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"Welcome to my web home - I am glad you have arrived."

         Are You thinking about buying a house? 

          Know a family member or friend that is thinking about buying a house?

        Spending time reading Real Estate listings? 

        Been looking at - "HOMES - FOR  SALE" ? 

        Maybe even going to some "OPEN HOUSES"?
Then you really do need to know the information that is inside this ebook because my years of contracting, repair, remodeling, owning and selling experiences can and will help you!              

"HOUSE - EXAM  101" 

 IS - simple understandable information about "Houses"  that You need - so that You can know;  

    How you can avoid being ripped off, 

    How to know what to look for, then what to expect, 

    How recognize the difference between "Cosmetic" and "Major" repairs, 

    How to spot overlooked "symptoms" that will develop into expensive dangers, 

    How to identify the potentially embarrassing problems,  

    How to Avoid Your Dream Home becoming a Nightmare,   

          AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO KNOW - -                

    Before you sign any forms or even make a "Hint" to Buy.  
Just as an Exam by a doctor examines physical symptoms to determine health problems.

This Exam will help you see what symptoms a house has that determines building problems.

This Exam is not intended to make you an expert or a Home Inspector but it will help you know what questions to ask the Seller, Home Inspector and Contractors.

This also reveals ways to protect yourself or avoid some problems altogether.

Many times it is a matter of knowing what to look for and how to understand what your eyes see.

In fact there are many eyesight techniques here that contractors use to know how to deal with a problem to have less risk, better results and can be done in seconds.

  We have all taken "exams" - school, college, medical, dental, driver license, and many others -

   BUT - this Exam is different!

  This is one "Exam" that You give and You Get the Benefits!

Easy to learn "House-Exam" secrets You need to know that can save you thousands of dollars and endless frustrations. These secrets will give you new ways to look and think about houses you never knew before.

This ebook will help you recognize symptoms, discover potential problems to look for and ways to deal with in your favor. How to avoid major expenses, frustrations, embarrassment stress and much more.  

           Hello, my name is Michael Selch. 
I have worked in the housing industry for more than 50 years, contracting, building, remodel, and repair. I have bought, rented and sold several homes so every aspect has been covered many times over from owner, seller and contractor positions.

I have lived in the same local area during this time and my experiences have had my finances, reputation, income, business, future and at times safety on the line.

From new construction, lots of older houses including "Historic", modular, manufactured double wide and single wide mobile homes, from foundations to roof tops and all between.

Believe me when I say that there is a lot of risk in the Housing market in many ways. I have survived all of them and in "small town America" this is difficult to do. Now I want to share what I have learned with you so that you can avoid,  calculate and better survive your risks of the housing market and enjoy your Home Ownership.

Challenges of changing technologies in building trades, new codes and helping home owners has always been a priority for me. Now with lower back problems, I am unable to physically work in this market, so the best thing I can think of is to share my experiences with You.

Sharing my experiences will help save you lots of frustrations stress,  embarrassment and probably thousands of dollars, once you learn these secrets and know what to look for.
Because my years of experience can help you avoid many situations that can and will be expensive to correct unless you take the necessary steps to learn and identify and to plan for.

If you don't know, or can not identify potential problems, then you will have to pay to correct them out of your own pocket sooner or later.

These are not 'Maybe' conditions. When these problems exist, expenses will happen,  it is just a matter of when and who will pay for them. 

Any home problem can be expensive, some more than others, but All will be intrusive, interrupting and expose you to possible rip offs, and outright scams on homeowners.

However if you can correctly identify the potential problems, then you can avoid, plan for or negotiate them to your best interest so you come out ahead instead of behind.  

The information in this ebook will help you identify the good, the bad and the ugly evidence that others, including most professionals, often miss and end up in your lap or should I say out of your bank account.

I hope that you have noticed what you will Not find on this or any of my  web pages;
    1. No fancy or glitzy stuff to impress or dazzle you,                                                       
    2. No outrageous claims or false promises,                                                                    
    3. No pressure for you to buy now,                                                                                
    4. No hype or bragging comments from people you do not know and never heard of,     
 But what you do find is simple, good solid information about Houses and how to do an Exam that will protect you.

Here Is my offer to YOU -
Choose 1 of the 2 options -

Option # 1
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        No Hype - No Pressure - No Dazzle - No Nonsense - No Glitz - and -       

             No Risk to you because You ARE 100 % Guaranteed Money Back for 8 weeks.            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 - OR -

Option # 2
Enroll Only - You can  get a "Free Download" of the "Forward, Chapter Index & Introduction"
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Decide for yourself if my information will save you money, embarrassment, stress and worry.

Read at your leisure and email me questions, IN - FACT , I invite and encourage you to send me questions. I want to stay in touch with you and know any home problems that you have that I can help answer, then upgrade this ebook for others in the future. You can help others by sending me questions and problems about your house.

Send questions, descriptions of symptoms, even pictures, of problems you have and I will include as many as possible in the next updated version of this book.

I want to make "House - Exam -101" ebook better for future readers and home buyers.  So you can help yourself - and - others too.

 Follow these easy steps to join, get your Free Download and lock in the discount.
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     4.   As soon as you "Click" on that Response email, you will be sent to the "Free Download" link page -
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     5.  Read the Free pages at your leisure and email me any questions. 

     6.  I will send a "Follow Up" email to you in 24 hours to find out how you are doing, what can I help you with and
         any other information you may need.  I will also Include the web page information to take you to a quick and simple
        "Order Process" to get your own Full Copy of " House - Exam 101"

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