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If you have been struggling to figure out what your purpose

If you have been struggling to
figure out what your purpose & calling in life is...

"At Last! 
A New 2-Hour Audio Course Will
Step-By-Step On

How To Discover Your Calling In Life
The Biblical Way for Just $27!

As You Keep
Reading, You Will Discover a BREAKTHROUGH Way to Unlock & Live Your True
Calling &

Also Receive $250 of FREE Bonuses!

(50% Off Original Price & The
Price May Increase In The Future!)

From: BJ Min (Author of
God's Calling For Your Life" 2-Hours Audio Training Course )

If you
want to discover
God's calling for your life,
then this letter will show you how you can unlock God's true calling for
your life and give you guidance in how to take those courageous steps to
step towards living out your true destiny with courage, faith,
and guidance.

In addition, you will...

Discover what your true specific passions are even though you
may be unsure or cluttered in your mind.

Figure out
how to know which is the SINGLE most passionate and purposeful thing
that you naturally love to do. 

How to
unlock and use your own specific God-given talents for Him. 


How to
discover your own unique design and God's specific purpose for your
personal identity for His glory. 

to guarantee whether your goals are of His will or not of His

Hours Instantly Downloadable AUDIO, you will receive a Biblical &
Christian perspective to discovering God's specific calling for your

And much,
much more...

Top 5
Reasons To Listen To The
"Discover God's
Calling For Your Life!"
You will learn from someone who
has actually taught these Christian principles and lessons
throughout the worldwide including in Africa, Asia, and in

You will learn from
someone who has taught others (believers & non-believers)
through being a missionary in the Youth With a Mission which
is one of the largest & well known Christian missionary
organizations in the world. 

You will learn the
difference between secular teachings and Biblical teachings
because of my expertise in new age & secular teachings which I
used to study prior to becoming a born again Christian. 


You will learn that this
course is centered on God's principles rather than on man's
principles.  This course is taught from being rooted in God's
Word & His Truth as opposed to mixing with secular & deceptive
teachings such as other Christian pop-psychology movements. 


You will learn from an
ex-drug addict who has actually found REAL TRUTH through
discovering Jesus & living purposeful, and passionate life for
God on a full time basis.


Real Testimonials From Regular People
Like You:
seller, This information will get you going in the right
direction, POSITIVE!"
Dave Hawkins
(Lizella, Georgia)
"I am
listening to the program ---Interesting! Immediate
delivery. Thanks"

Cynthia Bass (Winter Haven, Florida)

- Kimberleigh Ladd (Peoria, Illinois)


More Than 50% of Christians Have Challenges & Struggles In Finding Out &
Living What God's Specific Calling For Their Lives Are!
So how
can you start figuring out your specific part for God's greater picture?
That is
the BIG question!

What you need to do is learn practical methods that actually been tested
and work for many people!
For 5
years, I have dedicated my life towards discovering how and why certain
people lived with passion while others did not.
You will
receive valuable insights that I have gained from reading over 200 plus
books dealing with Christianity, human development, and more.

In Short, You Will
Discover Everything You Need To Know
About Unlocking Your Strengths,
Heart's Desire, And More In This System!

This is the
only audio course that you need in order to jump start to live a life
that brings you true meaning and passion while also being part of God's
greater plan.

In short, you will learn:

How to discover your God-given
spiritual gifts to discover the clues to your calling in life.

How to discover your
greatest strengths. 

How to find out what brings
you the greatest joys. 

How to find out the
patterns that help you bring true fulfillment and joy. 


How to know the BIG picture of
your life. 

How to know the SPECIFIC
picture of your life. 

How to utilize your SPECIFIC
picture to fit into the BIG picture of your life. 

How to find out your
specific talents for Him. 

How to use your talents to
become fruitful for His glory. 

How to use to do what you
are good at to live fulfilling life for Him. 

How to know exactly what your
#1 heart's desire is.

How to pinpoint and focus
on that #1 heart's desire of yours to use it to glorify God's

How to take baby steps towards
living the life you were destined to live. 

How to detect and find out
the limiting self-views that have been lied to you by the

How to smash the enemy's lies
that hold you back from living the life of your dreams. 

How to have new self-views
that are Biblically sold and empowering to jump start your life
of passion, purpose, and fulfillment. 

How to gain confidence in
God's desire for you to live a life of true fulfillment and

How to detect obstacles and
enemy's schemes to prevent you from using your talents for God. 


How to overcome obstacles that
the enemy tries to throw at you. 

How to listen to God's
desire more than people's desires for you. 

How to prioritize God's desire
for your life.

Start living the life of your dreams!


you to begin a new life full of freedom, fulfillment, and joy
that you never experienced in your entire life.

Bring you lasting joy, fulfillment, and passion through living
life on purpose & to the FULLEST!

Live a
life that will have eternal impact for the Kingdom of God.

And so much more.

This is just half of what's inside this amazing audio

"How to Discover Your Calling For Your Life" contains a COMPREHENSIVE &
EFFECTIVE method for guaranteeing you to gain clarity & more Biblical
approach to discovering your calling in life.

See for yourself what you will gain in this NEW COURSE that can change
your life forever!

Plus More!!!

You will discover the BIGGER PURPOSE in your life from the
Biblical perspective.

You will find out how to major
on the major

You will NOT get distracted to minor things in the world and
totally become oblivious to the true big picture of your

will gain INSTANT CLARITY on what your talents are and how to
use your specific talents for God.  

will know how to use your specific talents & gifts  for
expanding God's glory.

the fully-proven method to find out exactly what your TRUE
God-given talents and gifts are.

Align yourself on PURPOSE by using your God-given strengths to
glorify God.

the life you were specifically designed and created you to do.


Know what
your life is all about! 

How to discover the SPECIFIC purpose of your life.

what your specific calling is for living for God's bigger

Unlock your hidden strengths, gifts, and talents by applying ONE
simple technique.

Discover clues
that pinpoint your specific calling in life.

the right
heart & motivation for living your calling. 

You'll learn exactly what
is the TOP strengths and passions that you have a zeal for. 


How to use your top strengths
and passions that will empower you to live for God even more
fully and even with more zeal. 

Find out what you are
specifically great at. 

I'll show you exactly the STEP
BY STEP tools and methods to help you discover your personal
strengths and talents. 

Detect all the enemy's lies
and issues that hold you back from accepting your gifts and
living the destined life you were called to live. 


Fully unlock your heart's
GREATEST desires and start living it! 

Build eternal treasures in
Heaven by living the life that you were designed to live for

Produce lasting fruits that will impact the Kingdom for

And so much more.

Let me tell you...I've tried SO MANY
secular methods in the past but I found that following the
Biblical way is the most FULFILLING way to
discover & live His calling for my life.
Let me show you WHY & HOW this system
can give you a unique approach to give you DIRECTION & PURPOSE in your

"How To Discover God's
Calling For Your Life"
is Unique Compared to Other Christian "Find Your Purpose" Courses:

will NOT hear secular theories (even today's "Christians" teach
this) that have nothing to do with God's true eternal plan for
your life. 

teaching will be Biblically rooted assuring you that you will be
able to live your destiny that will please Him which is the most
important thing you can do in this life. 

will not only hear theories but PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS that you
can start doing to jump start. 

You will
not hear general practical applications but SPECIFIC applications
that will enable to know what your #1 passion is SPECIFICALLY. 


will know who to specifically reach out to using your talents for
God's glory regardless of your skill level. 

You will
learn the MAIN difference from self-help, pop-psychology, and new
age teachings and Biblical teachings. 

Most Christians books & courses have MIXED secular teachings with
Biblical concepts to the point of destroying the essential

been a former new-age and self-help student, I know how to discern
the difference between secular and Biblical teachings.  In this
condensed 2-Hour Audio Training Course, I will teach you the core
Biblical concepts that will pull you away from the deceptive lies
towards the ESSENTIAL TRUTHS that are founded on Biblical

Use This System &
Jump Start Your Life
Full Of Passion, Purpose, & Power!
That's right. 
You will gain insights that will help you jump start living a life of
your dreams.

Most importantly, you will learn the exact STEP BY STEP method towards
discovering your passion and also taking action towards following
through your destiny.
No longer will
be living a life of frustration, hopelessness, and depression.
Instead, you
will finally gain the fulfillment and purpose and passion that you have
longed to have for so long.
That's right. 
audio will have EVERYTHING you need plus more in order to discover,
implement, and live the life of your dreams that are based on God's
principles rather than secular teachings.
In short, you
will discover God's desire for your life and you will live that life!

Wait!  Because You'll Get More!!!

Be one of the
The Next
50 17
People to Order "Passion, Purpose, & Power" Audio & Get...

...The Following
Extra Bonus FREE!

Bonus #1: 
1-Week Personal Email Coaching

1-Week Free
Email Coaching!  You will get tons of opportunities to ask any
questions and receive tips on how to unlock your potential and
living a life full of freedom and fulfillment. 
For one
whole week, you can receive extra tips and answers to your
personal questions to improve.
(This is
a $125 value.)

Bonus #2: 
"Purpose 101" Newsletter

will receive MORE insights, tips, & tools to help you discover
your calling & live it.

Real-life stories of people who have found God's calling & are
truly living it.

Discounts to future products & bonuses exclusive for "Purpose
101" newsletter members.
(This is
a $125 value.)

total of all the 3 bonuses is an amazing
 But remember, you must be among the
Next 50 17 People
to order to receive this extra bonus pack.

Buy It Now Today!

Everything in
this package INCLUDING the bonuses can cost you over $250 individually &
even more in discipleship training classes.
But I know you
may not cannot afford that high of a price.
That is why
I am providing this valuable system for a reasonable price so
every person can afford to purchase this system to start living the life
that God has called them to live.

Discounted Price = Only

right!  It's only $27 for you get all the MOST valuable lessons and
tools you need to start discovering and living God's calling for your

Here Is How To Order:
Yes BJ!
I Want To Grab My Copy of the "Discovering God's Calling For
Your Life!" 2-Hour Audio Course PLUS Bonuses Now!

I accept
payment only. 

There is No
Shipping Fee because this is an INSTANT downloadable digital
audio program (wma/mp3 format). 

A download link will appear after the ClickBank transaction is

You will

receive the condensed, no-fluff "Discover God's
Calling for Your Life" 2 HR Audio Course
instantly after payment (you will be re-directed after paypal

Plus, you will be getting the
BONUS 1-week email coaching to ask me any questions
regarding evangelism, preaching, and sharing the Gospel
effectively with non-believers.


God's Calling & Live Your Life With Purpose & Passion Today!
Most importantly, "How to Discover God's
Calling For Your Life"
will lead to you to bring lasting eternal impact!
If you are serious about searching and seeking
for your purpose in life, I strongly believe purchasing this course can
provide DIRECTION & provide to be a COMPASS to your life's
great calling.
So Respond Today & Get your "How to
Discover God's Calling For Your Life" 2-Hour Audio Course Today!
BJ Min

Speaker/Teacher -
"Discover God's Calling For Your Life" Audio Course
By taking action now, you will be ONE step closer to living the life of
your dreams and more importantly, becoming the person you were called to
This offer does NOT last forever because it is only for the next
50 17 members & the price may INCREASE for the next
auction because the 50% sale is NOT forever!  So hurry and get
your system today!
The faster you take action, the faster you will discover your calling in
life!  So take action to live an enriched life of freedom, love,
passion, and purpose!


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