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Imagine Me ... Getting 10  Of The Most Successful And Wealthy Women In Internet Business History To Reveal Their Most Precious Secrets ...

My Name Is Nancy. And NO  I Didn't Always Do This.

From the desk of Nancy
Tuesday, 8:13am
The story begins in March of 2007.
Just like you (perhaps), I had spend several years dabbling in internet business, trying to make something, anything, happen.
Also, perhaps you, like me, don't suffer from a lack of enthusiasm, but rather a lack of knowing what to do right now to most effectively move forward on the path towards retirement from the J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)
Am I right about you so far?
And in addition to that I found myself going from program to program, trying to find something that would work for me.

I knew I was a passionate person. But I didn't know what my passion was. What would I do that would be fulfilling, and also provide a good income, that I could do at home ...

Sound familiar?

Here's something else ... I was doing some real estate work, and that seemed fun. But not like it was what I was called to do.
In fact I had spent over $6,000 to buy the rights to some material that promised to sell like hotcakes. I thought it was great stuff. But it didn't light me up. It was not what I was passionate about, so ...
Guess what? I didn't sell any of it.
Make no mistake though, I am not the kind of person to give up hoping, and trying. So I again found myself searching for how I was going to take this miserable offline job and shove it right back out of my life, where it belonged!
As it turns out, last March I got an email from one of the many people whose list I was signed up on. It was Tim Norton, who said he could help me create a product on the internet. Not sure if I was the right person, I emailed and said I was in real estate, and I was not sure if this was for me.
Believe it or not, I got an email back telling me he was not sure either, but why don't we have a chat on the phone.
Here's a little word of advice to anyone who is trying to sell anything on the internet:  If you can talk to that person on the phone, you have a higher chance of closing the deal!
As you might guess, I signed up after chatting with Tim.
And we began the process of delving into my own strengths and knowledge to see if there was a good niche for me to work on. Again I found myself stuck, not knowing what to choose. After chatting a couple times with Tim, he dropped a bombshell on me:

"Nancy", he said, "you are really good talking to people, why don't you just do that? Just focus on what you are good at?"

Well wonder of wonders, why didn't I think of that?
So I started doing just that.
I happened to know one really nice lady by the name of Lori Steffen. I called her up and told her about my project and asked her to be my guinea pig, my first recorded chat!
She told me "You know Nancy, he was right! I can hear the excitement in your voice!"
Ladies (and gentlemen), hear me on this. If something gets you excited then maybe, just maybe, you can be as lucky as I am and make it into your online business too!
Let me show you exactly how this works: You know how a snowball forms? If you roll it, it starts to pick up more snow, and before you know it you have yourself a massive ball of snow. Well that's how it started to move for me. One week I was confused, not knowing what to do. The next I found myself snowballing, having tons of fun and making contacts with some of the most successful women online.
So what does this have to do with you?

Well with such a distinguished crowd of ladies sharing their secrets about business, marketing and life, there is a ton that can directly benefit you.
Do you struggle to know what you are meant to do in life? Do you find yourself wandering on the internet trying to figure out how to make it? Do you want to know, but have nobody to tell you, how to get started? Do you feel disconnected, and want to be a part of something good? Are you trying to learn the most important parts of building an online business? Did you ever want to make money online? Did you ever wonder how the successful ones got started online? Are you looking for partners in your success? Do you still think that you can't live your dreams, but really want to? Are you wondering how the things you say to yourself over and over are hurting you? OR, insert your problem here ...
Well, the great thing is that I recorded all of my chats, so you can take advantage of the wisdom they contain.
Every conversation I had was in-depth and these women are eager to drop secret upon internet marketing secret to make sure you have plenty to soak up in the coming months!

No doubt about it, the digital package is HUGE!

Each chat lasts at least 45 minutes, most are at least an hour, and some are well over an hour!

Here is each conversation and a couple points that they talked about. Of course you can't break an hour long conversation into a few short points. These are just a few points that are in each call. These calls are FILLED WITH SECRETS to business success and success in life.

All you have to do is listen in ....

Nancy chats with Alice Seba

Play time: 47 minutes

Learn all about how Alice "accelerated the learning process" to success online.

Hear how her emphasis on helping others create a business that really cared for others paid off for Alice!

"Work Smarter Not Harder!"

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Nancy chats with Birgit Rickert
Play time: 56 minutes
Hear all about how Birgit had to grow up really fast!

Hanging out the shingle is not going to make them come. Listen to Birgit tell us what will!

"Forget about all the rules, you really have to adapt your marketing"

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Nancy chats with Bonnie Boots
Play time: 60 minutes
Hear Bonnie's thoughts on why most of us don't start out doing what we love to do and are good at.

Learn how Bonnie got started in publishing and hear tips on doing the same!

"...I saw the potential on the internet was unlimited and what I could do there was unlimited."

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Nancy chats with Gina Gaudio-Graves
Play time: 51 minutes
Hear how she had 100 people gladly paying her $100 a month each, and how she turned that into a lot more!

Hear Gina's expert thoughts on why most people are doing their marketing research all WRONG ...

Hear how she started with no money to go to seminars and instead became a speaker at those seminars!

"The way to become an expert is to believe yourself to be an expert and to hold yourself out as an expert."

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Nancy chats with Ja-Nae

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