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* InternAlysis - Custom Perl CGI and MySQL programming


InternAlysis is a Perl CGI and MySQL Database programming firm.

We specialize in automating tasks within your website to REDUCE THE
TIME AND MONEY YOU SPEND on programmers updating content.

Competitive websites today need regularly updated content. We create
tools that you ONLY PAY FOR ONCE, which allows you to focus on your
content, rather than the programming around your content.

This site will BENEFIT YOU MOST if you are a:

* Web developer
* Advertising / Media agency with an Internet portfolio
* Marketing / Demographics Firm
* Web site owner looking for automation tools
* An online publisher looking for content management scripts
* (web-based article submission, automated site updates).



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CanadianISP.com [13] is a wholly owned subsidiary of Internalysis

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Perl Databases Results

Articles: [15] Advice / Content on e-commerce, web development and
online business in general.

CGI Store: [16] Purchase CGI scripts online to automate your website
and add interactivity.

Clients: [17] A partial list of our clients and the projects we have
completed for them.

Contact: [18] How to get in touch with us.

Services: [19] A breakdown of the services we perform for our

Tools: [20] Some resources and utilities we use in our day-to-day

Angelman Syndrome: [21] Information about a rare genetic deletion my
son was born with.

Search [22]: Find specific content within this site by keyword.

My Resum [23]: My professional background.

Logo / Home: [24] You can get back to this page from anywhere by
clicking on our logo.

I am a proud member of the Beachburg Volunteer Firefighter's
Association and a paid on-call firefighter for the Whitewater Fire
Department - Beachburg - Station # 4 -

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