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New research reveals the #1 concern of seasoned webmasters and newbies alike . .

. . . Finally Revealed . . .
The Brutal Truth
About Internet Marketing
Either You Attract Plenty of Quality Traffic or . .
You Don’t Really Have A Business!

But, if you're smart, you'll take these simple steps to ignite an unstoppable lava stream of cash on demand from thin air.

and the best bit is . . . it won't cost you a single red cent!

Do you want eye watering net profits like these?

The fees in the middle column are the merchant account fees and the only expense, apart from a minimal fixed amount for web hosting. A merchant account charges less than 4% on average, leaving 96% of the sale price where it belongs . . . in your pocket!

Dear Friend,

If you're reading this, it's because you inhabit an elite group. Either you already have a website or you aspire to make your fortune on the internet.

It's been my pleasure over the years to meet, inspire and help get started many aspiring webmasters – plus some well seasoned operators.

Without exception, they tell me . . .

Their # 1 constant concern is
getting enough visitors to make some money

They're dead right, of course. You see, you can hire the greatest webmaster on the net to build you the best website ever seen. You can pay an arm and a leg to the world's finest copywriter for the most superb sales letter known to man. You can have the greatest product the world has ever seen.

But, without adequate quality traffic,
ready and willing to buy, you're not really in the business.

Sure, you can risk an arm and a leg on search engine pay per click ads, ezine advertising, or even press advertising. But you can’t keep spending on advertising without much to show for it. That’s how the Dot Com Crash came about!

Of course, you can try and do it for free by playing cat and mouse with the search engines. You can spend months tweaking your site for a better ranking – only for the algorithms to change again overnight and you're suddenly nowhere to be seen.

No need to waste money on Stone Age marketing

You see, here's why the internet is quite an unique form of marketing: all those millions of potential customers out there coupled with the amazing lack of overheads - and thus the eye watering profits.

But what a shame if most of that lovely profit leaked away on stone age marketing methods?

There has to be a way of preserving
all that lovely profit whilst increasing sales

Finally, I found the answer . . . It is possible to use your brain - not your credit card - to entice (not drive!) a constant torrent of interested viewers to your website, for FREE!

You see, plenty of internet gurus talk about driving traffic to your website. Perhaps that’s because their ancestors were cowpokes, driving beef to market along the Chisholm Trail! But if you’ve been involved in sales and marketing for forty years, as I have, you’ll know this for certain . . .

Customers are neither sold . . . nor driven, like cattle . . . . .

Instead, real salesmanship, entices, seduces and convinces. That way, the customer is happy to buy from you . . . and keeps on buying!

Welcome To Bum Marketing

The credit for that term goes to my good friend, Travis, in Arkansas

He claimed it was possible to take a bum off the street, take him to a library and have him making money from thin air in a week.

Hi Sherry,

I really wish I had found your course sooner. The section on how to hire a ghost writer alone was worth the price of the whole package, in my opinion. I've tried to hire ghost writers before, and I haven't been able to find a one that was consistent. I lost confidence in them completely when I found out that one ghost writer I hired sold the supposedly exclusive articles he wrote for me to others. With your help, I finally found an excellent ghost writer that I plan to work with for a very long time to come. I'm sure I will find even more useful information when I have time to finish reading the rest of the book and look into the bonuses. Thanks for making this awesome course available!

Wesley Briggs
Englefield Green, Surrey, England.

Well folks, I'm here to tell you it can be done!
Without much cash.

Without a website.

Without a product.

Without much of anything . . . except this exciting new course.

This is not your typical 10 or 20 page book claiming the world yet covering only the basics and none of the real secrets. This is a 3-part book comprised of 125 pages, packed with everything you need to build a successful business. It does not matter if you are a novice or an expert, this book can benefit YOU! Just take a look at everything that is covered, in-depth:

PART ONE: The Dirty Secrets Of Bum Marketing.

Chapter One: It Pays To Advertise -- Or Does It?

Chapter Two: The Secret To Successful Bum Marketing.

Chapter Three: Article Banks.

Chapter Four: Turbo Charging Your Article Marketing.

Chapter Five: How To Write Articles That Get Tons Of Clicks - Part One.

Chapter Six: How To Write Articles That Get Tons Of Clicks - Part Two.

Chapter Seven: Attracting Vistors And The Search Engines To Your Site.

Chapter Eight: Before You Start Writing __ A Word Of Caution And Another Shock!

Chapter Nine: The Search Begins.

Chapter Ten: The Ezine Articles Website - How To Aquire Platinum Status.

Chapter Eleven: Some More Outlets For Your Articles.

Chapter Twelve: Creating Your Own Blog.

PART TWO: Ghostwriters - How To Hire A Good One.

Chapter One: Why Ghost Wrtiting?

Chapter Two: Your First Contact.

Chapter Three: Selecting And Briefing Your Author.

Chapter Four: Ghost Writing Web Sites.

PART THREE: Public Domain Secrets Exposed.

Chapter One: What Is PB Material And How Can You Use It To Bum Market?

Chapter Two: Public Domain Parameters.

Chapter Three: The Search Begins.

Chapter Four: Who's Who And What's What.

Chapter Five: Some Key Points You Should Be Aware Of.

Chapter Six: Turning The Raw Material Into Gold.

Once you have this amazing jam packed course in your hands, you'll be amazed and delighted to discover exactly how simple it is to generate thousands of visitors to virtually any type of website – and they need not cost you a single cent!

Now any fool can get plenty of garbage "tire-kicker" traffic for free. The difference is: my way will get you targeted quality traffic that will read your sales letter, buy your product and return for more. Not just once. . .but again and again.

That’s the sort of traffic you want, because it is from such traffic internet millions are made!

This sort of traffic. . .

Every so often, my newsletter subscriptions get a welcome jolt like this – all for free and for no effort on my part. There was actually far more on the day, but I can't display them all on the same screen. I then have all these interested subscribers given to me for free, who:
Cost me nothing to get.

Arrive out of the blue – it's like Christmas . . . over and over again!

Are all mine to build a relationship with. As that relationship grows, it generates more sales. Because whoever first said "The money is in the list" surely knew what they were talking about!

I've taken a proven method and bolted on a turbocharger!

My basic method is used by many of the other big players on the internet. But I've tweaked it up to explode the effectiveness tenfold or more. What I do is this: I post articles all over the internet, with a little box at the bottom which links to my site. Sounds too simple and dead boring, doesn't it? But wait . .

And here’s the first clever bit: many of these simple articles are really a couple of pages from a free public domain book or an article I can also use on my website to provide content. Or I can put a bunch of articles into an e-book and sell it! In fact, it’s all so simple, I’m expecting an award from the Friends of the Earth for recycling!

If you don't like writing you'll actually make
even more money!

Now I happen to like writing – but, in truth, I could actually make more money by not bothering!


Because I could churn out a lot more articles (and books) if I hired a ghost writer or two (like many of the internet gurus do, as it happens!). And I'd make far more in extra sales, for years to come, than they would cost me to hire on.

So, in case you want to know how to use this method, but lack the time – or desire - to write your own, I'll show you how to have a whole pack of ghost writers eager to write articles for you for peanuts – and you will own the copyright to each and every item they produce for you.

But the best is yet to come . . .

My formula not only creates a raging torrent of red hot interested traffic for free . . .

you also get a bonus: double billing on the search engines

Yes. Not only do my articles enhance the search engine rankings of my websites, they also get me extra personal mentions on the search engines in my own right, with links going right back to my websites! That builds my personal reputation as a knowledgeable expert, as well as providing even more interested visitors to my site.

Just think . . . double value – and all for FREE!


I just want to say that I was extremely pleased with your Bum Marketing Course. I've spent so much money on dozens of similar products before, and all of them had very little information I could actually use. I was surprised to find your course full of valuable content instead of the fluff I usually see in online courses. I can't wait to get started!

Thank you,

Natasha Oaks
Bend, OR., USA.

Now consider the advantages this gives you . . .

An article is usually about 400 words, plus a little “resource box” (really an advertisement for you and your business and product) at the bottom, with a link directly to your site, and is really a free full page advertisement.

Any idea how much a full page press ad would cost you?

A very great deal. And you'd have to wait for weeks for it to appear. And if you pay to put an ad on the search engines, you are severely restricted in the total number of words you can use.

Compare that with an article on the web:
It can have as many words as you want – a couple of thousand if you wish. In fact, a full page advert for your business.

It can be up and being put up on websites all over the web in a matter of hours.
And, because it’s an article, instead of an ad, it has five very distinct advantages:
Because your search engine listing isn't an advertisement, you're likely get more clicks (all for free), than the mugs who are alongside your entry on the search engines but paying dearly for the very same privilege you're getting for free.

You don’t pay a penny for it to be displayed on websites all over the internet! Just think how much a full page press ad would cost!

It gets under the reader’s “I don’t want to buy anything” radar. The internet is built round "content" and "information". Supply that information and you quickly become a respected expert, whom people are more inclined to trust. In the on-line world, you have to build trust before people will buy from you.

Because it’s been read and liked. Anyone coming to your site as a result is a “qualified” visitor, who is far more likely to buy than someone who just happens to stumble across your site!

It stays around for months – even years! Unlike an advertisement, for which you have to constantly pay up or lose it, your articles will be around for months – even years – to come. Add to that all the new articles you can sprinkle around the internet and you can see how this quickly builds up, exponentially, into a raging lava flow of interest, traffic, business and cash in your pocket!
And all that lovely cash stays where it belongs . . . in your pocket – not just passing through on the way to pay the advertisers.

So it’s far more effective than an ad – yet costs you nothing but a bit of time!

In fact it saves you a mint!

And that's only the start!

You see, getting traffic this way also has an amazing effect on the conversion rates.
Get traffic from a paid advert on a search engine page and, on average, you only get 19% of these visitors sign up for your newsletter or other offer.

But . . . get people visiting your website, having read one of your articles out there on the internet, and (because they already consider you someone who knows what they are talking about) as many as 75% are likely to join your newsletter list.
What sort of conversion rates do visitors who clicked an advertisement give?

A miserable 19%. And if you are one of these advertisers -- you've paid good money to get that!

Too good to be true?

Nearly. Because it’s no good just sending out a few articles and expecting a flood of traffic – it won’t happen! (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt)

This is how to make it work like a charm . . .

I’m going to show you the ingenious way you can multiply your efforts and ensure your articles are posted on hundreds of sites – without having to contact thousands of publishers individually. That way you get fast, effective results for minimal effort.

Added to that – and with no extra effort on your part – you get the bonus of quickly getting your name and website into the top ranks of the search engines (sometimes, practically overnight!).

Dear Sherry,

My article was accepted by EzineArticles yesterday, and I've already made 3 affiliate sales!! That must have been the easiest $120 I've ever made, considering the article only took me about 30 minutes to write. Thanks so much for your course! I can definitely see its potential since I already more than doubled my investment in less than 24 hours.


Brett Weiselburg
Frisco, CO., USA.

Just imagine what a million interested visitors would do for your bank balance – and your life!

Get 1,000,000 targeted visitors and if just 1% buy from you, that’s 10,000 orders! I do hope you’re set up to deliver automatically!

Assuming the average spend over a year, with repeat sales, is just $100, that’s one million dollars in a year! And on the internet, basic overheads are about 4%.

Normally, your biggest variable expense is your advertising budget, which tends to be about 50% of your selling price. So, if you make $1,000,000 that's $500,000 straight down the Suwannee River, on top of your 4% merchant account fees, leaving you with just $460,000.

Close. But no cigar.

But, if that costs you nada . . . zilch . . . zero?

That means you get $960,000 after minimal expenses of just 4% for credit card processing and a big fat Thanksgiving hamper from your merchant account!

It means you can:
Finally get off that job treadmill!

Give the boss the sack!

Forget the daily commute to and from work.

Spend time relaxing or turning out a few more articles, knowing your automatic website is consistently churning out the cash!

Spend more quality time with your family!

Travel anywhere you fancy (provided it has an internet connection!)

Live permanently anywhere you fancy.

Stop racing against the clock!

Finally live life on your own terms!

These are just some of the closely guarded insider secrets of the mega successful internet gurus you’ll discover in the
Bum Marketing Course:
How practically all the big names on the internet, from Yanik Silver through Jim Edwards to yours truly, use this same simple technique to get traffic to their sites.

Where and how to contact thousands of on-line publishers – in virtually any niche you wish – eager to send targeted traffic to your site.

How to use content to enrich your site, impress the search engines and keep visitors coming back again and again.

How Google really works.

How to ensure that the search engines look with favor on your site.

How to become regarded as an expert in your field.

How to get extra mileage out of every line you write in your e-books.

The right way to link with other websites. Get this right and your search engine rankings will skyrocket.

How to wipe the smirk off of your bank clerk's face.

And much, much more!
I know what you're thinking: "It obviously works for Sherry, but she's an internet expert. How can I be sure it will work for me?"

Try it on and see if it suits you!

You see, I know you will be amazed and delighted with this priceless information.

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