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Safeguard Children
Now from SafeguardChildren.org
Need To Take These Specific  Actions To Safeguard
Your Child From Possible Harm" SIX THINGS THIS BOOK WILL
Create a safer environment for your child.2.   
Effectively screen your child care provider(s).3.   
Increase your knowledge in selecting a competent child care provider.4.   
Locate the absolute best child care providers in your area.5.   
Decrease the chances of child care abuse.6.   
Feel confident that your child is in good care when you're not present.This
book will help determine you and your child’s needs, create a safer
environment and help you select the absolute best child care your area
has to offer without putting your child at risk.
send the 3 FREE reports providing "Holiday Decorating Safety
&  identifying "Which Toys Are Safe for
Children 0 - 5
Years" and "Which Toys Are Safe for Children 6 - 12 Years" 
First Name:
Hi, I'm
Tammy Byrd and I want you to take a moment to listen to a portion of
this wonderful book now.  Just click the play button below my
"Every parent needs this Guide
is probably THE MOST extensive book I've seen that can help you locate
the kind of child care we all need. With all of the information in it,
Ron has created an easy to follow format that is a breeze to use.In
my line of work, I am particularly impressed with the underlying theme
of locating or creating a positive atmosphere along with a safe
environment and responsible care. It is NEVER too early to keep you
child safe!I wish I had this book when my
boys were small!-Joyce Jackson...keeping kids safe is my
businessCo-Founder of Keeping Kids Safewww.KeepingKidsSafeToday.comThis is the
indispensible resource that should always be available to every
parent and grandparent. It serves as guide and safety net in
an  age our
children deserve (and need) every precaution provided here.Elsom
Eldridge, Jr.; Ed.M. (Harvard)Author - EducatorCreator of
Exploring The Arts Program for Ages 3-5www.Obvious-Expert.comDr.
Ron - your Parent’s Guide really hits the bull’s-eye for a lot of
parents who want to do the right thing and are scared to death of
making a bad choice. Leaving
our kids with someone other than a family member can be a
nerve-wracking experience - especially if you don’t know what to look
for in a child care provider.  Your book cuts through the
situations and takes the guesswork out of finding a qualified caretaker
for our kids. I love the tons of checklists and tips for finding the
right person for each situation because they are quick and easy to
follow. The
book also points out many things we wouldn’t necessarily think about
checking on when looking into a daycare center - from asking about
educational programs and discipline strategies to proper hygiene and
safety standards.  And, you’ve even included a Babysitter
Reference Kit for when we need a babysitter.  It looks like
didn’t leave anything out and I can sure recommend this as a
"must-have-reference" for every parent. Kim WebbSan
Antonio, Texaswww.KnowMore.com 
"Serving Parents of Young Children"This is a beautiful book! Not
only in the way you've produced it, but in the good that it will accomplish...When I look at parenting
books, I get so tired of seeing the psycho-babble
passes for great parenting advice. New parents need a manual with clear, concise instructions.You've filled that gap with "A
Parent's Guide to Locating Responsible Child Care: Discover How to Create A
Safer Environment for Your Child". Filled
checklists, questionnaires and step-by-step instructions, any new parent, grandparent or child care provider will discover that
this book is the
ONLY book they'll need to ensure their child's safety as well as how to
find the best child care providers.And as a parent who raised
three children, I wish I had read yourinstructions on page 65 about
creating a positive atmosphere for our kids...that was perfect!Ron, I've now got four
grandchildren...I'm buying two copies of this book
for their
parents immediately!David PerdewAuthor
of Bad
Dad: 10 Keys to Regaining Trustwww.Bad-Dad.comWhat can I
say - your new book is absolutely filling a great need.It
took me back several years when I just couldn't leave my first child
with a babysitter or childcare until he was one year old, and that was
just for a few hours.  Both our families were in other states
I too was totally wrapped in fear, thinking that only I could take care
of my new child, I just could not trust anyone.Ron,
my life would have been so much easier if I would have had this book to
learn all the services that were available to me and all the procedures
you point out that teach how to investigate each situation so the
parents can have peace of mind and truly enjoy their children.Every
family should have this book available in their home.I cannot
thank you enough for writing it.You have
covered all necessary situations and in great detail.  Nothing
is missing, Ron.I look
forward to sharing this book with my own grown children so they have
all this information at their fingertips.Louise BarthJacksonville,
Floridawww.skincare-wellness.comDr. Capps,Thank you
so much for writing "A Parent's Guide To Locating Responsible Child Care".In today's
world it's become more and more obvious that parents (and grandparents)
need to very cautious as to who they entrust their children to for child
care.Your book
brings up so many important issues for parents to consider, and even
provides wonderful checklists and worksheets full of questions that should be
considered, and asked of child care professionals, before hiring them. And
the Resources List you provide make this an invaluable guide in helping
make educated decisions in each of these matters.I recommend
your book every chance I get to parents, grandparents, day care
centers, churches, and anyone concerned about the safety of our children in
the care of others.Thank you
so much.Mark
HendricksAuthor - Educator - CoachTrilby,
of Bypass PublisherRon. 
I just
wanted to thank your for creating "A Parent's Guide to Locating
Responsible Daycare"I
wish I had this guide when my children were small as it would have
encouraged me to be more careful when choosing a day care.  We
one bad experience with my son when he was a baby that I don't want
anyone else to have. If I had this guide to follow at that time, I
would not have made the mistake that led to the bad
experience.  I
am passing my copy of this on to my daughter to use when seeking a
daycare provider for my grandson.This
guide is very complete and thorough.  It lists the exact steps
that you should take when choosing a babysitter or the various types of
day care options that are open to parents.  It even lists the
various state agencies that have regulatory jurisdiction over day care
providers.  All in all, this is the most comprehensive child
protection guide that I have read and would recommend it to any parent
or concerned granparent.Jerry
North Dakotawww.yourlifeafter50.comMy
very first impression of Dr. Ron Capps' new book "A Parent's Guide to
Locating Responsible Child care: Discover How to Create a Safer
Environment for Your Child", is in the title.  He realizes
that he is
working with children and uses the term "child care."I
have had
an ongoing battle with child care givers for twenty-five plus years
over the term child care versus day care.  The thing is we are
with children not days and that we are taking care of children, not
days.In one of my pastorates we had a child care
center with
approximately 100 children per day present.  Fifty
pre-schoolers with
an educational program in place for them and fifty after-schoolers.I
realize the importance of a quality and safe environment for children.From
the title to the end, the book gives good advice for the parent looking
for a quality, safe environment for their child.I
highly recommend this book."The Real Santa"Jim
PollardNorth Pole (Summer
home Hickory, KY)www.SantaSpeaks.comA Parent's
Guide To Locating Responsible Child Care is a wonderful resource.It is so
important in today's society to be up to date with information
regarding your child care choices.Raising a
child in today's world involves so many choices that a parent must be
aware of in order
protect the health and welfare of their precious child.A Parent's
Guide explains your child care choices, provides resources and also
includes convenient checklists to help you in your decision making.It gives
parents the questions to ask so they can get the best information
regarding their child's care.I highly
recommend Dr. R. Capps' A Parent's Guide To Locating Responsible Child
Care to all parents who will be placing
their children in the hands of a care
provider.Lori SteffenBaltimore,
MDThere is no
greater need in our society than protecting our
children. They are
our future and worth everyting to protect. Every  parent or
would be parent should consider this book a must read.Warren
Whitlock Las Vegas, NV www.DailyWarren.comDiscover
how to create a safer environment for your child for less than it costs
to take your family out to dinner!Your
investment in the safety of your children is protected by our"No
Questions" Money Back Guarantee!*$ 19.77* A Full 8 Weeks from the Date of
Here for Your Digital Book Now>Some Added Bonuses for You...Bonus # 1$39.97 Value “Over 70 Pages Of Checklists, FAQ's, To Do
And Not To Do Lists, Helpful Hints And Much Much More! ”
a sample of some of the things you'll learn:
You will learn everything you need to know
about crib and mattress safety. I nearly made a fatal mistake myself by
puting my boy's crib near a window!
You will learn
everything you need to know about travelling safely with your baby.
to make sure your child is safe even when they are with someone
else. You really need to read this chapter as most accidents happen
when your child is in the care of other people.
to make delicious easy to make home made baby food yourself. It
really doesn't take a lot of time at all and I give you plenty of step
by step recipes to follow! How to properly install baby furniture, baby
safety latches and baby gates. Doing a shoddy job with these things
could be deadly. What to look for when buying a baby monitor
for your home. The most expensive brands are not always the best!
what to look out for when buying toys for your children. You
really need to have your detective hat on when your buying an infant or
small child toys, and this tips I show you will make that job a little
bit easier. You will learn how to simply and easily
reduce the risk of accidental poisoning by making a few simple changes
around the house. I even give you a checklist on what to look out for
around the house. And so much more! Bonus # 2$14.97 ValueMake fun and
delicious recipes with your family!  
Do you want to spend more time with
your kids? Then let them join you in the kitchen, creating fun foods
that they will love. Kids Fun Recipes is a collection of simple and easy to follow
recipes that kids of all ages will enjoy.Bonus # 3“45
Nursery Decorating Tips”$17.97 ValueHow
can you ensure your nursery is perfect? The special report, “45 Baby
Nursery Decorating Tips” will help! This report is chuck full of tips,
tricks and safety notes to use when setting up your own nursery.
It also includes:
Themes to use for boy, girl or gender neutral roomsWhat safety precautions to followWhat furniture is necessary for a nursery
matter if this is the first, second or third pregnancy in your family,
it is a hectic time. There is so much to accomplish before the baby
comes. You rush about trying to get it all done between doctor
appointments and inevitably forget something. Prevent yourself from
overlooking something vital to the baby’s room. Order your special
report titled “45 Baby Nursery Decorating Tips” and have peace of mind.
At least until baby arrives.Bonus # 4If
you’re looking for ways to help parents take better care of their
children, consider organizing a baby safety shower — a baby shower with
a new twist. A baby safety shower is a learning
party where
all the activities revolve around home safety themes. Parents and
caregivers have fun — and leave with new ideas about keeping their
babies safe at home.The U.S. Consumer Product
Safety Commission
and Gerber Products Company developed this baby safety shower
initiative to help good parents become even better ones. After all, no
parents are born knowing about safety for their babies.Baby
safety showers have been organized in all kinds of communities for all
kinds of audiences. As former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton said
when she attended the kick-off Baby Safety Shower in Washington, DC, “I
hope families all over America will have baby safety showers (to)
educate each other about what we need to do to keep all of our babies
safe and healthy.” These showers are an especially good way for local
organizations to reach new parents and parents-to-be with important
safety information.Bonus # 5Click
To EnlargeSome More Kind Words...Dr
Capps--What a wonderful reference you've put
together in "A Parent's Guide to Locating Responsible Daycare".How
I wish I would have had this reference when my daughters were still
resource section alone would have saved me hours of time and tons of
frustration when I was trying to determine the best method of providing
childcare for my children. Unfortunately, I would have given anything
to have had the information in the 'abuse' section when I was helping a
friend through a very trying time some years back.Every
of younger children NEEDS this book...I cannot think of a single sane
reason why every parent wouldn't want this information. To be without
it seems to me a dangerous risk to take. Well done, sir!Rod HammerIndianapolis,
A fantastic, all-inclusive manual on keeping our children safe in the
hands of others. Although my child is already in daycare, I now know
that I did not evaluate it carefully. It was chosen based solely on
convenience.Because of your book, I am now armed with
that I hadn't even thought to ask. I also appreciate the parts on
watching out for signs of abuse.Thank you for the
great resource!Quinton
SmithRichmond, VA________________Dr. Ron,I
found your book "A Parents Guide to Locating Responsible Child Care" to
be both informative and to the point.I wish I had
had this when I was a young parent and I am glad to have it for my
children's children.Your
section on 'Responsibilities as an Employer' (p.18) to be something
every parent should consider when choosing a caregiver. In today's
world, it is no longer simply a matter of getting the kid next door to
babysit.Evaluating the 'Educational Environment'
(p.32) of any
caregiver is especially important. Developing social skills, learning
and play should all be a part of a childs daily activities, whether at
home or away.And the 'Babysitter Quick Reference
Kit' (p.36) is
undoubtedly the most most valuable information a parent can provide a
caregiver.Your book will be a valuable addition to
every parents library. I recommend this to parents and grandparents
alike!Thanks for a job well done!Jim Berry, Watauga,
wish I could have known of this resource recently when a single father
was telling me about the problems he was having finding decent daycare
for his son. This book is perfect for men. Men need lists and the
checklist included are worth the price of the book alone. 
job! Every new parent should have a copy. Robert HillAlexandria,
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