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WinSwim Sports Software for Swimming

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Do you need swimming sports & workout software that's easy to understand and use? 
Confused by complex and expensive software?  Looking for a product
where you can easily switch languages from English to Spanish to
Portuguese; then back to English?  WinSwim will fulfill all
your team and meet needs in one package at one low price that any team can
afford.  Using WinSwim once will save you hundred of hours in creating
and managing team records and meets.Click on download link above to get a
free 30-day evaluation version of the software today!



Full featured team and meet manager including all the features
you need to manage your team and meets.  Includes ability to
manage multiple teams, event lists and meets.  Can utilize the
U.S. Swimming standard SDIF interchange files to interoperate meet
entries and results between different swim teams and software
packages.  Contains support Colorado Time System 5
timing consoles to capture event times directly into WinSwim.
support for English,
and Spanish!  See all the
new features of the latest release or the
latest release at the
history page.
Timing Console Features - If you need to support the Colorado Timing System 5 or System 6, this
support is now available.  This
allows you to access results directly from the sports timer and save and
load events directly to the sports timer. 

Get Quick
Start Guide - Would you like to know how to get started quickly using WinSwim! 

Exciting new workout software tailored for the coach or administrator of
clinics or activity centers.  So configurable that this workout manager can
be used for any sport; swimming, rowing, track & field, yoga or any
athletic workout, etc...


Utility that will view information contained on
the sports timer and export events. 


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