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Mirza Challenge
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Do you know what it
takes to be successful with women?
I know exactly what it takes,
and I'm going to share it with you! 
Read on and I'll explain...
    Hi, The
Mirza here.
I know you're
already aware of how hard it can be to spill your feelings to girls, so
I'm not going to get into the details of how painful rejection can be. As
we all know, girls will  show no mercy to guys. They will waste your
time, play with your feelings, then dump you off like you're a piece of
trash. And what do guys do? They continue to take crap from girls like a bunch of
desperate wimps, hoping to gain trust and respect. You know how it goes.
It's happened to almost every guy out there. Even when you're a good
and caring person, you will get screwed over. That's exactly why I created The Mirza Challenge. I'm personally going to share my secret strategies with
you for next to NOTHING. The same exact
strategies I've used every day to attract and keep women. 
I know you want to be able to attract
girls in EVERYDAY SITUATIONS.  I know it's important to be able to pick up
girls at school, at work, at parties etc. I'm also aware that nobody
wants to read a long book that doesn't even help in the real
world. You don't need a 258 page book to explain to you that women
don't make sense, or a 168 page book on why they don't make sense. Who
cares! All you need to know is how to create "instinctive
attraction", and get FAST results without having to read all the BS. 
The internet is full of mundane, ineffective, and
extensively long programs that claim to help you attract women. If you
want to read a novel get off my website right now and go find something
else. In fact, do NOT take the Mirza Challenge until you have tried
everything else. This will give you a better idea of how pathetic most
of the junk out there is. The Mirza Challenge is straight to the point, and
designed to get
you fast results. I'm not here to amuse you with long stories and
useless information. I'm here to help you become successful with women.
It's painful to see how so many guys go about trying to attract women. I see
weak behavior all the time, but I rarely see anyone building
"instinctive attraction". Popular culture is teaching men how
to fail with women, and almost everything men know about attracting
women is total crap. If it worked, you wouldn't be here right now. 
In order to start building
"instinctive attraction", you need to be able to create
attraction with women on an emotional level. Their conscience doesn't decide who they are attracted to, their instincts and emotions do. Women
don't choose men using a rational thought process, and this is
why so many "nice guys" are not successful with women. This
is also why women don't make sense.
able to attract girls is a skill. Few people have this ability naturally,
and for everyone else it is something that must be learned. There is
nothing wrong with having to learn how to attract women. Just like
anything else in life, you need to have the knowledge before you can
start applying it. Unfortunately, there is a lack of resources available for
learning these skills, and many guys live their lives with unfulfilled
dreams of what could have been.
    I know what it is like
to be lost and frustrated on the topic of girls and dating. I was in
that situation at one point myself, and I truly do feel for all you guys
out there who are struggling, trying to figure out how to attract girls. My experiences, combined with my understanding of how frustrating it can
be, has compelled me to create The Mirza Challenge. I believe every guy
deserves to have the same opportunity for success with women that I have,
without having to spend years and thousands of dollars trying to figure
it out. 
Having the ability to attract women is truly rewarding. I feel that sharing what I have
mastered with all of
you guys out there is the right thing for me to do. I know it's hard to find
help on the topic of girls, and I'm determined to change that for all of
you. You are the ONLY obstacle standing in your way when it comes
to your success with women. The only thing that separates the successful
from the inadequate is action. So take the initiative now, or in
your case, The Mirza Challenge.
To you're success with women,


Frequently Asked Questions
do I keep getting stuck in "friend zone"?
    Girls don't respond well to "nice guys",
they place them in a category that I like to refer to as the "friend
zone". Friend zone is a terrible place to be, especially when
you have feelings for a girl and she has deemed you as a
"friend". The Mirza Challenge is designed specifically for
helping people with this problem. As a former "friend zone"
candidate, I realize how frustrating this problem can be. The truth is,
guys are placed in "friend zone" because they are not able to
create "instinctive attraction" with girls. As you know, It
doesn't matter if your a nice guy, or if you treat them right. All that
matters is that you are able to create "instinctive
attraction", and that's exactly what The Mirza Challenge is all
-Who is The
Mirza? Where Do you live? I have to know because I'm nosy.
    I get these questions all the time. I
recently created a myspace account, and you can add me to your friends
by clicking the "add" button at the top right of this page. I
live in the OC, California. I prefer not to give out any more information
because it would result in privacy issues.
results can I expect to achieve?
    It's this simple, you will start seeing fast results
when you start applying The Mirza Challenge. The only thing stopping you
is yourself. The Mirza Challenge will dramatically  increase your
chances for being successful with every girl you encounter, and you can
quickly build your skills to a level that makes rejection a thing of the past.
does THE MIRZA think about pickup lines?
    The Mirza Challenge doesn't use pickup lines.
Pickup lines are WEAK. Girls don't respond to guys who pursue them. The
Mirza Challenge is designed to get girls pursuing you! Using pickup
lines only demonstrates low value, lack of challenge, and inexperience. 
kind of girls will I attract with THE MIRZA CHALLENGE?
    What makes The Mirza Challenge so great is that it
enables you to pick up girls in virtually any situation. Guys want to
have success with girls in EVERY DAY SITUATIONS. High school and
college guys want to know how to attract girls in class, professionals
want to be able to attract their co-workers, you get the idea. The Mirza
Challenge makes it possible to attract girls of any age, class, or
style. All girls respond to challenge, mystery, and value. The Mirza
Challenge is a universal system, which will be effective anywhere, at
any time, and on any girl.
about just being yourself?
Mirza Challenge allows you to build attraction while still being
yourself. There is no reason you should have to change who you are to be
successful with women. Although, you can alter how you communicate, hold
yourself, respond in situations, etc. You can improve your success with
women, while still maintaining who you are.
I have to be rich or good looking?
you are able to successfully create "instinctive attraction"
with women the dating game becomes very easy. Generally speaking, women
are not nearly as obsessed with looks and money as men think they are.
You don't have to be filthy rich, or unbelievably good looking to
successfully attract women! Of course money and looks are helpful, but
they are not necessarily the key factors for success with women. There
is one thing you do need to possess, and that is the ability to create
"instinctive attraction" with women. That's where The Mirza
Challenge comes in.

This is what The Mirza is going to share with you!
Part 1: The first part covers the basics. It
explains what makes the difference between ending up in "friend
zone", and  actually achieving success. It explains why
"nice guys" lose, and how to avoid ending up in this
situation. The Mirza will show you how to create the type of value that
women can't resist. He will also explain the "secrets" that
make or break your success with women. 
Part 2: This section will show strategies on what
you can do to avoid rejection, and how to deal with it when it happens.
The Mirza will share with you how to "think" about success
with women. This part is crucial to your success, because you must be in
the right frame of mind to attract women. Once your in the right
frame of thought, everything else flows naturally.
Part 3:  This section
explains how girls think when it comes to attraction. Most the stuff
guys do everyday to attract women doesn't even work! The Mirza will show
you what to do instead, so that  you can actually build
"instinctive attraction". You will soon see how building "instinctive attraction", require less effort than
whatever strategies you're struggling with right now.
Part 4: This section will cover the basics of
image and dress code. The Mirza will share with you how he attracts
women using body language alone. By demonstrating the right body
language, voice tone, and attitude, you will build "instinctive
attraction". This section will also cover many aspects of how you
should react and respond to girls (physically and verbally), in ways which will create "instinctive attraction".
Part 5: This section is focused purely on
building "instinctive attraction". It explains how to use
indifference, mystery, and unpredictability in ways that will have girls
chasing after you! Complimenting is way over rated, The Mirza will show
you what to do instead, which will actually increase attraction. Girls
are constantly testing you, and watching you qualify for them. How WEAK
is that! The Mirza will show you how to turn any situation around, so
that the girls are qualifying for you, instead of you qualifying for
them. This will put you in control, and make you irresistible to women.
Part 6: In this section, The Mirza will show you
how to make women feel as if you have "inspired" them, in a
way that doesn't make you look needy or weak. This section will cover
the basics of communication. How often to call, what to say etc.
Basically The Mirza will explain all the stuff you spend hours
discussing with friends, desperately trying to figure out.
Part 7: The Mirza will show you how to approach
girls without getting rejected like you do now. He will explain to you
exactly what to do on your first date to have girls falling for you,
instead of you falling for them. The Mirza will reveal what he does to
insure future success with any girl he takes out for the first time. The
Mirza will show you how to handle the girls that "play games"
with you, cheat on you, or try to waste your time. He will also show you
what you can do to keep girls interested for a long period of time. This
is particularly helpful if you would like to build real relationship
with any particular girl.
Part 8: Physical progression is one of the
scariest obstacles guys face with women. The Mirza is going to change
that for you in this section. The Mirza will show you how to tease girls
in ways that put them on the offensive. Once you learn how to accomplish
this, girls will literally be begging you for more. 
Part 9: The Mirza knows exactly what you want to
be able to accomplish with women. Which is why he's going to share with
you his 4 easy steps on transitioning from "just friends" to

Ask yourself these questions...
  -Are you
completely satisfied with your current level of success with women? 
    -Are you willing to continue being "just
friends", while jerks date the girls you like?
    -Think of all the things you spend your time
doing. Do any of these things help you achieve success with women?
    -Are you willing to continue taking abuse from
women, and facing harsh rejection for the rest of your life?
    -Next time you see or meet a girl you are
attracted to, are you going to know what to say and do?
    -If you have a date, do you know how to build
"instinctive attraction" in order keep her interested?
    -Do you know how to make your moves in a way that
dramatically minimizes your chances for rejection?
    -Are you going to sit around doing nothing like
most pathetic losers, or are you going to take action?
    If The Mirza Challenge improved ONE aspect of your dating life,
whatever that may be, just ONE aspect. Would it make The Mirza
Challenge worth it to you?
    Think about it... The Mirza Challenge will not only improve one, two, or
even three aspects of your ability to attract women. With a few easy
steps you will be able to seamlessly build "instinctive attraction"
with women. Improving  your ability to interact with and attract
women for the rest of your life.
    For what it costs to go on a cheap date, The Mirza is going to share
with you his fast and easy strategies on creating "instinctive attraction"
with women. If you don't take the challenge now, when are you going to
take it? Think about it. While you're sitting on your computer, watching
videos and dreaming about success, other guys are out taking the same
girls you like! Stop making excuses for your inability to attract
women. It's your life, and you know what you need to do. 
    The Mirza Challenge comes with a 60 DAY
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Nobody should have to pay for
anything that doesn't benefit them. You would have to be the laziest
person on the face of the planet, for The Mirza Challenge not to benefit
you. IT'S THAT EASY. That's why The Mirza is confident
enough to give a 60 day money back guarantee.
Mirza Challenge. Limited Time Offer, Only $50.00,
$24.95, $19.95, $9.99. DOWNLOAD
If you're one of those people who is too cheap to spend $9.99
to improve your dating life, then you probably will never change your
situation, and I feel sorry for you. So please save yourself a few
bucks, and exit the site now. If you're tired of being lost on the
subject of women and dating, and you're ready to improve your life, this
is your chance for success!


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