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From: Max Hart

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you're tired of the get rich scams online and are looking to find a legit, solid way to make money online, then look no further!

If you have read any number of books on successful people, you would know that the trick to success is duplicating the results of those successful. I am here to share those results in an easy, step by step format that anyone can follow!

After struggling for years to unlock the secret to running a successful home based business after purchasing so many useless products, I have been able to piece together the techniques that can work, right now ! Carbon Copy Profits will show you step by step examples.


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" Max, I have to say I didn't think anything was going to come of my website. I had already bought 3 other ebooks out there and didn't have any success. I decided to try your Carbon Copy Profits ebook and I am so glad I did. Thank you so much Max! Just from the free affiliate site you built for me I have brought in $316 in the first 5 days, pure profit. Your techniques are the best secret I have found online. I can't wait to get my check in the mail!"

- Josh G. Philadelphia, PA 



I was in debt, working a J.O.B. ( Just Over Broke) for someone else, paying off taxes, and sold much of my assets to cover my debt. It was a tough time for me without a college degree. I went from living in a penthouse to living out of my dad's small office. It was that moment in time when I decided I would not invest my career and future working for someone else just to have them pull the rug out from under me again.

It took me 4 long years of studying late at night between school and working a full time job to discover a way to create substantial profits.

Then I discovered how people sold information online.

As huge as Ebay is, you know I hate to deal with physical products? Why? Its a pain and a hassle. Shipping issues, damaged product, insurance, the list goes on and on. I used to work for a electronics distributor of computers and what I did not like about that job was how hard I worked to make a sale happen, only to get a small percentage of the profit. If physical products are your cup of tea, you can make plenty of money online and I can help you achieve those results, but I continued to dig deeper into ways to create profits for myself with less hassle.

Would you like some reasons why marketing information products online is a far better choice?



  1: Your business is completely automated. Once its set up, you check your email to see how much money you've made. Now that's my idea of hard work paying off!

  2: Much higher profit margins. Do you have any idea how many people are trying to learn how to make more money? There were 216,000 searches for "make money online" in June of 2006. Do you realize how many of them go to the internet first? Of course they come here. They can find anything they want in an instant. With a digitally delivered downloadable product your profit margin is practically 100%. Compare that to Ebay. They have to deliver products and worry about inventory and employees. Those eat up the profit! Carbon Copy Profits is pure profit!

  3: You can work from anywhere that has an internet connection. Technology improves everyday. Cities are going wireless. You can purchase broadband wireless cards so you can have internet access anywhere. Where your internet connection is, so is your business. Imagine sitting on the beach or sking on a mountain all day only to check your account to see you made $2500 while you had fun all day! Talk about Carbon Copy Profits while you do nothing!

  4: Your buyers come looking for you. The internet is indeed the WORLD WIDE WEB. You have no territory restrictions.More and more people get online on every day! The marketplace is saturated with people hungry for information. Carbon Copy Profits will teach you what you need to know.

  5: No need for employees. If you're a business owner, you know how frustrating it is to handle employees. No headaches of dealing with employees if the only employee is you. Hire a family member and write off more taxes! Carbon Copy Profits will show you how!

  6: Incredibly low start up costs. Carbon Copy Profits can be purchased by anyone! You don't need a loan from the bank to purchase equipment. All you need is the computer you are using right now, adequate software, (cheap) and an Internet connection!

  7: No inventory to keep. Carbon Copy Profits is digital. If your products are digital, there is nothing to worry about. Your customers make a payment and download your products before you even get to see how much you made. Give them what they want and they are happy!

Are you tired of hearing about how 98% of online marketers make all the money without really sharing how they do it?


What What I won't show you is how to make $1 million overnight. If you think that is possible,

about then you may want to look someplace else.

What I will show you is how to start earning reoccurring sales of the product you sell

gradually online as you apply my concepts.


Why should you listen to me?

I have purchased more internet courses and and ebooks than I care to remember. I've sold products on ebay, ebooks on websites, and spent countless dollars towards products not worth a pot to piss in. But I have also found and studied the true online guru's who know what they are doing. I've compiled the best concepts, techniques, and methods to churn out profits FAST without hurting your bank account. Carbon Copy Profits is the best of the best!

Do you want to shorten your learning curve to marketing online?


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