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If you are an elite cyclist or a newbie, who else wants to improve your performance and decrease the chance for injuries.

Winter is the time to perfect your biking.  Be the best cyclist for years to come.

Dear fellow cyclists and multisport athletes,  

I have always been involved in sports.  I grew up playing football and morphed in an endurance athlete.  This transition has been tough and is still progressing.  Before training, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I was concerned about such a high potential for injuries.  As a youth I had fractured my femur and had to learn how to walk again.  In addition, I have had several other minor injuries that have delayed my training.  This is why I created this e-book. 

By training, I’m a physical therapist.  I look at the body as a complex machine.  I respect every component of it and analyze it to determine where this machine is failing.  I’m always amazed of the how far someone can travel or how fast they can travel by combining the complex human machine with the bicycle.  I want this e-book to provide you the tools to maximize this symbiotic relationship.

It is not uncommon for a cyclist to develop knee pain, foot numbness, saddle numbness or back injuries.  Oftentimes, terms in the medical field such as patellofemoral syndrome, lumbar disc herniation, Morton’s neuroma, or pudendal artery compression are thrown out at you and could be related to your cycling fit.  Simply by adjusting your cleat position, your saddle height, or stem length to decrease the pain and prevent worsening of the condition.  By neglecting these symptoms and working through them, you may end or disrupt your training season.  I see this often as practicing as a physical therapist.  No pain, no gain does not apply in this case.  The causes of the problems need to be addressed before complications develop.  It is not uncommon to be in physical rehabilitation for 1 ½ to 2 months for any of the symptoms.

Do you experience lower back pain, foot numbness or knee pain when cycling?  Read on to learn how to eliminate this pain and maximize your cycling potential.


Steve Berkey, DPT

This E-book Will Provide You the Details of Bicycle Fitting
If the human mechanics and the interaction of the bicycle are not appropriate then detrimental stress will be present on the joints.  Many injuries develop gradually.  If a cyclist is pedaling at 90 revolutions per minute and is competing in a century race, then each leg will complete 27,000 revolutions if the cyclist maintains an average of 20 MPH.  Over time the improper mechanics could lead to knee pain that may prevent the cyclist from competing in his or her next A race.

Many books that I have read don’t elaborate on the proper cycle fit.  It is often confusing fishing through the internet trying to find the right answer.  You want to find the right answer because an improper fit can reduce your biking efficiency or hinder your training due to resultant injuries.  This e-book is designed to make you independent in bicycle fitting and eliminate this potential.

Features and Benefits

This e-book is not a general overview of the bicycle fitting process.  This e-book is a step-by-step process on how to do a biomechanical fit.  After reading, you are provided the tools to eliminate the potential for injuries, maximize your power, and maximize your speed.

This book is appropriate for road cyclists, triathletes and duathletes, touring, time trial, and mountain bicyclists.  It will guide you on the biomechanical fit.  After reading the e-book you should have a strong foundation on the principles of a proper biomechanical fit. 

Get Your Moneys Worth

A professional bicycle fit can cost anywhere from $100 to $300+.  In addition, your bicycle may need reassessed multiple times during the year depending on how often you’re riding, what surfaces you’re riding, equipment changes, etc.  Bicycle fit can become quite pricey.  Bicycle fit is a needed component to your cycling.  It is the foundation that maximizes the performance between the human machine and the bicycle.  Become your own professional bicycle fitter.  Save your time and money. 

So How Much Is It?

Bicycle fit can become very complex and confusing.  This 114 page, fully illustrated e-book is intended to remove the confusion and provide the most research-based information to help you become a great cyclist for years to come. You’re getting a $100+ professional fit for $19.97.  Get it immediately and act now.

Purchase Today for $19.95

Consider purchasing this item today and move on with your cycling with confidence that your bicycle is fitted appropriately.  Eliminate the potential for injuries and maximize your performance. Improve your cycling, avoiding that nagging knee pain, don’t miss your next A race, and maximize your performance.  Considering buying now.
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