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Discovered… Simple Ways To Make An...                                          

Broke, Jobless And Worried About Survival, I Cracked The
6 Figure Code... Discover Secrets That Floods Bank Accounts With Cash.  I'll Reveal Quick-n-Easy Tactics That Generates An Online 6-Figure Income... Guaranteed!  And It Gets Better... Anyone Can Make This Work

From: David Drake

Dear Friend,

Are you looking for a Guaranteed and easy way to make an online 6-figure income.  One that can be run in your spare-time from home, or anywhere in the world... this letter is the answer to your dreams!

The Reason Why I Am Letting These Long Held Secrets Out of The Bag

Back in 2004 my entire world tumbled.  The dream I had been chasing for 9 years… pouring my heart and soul into suddenly vanished.  I won’t go into nauseating details, but I was 24 years of age broke, and bankrupt. 

I had a zero bank balance, and was living with my parents… man I was flat broke!  This was not a proud moment in my life.  My situation was grim as was my attitude.  I was prepared to give up on everything… but as I was walking in the backyard of my parent’s home I remembered a quote by Jigoro Kano the founder of Judo…

“Fall down 7 times but make sure to get up the 8th time”

I was inspired!  I was going to get up the 8th time and win.  I evaluated my position… zero bank balance, jobless and worried about survival.  I needed an opportunity that would raise cash fast, simple to implement and zero upfront capital.  Time to put the thinking cap on!

As luck would have it… one day a friend told me he had sold a piece of software online for $110.00 sitting a home.  That was all I needed, I trusted my friend.  So, I rushed home and got online.

After getting online I realized that I couldn’t code if my life depended on it!  What I found was you could get paid to write online content.  My writing skills were poor, and to make matters worse… I’m a slow writer.  But my situation was dire… and I started going after writing assignments.

My first assignment was for a woman, writing content for her site on wheelchairs.  I have to tell you… I struggled to finish the assignment.  She was ecstatic with the results, and gave me rave reviews!  My English teacher would have fallen out of her chair!

Soon I was winning assignments and raking in the cash writing online content. 

This story has 3 important points to make:

1. There are people all over the Internet looking for people to write their online content.  This is a booming trend… and shows little signs of slowing down.

2. Writing online content is the quickest and surest way to make a 6 figure online today.  The September 2007 issue of “The Writer” published an excellent article: "Secrets of Six-Figure Freelancers", which covered magazine freelance writers who are making six figures, with one making $260,000 per year. This proves that you can make a great income a freelance writer.

3. Think you need to be a Pulitzer Prize winning writer to earn a 6-figure income online?  Writing skills are less important than other skills.  The average person only reads at a 6th grade level.  To be a good online content writer you only need to write in a basic conversational tone… like you talk. 

If You Don't Read The Rest Of This Letter, You'll Watch As Less Talented People Rack Up Huge Incomes.

It's important to understand that what I've described to you is not a fantasy or magic.  It is the regular day in the life of a successful freelance writer.

No doubt you have read stories about this business and you've read about people who have made a 6-figure incomes doing it.  And it's true, fortunes have been made and are being made by people as freelance writers.

But for most people it's not the huge income potential that attracts them to freelance writing... it the lifestyle.  I'll explain:

You see, in most businesses or jobs, success means you become a slave to the business.  This is especially true in a retail or office environment.  You fall under the control of your customers or boss, and they control your life... they set your schedule.

And you know for a lot of people becoming a 'slave' to the business or boss is not a problem.  They don't mind having someone else call the shots, be in control.  They don't mind having to baby-sit the store...everyday.

They don't mind being tied to the cash register or leaping to attention when the phone rings, or to have to deal with employees, unreasonable customers, insane bosses, inventories, overhead, vendors, and the other headaches just to eek out a living.

But for the privileged few, Life is too short to put up with the B.S.  Considering there are less complex, less risky and much more profitable ways to earn a 6-figure income and not be tied down.

And, that's what the freelance writing business is about... making a 5-figure income while taking advantage of a dream lifestyle.  As a freelance writer you are the master... you call the shots and have the freedom to celebrate your success.

Write And Profit... Discover Why The Secrets Of Freelance Writing Can Make Dreams Come True.

Yes, many people believe freelance writing to be the 'ultimate' lifestyle.  In fact most people dream of becoming a freelance writer.  Here is a small sample of the 'ultimate' lifestyle:

 An often overlooked way to make an online 6-figure income... top online writers have kept this secret for years!

Freelancing offers huge profits with small risk... the easy way to rake in the cash!

Low start up costs... you already have what you need!

No "Co-workers" to hassle with... no more office politics or dealing with social misfits!

Kiss the crazy boss goodbye... are you tired of being told what time to come to work, what time to leave, needing permission to take vacation or go to lunch?

Live the retired lifestyle… the more you play the higher the cash piles up.

Operate from anywhere in the world... All that's needed is a laptop and an Internet connection.

And the best part, success in a freelance writing career means you are free to spend time as you see fit!  Spend it with family, travel the world, enjoy hobbies, or live the good life... the choice is yours!

3 Secrets For Freelance Writers Who Know They Have
The “Right Stuff” To Succeed...

Here's a question: What does it take to be a success as a freelance writer?  For the most part, people who are a success and make big money as a freelance writer share 3 common traits:

1. They treat it as a business – This is not a hobby or something to play with.  They have the dedication to apply their craft.

2. They write for lucrative markets – they seek out lucrative markets... find out their needs and wants and make it available.

3. They have excellent communication skills – I don't mean their skill to write.  I mean their skill with customer communication.  Happy customers are profitable customers.

If you've got these three traits going for you, then it should be easy for you to make a 6-figure income as a freelance writer.  Of course there are no guarantees, but many people have done just that.  Now, the big questions are...

How Do I Find And Use These Guarded Secret Tactics?
Where Do I Find The Lucrative Markets?
How Do I Get Assignments?

Your Solution:

“6-Figure Freelancer Profits”


6-Figure Freelancer Profits gives you a complete step-by-step method you want to make big money as a freelance writer.  This system is so powerful you could have your first assignment in 48 hours!  Wow, how's that for fast!

With proven strategies, and step-by-step methods you get, you could easily be making 2, 3 or even 9 thousand dollars per month in no time flat.

You get all the proven ingredients... the “recipe” you need to become a success as a freelance writer.  It’s pretty easy to follow...



6-Figure Freelancer Profits makes use of a two step formula.

First, you get a freelance profile on one of the many freelance websites and offer your writing services. Registration is free and you can get started in as little as 5 minutes! 

You’ll get proven strategies, tips and tactics to use to build your profile for maximum response… I’ll show you which freelance sites are the best to use, and the ones to avoid.

Then, after your profile is created, you begin the bidding process (explained in detail) and if you follow everything step by step as outlined in the 6 Figure Freelancer manual you would be writing your first assignment within 48 hours.

There is huge variety of assignments you could choose from..writing small articles, ebooks, editing , article rewriting and much more. And don’t worry, if you can write at a basic ninth-grade level, this would be a piece of cake for you.   

Once done you send the completed project to your client. And finally… this is the best part… you get to deposit your profits into your bank account! That’s it… nothing more to do. 

What kind of profits can you expect to make on freelance websites? Well take a look at the following screenshot of a writer’s profile .

$99,783 in 6 months. … Wow, what can I say!

6-figure Freelancer Profits shows you how to get same results using a powerful concept of leverage. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg .

The second part of 6 Figure Freelancer Profits will completely shock you! It will show you how to really make a 6 figure income online.

“The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.” – Billionaire Aristotle Onassis.

And that’s what it is. Let me share with you a secret technique on how to make a huge passive income as a freelancer writer. Passive income?  Yes. It’s the income where you do not have to trade your time for money. In short you will find how to work once and get paid forever!

Feeling skeptical? Inside the 6 Figure Freelance profits manual you will read the true story of a man who armed with this piece of information went from being dead broke to building a million dollar income on the internet!

OK, let’s shift gears and show you what you will get in 6-Figure Freelancer…

First let me say that the strategies, tactics and methods are proven field-tested ways to get freelance assignments.  Designed by a top rated freelancer put into practice and produce money at will.

People are searching for someone they can outsource their projects to and have money in hand ready to spend.  All you have to do is get out there and find them, and I’ll show you the way.

With this turn-key system you get what you need to launch your freelance business and rake in the cash like a Dyson vacuum. 

Here’s what you get access to:

6-Figure Freelancer Profits Manual

This system will show the complete DNA of a top rated freelancer, and the tools needed to succeed.    I will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step into your career as a freelancer.  You will see my strategies, and tactics I use to land the best assignments. 

This one of a kind 88 page ebook is loaded with practical proven information need to become a top rated freelance writer.  It was created by one of the most successful freelance writers around.  My purpose for creating this was to transfer my knowledge for what it takes to be a successful freelance writer.  My hope is others can benefit as well.

Here are some additional gems you will get:

Why freelance writing is the best way to an online fortune today… see page 20 for the shocking answer

Ready to quit the J.O.B. to pursue a freelance writing career… page 22 will put this question to rest and put  through all the garbage floating around on the internet today disguised as advice.

The Laser Strategy is the lightening quick method to score higher ratings... check out page 72 and discover the tactics that will launch you over the 6-figure barrier!

Do you need to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author to succeed…  page 11 will reveal the true skills required to succeed.

There is a major underground shift going on in the business world today… page 14 will reveal this trend so you are ready to take advantage of this opportunity.

I will reveal a very powerful strategy rarely utilized by writers. Marketers implement it, and they explosively profit from it…  Prepare to have an “A-HA” moment on page 81! This information alone is worth the price of the manual !

Where is the best place to start lighting fast… page 26 will show where to start. Go somewhere else and waste time and money.

One of the surest ways of boosting writing income is to constantly be on the lookout for Leverage opportunities... see page 90 to discover tactics top writers implement to skyrocket their income!

Discover the best way to neutralize the competition… page 59 will teach you this one simple tactic!

Is freelance writing booming or in a recession… page 13 will reveal the crucial facts of the current state of affairs.

The best tactic to save time and money... multiply your income by putting this tip from page 97 into action!

Where is the future of freelance writing heading… page 15 will point you in the right direction so you can be in position to profit.

Where are the hottest opportunities in freelance writing today… page 18 will reveal where you need to be today to profit.

Hate selling?  Good so do I… on page 26 discover my secrets to landing writing assignments without selling.

Avoid scams and getting ripped off… page 32 will show the steps necessary to take and stop wasting time and losing hard earned money.

Get that all-important first assignment in 48 hours… page 37 will show the step-by-step methods to making that happen.

Quick-n-easy way to become the obvious expert… page 40 has a great tip that can make that happen in hours, much quicker than some "Gurus" preach!

Would it be cool to have a pen name… page 37 will give 3 critical steps to creating a memorable easy to brand pen name.

What is one simple step that will add a personal touch and builds cllients trust… page 39 will give this easy to implement tip which only takes minutes to complete.

Think you need a website… page will 59 give the answer; it will also give the best options.

Are we just talking about writing articles… page 42 to open your eyes to a huge buffet of writing opportunities available.

What is the best way to choose assignments… page 44 reveals some tips to picking the best assignments and avoiding trouble.

What are the 3 can’t miss steps to creating a successful bid… page 46 will reveal the steps to a successful bid, and then take you by the hand step-by-step preparing a bid.

The all-important question is what to charge for each writing assignment… page 49 shows the 4-step process I follow to determine the optimum price.

This system will give you the edge over the competition… they will never see you coming, and be left in amazement at your ease of sucking assignments out form under their noses.

The assignment has been awarded.  Produce great work and it will be super… hang on Sparky! Page 77 reveals what is as important as doing great work.  And many times can be more important to your success.

And there’s more to discover!

With The 6 Figure Freelancer Profits by your side, you will be able to launch your writing career, and take your life back.  You’ll be able liver the lifestyle of your dreams.  Over 83% of people dream of chucking their job and striking out on their own.  They wish they could call in sick Monday forever. 

The fact is I was in a situation where I had no job, zero bank balance and only an internet connection.  I taught myself how to make money as a freelance writer.  I figure out how to become a top rated freelance writer without a system like this.  If it can happen for me then I know it can happen for you.  I’m no different or more special than you… just a guy who took action!

    Ready to face freelancing with confidence !


"Before I read 6 Figure Freelancer, I didn't know the first thing about freelancing, I only knew it was something I wanted to explore. 6 Figure Freelancer does a very thorough job in this book of explaining every aspect of freelancing that you will need to know to get started, including where and how to market yourself on the internet, what companies are the best, the pitfalls you may encounter, the range of income you can expect, and much more "need to know" information.


I don't think he left a single stone unturned, and it it obvious that he has quite a lot of firsthand knowledge on the subject. With this book in hand, I'm ready to face the vast world of freelancing with confidence!"

Sara Pena , USA 

       Strongly recommend it to Anyone !


"Just finished going thru your ebook. Nice! You've made profitable freelance writing so easy. Every area of freelance writing has been covered to some extent and more. 

It was well researched, full of valuable resources and definitely a must-read for everyone who does any writing at all.


I'd strongly recommend it to anyone, from wanting to earn a 6 figure income writing to simply write content for their websites."

David S. ,Singapore


                 It takes you behind the scenes..


"This book was a well laid out and in depth account of how freelancers are able to make a huge income online. It takes you behind the scenes and gives tips and resources that can help anyone who is interested in freelancing.


I especially like the tip you gave on page 78, which is a very stealth method of leverage that can help new freelancers get up to speed quickly and gain significant ground on those who have been doing this for a while."


Kevin Campbelle, Trinidad and Tobago


                   Thanks for a brilliant book !


"I have just finished reading 6 Figure Freelancer and I must say it is one of the most informative books I have read. I especially like the way that the book has given exact instructions on how to begin our freelancing career.


This book is a must for anyone wanting to make money from writing.Thanks for a brilliant book ."


Glenda Lange , Hervey Bay ,Australia




Rich Sage Review
13 Nov. 2007

"As the Rich Sage (and a frequent forum participant), I am often asked to review e-books and products. I only release what I call 5-Star Rich Sage Reviews, because if it’s not that good, I don’t want to talk about it.

Today, I read such an e-book: “The 6 Figure Freelancer” . I am certain that it will be the Freelancer’s START UP GUIDE to SUCCESS ONLINE. The ebook is full of how to information for a freelancer. Sure that’s expected. Just one element that’s unexpected is Drake's approach to helping you establish “HOW MUCH YOU ARE WORTH”. When you know that, the “The 6 Figure Freelancer” is priceless and a must read to building a successful career online."

Sam Rodrigo , USA


Look, to show that I’m sincere in my desires to see you succeed in a freelance writing career; you’ll get the following three bonuses to make sure you launch your career with a bang.

First Bonus:

 6 Figure Freelancer Profits Personal Rolodex and Checklist File

I find that when I sit down to start an important project it helps if I have a plan to follow.  It makes the task go quicker, and less delays. 

There are times when I have completed half of the project and realize that I forgot a step… and have to go back to add the missed step. 

Sometimes the missed step throws off the rest of the project.  And I’m forced to start again at the missed step.  Repeating work is a huge time vampire.
The solution came to me one day in a flash. 

I created checklists of each step I took to finish a successful project.  From that point on I rarely missed a step and became highly productive.  What a time saver !
These checklists make sure you don’t skip a beat while doing an assignment or project. 

And I mention plenty of my personal resources throughout the eBook, Videos and checklists.  But they are scattered everywhere.  Someone would have to have a notepad sitting by his or her side at all times.  Just dedicated to jotting down every single resource, referral or vendor mentioned. 

I decided to make my Rolodex available.  No, I’m not going to ship out a Rolodex to everyone who orders… but I have decided to add it as a complimentary bonus.  So, I grabbed it off my desk and opened up word and started writing it out. 

This personal Rolodex I list the resources I rely on repeatedly and have found to be reliable and prompt.  I urge you to read it once to get familiar with its valuable contents… Then come back to it as needed. 

This will save you time and money.

Second Bonus

Sick of the Boss Vol 1

If you are completely sick of the boss --  It's Time To Declare Your Independence !

Sick of the boss is a superb collection of real stories from real people who found success striking out on their own... 

How a freelance writer , once fired from his job over the phone is on his way to make his yearly incomeevery month !

Read the amazing story of how a lazy, penniless and depressed loser went on to build a $820,398 country mansion and earning as much as $250,307 in just 7 days !

and many more..

Third Bonus

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill : Original Edition

First published in 1937, Think and Grow Rich has sold over 30 million copies and is considered a "bible" for people who are searching financial freedom.

What if you knew how to create riches like you know how to tie your shoe, would you ever fail? That's what Think and Grow Rich is all about.

The classic book came about as a result of Napoleon Hill's careful analysis over a long period of years of more than five hundred exceedingly wealthy men including Henry Ford and Thomas Alva Edison.

The Book is currently ranked #9 on the BusinessWeek Best-Seller List for paperback business books ..


This entire system is jammed-packed with the tools to grow a profitable freelance writing career!  The money making potential is huge.  Money that will flow into your pocket day in and day out, week after week, month to month…

Imagine… Finally living the lifestyle you deserve and sharing it with loved ones.  You need to make this happen for yourself and family.  Grab this package… and put into action!

I hope you’re starting to see that this package is beyond a simple ebook telling a few antidotes, and dribble about writing careers…

This package is the ticket to making a 6-figure income online.

It’s the recipe to breaking the chains of cubicle purgatory and finally live the satisfying, fulfilling lifestyle that you believe is possible.

It's the life you believe is awaiting … more choices… more challenges… more passion… more leisure… more cash… more travel… more time with loved ones!

This package can change it all… it can change things for the better, and bring you what you deserve… But only if you get it and take action.

Here's a warning… this package has some qualifications…

Before you can start drooling over all the cash being raked in from the writing assignments, there is something you need to know.
You’re the kind of person that buys something like this and sets it on the shelf… for gets it’s there… shows a lack of motivation… and is action less.  I feel this isn’t the right thing for you.

You’re the kind of person that is a professional complainer.  Sits around and finds something wrong with most things, and whines about it… I feel this isn’t the right program for you.

You’re the kind of person that runs around looking for the “magic pill” which will fix whatever’s ailing your world… I feel this isn’t a cure for your ills.

Should the above conditions apply… please spare you and me the trauma and lost time… I believe we would both be better off by you passing on this offer… OK?

But you might qualify if…

You’re the kind of person that is looking for an honest, honorable and reliable way to start a freelance writing business… and looking for proven strategies and tactics to score all the writing assignments you can handle… then this is the package you’ve been looking for.

Especially after I reveal the price, which I'll get to pretty quick...  You'll realize how truly brain dead easy your decision will be.

I could go into great detail describing the value of each product.  For instance the 6 Figure Freelancer Profits manual  is a one-of-a-kind ebook loaded with practical proven information need to become a top rated freelance writer.  It was created by one of the most successful freelance writers around.


The 6 Figure Freelancer Profits Checklist and Rolodex File… Look at it as your last line of defense standing guard over each assignment or project.   Always making sure each assignment goes out identical having all the critical elements included.  Talk about a time saver!


Sick of the Boss Vol 1 … Read real stories from real people and find at least 29 things you need to do to find the life of your dreams.


Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill ... a book which has been known to transform lives completely. You will never be same after reading this amazing book.

As a quick review here what you get in the package..

    Here's What You Get  Seperate Purchase  6 Figure Freelancer Profits Manual     $37   Bonus #1 CheckList and Rolodex File     $17   Bonus #2 Sick Of the Boss Vol 1     $27   Bonus #3 Think and Grow Rich    $27

The total price of the 6 figure freelancer profits system works out to be $108.

 Urgent : Time Sensitive Discount !

During the price-testing phase of my offer, I would like your permission to offer you a special discount off my System if you order now! You can save $71 immediately off the original price of $108.00 and

download my System right now for
only $37!


Please note: this special discount is only being offered during my testing phase, and is closely monitored on a daily basis. It can be changed at any time. However, I will honor the discount pricing on all orders that I receive in the next 24 hours.

Yes, $37 (Time Sensitive !)and that includes it all… and you can get instant access to it no matter what time of the day or night you are reading this!  It will be available to you for immediate access… after your payment information is processed.


We all know the reality of really leaving the comfort of your cubical ….you have bills to pay, a mortgage, kids in braces, on and on.  In you hands you hold the potential key to a risk-free way to get a profitable, easy to implement freelance writing career started… even in your spare-time.  Heck, this could easily be viewed as a part-time job… one that would make more cash than any minimum wage job; and more cash than your current full-time job.

All that’s left to do is to take action! (And really, there is no way to lose out, because you are protected by the 30-day money back guarantee… )

I’m so confident 6 Figure Freelancer Profits will deliver that I’m taking all the risk off you and placing it squarely on my shoulders…


Get 6 Figure Freelancer Profits.  Go through the manual, the tutorials, the checklists and the rolodex.  See, how easy it is to land your first freelance job.   And if you are unhappy for any reason... let me know. 

I will cheerfully give you a 100% refund.  You can keep the ebook, the tutorials, the checklists and the Rolodex and Sick of the Boss Ebook , my gift for your time.

I give you an iron clad guarantee, but I believe you'll be thrilled and won't need a refund, because if you follow the steps outlined in 6 Figure Freelancers Profits, you'll be occupied checking payment notifications and writing for clients.

So What’s In It For You

Freedom from your 9-5 job and the pressures that come from the workplace...  Freedom to pursue your passion of writing... Freedom to control your time and income!

The 6 Figure Freelancer Profits is only a measly 37 dollars.  You’re protected by my 30-day money back guarantee.  Thousands are making a good living with freelance writing . So why aren't you living the lifestyle you dream about?

Order directly online with our SECURE 3RD PARTY RETAILER - CLICKBANK. With Clickbank your purchase is secure and bears the BBB reliability seal. Purchase with confidence and security. Keep in mind that when you use our order form on our Secure Server, you can access the ebook, download it and start reading  within 5 minutes so you can start your jorney to 6 figures right now !

So what are you waiting for? Click the “ORDER NOW” button below right away!


To your financial  success,

David Drake
Author of "6 Figure Freelancer"

P.S. Remember, I am going to take you by the hand step by step through the 6 Figure Freelancer Profits.   Taking action you can make your first dollar writing ... and you are on the way!

NOTE: 6 Figure Freelancer is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC

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