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Auction Bargain Finder - A Revolutionary Free eBay Auction And
Online Marketplace Software!

How To Shop Until You Drop And Purchase Items At Bottom-Dollar

"A New, Revolutionary FREE Tool That Searches Marketplaces, Finds
Online And _Instantly_ Locates The Cheapest Price For The Item
You're Looking For From The Comfort Of Your Own Desktop!"

Stop spending hours at a time searching all over the Internet for
and still come away feeling like you were ripped off after you're


Dear Friend,

Are you tired of shopping online and feeling like you got cheated
out of your money? Do you wish that there was a sure-proofed way to
ensure that you're getting the absolutely cheapest price available on
the Internet, regardless of the item?

Have you ever wished you could instantly find bargains that
virtually no one else knows about?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want you to know
that I have good news for you because from this day forward you'll
have the power to shop smarter by having access to the best bargains
on the items you're looking for, so you'll have more money in your
pocket and feel confident that you've gotten your monies worth.

Interested? If so, here's how it works:

By Taking advantage of the misspellings market!

Check this out

FACT: Millions of items are listed on auction sites each day and of
that number, thousands of those items go unsold because they were
misspelled, creating a huge market for people just like you to save a
bundle of money while shopping online.

Here's the usual scenario: When shoppers, for example, are looking
to bid on a _GOLD WATCH_ on Ebay and the seller misspells it and lists
it as a _GOLD WACH_, only a few people or possibly no one will see it
because it was misspelled.

So instead of the gold watch selling for $300.00, because it was
misspelled and only a few people or no one but you bid on the watch,
it can sell for as little as $3.00, saving the buyer hundreds of
dollars in the process.

This method applies to virtually any item being sold on auctions

But now that you have the concept down, there is, however, still one
problem. You'll need an easy and fast way to find these misspelled
items that will save you money. And once you say Yes to this new,
revolutionary software called the AUCTION BARGAIN FINDER, you'll be
able to do just that!

Auction Bargain Finder

Discover The Secret To Finding Bargains When Shopping Online!

You'll Be Able To Find Bargains In Seconds While Other Shoppers
Search For Hours And Still Pay 40% or More For The Exact Same Item You

There's simply no other product on the market today that compares to
the Auction Bargain Finder. Besides the fact that it's totally free
for you to use, the Auction Bargain Finder is a sophisticated piece of
software that's designed with advanced technology that puts avid or
even casual online shoppers at a clear advantage when it comes to
finding a real bargain.

The Auction Bargain Finder cuts through the hassle and headache of
having to search for hours for items at bargain prices. This
carefully-designed software puts shoppers just like you in the
driver's seat to finding the bargains at bottom-dollar prices.

All you, the shopper, has to do is click a button and watch the
Auction Bargain Finder go to work for you! And it won't stop until it
has located the best possible price available for your specific item
in the misspelled market place.

In addition, with the Auction Bargain Finder, you'll

* Save valuable time by finding real bargains!

* Find auctions only few people find due to misspellings

* Compare prices on a total of 5 DIFFERENT MARKETPLACES and NEVER
EVER pay too much again when shopping online


But not only that, this software:

* Is easy-to-use and requires no technical skills

* Comes with a comprehensive user guide with screenshots that take
you step-by-step, explaining everything you need to know to save a
bundle of money

* Has no adware or spyware and is approved by eBay!

There's No Limit To What The Auction Bargain Finder Can Do For You
Because Misspelled Items Never Become Obsolete

With the Auction Bargain Finder there's no limit to the amount of
money you can save while shopping online. And perhaps, the best part
about it is that you NEVER have to worry about this trend dying out
because with millions of misspelled items out there everyday, there's
room for an unlimited amount of people, such as yourself, to tap into
this market!

But once you say Yes to this free, downloadable software, you'll
have a clear advantage of those entering the market just guessing at
how items may have been misspelled.

The Auction Bargain Finder:

Allows you to search eBay auctions, Buy-It-Now listings and eBay
stores separately

Is equipped with a built-in, sophisticated MISSPELLINGS search
feature that can be turned on or off at any time


Has the capability to hunt for bargains under pre-defined prices,
i.e. under $50, under $25, etc.

Has a built in "Sign up with eBay" function for all eBay countries

Includes search functions also for EBAY EXPRESS, HALF.COM, UBID

Just look at the long list of countries this software supports:

* UK
* Canada
* Australia
* France
* Belgium (french & dutch)
* Netherlands
* Italy
* Germany
* Austria
* Switzerland
* Spain
* Singapore
* India

With one mouse click you can switch between all those countries at
any time!

Click below to take a look at some screenshots with the software in

Software Startscreen [1]

Finding Misspelled Items [2]

Hunting For Bargains [3]

eBay Express [4]

half.com screen [5]

uBid Auction Site [6]

Amazon Marketplace [7]

Similar or Other Products:

Will cost you $47 or more to use

Are time consuming and come in forms such as an e-book, which
requires a lot of reading and thinking instead of saving you money

Don't take you step-by-step and teach you the best strategies to
make a profit in the misspellings market

Only want your money and don't care if you lose your investment

The Auction Bargain Finder:

* Is FREE to use

* Will do all the research and work to help you save a ton of money
or make a profit, which ever one you choose

Plus, The Software Comes With A FREE Lifetime Membership!

free access to any future updates and enhancements of the software

priority notification & access (before anyone else) to any new
tools I develop in future

free email course on how to use Auction Bargain Finder best

more bargain tips when shopping online

free tips on how to easily make money with eBay and quit your day

and much more!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. But you don't have to take
my word for it

"You Need To Read These Real Life Testimonials"


I found 35 items in one search which were in my price range. This
made it so much easier to find the best one for me to bid on. I just
won a jornada 720 mini laptop for 60 bucks and 14 for shipping!
Usually they go for $150 and up but because of your software I found
this one all alone, misplaced in an odd category and no one was
bidding on it.

Totally configurable to suit anyones search needs, many
possibilities. I will use this on all my eBay searches.

Thank You!



Absolutely the ultimate tool for hunting bargains. Price comparison
results came fast. An easy to use must have tool for bargain hunters!



Well, that's what I thought I was getting when I got my hands on

I'm not usually wrong but this time I was *WAY* off.

Auction Bargain Finder managed to find me a *GREAT* deal on a
Toshiba laptop I was looking for along with an Epson printer. I
saved $43!

What's even more spectacular was the ability to search Amazon too!

It also has an excellent misspelling tool integrated into it,
not to mention the beautifully designed interface for ease of use.

You'd be crazy not to buy this!


eBay Powerseller

Now that you've read the testimonials, you should be convinced, but
if you're like most people, you're probably still a little skeptical.
But remember this: If you keep doing what you're doing right now,
you'll only be successful at doing the same thing over and over again!
So why not try it? It's FREE!

And the best part about it is that it's backed by a guarantee!

A FREE Product That's Backed With A Guarantee Is Unheard of, But The
Auction Bargain Finder Is Exactly That GUARANTEED!

Normally, a product or service that's backed by a guarantee usually
costs the customer some type of investment, but that's not the case
with the Auction Bargain Finder.

The Auction Bargain Finder costs absolutely nothing on your part.
And it's guaranteed to go to work for you, finding misspellings in
seconds, keeping you from having to research, think, and spend time
manually coming up with every possible way the certain item you're
looking for may be misspelled.

With the Action Bargain Finder, you're guaranteed to have an
alternative way to saving a ton of money while shopping online. And
remember, with this tool, you'll be able to buy items for cheap and
then flip them for a profit if you so choose!

With a guarantee like this, you can't afford not to try it!

Get Started Now And Save Every Time You Shop Online!

By now, if you truly want to save money while shopping online by
taking advantage of the misspelled items market and the ability to
compare prices on 5 different online marketplaces, then you want to
know how to get your hands on the Auction Bargain Finder, right?

Well, I'm pleased to offer you this truly amazing FREE software
TODAY. All you have to do is click the download button below and
you'll be on your way to saving yourself an unlimited amount of money
while shopping online!




PS: Remember, the Auction Bargain Finder is absolutely FREE, so you
have nothing to lose. You'll never find a product of this quality with
an offer like this anywhere!

PPS: This could be your last chance at having a sure way to find
bargains online, so please don't let this opportunity pass you by. I'm
seriously considering to pull the plug once I feel enough people have
downloaded it.


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Copyright [13] eBay(R), eBay(R) Express(tm), half.com(tm), uBid(R) and
Amazon(tm) are registered trademarks, service marks, logos and/or
domain names and are the property of their respective owners, who have
no association with or make any endorsement of the products or
information provided by AuctionBargainFinder.Com


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