and building your wealth.

You Receive The Resale Rights To This Book In PDF Format, Raw Word (DOC) File And Editable Photoshop Source Document To The E-Cover!

[YES] Can be resold for any price.
[YES] Can be given away.
[YES] Can be added to and re-packaged. *Suggested
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
[YES] Can Be Edited Completely and Your Name Put on it.
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites.

Please note that this is a time sensitive offer and I may pull it at any time.  You must purchase M.Q. 2 now to gain access to these resale rights. 

"I'll Even Honor ClickBanks 8 week Guarantee To Show How Much I Stand By Marketing Quickies Vol 2"

Use these tips and tricks that I teach in 'Marketing Quickies Vol 2'. Apply what I teach to your website and I guarantee that you will see positive changes.

If you feel that M.Q.2 is not worth every single penny you invested,after testing these techniques out,I'll see to it that you receive a refund for every penny!

If this does not sound like a more than fair guarantee then please don't order. This is a serious course for serious minded individuals ONLY!

"OK Andrew and David, I'm Ready... How much will my investment in 'Marketing Quickies Vol 2' be? "

After much thought I still wasn't sure what would be a fair price to charge for access to the 'Marketing Quickies Vol 2' Videos'.

What I teach you has been tried and tested and generated me $100,000's in personal sales.

If you wanted to hire my services I charge a minimum of $250 per 30 minute session (that's if I have free time available which is usually unlikely)

What you are about to access is highly sensitive material that can totally change your business.

...Simply Put -- If I charged $297 to access these videos it would be an absolute bargain.  Not to mention David's HUGE BONUS PACKAGE!

However as a very special offer today I will charge just $197 for the whole collection in downloadable format.

BUT if you order today you get an EVEN better price. As part of a market test I'm trying out [you can grab your set of videos,plus the bonus package delivered in downloadabl](#order)[e format](#order)[ ](#order)[for just $197,$147!](#order)

Do not underestimate the value of this package and the massive value you receive.

Place your order now and get "Marketing Quickies Vol 2".

Marketing Quickies Vol 2 "PRIORITY " Order Form

YES! I Want To Access The Marketing Quickies Videos Immediately For the Special Price of Just $197, $147?  This incredible offer includes ALL of the bonuses that David has presented.  I realize this is truly a Special Price and may not be offered long.

Andrew and David, I am ready to use the "Marketing Quickies Vol 2" videos to dramatically explode the profits of my business.

I understand that as soon as I order this package I will receive detailed instructions for downloading it.[]

I understand you will hold nothing back and show me the exact same changes you have made on your websites that have resulted in Mega profits.

I understand I am fully covered by your 8 week guarantee.

Finally I understand this course may be taken off the market at anytime and I need to place my order now to gain immediate access.

Click the button below to order now for just $197 $147
WAIT A MINUTE!!  HERE'S AN EVEN BETTER DEAL!!  I'm going to allow the first 97 people who order to pay only $97 so GO!!  GO!!  GO!!


[](http://1.imanimer.pay.clickbank.net)*** To make your buying experience the utmost, and assure that you will be enjoying the tutorials without a snag... you may want to make sure that you have the latest version of  Microsoft Codec which allows the viewing of .avi files. 
You can [go here now](http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/forpros/format/codecdownload.aspx) and get it for Fr.ee.

  Note: Clicking these links will open a NEW page in your browser so you don't lose this this order form.

Wishing you increased success!

Andrew Fox & David W. Schaible

PS: Just think...you will be watching these videos within minutes of placing your order. Then simply copy the tactics in them for your own website. It doesn't get any easier that that.

Start competing with the highest paid Gurus Quickly!

[Order Now](http://1.imanimer.pay.clickbank.net)

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